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How Much Do The Packers Value Micah Hyde?

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How Much Do The Packers Value Micah Hyde?

The Green Bay Packers entered the 2016 season confident in their young secondary, with defensive back and impending free agent Micah Hyde a somewhat forgotten man.

Thrashed with injuries and inconsistent play in the defensive secondary early in the season, Hyde was forced into a prominent role. His “swiss army knife” type of play at safety, cornerback and punt returner was on full display as the Packers made a playoff run elevating his attractiveness to other teams for the upcoming free agent market March 9.

Sometimes accused of over-valuing their own players, it will be interesting to see what decision the Packers will make regarding Hyde. It has been suggested that the 26-year-old Hyde could be looking at a $5 million per year average, typically what a nickel back earns for their second contract.

A deal like this could raise some eyebrows among Packers faithful as Ted Thompson let cornerback Casey Hayward leave and sign with the San Diego Chargers for 3 years and $15.3 million. The fifth-year pro snagged 7 interceptions this past season for San Diego and earned his first pro bowl selection. Green Bay missed Hayward on a weekly basis after Sam Shields’ season ended in week 1 and Quentin Rollins and Damarious Randall struggled with injuries and coverage most of the season.

Though I was not as confident, many pundits felt the play of Rollins and Randall coupled with the consistent veteran play of Shields would provide the 2016 Packers with a solid group in the secondary. Pro Football Focus went as far as pre-ranking the Packers’ secondary group as the fifth best in the NFL. Much like Jordy Nelson’s injury and effect on the receivers and offense in 2015, the loss of Shields shell-shocked the entire defense and sent the cornerback unit into a spiral.

With a weekly focus and concern regarding poor cornerback play, Hyde consistently battled and continued to make plays at nickel back. While he fails to possess the speed and talent to man one of the perimeter cornerback spots full-time, he managed to fill-in admirably against the Detroit Lions in the season finale. Hyde’s performance against Detroit was cemented with a fourth quarter interception of Matthew Stafford.

The week before against the Chicago Bears proved Hyde’s impact as well as he knocked away an intended touchdown pass from Matt Barkley on third and goal. Hyde read the play perfectly and kept the Bears out of the end-zone. The Bears used the next play to kick a field goal to tie the game at 27. Aaron Rodgers then heaved a 60-yard bomb to Nelson setting up the Mason Crosby game winner. Hyde’s play was not as pretty as Rodgers’, but it was critical in winning that ballgame.

Hyde was equally as important in the playoffs intercepting Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott in the third quarter of the Divisional Playoffs. The interception was the product of film study and recognizing the correct read on a play. It was truly a thing of beauty as Hyde jumped a pass intended as a quick hitter to Dez Bryant and set the Packers up with excellent field position.

Even with these key plays down the stretch, the Packers will have a tough decision to make with Hyde. If Green Bay can secure Hyde for $4 million or less annually it should be considered because he has consistently made plays and shown versatility as a punt returner and a defensive back in his career. It will be a hard sell at a higher salary because the defense will still need a starter at one of the perimeter cornerback positions. 

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Handsback's picture

I don't think there's any question that TT will sign Hyde. After he's signed everyone will probably say the Packers payed too much, but he's like the Swiss army knife for this team. He would be hard to replace.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Hyde is one of the most easily replaced players on the team. If he returns, he'll be our 5th best safety.

croatpackfan's picture

I do not know how Packers missed Hayward that much. He was the worst Packers CB for 2015 season with 7 TD over him...
He is good to excellent playing zone D, but in man to man, he is even slower than Micah...
Anyhow, he excells in team that had record 5-11. I say it is not a problem to be the best in the team that have record 5-11 and have D as 20th at passing... I know that it was better than Packers, but they did not have injuries in their secondary as Packers did...

Razer's picture

I like Micah Hyde and I hope that we resign him. He's smart, does his homework, plays hard and is versatile. More than once he has made the big play when the game was on the line. While I have seen him be outdueled for a ball, he is in the play contesting the catch. More that I can say about Randall.

As crazy as the numbers sound, he would be a bargain at 4 million.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

If Ted gives him more than $2 million, Ted should be fired immediately.

egbertsouse's picture

TT will not only sign Hyde, he will over pay him. He loves those "jack-of-all-trades, master-of none" guys.

EdsLaces's picture

As poor as our cbs were this year ....can't let Hyde walk out the door.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Why? Do you honestly think we could compete with Hyde at CB? Really? Seriously?

Let him walk. By next season, there will be no place for him on this team.

EdsLaces's picture

Yeah because we are just gonna grab a couple starters in the draft. Plus turn our current cbs into solid players in one offseason....likely scenario.

NitschkeFan's picture

Unless they sign a high priced CB free agent they must sign Hyde. No choice, and will likely pay a high price.

Same goes with Perry. Unless they sign a high priced OLB they must sign Perry, and again it will likely be at a high price.

After also hopefully signing Cook and one of the OL (Lang or Tretter) putting aside another 5-6 million for the draft class, there will not be too much left to chase after more than one overpriced free agent at CB or OLB.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

No choice? Why? If we have to play Hyde at CB, our season is alreafy finished.

I wouldn't offer him a dime.

Razer's picture

Getting this impression that you don't like Hyde. Just a guess...

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Incorrect. I do like Hyde. Good guy, solid player.

But I don't like this team spending money on a player from our deepest position when we're in shambles elsewhere. We need every dime possible for CB, OLB, and possibly TE & RB.

It makes no sense. It needs to NOT happen.

EdsLaces's picture

What the hell are you talking about Hyde is a cb....

badaxed's picture

Unless Some one gives us "filet Mignon" we MUST be happy with imitation "non meat" burger!!!!!! I think not. we need speed in the secondary, Hyde is slow and gets beat often. time to look for a burner.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

I Ted gives Hyde more than $2 mill/year, Ted should immediately be fired.

Safety is by far our deepest position, and Hyde will likely be our 5th best option next year.

Nothing against the guy, but he's worth far more to teams needing average starting safeties.

I wouldn't offer any contract at any price. I wouldn't even consider it.

stockholder's picture

Hyde wil get a 1 year prove it , 2 mil. contract. Much like I'm hearing Lacy is getting offered. (247)

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Lacy's worth it. Hyde isn't.

dobber's picture

I don't know what Hyde needs to prove. We pretty much know what he is.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Hyde doesn't need to prove anything. He'll be a solid player for some team that needs him. For the Packers, he would be an inexcusable waste of money at our deepest position.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Dude, we got your point.

Since '61's picture

I hope that the Packers are able to retain Hyde. He's shows up, makes plays and is reliable on punts returns.
Also, we're going to need his experience in the secondary if TT doesn't sign at least one experienced CB via FA. More than likely we draft another rookie CB and add an UDFA CB. TT can probably sign Hyde for under $4 million with less than half of that guaranteed. Thanks, Since '61

Ryan Graham's picture

I like Hyde, he's got a great football instinct which seems tough to come by these days. That said this is a business and I don't see him fitting a successful system here for his asking price, my guess upwards of 4 million per. Let him walk and use the money you'd spend on him for a number one man cover corner, moving randall back to the 2 spot where he belongs, and Rollins in nickel packages. Important to remember especially I capers' defensive schemes - the longer your secondary can cover, the more opportunity to get to the quarterback. No secondary, no pass rush, no success...

al bundy's picture

I dont know

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