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Grant Sounds Off On Prospects At Radio City

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Grant Sounds Off On Prospects At Radio City

Up until this point, Green Bay Packers players had stayed surprisingly silent about the labor unrest that has engulfed everything having to do with the National Football League. No sound bites. No Tweets. Nothing.

Until tonight.

Ryan Grant apparently took umbrage with the parade of first round selections strolling across the Radio City Music Hall stage and into the waiting arms of the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Grant took his beef to Twitter:

It's really baffling for me to see these young guys hugging the commissioner with everyone that has gone on in past months..

I absolutely want these guys to enjoy this night.. They worked their butts offto get to this point But to hug the man who...Literally is leading the campaign for taking money out your pocket doesn't sit well with me ..I might be wrong..But def happy for them

Grant's position is totally understandable. It's a bit surprising that he chose to voice it tonight rather than weeks ago when the whole "Will the prospects show up to Radio City?" debate was raging.

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FITZCORE1252's picture

Poor timing, douchey move.


BigbyATTACK's picture

The commish already knows how people feel about him. He looked like he was going to cry they were booing him so loud. Yeah, interesting timing by Grant.

Tarynfor 12's picture

What Commissioner were you watching.You call that booing.He handled the Boo's,said "I get it" and then shut them all up as soon as he announced the Draft was open.He could not have handled it any classier nor would anyone else.

aussiepacker's picture

I was pretty shocked to hear that from grant. Usually he seems like a quiet keep to himself kind of guy. The Australian Football League just signed a new tv rights deal worth shitloads and the players are now talking about going into discussions with the league about their share, so i wonder if Australian sports stars are starting to watch what happens int the nfl rulings?

lars's picture

Fans are generally ignorant of the labor situation and foolishly side with the players. They must think NFL players are poor, exploited worker bees just like them.

Ryan Grant made over $5 million dollars last year and played exactly one quarter of regular season football. He made more $$$ than anybody reading this will make in their lifetime. It's never enough for some of these guys.

john driscoll austin texas's picture

but he was playing the game, it is the game

Timbo's picture

True enough, but Grant's $5 mil is a pittance compared to what the owners take in -- and they're still not satisfied.

Nobody ever bought a game ticket so that they could see an NFL owner. The players ARE the game. It's true that they make tons more than you and me, but that's not the point. They're getting screwed by the owners and I give them credit for fighting back.

aussiepacker's picture

I see your point, But if it wasn't for owners risking their money and all sorts of things then who would the players be playing for to get payed the big dollars?

braund-o's picture

Players EARN what they make. Owners buy teams after they have made a millions/billions of dollars on other things. It is not a risk to own an NFL team it is a luxury! The Fans are the ones who pay to see the players. I don't know about you Lars but I don't spend any of my money to see the owners. Now that is ignorant.

Also, you could easily make $5 mil in a year. All you have to do is completely dedicate the next 20 years of your life to one thing. Practice, Practice, Practice, workout, Practice. Oh yeah, then still be better than 99.999% of the rest of the people who are doing the exact same thing as you did over the last 20 years. I'm sure if you did that you would be WANTED and desired just like those lazy NFL players that we love to watch

lebowski's picture

What the hell did he expect them to do?? Extend their hand for a handshake, then pull the "Psyche" and brush their hair back? They just realized their dream and Goodell seems like he's a guy who is truly happy for them. Stay on the field and earn your millions Grant.

braund-o's picture

Exactly! Goodell tries to be buddies with these young players and the Veterans are sitting back watching this thinking, "that is the same guy that fined me $50K for a hit that I couldn't help make." These rookies should shake his hand, but spit in theirs first. Solidarity!

Jayme's picture

I think these guys need to shut the hell up. I don't care who's right and who's wrong. The war isn't going to be won in the media.

Regardless of how the collective bargaining agreement is reached, the players will all make more than 10 times as much as I make in a year, and some of them will make upwards of 300 times as much as I make in a year. I, and most others like me, don't give a shit if they lose a few hundred thousand dollars. They need to realize that and realize that each time they bitch and moan in public, they lose a little more respect from the fans.

aussiepacker's picture


NoWayJose's picture

Dont take it so personally! Its a business negotiation, Ryan. Talking about Goodell being the mean man trying to "take his money" just makes you sound like a cry-baby.

My boss would probably like to pay me less too. It doesnt mean he hates me. Its just how the real world works when men are negotiating. And it definitely doesnt mean that I would blast him in public as if he unworthy of respect when he hires me.

That is all.

bomdad's picture

Why didn't he comment about Payton Hillis appearing? I cant recall if he also gave a hug.

Also not sure if it really was Nick Lachey standing in for Payton Hillis. Maybe that was the reason RG didnt comment?

WoodyG's picture

Actually Grant should be more concerned about his status as RB on the GB roster in 2011 ...... If TT so chooses & decides to draft an RB in day 2 or 3 (DeMarco Murray, Taiwan Jones, Roy Helu .... All good possibilities) ... Grant & his $5mil.+ may not make any money sense in season 2011 ..... You don't pay a BU that amount of $$$$ unless he can do alot more than just cut & run ..... Grant doesn't (can't?) play STs, no receiving threat out of the backfield & can't block worth a lick ..... I'm not sure he'll make the 2011 roster .....

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