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Extension for G.M. Ted Thompson Called "Top Priority" by Packers President

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Extension for G.M. Ted Thompson Called "Top Priority" by Packers President

With Ted Thompson's contract set to expire following the 2016 NFL Draft, Packers president Mark Murphy expressed the urgency to sign his general manager to a contract extension on Thursday.

Speaking on the same day he addressed questions about the Packers annual financial report, Murphy is quoted by Jason Wilde of as saying, “It’s a top priority. I think Ted has been instrumental, obviously, in the run we’ve had, so that is a real priority.”

Because head coach Mike McCarthy's contract also expires in the foreseeable future—following the 2015 season—Murphy said earlier in the offseason the first step would extend Ted, who would in turn extend McCarthy up through the organizational ladder.

Despite recent health concerns and reaching 61 years old, Thompson has given no public indication that he's ready to give up working in his current post.

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BVanRoschke's picture

God, I hope to hell that Murphy locks up Thompson until he's 80. Seriously, he's the single most important person in the Packers organization. I am from Green Bay. I saw TT walking down a lonely street on the west side of Green Bay wearing sunglasses about two months ago. He was trying to hide but I knew him in a second.

I sensed at that moment he was walking for health reasons. I wanted to turn around and shake his hand but kept on driving as I know he's a private person.

Without Ted we are dead. Those words should be put on the fence along Lombardi St. As long as TT is running the show we can all sit back and relax. What people need to realize or appreciate is the dedication and personal sacrifice that TT has brought to this team. Why there isn't a street named after him at this point is beyond me.

May you have many more years as our GM Ted. Thank you for your contributions to this team. Some young punks might not appreciate you but people who lived thru the 70's and 80's certainly do. If there was a living God you would be in the running as far as I am concerned.

zeke's picture

Without spell-check you're slightly less coherent than a 7 year-old.

BVanRoschke's picture

Simon Cow, what? one home run pick? Go back to the 80's Cow. James Lofton was a "one home run pick" and look how great those teams were.

TT has home run picks literally at every single position. Good Lord, I can't believe you said that. Even if what you said is true and TT only hit on one pick the fact it was the quarterback should earn him or anybody else a lifetime of employment with the Packers.

Had the Packers drafted Joe Montana instead of Charles Johnson and Favre in 1992, the Packers could be going on almost 40 plus years of winning football simply due to hitting on the qb.

If you really believe what you just said than I could turn around and say Ron Wolf only hit on Brett Favre by your logic. I will agree with you that the Packers would not be close to as good as they are without Rodgers but the problem with that is they DO have Rodgers and you can thank TT for that but I know you never will. I'll say it for you. Thank you TT for drafting Rodgers and pissing off Cow.

BVanRoschke's picture

I don't see it your way Simon Cow. I say stop wasting Ted Thompson. Here's one of the greatest GM's in NFL history putting together year after year teams that are capable of winning the super bowl and year after year he is faced with the same damn problems. What's that you say? It's the fact that this damn training staff can't keep Ted's prized players HEALTHY!!

MM needs to change his way of thinking as far as the strength and conditioning programs go, the training camp, the hitting, etc. I think MM needs to go opposite because whatever he's done the past three years isn't working as they are one of the most injured teams in the league every year. Quit wasting Ted Thompson. He's 61 and his health will eventually start to decline if it's not already. As I said, "we are dead without Ted". You know it's true Cow.

The TKstinator's picture

"Needs to go opposite "; yes, maybe. Like George Costanza! I most definitely agree that everybody connected with the team is at their wits end regarding injuries.

The TKstinator's picture

Yes, but I know what he means. I think it's just frustration.

BVanRoschke's picture

Of course you knew what I meant TKstinator. You got it and mentioned Costanza which was exactly where I was going with it. On the other hand this Stroh character seems to be taking his frustrations out on me and whoever else he bumps into. Next thing he'll tell me is he's some former strength and conditioning coach and he's an authority on the subject. lol Wouldn't that be a hoot if he said that.

Actually I read a great article here a few weeks ago I believe about how MM is doing some different things like they do in Australia as far as conditioning goes. That would be doing the opposite similar to the George Costanza Theory. I hope it works. It couldn't get any worse than the last three years.

BVanRoschke's picture

Your credentials? lols.. Oh my God!! I can't believe it. You actually are now claiming to be a professional trainer who spends his entire life posting on boards. I was joking. I didn't actually think you would come on here and claim you are but you just did.

Guess what Stroh? I have a degree in bullshit and I can smell you a mile away. You stink.

I have never met you or ever been here in my life. I have read here for a while but never posted or read the forums just some of the articles.

Here is the link. I knew I read it somewhere. It was Packersnews apparently not here. I thought Carriveau wrote something about it too but can't remember.

Now that I provided a link to the story you didn't believe I am asking you kindly to post your resume here so we can all see that you are in fact an ex professional wannabe trainer. By the way, why were you fired? You never said?

BVanRoschke's picture

Everything with you is past tense yet you are still living and breathing going about your daily life insulting and berating whoever comes into contact with you. I didn't come here to argue with you yet you forced me into this with your Don Rickles type personality. Perhaps your choice of a wanna be personal trainer was not your best career choice as it also requires dealing with real live human beings and that I am guessing is why you spend your days online yelling at other people trying to get into arguments so you can feel better about your "situation" which I am sure is dire.

As to your resume you just made up, I can do that too. So can anyone else. Until you provide this board with your real credentials you are nothing but a wanna be personal trainer to nobody. Did you know I used to be a professional wrestler? I spent decades around personal trainers so I think I am more qualified than you are to speak my mind on strength and conditioning.

I do not want to fight with you anymore. I spent the majority of my life fighting. What I do want is for you to refrain from commenting on anything I say in the future. I can see you are nothing but trouble so please respect my wishes. I won't comment on anything you say either. No more "last words" either. From this point forward you and I will cease to know each other.

The TKstinator's picture

Also recall that when TT took over, the first thing he had to do was clean up Sherman's mess. He had to do some very unpopular things: let Wahl, Rivera, and Sharper go. Deal with Jamaal Reynolds and Ahmad Carrol. And of course, the Favre thing. What I'm saying is TT stays true to what he thinks is best regardless if the move is "good PR" or not.
WINNING is good PR.
Has he made mistakes? Hell yes, and he would be the first to admit it. Find me a GM that's batting a thousand. There aren't any.

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