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Could Revis resurrect his career in Green Bay?

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Could Revis resurrect his career in Green Bay?

Is one bad season enough to remove an all-time great from relevancy? 
If your name is Darrelle Revis, that seems to be the general consensus. 
Revis, who had an entire island named after him, is without hesitation one of the 10 greatest cornerbacks ever to play the position, turning in a stretch of dominance during his 20s that cemented his status as a true shutdown corner. 
Then after brief stints in New England and Tampa Bay, Revis returned to the New York Jets in 2015 as a 30-year-old All-Pro with more to prove. He turned in another Pro Bowl season and appeared to still have the goods. 
Then came last season, and with it a major slump, both for Revis and the entire Jets defense. New York allowed 409 points (ranking 28th in the league), with Revis hauling in just one of the team’s paltry eight interceptions. “Revis Island” looked more like “Revis Lost at Sea,” the cornerback looking like a heavy-legged and increasingly frustrated shell of his former self. 
Add in a nasty offseason incident that resulted in Revis being charged with four felonies, and football pundits and fans have, perhaps rightly, been quick to dismiss Revis’ future as-we-know-it. At the very least, there’s little reason to believe he’ll return to the level of dominance that defined much of his career. 
In his first nine seasons, quarterbacks targeting Revis had a cumulative rating of 60.4. But in 2016, that rating jumped to 109.8. 
How much of that is on Revis’ diminishing skills? How much of it is being treated like a key set piece when the surrounding infrastructure was, to be blunt, terrible? 
It’s worth at least examining the factors that led to the blip that was Revis’ 2016 season. Are there reasons to believe he could still provide solid-if-unspectacular play? 
In Todd Bowles’ blitz-happy defense, Revis was often charged with handling opposing teams' top receiver, and with little help. But New York was one of the least effective pressure units a year ago, registering just 27 sacks, which had them ranked 29th in the league. Compare this number to Green Bay’s 40 sacks — not to mention the Packers, despite their penchant for giving up the big play, supplied plenty of their own with 17 interceptions. 
If indeed Revis has lost a step, the missing ingredient in setting him up for success surely isn’t making him cover No. 1 receivers for longer. 
In Green Bay, Revis would be paired with a pair of rangy safeties in Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix and Morgan Burnett. And while Dom Capers has long employed one of the league’s more blitz-happy schemes (despite fan perception), he’s rarely reliant on Cover 0 blitzes that strand corners by their lonesome on the outside. 
Assuming his felony case, to be adjudicated March 15, goes well, the recently released Revis would undoubtedly want to play for a winner. In Green Bay he’d finally play for a team, New England in 2014 notwithstanding, that doesn’t require its defenses to smother opponents. 
Comparisons to a Charles Woodson-esque signing don’t hold up under the microscope — Woodson was still just 29 when the Packers signed him to a seven-year, $49 million dollar deal in 2006 — but both 21 and Revis shared the general consensus as being players past their prime. 
In Green Bay, Woodson resurrected his career and found a niche as a ballhawk in Capers’ scheme. Perhaps Revis would rightly benefit from new life in Green Bay. Think not of him as the shutdown corner who can be relegated to the outside and left to fend for himself. Use him creatively, though, and Green Bay might have a legitimate addition. 
Peppers found new life transitioning to outside linebacker. Woodson found new life as a rover, lining up wherever it benefitted his instincts and ballhawking ability. Clay Matthews appears to be headed back to a roving role as well, largely as the result of his ineffectiveness as a pure edge pass rusher last season. 
If Revis has lost a step, maybe using him at spots in the slot or at safety is his future. 
None of this is to say that the Packers will likely make this move. Of course they probably won’t. 
But March is a time for pipe dreams, and a return to partial form for Revis could still represent a quantum leap in quality for a Packers secondary besieged at corner by injuries, inconsistency and youth. 
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Ryan Graham's picture

While the players can be compared, you can't compare the teams. Clay was just evolving into his prime. Bj Raji anchored a D line with Ryan Pickett. Tramon Williams was an excellent cover corner and Sam Shields played well enough to use his make up speed against Y recievers... Charles Woodson played a hybrid safety/corner position, lining up in the slot or floating over the top. This teams need is on the perimeter and Darrell Revis can't help us there. Packers have the spots to play nickel corner and dime other slot positions on roster already. Darrell Revis may be able to resurrect his career, but not with the Packers.

I always appreciate outside the box thinking, but I respectfully disagree, David. If Ted was looking for that ball hawk position, Hyde would have been resigned for cheaper than Revis' asking price. Ted didn't prioritize him due to his lack of speed. Financially and schematically this one doesn't add up.

Point Packer's picture

I simultaneously think it makes a great deal of sense and that their isn't a chance in hell that it happens.

slit's picture


The TKstinator's picture


jeremyjjbrown's picture

There's an echo in here


jyros's picture

Last season proved - many times over - he can't run
w/ receivers anymore. He's not worthy of long term
or expensive 1 year and he ain't signing no league minimum contract.

UmpireMark's picture

Please, no.

We have to stop looking at players like Revis and AP and the like, thinking they could possibly play one day like "they used to."

dnicholson's picture

Playing like they used to, in Revis' case, isn't a distant memory. It was two seasons ago. The consensus that Revis is done as a player might be right. Probable even. But he had zero help last year. Defense had no rush and stranded him on an island. Maybe, just maybe, he's not done yet.

Idiot Fan's picture

"But he had zero help last year. Defense had no rush..."

The scenery may not actually be all that different over here...

dnicholson's picture

Look at where NYJ finished in sacks and takeaways. It's not close. Big plays, Green Bay gave up. But that was a better defense than the Jets.

Tundraboy's picture

Lol. Same scenery. Was thinking the same thing!

Lphill's picture

No thanks

Bert's picture

Nah. Maybe for a vey reduced-price-TC-look-see. But I don't think Revis is the answer and given his history he'll be looking for a big chunk of guaranteed $$$$.

ben's picture

The best cover corner ever? who ran a 4.38 and had the speed to burn? moving from pretender to contender with all young inexperienced corners? at 31 years of age?

If you answered "no".

your wrong

then again you usually are.

After letting Micah Hyde go and the sad state of the Packers defense the last 13 years, the packers should bring in both Darrelle Revis and Davon House.

but they won't.

Ryan Graham's picture

To say someone is 'wrong' in such a hypothetical is kind of silly. No one knows for certain whats best much less what will actually take place but heres a question for your confidence.
What do you pay them each if you bring them in? Particularly Revis? You don't think to give Kentrell Brice a shot? I think he looked pretty good when he came in for Morgan Burnett, I like his tape too.

Nick Perry's picture

You just don't know "ben" yet. He was a Packers fan for 38 years and SWITCHED 3 years ago to be a Vikings fan. Don't know why he comes here still other that try to aggravate people.

Tundraboy's picture

Still can't fathom how one could willingly go from 38 years of Packer football, filled with many great teams, to 3 years of Viking bliss, and with that team history. How is that even possible?

Ryan Graham's picture

Hey, my fiancée is a vikings fan, shes got a big family. I'm very open to discuss Vikings organization vs. Packers organization, I've had a lot of practice. Alias 'Ben' may not like the outcome...but I will. Let's talk in 3 years when that "all pro defense" is turned upside down and your stuck with Bradford and nobody wants to come play with you guys YA KNOW?

This is too rich. I'll be watching for you Alias Ben....

The TKstinator's picture

'your wrong'
Poetically right.

Nick Perry's picture

How those Vikings doing ben??? You REALLY haven't helped the O-Line much, not with those bums you signed and for ALL THAT MONEY!! LMAO! If Thompson was 109 and senile he wouldn't have given a 1st AND 4th for Bradford. Your GM got his panties all twisted over losing Teddy "5 yards a Pass" Bridgewater, freaked the F out and signed a dude that can't move and put him behind the worst O-Line in football.

So now the Vikings have their $18 million man and no one to throw the ball to. Who they have? Diggs? Turdwell? Did that dude even dress last year for a game? Wasn't he a 1st rounder??

I think you should worry about them...More to worry about.

4thand1's picture

This is a 1st for me, I agree ben. I just threw up in my mouth.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

For what it's worth, I'm going to post this again. Could the Brain Thrust at GB, forget about stopping the pass for few minutes, & spend ($$$) a little time figuring out how to stop the opposing QB. If we had Reggie White & Sean Jones, our Secondary would look a Hell of a lot Better. If we don't figure out a way to get to the QB, the Best Corners in the NFL won't help. Somebody in GB should be thinking Defensive Ends. My Opinion.

Ryan Graham's picture

As a team the Packers ranked 8th in the NFL in sacks with 40 and 12th in hurries with 104. That's pretty good...granted Julius Peppers was a big part putting up 7 sacks himself. his role needs to be replaced on the field and in the locker room. A lot invested in Nick Perry, and Clay of course...but it can't stop there I do agree.

One aspect does not succeed without the other, being pass rush and pass coverage. But in this situation I take the other side to this and say good cornerback play will help your pass rush. The longer recievers aren't open, longer the qb holds the ball, more likelihood of sacks hurries an inaccurate throws. I've said it before and I'll say it again the zone blitz scheme is not reliable and there needs to be more effective man coverage implemented in the defense. Until that happens I personally don't see much change in production happening.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I Respectfully Disagree. I think it starts up front, but that's just my opinion. No Question, WE NEED BOTH. You're right, They compliment each other. Right now we don't seem to have either, & as far as the Secondary goes, I'm 69, & Go Back through all of the Glory Days. This Defensive Scheme or Secondary, or whatever you want to call it, IS THE WORST I'VE EVER SEEN.

Ryan Graham's picture

Probably the biggest reason I'm excited for a new GM. Ideally, that leads to no more Capers.

stockholder's picture

That was a 4-3-4 defense. As long as they have Capers it's, 3-4-4. The 3 men up front are suppose to open up the holes for the LBs. They just spent money on Perry and aren't going to switch. Elephants are slow compared to OLBs. (Peppers,Jones, Elliott) The middle will always be open. And thats why Burnett played Lb and covered the TE sometimes. You also had Raji at end. And I feel that wrecked his dominance. He should have stayed at NT. We also had Collins ,Woodson,Williams etc. And they did shut down the Wrs so the DL could win. You are somewhat right in your comparison though. But this secondary is no where near what we had.

Ryan Graham's picture

^^^^ this guy right here ^^^^

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I agree with you 100%. My point missed was, "Something Has To Change". Collins was along time ago. I could be wrong but I think Woodson was hurt?? Maybe Collins was too?? (Memory is drowning in Champagne), Williams was NEVER ANY GOOD, & if Jennings don't make that catch we don't win the AR Super Bowl. Just maybe we have the WRONG GUY in charge. I don't ever remember this 3-4-4 working that great. You are Correct, We don't have much of a Secondary. I personally think it starts up front. Just my Opinion.

The TKstinator's picture

Are we really trying to say that an effective pass rush is key to successful pass defense?
And further suggesting that the "Brain Thrust" has not already thought of this?
Ok, I'll play along while we are tossing out cutting edge suggestions: fire good!

Btw: "Brain Thrust" sounds like cognitive pornography.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

To answer your questions
#1 Yes
#2 Yes
#3 Not educated enough to understand what you are saying??
Btw: Lost me completely (What does "Cognitive Pornography) mean??

The TKstinator's picture

#1. That is painfully obvious.
#2. That is horribly ignorant. Do you REALLY think the men who have devoted their whole lives to football, and put in endless hours working around the clock, would consider it a revelation for anyone to tell them, "Ya know, a ferocious pass rush would really assist in overall pass defense." I would anticipate their response to be along the lines of a pat on the head, a nice box of Crayolas and a juice box put into your hands, and a "Thank you, now go over there and color while the grownups talk football strategy."
#3. In keeping with the theme of painfully obvious, basic tenets, I believe it was a caveman who first uttered the phrase "fire good", which I'm sure drew some appreciative grunts from his fellow cro-magnons.
#4. When Elvis appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show, his gyrations and pelvic thrusts resulted in his only being televised from the waist up. So, if a Pelvic Thrust is too porno for network TV, a "Brain Thrust" is probably equally offensive within the cognitive realm.
#5. BTW, consider your chain extremely yanked!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

The TKstinator, To answer your questions again

#1 YES I believe a Pass Rush will help the Secondary

#2 YES You're the one showing your ignorance. I believe the current Brain Thrust at GB has completely ignored that fact. In case you've missed it, what they are doing IS NOT WORKING!!

#3 Without question, the closest you ever got to a Football Field, is the 1st row of bleachers, or if you Marched in or in front of the band, or masqueraded as a Cheer Leader?

#4 Once Again you show your ignorance. You know about as much about Football as the guy who sells Hot Dogs.

#5 BTW Based on the HAPPY HORSE SHIT you've posted here , I'd say You Are Pretty Good At Yanking Chains. Probably had a lot of Practice.

The TKstinator's picture

1. Yes, a pass rush will help the secondary.
2. Still not liking that Brain Thrust you keep referring to. GB tied for 6th in sacks with 40. The league leading team had 48. GB re-signed their sack leader Perry. Neither Reggie White nor Sean Jones would help the Pack right now. Was there an equivalent pass rusher available in FA?
3. If I chose to masquerade as a cheerleader, what's it to you?
4. You're the one who keeps going with the dirty talk, not me, Thruster Boy.
5. The guy who sells hot dogs was one of the original architects of the zone blitz. It's true. Saw it on Facebook.
6. Do you even know what yanking a chain means? It means being facetious. Joking with you. "Pulling your leg", as they also say.
You can't state such obvious stuff (like an improved pass rush would boost the defense) and then say the GB brain trust hasn't thought of that. Come on, LVT!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

#1 Agreed

#2 The Brain Trust as I see it is TT, who makes me PUKE, & CAPERS who makes me PUKE even more. Reggie White & Sean Jones wouldn't help the Pack right now?? Come ON, You know better than that. They would help Cleveland. Was there an equivalent in FA? Not that I was aware of, but there are other ways of getting the right players if you are willing to pay, trade players or draft picks?

#3 I hope not!! I've had a few Cheer Leaders from what I can remember.

#4 My original reply to your reply to me was not insulting, nor was it meant to be. Brain Thrust had Nothing to do with you. I'll have to re-read it, but from what I can remember, my reply to your reply was nothing of the kind. I answered your 2 questions, & Did Not Understand your final 2 statements. I don't know what the word cognitive means? If I said anything in that reply to your 1st reply that was Nasty, I apologize, but I don't know what it was?

#5 Never knew that. Will have to get rid of that statement.

#6 I admit to not having the Education that you have. I honestly could not understand what you were saying in your 1st reply, & I guess mistook your 2ond reply for being Nasty. You write at a Higher Level than I can comprehend. I guess that's what Education can do.

I'm adding #7

#7 I whole heartily believe that GB has purposely ignored the Defense, & paid the Wrong Players like Williams, Shields, Mathews, & the King of them all A.J. Hawk for years. That shows a lack of Football Knowledge to me. Do I think the current Defensive Brain Thrust at GB is Incompetent? Yes!! Unless you are Dom Capers or TT, the words Brain Thrust mean nothing Nasty to you. Once again, I took your last post to me to be Nasty. I worked in a shop & took orders all my life. "Yanking a Chain" means something different to me. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Hope we can agree to disagree civilly from now on.

The TKstinator's picture

I just meant that the current versions of Reggie White and Sean Jones wouldn't help the Pack; one is (sadly) no longer with us, and the other is far too old. And it's brain "trust", not brain "thrust"; I was just kidding with you about what I thought was a typo; kinda like in The World According to Garp when the kid who went swimming was worried about the "under toad" rather than the "undertow". That stuff cracks me up. I don't think GB has purposely ignored the d; they have spent a ton of draft picks on it in recent years. The lack of results frustrates all of us! I look at it this way, (and I'm sure many will disagree, and that is perfectly ok): the men who are directly involved and trying to fix it know a lot more about football than any of us Cheeseheaders! If it were as easy to fix as we think it is, they would have done it already! I believe they want to win just as much as even the most fervent fan.
So, in conclusion, it is all good, amigo! Carry on.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

I'm glad to call you a friend. One can't have too many of those. I have to be Honest. I had No Idea what you meant by "Fire Good, & as we speak, I don't know what the word "Cognitive" means? I went to college in WI, (Law School), but I could never pass the Bar. "Wylers Teen Bar in Port Washington, & Marty Zifco's Teen Bar in Hartford. I must tell you, words have a Different Meaning in the shop. It was "Thrust" in the shop. Them guy's didn't pass the Bar either. I hope GB finds a way to put a Tough Defense together. & While they're at it, maybe they should take a Good Look at who ever is The Conditioning Coach? GB seems to suffer way too many injuries.

Tundraboy's picture

That was a classic combo. Reggie and Jones Throwbacks as well

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

In My Opinion, It's Never Been The Same!!

ironman3169's picture

Nailed it!!! PASS RUSH!!!! It's where it starts.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture


Since '61's picture

According to NYC sports talk radio Revis is looking to continue his career as a safety. If he's looking to move to safety then even he knows he cannot be effective at corner any longer. The Packers do not need any more safeties and Revis is probably not going to be effective on the outside. Maybe he can still play in the slot but how much would TT be willing to spend on the possibility that he can play the slot. If Revis could still play CB I would want TT to be all over him although we probably could not afford him in that case. But I'm afraid time has caught up with Revis and I don't know if he would make an improvement for us at CB. Thanks, Since '61

4thand1's picture

Only Revis knows what he can still do. In the end it's up to him. Green was still the fastest dude in the league in Washington well into his 30's. If the guy can get his head out of his ass and screwed on straight, he can still be better than what we have.

RCPackerFan's picture

Not a part of this topic, but welcome back Elliott! I would like to see him get some more pass rushing opportunities this year. When he plays he makes plays. He needs more opportunities!

pooch's picture

Isn't he always hurt?

RCPackerFan's picture

Not really. He did get hurt this year, but that was after he wasn't getting much playing time on defense.

WKUPackFan's picture

If "always hurt" is a criteria to not sign a player there would be a lot of empty NFL rosters. "Injury prone" is a myth. NFL players incur injuries, period. Unless someone has some type of degenerative condition, no human being (including football players) is more or less injury prone than any other person.

dobber's picture

I would argue that recent research on concussions goes against that, and that chronic joint injuries can become degenerative and leave you susceptible to continued pain, but you're right: every injury requires some kind of incident or initiator...which can happen to anyone.

Point Packer's picture

Grabbing Revis is the kind of move the Pats make, and then go win a SB. It's not the kind of move GB makes, before it loses in the divisional or championship round. Take a page from a winning GM and grab some FA depth at CB for once, Ted.

croatpackfan's picture

Well, there is only one question. Who as CB?

WKUPackFan's picture

You don't grab a Revis for depth at CB. Do you really think Revis would accept sitting on the bench behind Rollins, Randall, and Gunter?

There is no magical FA signing that will propel any team from the divisional or championship round to the SB. There are, however, many FA signings that will drop a team from those rounds to missing the playoffs all together.

dobber's picture

If he couldn't outplay Randall, Rollins, and Gunter, I don't think he'd make it to the 53 in September.

WKUPackFan's picture

Hi Dobber! Honestly, I'd take Rollins, Randall, and Gunter over a 32 year old Revis. I'm probably in the minority with that opinion, but give me the younger guys who still have an opportunity to improve.

Sometimes I think some folks (not you) have unrealistic CB expectations. There's not a CB on the planet that can consistently cover a Julio, Jordy, Beckham, or AJ Green.

Ryan Graham's picture

Behind quarterback it's the hardest position in the game. Looking back at last year, gunter and randall in particular were inconsistent against the best. First time they matched up with Julio and Beckham Jr they were both held in check for the most part. By the time they had their second meetings I think they were beat up physically and just exhausted. OBJ didn't put up huge numbers, but a lot of blown coverages and dropped balls....for he and Shepherd. Julio demolished both of them. I trust Randall to bounce back and prepare for a full 16+ season, hopefully we get a better bye week, week 4 bye is just ridiculous for any team...

Finwiz's picture

Not a one of them is anywhere near close to Revis, even with diminished skills. Our DB's were awful. If GB stays with that group into 2017 season, their D will be as putrid as it was last year against ATL.

payalsharma's picture

I must say you had done a tremendous job,I appreciate all your efforts.Thanks alot for your writings......Waiting for a new 1...Please visit our wonderful and valuable website.......

Handsback's picture

I will add this....if Revis stays an island without a home for another month, TT would pull that trigger as a bargain. If he becomes 3/4 of the old player he used to be, it would be worth it.

Finwiz's picture

For the right price, you take a look. 31 with skills like he has, it doesn't disappear in a flash. The Jets are perennially bad. GB defense isn't much better, but with an improved pass rush, they could resurrect his career.
Everyone thought Woodson was done too.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Agreed 100%, but very few others think so.

Dzehren's picture

All charges dismissed in Darrelle Revis’ assault hearing source:

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Dose that mean we'll sign him?

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