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Gut Reactions: Week Twelve

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Gut Reactions: Week Twelve

  • Great win. Statement win. This team could go 19-0.
  • Sure don't like seeing Bishop on crutches.
  • Aaron Rodgers, as usual, was the difference today.
  • I don't ever want to hear how Suh gets a bad rap again. He is straight up dirty.
  • D.J. Smith looked good. He was impressive, if a bit wild, during camp and preseason. Good to see the game wasn't too big for him when he got his shot.
  • That interception by Francois might have been the play of the game.
  • Really liked what we saw from Brandon Saine.
  • Evan Dietrich-Smith did a great job stepping in and taking on Suh. He was certainly overwhelmed a few times, but overall he did a good job.
  • Look at the names above. A lot of guys who haven't contributed so far this year getting their chance and playing well. That's depth and coaching.
  • That officiating crew was horrible.
  • This 10 day break couldn't come at a better time for this beat up Packers squad.
  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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PackersRS's picture

shut up cow.

But, as a tribute to you, I am going to shout:

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!

packsmack25's picture


Tommyboy's picture

Was that you, RS, that made a deal that if the Packers won this game, he had to shut up? He'll honor that for about 20 seconds. As I posted earlier, I either have to believe that he's 1) a fan of some other team and simply trolling these boards or 2) a Packers fan who thinks that the more irrational and obnoxious he gets, the more he'll convince the masses. Either way, it's a lost cause.

Nevertheless, this feels REALLY good! :)

PackersRS's picture

Yep it was me.

As for his motives, I bet superstition has a lot to do with it. Nevertheless, a deal is a deal. Can't have superstition screaming at my computer every single new post...

cow42's picture


packeraaron's picture

You mean other than the post where I said they'd win handily? Right. (rolls eyes)

PackersRS's picture

I figured it out! Cow is Suh!

Tommyboy's picture

Despite the fact that Nagler posted an entire article saying they'd win. Oh, and that your entire argument to me is that "everybody's saying they're going to win."

I'll miss your spaz.

Beep's picture

11-0 feels good. Nice win, not even gonna try to complain about this one.
Charles Woodson continues to impress, he looked like a ninja on that interception.
Better be ready for these Lions on Jan 1 because they're going to want to get even.
Totally agree that EDS looked good stepping in for Sitton.
I wanted to cut Smith last week after his on-side gaffe but he filled in well for Bishop too.
Fun to say Eleven and Oh!

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture

+1 for Ninja statement. I thought the same thing when I saw it live. lol

Morli's picture


bigfog's picture

After today, I'm really starting to believe this team can repeat. They may not go undefeated, but they sure look like they will repeat.

happy thanksgiving everyone.

overkill's picture


Doug In Sandpoint's picture

James Jones was the big winner today. Played very nicely with a big TD. Had a great background piece done on him during the pregame, then handled himself well in the post game interview. He rose quite a bit in my eyes. Seems like he really is "Packer People" which I wasn't sure of before.

PackersRS's picture

I can understand where you would get that assumption, but if you had really listened to any of Jones' interviews throughout the time he's been here, and to all the reports his teammates did of him, you shouldn't question what kind of person he is...

Nerdmann's picture

-Ejecting Lee was a bit much imo. Seemed like the Lions players were pulling his facemask all the way down the field.
-The Suh ejection was long overdue, imo. He's been taking cheap shots all year. I think Schwartz coaches them that way.
-DJ Smith could give Hawk a run for his spot.
-Agreed on Saine. Dude's gonna be our secret weapon this year.
-EDS played some good adversity football today.
-Finley continues to underwhelm.
-Overall it seems like they still go into those "MM Lulls" but they are now so good that it only allows teams to keep up with them for awhile. Then they kick it into gear and get it done.
-I am a little worried about those runs up the middle.
-I am also disgusted with the officiating. But it kind of went both ways today.
-Screens actually looked good today.

lars's picture

I agree re: Smith except for one thing---AJ is TT's boy. $6.5 million for Hawk is a joke.

Smith came in (with Francois) and the D actually seemed to improve. also not how Smith does something hawk never does---HIT people and tackle square.

James Jones didn't suck today and that was nice.

The officials ruined the first half w/too many flags, but things settled down in the second half. Part of that problem is the Lions are such a chippy team (just like their HC) officials may feel the need to call it close.

Suh is a selfish player---always putting his rep./dirty play above the game and his teammates. Suspend the rabid dog and teach him a lesson, Goodell.

Bob's picture

Jermichael Finly = Jeremy Stephens

PackersRS's picture

Aaron Rodgers = B.J. Novak

Cole's picture

IMO I'd like to see more DJ smith over Hawk, the guy is made to play football. Hope Bish and Sitt are okay.

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

8 to go.

Happy turkey day everyone.


Chris's picture

Suh's actions which got him ejected were bad, but hearing him after the game at the press conference was even worse. Just admid that you made a bad mistake and snapped. Going on full denial is just making you look even more stupid.
I was very concerned after both ILBs went down, but Smith played great football, making nice tackles, and Francois had the awesome INT. It's the same as last year: Every time a starter goes down someone stepped up. Love the team!

Jeremy's picture

Yeah, Listening to Suh talk made me want to vomit. There is no way a reasonable person would expect the public to believe such a load of BS. Either he has been coached to think and act like this or he has serious social issues.

Bearmeat's picture

Best win of the year!

bup bup BUM.. da dup dup BUM... GO PACK GO!

Wiscokid's picture

Suh in the post game interview was "shocked" that he was ejected. Totally unrepentant. Watch Goodell suspend the guy and re-instate him just in time to play the Packers again.

Is Suh the latest incarnation of John Randle?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

Lol, I was just coming here to see if anybody saw that... Dude's a delusional psychopath. This could be a situation where o lineman deem it necessary to take matters into their own hands... I don't like to see anybody get hurt, but if i had to pick one guy out of the league... Suh's the hands down frontrunner.

redlights's picture

Reincarnation of Charles Martin.

Remember, we have skeletons in our closet, too.

I think that ejections are key to keeping these games/hits under control. Not every personal foul, but the blatant ones.

Wiscokid's picture

The difference might be that Charles Martin was released by the team after his inexcusable behavior. It's not likely that the Lions will jettison Suh.

JoePackersNYC's picture

What I also find troubling is Schwartz's talk with Suh after he was ejected. I understand that it's hard to be old school in today's game, but come on, your best defensive player just got ejected. Let him know he screwed up.

Seems like everyone on the paper lions is looking for a fight, from the coach on down.

Bring on the giants. Go Pack.

asshalo's picture

agree on everything and Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Aaron. Also, seemed like there was more nickel today with Neal getting more reps-- no coincidence. Neal could very easily be for the defense this year, what James Starks was for the run game last year.

Bugeater's picture

So, if C Johnson is 'Megatron', I guess Tramon is 'Optimus Prime'?

Majik Man's picture

Nice! :D

Ruppert's picture

Honestly, Suh just snapped. Right up there with Haynesworth's stomp for the biggest dumbass move I have ever seen in an NFL game. He better get at least a month off work without pay, especially after his asinine postgame comments.

Trying to get his balance? Really?

PackersRS's picture

Is he a bad person? Absolutely not.

But you cannot "just snap", not in the NFL. His post comments only make for a stronger case that he, much like the whole organisation, is just immature.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Is he a bad person? Absolutely not."

I'm not ready to dismiss that. Actually kinda leaning that way.

PackersRS's picture

All reports off the field is that he's a good dude, and he does a lot of charity work (though the same reports are true regarding a certain ex-packer).

What I think he is is an angry, immature guy that can't control his temperament on the field.

Wiscokid's picture

Could it possibly be the result of "roid rage"?

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture

I personally don't care about the guy off the field. He only effects me and my team with his on field persona, and he tried to bash a guy on my team's head in, on the field.

nerdmann's picture

All the reports I've seen are his college teammates didn't like him, because of his dirty play and propensity for fighting with them during practice. "Angry" and "out of control" are the words I've heard.

TundraBum's picture

"A lot of guys who haven't contributed so far this year getting their chance and playing well. That's depth and coaching."

Yes X 1000

TundraBum's picture

Oh yeah, to the players of other 31 teams, THIS is why you are going to have to wait for at very least yet another year for a Super Bowl ring. (unless of course you choose to relocate north)

PackersRS's picture

The Packers are a very exclusive club. We don't just take other teams' players...

TundraBum's picture

+1 ... They will be expected to beg.

Evan's picture

Bad person? Probably not. Dirty player? Absolutely.

Tommyboy's picture

There was one open-field tackle by D.J. Smith that popped out at me. A Lions WR caught the ball on the outside and it looked like Smith would over-pursue, opening up a cut-back lane. Instead, Smith squared up and made the tackle. I. LOVED. THIS. Making tackles could get you much more playing time.

Suh is filthy. His post-game comments were insulting. How would anybody believe that? C'mon, man.

I ate too much pumpkin pie.

Bob's picture

Suh has a very likeable personality. If you did not see the video of what happened, you would think he didn't do anything. He has probably been explaining his way out of a lot of things his whole life.

Spiderpack's picture

So what you're saying is that he is completely insane. Dan Patrick did a great job illustrating or suggesting Suh's insanity with an interview with Suh earlier this week.

Mojo's picture

Bishop hurt himself against TB on the two point conversion and aggrevated again today.

Best win of the season(maybe the N.O. win was better).

Love my Packers.

Is this site for real's picture

This is the absolute worst Packer site on the web by far! You all should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to sell anything from this 2 bit crap site. Atrocious I tell you. Conniving swindlers the lot of you are! Good to see the Packers win though and happy Thanksgiving to all you con artists at this rag!

packeraaron's picture

This is hilarious.

overkill's picture

Nice input. Ya...

overkill's picture

...waitasecond...NO, you're still (rant)

FITZCORE1252's EVO's picture


Wagszilla's picture

Saine looked great. Want to see tons more of that guy.

Hopefully they drop the seniority garbage and put Grant at #3 (although he did have a couple nice blitz pickups).

And +1 on the worried about Bishop camp. Think he's the biggest impact player on this D outside of Woodson.

11-0 wow. Awesome. Giants are going to get torched next week.

chris's picture

MOOOOOO where is the cow?

dougie smooth's picture

Looking forward to Bishop & Smith in the middle when Bish can get healthy. I don't dislike Hawk, he is just too damn slow for the NFL.

David's picture

I'm actually planning on robbing a bank tomorrow. When the police arrest me I will tell them I was just trying to get my balance. I know what I did and the big man upstairs knows what I did. Think what you want, but I was just trying to get my balance. What a joke Suh is. Could be a great player if he didn't act like immature. Funny how the lions act when Schwartz sits and pouts on the sideline like a child that just got grounded.

Packers Fan in Atlanta's picture


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