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Grading the Pack - 2018 Regular Season Totals

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Grading the Pack - 2018 Regular Season Totals

This post will be a running total of the weekly Packers grades that I post throughout the season. You won't find commentary here but can find the up to date cumulative totals throughout the season.

Top 3 Offensive Performers

Davante Adams +15.30
David Bakhtiari +13.80
Aaron Rodgers +13.75

Top 3 Defensive Performers

Kenny Clark +13.10
Jaire Alexander +7.00
Mike Daniels +6.85

Bottom 3 Offensive Performers

Byron Bell -13.50
Justin McCray -6.90
Jimmy Graham -6.25

Bottom 3 Defensive Performers

Clay Matthews -9.30
Nick Perry -7.65
Reggie Gilbert -7.10


Aaron Rodgers +13.75
DeShone Kizer -2.85

Running Back/Fullback

Aaron Jones +9.85
Jamaal Williams +4.70
Ty Montgomery +1.80
Dan Vitale +0.00
Kapri Bibbs +0.00

Wide Receiver

Davante Adams +15.30
Geronimo Allison +0.55
Allen Lazard +0.05
Randall Cobb -0.20
Jake Kumerow -0.25
Equanimeous St. Brown -1.00
Marquez Valdes-Scantling -1.90
J'Mon Moore -1.95

Tight End

Robert Tonyan +0.05
Lance Kendricks -1.45
Marcedes Lewis -1.65
Jimmy Graham -6.25

Offensive Line

David Bakhtiari +13.80
Corey Linsley +10.00
Lane Taylor +6.40
Bryan Bulaga +4.15
Alex Light +0.25
Lucas Patrick -3.35
Jason Spriggs -5.70
Justin McCray -6.90
Byron Bell -13.50

Defensive Line

Kenny Clark +13.10
Mike Daniels +6.85
Dean Lowry +0.85
Tyler Lancaster +0.40
Fadol Brown +0.40
Mo Wilkerson +0.30
James Looney -0.55
Montravius Adams -1.30


Kyler Fackrell +3.15
Reggie Gilbert -7.10
Nick Perry -7.65
Clay Matthews -9.30


Blake Martinez +0.00
James Crawford +0.00
Korey Toomer -0.05
Oren Burks -1.10
Antonio Morrison -2.90


Jaire Alexander +7.00
Bashaud Breeland +0.25
Will Redmond +0.05
Kevin King -0.20
Tony Brown -0.55
Davon House -2.20
Josh Jackson -4.90

Defensive Back

Tramon Williams +1.25


Ibraheim Campbell +0.65
Raven Greene +0.00
Jermaine Whitehead -2.65
Josh Jones -2.85
Eddie Pleasant -3.65
HaHa Clinton-Dix -5.95
Kentrell Brice -6.20


Andy is a graduate of UW-Oshkosh and owns & operates the Pack-A-Day Podcast. Andy has taken multiple courses in NFL scouting and appears weekly on 107.5 The Fan in Green Bay to breakdown film. This past season he was an analyst on Green Bay Nation on WFRV TV in Green Bay. Andy grew up in Green Bay and is a lifelong season ticket holder; follow him on Twitter at @sconniesports.

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CAG123's picture

I like Kevin King and all but the fact that TJ Watt has 3 sacks so far this season and King has yet to record a single pick bothers me a bit especially with the lack of production we have on the edge and the fact that King is hurt again.

RCPackerFan's picture

To bad Watt didn't play against the Browns every week...

Of his 10 career sacks, 6 of those have come against the Browns.

Since '61's picture

What is point of comparing an edge player with a CB? They not only play very different positions but they play in different types of defenses. This is like comparing oranges to pennies!?!? Plus I agree with RC, Watt looks good against the Browns. Then What? Thanks, Since '61

CAG123's picture

I clearly listed 2 other things one regarding KK and the other regarding the lack of production on the edge and both of you focus on one. Despite the difference in positions these two will always be linked seeing as we gave one up for the other. So what if it’s the Browns the same Browns the Pack needed a comeback and OT to beat. So what his sacks mean less because it’s the Browns? Silly logic

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I'll be comparing Watt to King/Biegel. Make that Watt to King. I don't expect to have the least difficulty in making the comparison either.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I feel guilty since the article isn't out but the raw scores are up. So, vs. MN....

QB very good day.
RBs consistent - moderately good
WRs consistent but just moderately good
TEs: Graham pretty good, not great. Rest meh
OL: another tough day at the office for McCray
Linsley meh. Bahk good but not for him. Bulaga had a pretty nice day. Taylor had a very good game.

DL: okay but really pretty meh all around
OLB: Pretty much no good. CM3 not as bad, but still bad. Gilbert down.
ILB: Morrison still slow. Martinez mild positive.
CB: Alexander good. Tramon exposed. No one else positive.
S: Brice exposed and HHCD just bad. Again stationed miles away from the action. Whitehead okay in a limited but increasing role.

The play of the two rookie CBs suggests that they will be able to help immediately. The DL isn't really as dominant as I'd hoped, but are still a good line. OLBs are going to be a problem. Small sample size with half of it against a very good, veteran team.

BoCallahan's picture

I appreciate all the work that you do in order to come up with these results. They definitely show patterns. I used to do something similar to each of my players when I coached HS Boys Basketball.
I have a question for you: Would it be possible for you to provide 2 sets of numbers? One being the current week’s score and the 2nd being the year to date total. For example:
Aaron Rodgers: 4.05/6.90
Just a thought, Thanks

The TKstinator's picture

How come none of your teammates came to your birthday party?

BoCallahan's picture

I don’t want to talk about it.

Andy Herman's picture

Hey Bo,

Thanks for reading. This is just the piece that will house the totals for the year. There will be a weekly article that comes out every week breaking down the grades and analyzing that individual weeks' grades. It will post around 8:00am every Friday!



BoCallahan's picture

Looking forward to it!

Nick Perry's picture

I know it's early in the season and I actually really like what Gutekunst has done for the most part...BUT...

Gutekunst needs to make an attempt to bring in Eric Reid or even trade for Earl Thomas if they could get some kind of assurance it wouldn't be a one year rental.

IF the Packers had a better Safety their 2-0 for sure. HOW in the hell Brice doesn't make the play on the pass to Theilin still amazes me. These two are starting to remind me of the Safety play of 2012 when the Packers had the dynamic duo of MD Jennings and that BUM Thompson drafted in the 4th round from Maine..McMillian.

What you did so far is nice Gute BUT the season is long and these guys will cause more harm than good over the next 14 games.

Lphill's picture

I think Brice was afraid of a penalty the same thing that gave the Vikings a win against the Saints in the playoffs last year , Brice had Theilan in his sites but appears to redirect maybe afraid of a helmet to helmet hit.

flackcatcher's picture

That's what exactly happened. The bright spot for Brice is that it shows he has matured since last year. The down side, is he is just as confused as the rest of us on what is a penalty in 'Goodell's NFL'.

cheesehead1's picture

I like King and his potential, but he has been nothing but hurt since being drafted. Hope he’s back soon and can show us why we drafted him.

davy jones's picture

Fackrell is our least pathetic edge rusher?? Oi...

dobber's picture

Thank you, limited snaps!

stockholder's picture

Grades? I want stats. Grades are nothing more than a hazard warning. This team lacks spirit. Their struggling, and have over-paid players. Their path lacks the Killer instinct. They take off plays. A-Rod is the top paid QB. Adams a Top paid WR. The stats say Average. Where's the consistency? The Black and Blue has always been average. They Live on the past, and hope is their future. Punishment! Thats what I want to see. Punish your opponent and you will dominate them. We are over -valuing the starters. Warriors shouldn't be afraid to HIT. We look for breaks? The REFS just aren't going to give them away. This is NO laughing matter. This team is not responding to the problem. They aren't getting it done! Peaks and valleys are what were seeing. Damn it, go after the ball. Hit the guy so he coughs it up. Throw it to me and I'll do it. The packers have a Hall of fame of great players. They fought for what they got. This team lacks FIGHT. And not one appears to be zoned in on what their doing out there. This team should not be struggling. They have slackers. It's time: To be serious. Chickens lay eggs. Warriors show NO mercy! Leaders don't look for excuses. The HITS will turn into wins. The stats will turn into fear. The RESPECT will be earned!

BoCallahan's picture

Is that pep talk from a movie? If not, it should be put in a movie.

stockholder's picture

No. Playing for ties? Refs? Safety play? The point was" stats". The stats are not good for this team.. Their average. Just like the play. The propaganda behind certain players is showing again. Adams last year would have made that end Zone catch. He's got to show that he wants the ball no matter what. Again!!! This team is not "hitting" like they should. Technique has it's place. But games are won by hitting.

LeotisHarris's picture

I think it was, in and old black and white movie with Knute Rockne. Knute loved cliches, too.

This team lacking fight battled back to beat the Bears. It also punched the greatest defense in all the land (if you believe the hype) in the mouth and should have won the game against Minnesota. I see no lack of effort or fight. We're a young team forging an identity. I like what I see so far.

If you look back at our championship teams of old, those teams did not dominate every single game. The Vikings were always troublesome for Lombardi's Packers, as were the Bears.

I'll agree what we don't have is that player on D that other teams fear. The guy who's going to mess you up and not care. Wayne Simmons was that player on the 96 team.

stockholder's picture

Wilkerson? Perry? Dix? Morrison? - Danials holding Up? Frackwell? House? King inj. Clark is their best Lineman. Martinez their best LB. CMIIi.- Borderline. Offense. Adams is slower on his cuts\Still trouble over the middle beyond 10 yds. Buluga has been measured. He cannot stay with the speedsters and push them out when beaten. McCray inconsistent. Bahk has done better. Allison is AVG. Graham comparison to Cook. The youth is trying to spark this team. Thats the difference. The championship teams had All-pros. The current team has Rodgers. Thats it.

arthurl's picture

After two games offense appears to be coming around. Where I have been pleasantly surprised is G-Mo has stepped his game up and Pack has three quality WRs. I like Rodgers going to the TEs and suspect to see more of that. They have faced two really tough Ds and OL generally has held up. That 1st half against Bears was pretty ugly though.

Defense is little better has far as seems they do get off the field more. There are holes at OLB, and safety play is not average in my opinion. Why this team hasn't brought Reid in is disappointing. I hope to see more of Jackson and less of House against Skins. They really need King to get healthy and back on field.

arthurl's picture

I feel the rating is somewhat bias with respect to Clinton-Dix. The two games so far he has made two key plays that impacted the outcome and played a part in team winning and the tie. The big stop versus the Bears and the interception last week. So he's made some plays people. I've been saying since camp, Brice isn't a starter talent and if Jones can't cut it, bring in Reid. Biggest impact I see on defense is the piss poor play from their 25M OLBs. Mr Matthews and Mr Perry need to warrant their pay.

carlos's picture

Agree Arthur and with the rest of everyone. My number one tool in grading players is availability. Can’t play-can’t be graded. In other words you get a F.

holmesmd's picture

Can someone explain what variables go in what equation to arrive at these numbers? I missed the explanation if there ever was one.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Grades per snap, through week 7

A Jones: .02988 (2.60)
Rodgers: .02167 (9.1)
D. Bakh: .02166 (9.45)
Adams: .01747 (7.20)
L Taylor .0116 (5.05)
T.Monty: .0156 (2.25)
Williams: .0121 (2.45)
R. Cobb: .01196 (2.25)
C Linsley .01094 (4.75)
B Bulaga .00603 (2.30)
StBrown: .0047 (0.45)
G Allison: .0033 (0.70)
R Tonyan: 0.0 (0)
J Graham: -0.00245 (-0.95)
Scantling: -0.0069 (-1.50)
Kendricks: -0.0110 (-1.45)
Jm Moore: -0.019 (-0.80)
Byron Bell: -0.0160 (-3.70).
Ma. Lewis: -0.0234 (-1.85)
K McCray : -0.02849 (-5.55)
Lu Patrick: -0.0454 (-1.00)
Ja Spriggs: -0.0524 (-2.15)

Total Offense: +28.80

K. Clark .0204 (6.55)
Jaire A.: .0153 (3.05)
Daniels .0146 (3.65)
K Lowry .0130 (2.40)
Fackrell: .0091 (1.10)
Tramon: .0029 (1.10)
M Wilks .0026 (0.30)
Martinez: .00157 (.60)
Kv. King : .00024 (.05)
Whitehead: -0.0015 (-0.20)
Kent. Brice: -0.0059 (-2.25)
Jos Jackson: -0.0072 (-1.70)
Ore. Burks: -0.0074 (-0.60)
ClintonDix: -0.0097 (-3.70)
Josh Jones: -0.0125 (-0.05) 4 snaps
RegGilbert: -0.0207 (-3.60)
Matthews : -0.0219 (-6.00)
Nick Perry: -0.0229 (-4.95)
A Morrison -0.0327 (-2.85)
M. Adams: -0.0571 (-1.20)
Dv. House -0.0578 (2.20)

Total Defense: -10.70

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

The per snap metric isn't completely useful. Lots of players don't really figure into every play. DL and OL probably have a gradable play on most or all of their snaps. FS probably isn't gradable on a quarter (half?) of all snaps because the play is a run up the middle stopped immediately by Clark, Daniels or Lowry. Sure, the FS runs forward but probably never gets blocked or within 10 yards of the LOS.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Okay, I printed out the season totals for each player for the first half of the season. I think it might be very illuminating.

HankScorpio's picture

With one game to go, the grades that Andrew has accumulated line up well with what many have been observing from week to week.

OG and OLB are the biggest weaknesses on the team. With Safety and TE running just behind those two spots on the Stink-O-Meter.

Point Packer's picture

Two highest paid defenders (Mathews & Perry) are the worst two players on D. Awesome. Thanks Ted Thompson. The Packers organization is garbage. The fact that that TT was GB GM until this year is just an absolute disgrace. Mark Murphy should be held accountable, but by whom?

(Ted Thompson blank stare)

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