The Greatest Games of the Favre-Rodgers Era: #45-41

Continuing the countdown of the best games, 1992-2022.

Another week of counting down the greatest Packer games of the Favre-Rodgers era! It’s a mixed bag this week. One game I feel should be ranked higher, one game I feel should be ranked lower, one game I’d rather forget, and a game that I feel probably doesn’t get remembered as much as it should (featuring a no-longer divisional rival). Plus, of course, we feature the creation of the Lambeau Leap.

Here we go: numbers 45 through 41! We’re 20 percent of the way through the rankings!

#45 to #41

45. Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers, 1994 (GB 21, ATL 17)

Overall score: 6.16/10 (45/55)

Significance: 6.02/10 (32/55)

Entertainment value: 7.02/10 (40/55)

Intensity: 5.43/10 (52/55)

This is another one of those games that’s coming in a bit low for me, especially with the intensity rating. But I’ll chalk it up to it being a regular season game played 30 years ago. In the final game played in Milwaukee, Brett Favre puts together one of the finest performances of his young career. His diving touchdown to win the game in the fourth quarter is one of those classic Packer highlights of the mid-90s. 

View full game here.

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44. Los Angeles Raiders at Green Bay Packers, 1993 (GB 28, LAR 0)

Overall score: 6.22/10 (44/55)

Significance: 7.08/10 (18/55)

Entertainment value: 6.87/10 (44/55)

Intensity: 4.71/10 (55/55)

The actual game is somewhat forgettable; it was a major late-season blowout against a struggling Raiders team. But this game will still forever be remembered in Packer history as the game in which the Lambeau Leap was created. Reggie White picks up a fumble along the sideline and laterals to LeRoy Butler, who takes the ball to the endzone and then jumps into the stands. This play helped to usher in a magical era for Packer fans. The Packers would make the playoffs for the first time with Mike Holmgren and Brett Favre that season, and the rest is history.

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43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers, 1999 (GB 26, TB 23)

Overall score: 6.24/10 (43/55)

Significance: 4.56/10 (52/55)

Entertainment value: 7.3/10 (38/55)

Intensity: 6.86/10 (35/55)

It often gets forgotten due to the way the rest of the season transpired, but the 1999 Packers season started out with some thrilling, heart-stopping contests, and the team very briefly earned the “Cardiac Pack” moniker. The Packers/Bucs “Battle of the Bays” rivalry had been heating up for a couple years at this point, and this particular game ended in a come-from-behind, hard-fought victory on the back of a six-play, 73-yard game winning drive directed in 40 seconds by Brett Favre. The Packers collected 452 yards of offense against the Buccaneers’ #1 defense.

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42. Seattle Seahawks at Green Bay Packers, 2016 (GB 38, SEA 10)

Overall score: 6.27/10 (42/55)

Significance: 5.62/10 (38/55)

Entertainment value: 7.24/10 (39/55)

Intensity: 5.94/10 (47/55)

After the 2014 NFC Championship game, every possible victory over the Seahawks felt like some significant catharsis. The Packers needed every victory they could get during their “run the table stretch,” and on this day at Lambeau Field, the Packers absolutely routed the Seahawks, thanks in large part to five interceptions by Russell Wilson. Suddenly, fans began to believe that the Packers could actually make a postseason run.

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41. San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers, 2013 Wild Card (SF 23, GB 20)

Overall score: 6.31 (41/55)

Significance: 5.73/10 (37/55)

Entertainment value: 5.88/10 (54/55)

Intensity: 7.31/10 (30/55)

Coming off the thrilling, intense victory over the Chicago Bears to sneak into the playoffs, the Packers had Aaron Rodgers back from injury and had homefield advantage against the team that spanked them a year earlier in an embarrassing postseason exit. But once again, the Packers were unable to defeat the 49ers. This time the team kept it close, but numerous missed opportunities, including a dropped interception by Micah Hyde that continues to haunt Packer fans, resulted in the Packers having a premature postseason exit for the second straight year. Would this team have beaten the 2013 Seahawks? Almost certainly not, but the loss continues to leave a sour taste.


View full game here.


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Honorable Mentions:

55. Denver at Green Bay, 2003

54. Seattle at Green Bay, 2012

53. Packers at Vikings, 1997

52. Packers at Broncos, 2007

51. Packers at Patriots, 1997


50. Detroit at Green Bay, 2011

49. Tennessee at Green Bay, 2020

48. Baltimore at Green Bay, 2001

47. Green Bay at Miami, 2014

46. Chicago at Green Bay, 2014

45. Atlanta at Green Bay, 1994

44. LA Raiders at Green Bay, 1993

43. Tampa Bay at Green Bay, 1999

42. Seattle at Green Bay, 2016

41. San Francisco at Green Bay, 2013-2014 Wild Card


  • Fans had the opportunity to submit games they loved into a Google form
  • The 55 most-mentioned games were chosen to be in this poll
  • Fans voted in the poll, giving a 1-10 rating for each game in three categories:
    • SIGNIFICANCE: How important or significant is the game to the franchise?
    • ENTERTAINMENT VALUE: How entertaining do you find the game?
    • INTENSITY: How intense was the action or atmosphere for the game?
  • With all votes in, I created averages in each of these categories for each games. Their overall ranking is the mean value of the averages for each of those categories using the formula: (SIG + ENT + INT)/3




Tim Backes is a lifelong Packer fan and a contributor to CheeseheadTV. Follow him on Twitter @timbackes for his Packer takes, random musings and Untappd beer check-ins.


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Spock's picture

May 09, 2024 at 08:22 am

I had endzone seating at the Atlanta/GBT game and will always remember that TD run by Favre. If I remember correctly, that was the last Packer game I attended. I got to see several games at old Milwaukee County Stadium but never did make it to Green Bay to see a game there.

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LLCHESTY's picture

May 09, 2024 at 02:10 pm

I think I saw about 10 games in Milwaukee before I went to a preseason game in Green Bay. I was 100% behind Wolf when he said they were going to end it. Obstructed views, distance from the field and players from both teams on the same sidelines, as soon as I walked into Lambeau as a kid I thought "this is more like it."

After the switch the Gold package games were easier to get for a couple years too. I think it was Milwaukee fans way of complaining but that changed quickly once they made the playoffs.

0 points
barutanseijin's picture

May 09, 2024 at 07:00 pm

On the other hand. the only Packers games i’ve been to have been in County Stadium and in E Rutherford NJ. County Stadium was way better than that antiseptic dump in NJ. At least County Stadium had character.

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