Introducing the 2024 NFL Draft 'All-Packers' Team

A full starting lineup of the best prospects likely to be drafted by Green Bay in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The countdown to the 2024 NFL Draft has now ticked under 20 days, and with the scouting combine and pro days in the rearview mirror, we have as much information on this year’s prospects as we are going to get.

Having a general idea of what Green Bay likes at different positions, especially when it comes to measurables athletic testing, an ‘All-Packers’ lineup can be formed, consisting of the best players the team is likely to be interested in.

Let’s dive in:

QB - Joe Milton III

Michael Penix would have put himself on Green Bay’s radar with his athletic testing, if they were looking for a quarterback early. They are not, and therefore Milton, who hits every mark the Packers like in the drills he completed, is the pick here.

He would be a fun day three pick, if for no other reason than getting to watch the 6'5, 235 lb passer launch some rocket balls in training camp and preseason.

RB - Will Shipley

There are other ‘Packers types’ who will likely be drafted before Shipley, but he gets the nod as a reward for completing (and crushing) all the athletic testing, beating out Trey Benson and Jaylen Wright as a result. Shipley achieved a 9.58 Relative Athletic Score (RAS) out of a possible 10 during testing at Clemson's pro day.

At 5’11, 206 lbs, Shipley would bring a change of pace to Green Bay’s ‘thunder and thunder’ backfield currently in place and projects to be a threat out of the backfield.

WR - Ricky Pearsall

WR - Devontez Walker

SLWR - Jalen McMillan

Rome Odunze would have made this group, but there is no chance of the Packers getting him. That makes Pearsall, Walker and McMillan the next best receivers who fit Green Bay’s preferences, with all three completing all the athletic testing, unlike many receivers in this class.

There is an argument that Pearsall could be a slot receiver at the next level, but he split time inside and outside at Florida. His top tier athletic testing combined with clean and professional tape make him a likely early day two pick.

Walker is a classic Packers size/speed wide receiver prospect who shows explosive potential, while McMillan may be the most underrated wideout in the draft.

He played mostly in the slot at Washington due to the presence of Odunze and Ja’Lynn Polk, but like Pearsall, is an accomplished receiver and should have inside/outside flexibility.

TE - Theo Johnson

The Packers went looking for space aliens at tight end in last year’s draft, selecting Luke Musgrave and Tucker Kraft and reaping the rewards quickly.

Johnson is another such alien, achieving a 9.92 RAS which included a 4.57 40 yard dash at 6’6, 259 lbs. Green Bay does not really need another tight end, but Johnson is an exciting mid-round prospect.

LT - Walter Rouse

LG - Brandon Coleman

C - Graham Barton

RG - Karsen Barnhart

RT - Blake Fisher

For this exercise, the offensive tackle prospects with long arms have been allowed to stay outside, and the prospects with shorter ones have been kicked inside.

Green Bay has made a cottage industry of finding serviceable (or better) offensive linemen in the later rounds. Rouse and Fisher, while not the top tackle prospects at Oklahoma and Notre Dame respectively, could both be great value picks in the middle rounds.

Coleman and Barnhart are college tackles who the Packers would look to play at guard. Athletically, Coleman tested exceptionally well, earning a 9.97 RAS, while Barnhart is very comparable to Jon Runyan Jr., and comes from the same school, Michigan.

Barton could well be Green Bay’s pick at 25 overall if he makes it that far. His shorter arms might make him a tackle for the Packers, where he had significant experience at Duke, but he potentially has true five-position versatility and tested excellently at his pro day.

DL - Kris Jenkins

DL - Ruke Orhorhoro

Jenkins is a great fit for the Packers if they want to beef up their run defense, having starred against the ground game at Michigan, where he was a team captain. His athletic testing at the combine was terrific, and he is a very likely pick for Green Bay in round two.

Orhorhoro’s Clemson tape was very solid, if unspectacular, but there was nothing unspectacular about his week in Indy, where he achieved a 9.92 RAS during combine testing.

Gutekunst can often be heard saying the buzz words: “big, fast, explosive” when describing a player he has drafted. Orhorhoro is exactly that, measuring in at 6’4, 294 lbs with 34” arms and running a 4.89 40.

EDGE - Jared Verse

EDGE - Marshawn Kneeland

It feels unlikely Verse will fall to pick 25, but it is not impossible. If he is available, the Packers would have to think long and hard about drafting him, even though they selected Lukas Van Ness in round one just a year ago. He is an explosive pass rusher who blew up the combine.

Kneeland is another Packers type as a bigger rusher who can move. He measured in at 6’3, 267 lbs with 34.5” arms, yet ran a 4.75 40 yard dash and had elite agility drill testing. The Western Kentucky prospect is something of a project, but could be a legitimate day two target.

LB - Edgerrin Cooper

LB - Payton Wilson

Cooper is another player who may just end up being the pick for Green Bay at 25. It would be a reach, but he is a super athletic prospect at a position of need. The Texas A&M linebacker has the potential to be an every down linebacker in time.

NC State’s Wilson blew up the combine and is likely to be on the Packers’ radar in the second round. There are some rough edges to his tape that should probably be smoother for a nearly 24-year-old, but he has real upside.

CB - Cooper DeJean

CB - Max Melton

SLCB - Jarrian Jones

DeJean is listed as a cornerback here, but could well be a safety at the next level. Either way, a big, fast, versatile player from Iowa sounds right up Gutekunst’s alley. The two big questions are will he make it to 25 and what is his exact fit in Jeff Hafley’s new defense.

Bo’s brother, Max has been rising up mock draft boards, helped by his elite athletic testing. Melton has some tightness which could cause him problems in the NFL, but the Packers have not shied away from big, fast, somewhat stiff corners in the past. Melton is a likely day two pick.

Jones has extensive experience both outside and in the slot, and could be the eventual successor to Keisean Nixon inside. He has excellent movement skills, and plays smart and tough. The Florida State corner just needs to refine his game in some areas, but could provide a big payoff as a likely late-day two pick.

S - Javon Bullard

S - Kitan Oladapo

Bullard is another player whose position in the league is TBD. He was a quality safety at Georgia, but has the athletic profile, including elite agility and a smaller frame, to potentially play slot corner. Either way, he would be a valuable addition to Green Bay’s secondary.

At the other end of the scale, Oladapo is a big safety at 6’2, 216 lbs, yet shows the ability to contribute in all phases. The consensus big board places him at the end of the fifth round, but that does not do justice to what Oladapo put on tape at Oregon State and how he tested in Indy.




Mark Oldacres is a sports writer from Birmingham, England and a Green Bay Packers fan. You can follow him on twitter at @MarkOldacres


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splitpea1's picture

April 09, 2024 at 12:34 pm

The best or the most athletic?

Need a better plan other than what's listed here for safety if DeJean is gone.

A few other CBs could be considered "All Packers" as well. Depends on how the board falls.

Ditto with the OL.

Jenkins over Orhorhoro, as the latter is probably going to need more development.

Pass on both LBs listed if they can get Colson. Cooper at 25 is a big time reach, and it's only a matter of time before Wilson ends up on IR.

It's time to start putting these measurables in proper perspective. Yes, they're meaningful, but not so much that they dwarf other important factors of consideration. Remember we're looking for football players first, not athletic prodigies.

3 points
crayzpackfan's picture

April 09, 2024 at 12:55 pm

Great take and scribed perfectly.

2 points
LLCHESTY's picture

April 09, 2024 at 02:42 pm

Jenkins doesn't have much pass rush upside while Orhorhoro does. Jenkins had 4 sacks in the last three years while Orhorhoro had 13 in that time. Jenkins is the better run defender but Orhorhoro is no slouch there either.

1 points
T7Steve's picture

April 09, 2024 at 01:02 pm

Nice list Mark, thanks. A short well written list to digest and splitpea1 above with some good critique rounds it out nicely.

2 points
WD's picture

April 09, 2024 at 01:16 pm

I admit it. I am obsessed with the Packers and the NFL draft. There are worse addictions. I am also sure that during the draft most draft fanatics including myself will at least on one occasion second guess Gute. Happens every year. This year I am going to prepare for the inevitable second guessing and give Gute the benefit of the doubt. I do this for my own peace of mind. My draft ritual calls for deli hotdogs and brats, fresh buns and a six pack of Beer. I want to thank Cheesehead for all the information about the draft they have shared. And, the addition of all the knowledgeable fans who friendly disagree at times but make this site my favorite sports site. To all those who bleed green and gold. Cheers!

2 points
Alberta_Packer's picture

April 09, 2024 at 01:35 pm

What is a pleasure unless shared with others?

2 points
crayzpackfan's picture

April 09, 2024 at 01:43 pm

WD - I promised my 13 year old son I would take him to the 2025 draft in GB for the first round. Proceeding Gute trading back from the 32nd pick in 2025 and a full year later, my 2026 ritual will be tap water, stale bread , and smoked squirrel that I shoot with an air rifle from my back deck. One night and one day in Green Bay......Gonna be expensive.

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GregC's picture

April 09, 2024 at 01:39 pm

I think it's realistic to only have one OL in the early rounds, and Barton sounds like the most well-rounded of all of them. OL depth can be found in the middle to late rounds.

I don't know what to make of the safeties. I've seen maybe 8 or 10 names thrown around, all with various pros and cons. None of them appear to be standing out, which makes me wonder if the Packers may even wait till the fourth round to grab one. I hope there is at least one who they feel confident enough to draft earlier, though.

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Alberta_Packer's picture

April 09, 2024 at 02:06 pm

Much to like about The Team - especially the O-line grouping. Additionally:

Joe Milton - He would be very intriguing but only if he dropped - after the Packers addressed their more pressing needs.
Will Shipley - not good in pass pro. So no thank you.
TE - Not early - maybe later. If so a slobber-knocker.
WR - Very possible. But someone who falls like Wicks. Jermaine Burton?
Jenkins / Orhorhoro - I fully expect that Kenny C. will be signed to an extension. So no DT until Day 3.
Cooper / Wilson - less questions about Colson. So he's my 1st LB for Packers.
Verse / Kneeland - I wouldn't be too surprised if selected as a value pick
Cooper DeJean - I would prefer a pure CB like Kool-Aid Mckinstry. Melton and Jones fit.
Bullard / Oladapo - Certainly Bullard to begin. However there are probably at least a half a dozen Ss like Oladapo to be found in the later rounds.

0 points
golfpacker1's picture

April 09, 2024 at 03:11 pm

My question about Barton, is would we be drafting him based solely on his versatility? What position is he going to play 90% of the time? If it's OC or OG, is he better than other actual OCs & OGs that we can take with later picks. Barton will cost a late first round pick and we only have one, if we use it. This article has him @ OC, which he only played 400 snaps 4 years ago. I would trade back from #25 and draft 1 each who starred @ OC & OG.

If we want 1 of the Top 3 LBs, whichever GB wants, absolutely has to be picked @ #41. We are running out of options gentlemen, and this is the best one left to us. I would take Gray in the late 2nd also.

Shipley would not be in the TOP 10 RBs that GB should pick. He is in the second group of RBs-Dillon Johnson, Isaiah Davis, Rasheen Ali, Cody Schrader, Tyrone Tracy, Blake Watson, George Holani & Kimani Vidal. There are some good ones in that second group, but it would be fallback to get any of them.

DT & Edge are the 2 BIG needs for the 2025 draft, when we can get 2 great ones with the top 2 picks.

There will be a large group of really talented S & CB to pick from #58 to #91.

TOP 5 NEEDS in order are still- OL, LB, S, CB, & RB. Fill those first and BPA after that.

1 points
GregC's picture

April 09, 2024 at 04:31 pm

I'm not keen on going OL in the first round, but I can see why it's at least worth considering. Barton is not just versatile, he's really good. He could be an Elgton Jenkins or Zach Tom kind of player--capable of playing multiple positions but also being a very good starter. Would Jenkins or Tom be worth a late first round pick, knowing what we know now? I'm thinking yes. But if there are other players who are comparable to Barton and can be had early in the second round, that changes the equation. One challenge about trading back, by the way, is that you might not find any takers.

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gsd3's picture

April 10, 2024 at 05:27 am

At the very least, they have to come out of the draft with someone to challenge Myers and eventually replace him. Hopefully this individual could also push Rhyan. Swing tackle is imperative as well. Barton or JPJ would probably take care of the inside. Suamatia could challenge Rhyan or fill the swing tackle spot.

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Johnblood27's picture

April 10, 2024 at 07:19 am

Love your format Mark.

I always did this exercise when I was scouring the pre-draft ranking boards.

Trying to pick out the 'fits' for the packers and not just overall capabilities.

I usually got one or two right, one year I got 4 of TT's picks right!

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TheBigCheeze's picture

April 11, 2024 at 09:31 am

as usual, vikings are coveting Packer players....even before they're on the team....

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