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Cory's Corner: The Packers must diversify

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Cory's Corner: The Packers must diversify

We all know that diversification is the best way to invest. Don’t put too much in one area or sector just in case the economy suddenly flat lines.

The same can be said about the Packers. The mantra has always been draft and develop, which I don’t have a problem with on the surface. However, it starts to be a problem when the draft and develop philosophy becomes the only way the Packers are assembled.

The Falcons dismantled the Packers 44-21 in the NFC Championship Game in which Atlanta took its foot off the gas early in the fourth quarter. They could’ve easily made Packers coach Mike McCarthy chow down on a 50-burger and the reason is because this team has lacked depth the entire season.

“We just got to make sure we’re going all-in every year to win,” said a stone-faced Aaron Rodgers, who had a “quiet” day with 287 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. “We can take a big step this offseason.”

That was a shot at general manager Ted Thompson to fix it now.

The defense was exposed because of Ladarius Gunter. And I’m not blaming Gunter. He is an undrafted free agent that was expected to be the fourth cornerback — not the guy that would eventually be matched up against Dez Bryant and Julio Jones in back-to-back playoff weeks. Both receivers torched Gunter and the Packers to the tune of 18 catches for 312 yards and four touchdowns.

But it doesn’t stop with Gunter. Inside linebacker Jake Ryan came into his second season with plenty of question marks after starting five games as a rookie, but was exposed in coverage and tackling this year. Rookie Kenny Clark played 42 percent of the snaps on Sunday. I didn’t see anything that really stood out this year that says that Clark is going to be special next year.

Clay Matthews had the No. 1 salary cap hit for outside linebackers in the NFL this year. His $13.7 million was more than Justin Houston ($13.1), Bruce Irvin ($12.5) and Von Miller ($11.5). It didn’t help the Packers that Julius Peppers was No. 5 at $10.5 million. Matthews has been hamstrung with injuries this year, but his hair isn’t on fire anymore. He isn’t the same player on the outside and it’s time for him to move permanently inside because the middle of the field 5-10 yards from the line of scrimmage has been this team’s biggest weakness.

The Packers have no impact players on defense. Mike Daniels has been a beast this year, but gets swallowed by double teams and nobody else takes advantage of it.

The last free agent defensive moves that Thompson made were Julius Peppers and Letroy Guion. Peppers came here as a 34-year-old sackmaster hoping to win a championship. Guion was a virtual unknown before he came to Green Bay in 2014, which is probably why Thompson loved the cheap price tag.

Thompson’s 2005 and 2009 drafts were very good when he got Rodgers, B.J. Raji, Matthews and T.J. Lang. Other than that, it’s been a lot of misses with first rounders Justin Harrell and Derek Sherrod no longer in the league.

It’s time to change the philosophy and use free agency as a tool. That’s how New England has been able to be so dominant for so long — they make sure to complement Tom Brady. Last year, inside linebacker Danny Trevathan was surprised that the Packers didn’t inquire about him before signing with the Bears. Janoris Jenkins and Olivier Vernon are why the Giants added five wins from 2015.

It’s time to add some pieces around Rodgers. He may have had the best run a quarterback has ever had, but none of it matters because it didn’t end in a championship. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Nick Perry's picture

One of our commenters here brought up MM had to "Go Public" last season when he mentioned needing a "Big TE, one who can run down the seam and stretch the field", an obvious plea to Thompson PUBLICALLY because I'm sure he asked privately and was probably looked at with the wide open mouth and blank stare.

Now his Franchise, the "Best thrower of a football in NFL History" has gone public. Rodgers saying things like"We need to go all in" or "I'm still pretty young and feel pretty good" isn't a request for Ted to be the first to sign the best remaining UDFA. I doubt it's a request for Ted to ONLY sign a player who's cut and doesn't cost him a pick. It's very clear to the point statement/plea to his GM. Go get me some help, period end of story!

Go look at the Transactions in a season made by the Patriots for example, it's unbelievable the number of moves they make in a season. They try everything, everyday, all the time to improve the club. If the Packers even tried to do half of what they do I bet we'd be in the SB year after year too.

Ted is Old School and he believes in his draft and develop approach. But it's impossible to keep up with the other teams in the NFL when all 31 others are doing EVERYTHING and you're only doing 1/3 of everything.

Bojan Glisic's picture

Nonsense. Nothing out of the ordinary. Browns made even more transactions and look how that helped them.

carusotrap's picture

So, you're proposing more of the same? I'd call THAT nonsense.

Bojan Glisic's picture

I'm not proposing anything because there is no magic formula. Patriots are not successful because they have formula, there is no formula that's gonna help you find HOF QB in sixth round, they are successful because they have good coaching staff and good players.

All I care is TT find some good players, I don't care how he does that. If there is good and affordable player on FA I'm all for it. But, do not go for overpriced FA just because you "must diversify".

Patric Moncada's picture

Sorry but the Patriots are successful because they DO have a formula. A defense that in the playoffs averages 19 points scored on them throughout Brady's entire career, as opposed to the Packers giving up 26 throughout Aaron Rodgers.

They have a defense that, in Tom Brady's LOSSES have given up 26... in Rodgers losses? We have given up 36.

How do the Patriots maintain Brady's success? Give him a solid team. TEAM. And a solid if not above average defense. That is the formula.

Want to know how to Packers can do it? Invest more into scouting Free Agents, you KNOW Ted Thompson does not invest in that area -or- he doesn't listen to his scouts... I pick the later. But if he says scouts don't give him enough, then you need to fire some and hire some that will have a better focus on Potential Free Agents.

Patriots get free agents to solidify their team and specifically defense. They do. Period. Then let Brady and Co. do the rest.

-JUST THIS PAST YEAR ALONE- the Patriots signed , DE CHRIS LONG, AND LB SHEA MCCLELLIN who were KNOWN to be able to contribute special teams and provide depth. Shea especially, being on Chicago before that, had shown multiple times the ability to provide depth and rotation at the very minimum, Inside -and- outside.

Chris Long, like Jared Cook, would have had that extra motivation /energy you saw from Cook to be in the Playoffs after being with such a poor team beforehand.

On top of all this? They went and gave a chance to some veteran/young help Ted Thompson style but, even then, signed MORE of them to scout them in their system, in their practices, in their controlled environment.

This is just this past year. This past year they signed 7 defensive players BEFORE THE DRAFT EVEN STARTED. 13 players total.

Packers? One name. Lerentee McCray... who they then traded to the Bills before the season started for, you guessed it, a 2018 draft pick. Not even this year, 2018.

Anyone who cannot see there is a basic formula is as blind and ignorant as Ted Thompson

4thand1's picture

Saying all 31 teams are doing everything is a real big stretch. in fact it's bs. But it is time for the Packers to do something different. On the other hand, Atlanta has a lot of young guys playing that they drafted. We do too, they're playing, just not producing.

RCPackerFan's picture

The part I really don't get with Thompson is that when he has went into free agency or brought in players from outside of Green Bay, it has worked. So why does he simply ignore it most of the time?

The draft and develop is still the best way to build a team. That being said it doesn't mean that free agency should be ignored. If you have the means to add a player that can come in and improve the team, then do it.

No matter who the GM is, I hope if there is a player in Free Agency that can come in and improve the team, they go out and get that player.

The players I would like to see them bring back are Cook, Lacy, Lang, Tretter, and if the price is right Perry and Hyde.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

They sort off are forced to bring back Perry. Who else are they going to get? Edge players are a huge premium.

Nick Perry's picture

"Who else are they going to get?" Excellent point, especially since Perry would be a fit if the Packers were to change DC's. He could play in a 3-4 or 4-3 just as easy, might even be a better DE in a 4-3. Personally think if the Packers were to switch to a 4-3 defense they might be better off. Sign Perry, keep Jones as a DE on a 1 year prove it deal, and you have Lowrey, Clark, Guion and Daniels to work with as well on the DL.

If Perry gets away the Packers have next to nothing at OLB. Actually the Packers have exactly 4 linebackers under contract for 2017 inside AND outside. Pretty hard to play a 3-4 with 4 linebackers on the roster. Talk about needing to address a position and we haven't even addressed CB. Are you really going to HOPE Randall and Rollins do a Adams and make a complete turnaround?

I've brought up more than once after the Packers lost the 2014 NFCCG in Seattle the window to win a SB was in 2015 & 2016. This next offseason (2017) will be one of the toughest for the Packers to put a championship roster together.

No matter who's the DC or GM they've got $35,541,112.00 in cap space to work with. If Shields retires they gain another $9 million and if the renegotiate Matthews that should free up some more.

slit's picture

Draft & develop only works if you hit on a good amount of your picks. Lets focus on the DEF, since they just got embarrassed. Clark, Lowry, Fackrell, Martinez, Randall, Rollins, Ryan, Datone Jones, Nick Perry. That's our last 2 drafts, & 4 out of our last 5 first round picks. That's a whole lot of JAGS on this DEF. Add in an aging, overpaid Matthews (why does Thompson consistently overpay his LBs? ie Hawk, Brad Jones) & Peppers. What exactly do we have on DEF? I'm not even factoring in scrubs like Thornton & Bradford, who were drafted in the mid rounds. Daniels is already a star, & HaHa is very good. That's it. And please save the Shields arguments. Atlanta was down their #1 CB for half the year, and they looked just fine against our offense on Sunday.

croatpackfan's picture

Atlanta lost 5 games in that span, not in the row, but nevertheless. And they played different teams than Packers... Same with Patriots. They have so weak division that they can count already next season division title. They can focus on bigger thing.

Tundraboy's picture

Our division has been very weak over the years.

croatpackfan's picture

Sure, very weak! Last 3 seasons NFC North gave 2 play off teams in each of the season. AFC East gave only Patriots for a million years now! Sure, NFC North is weak....

Donster's picture

Draft and Develop is just fine, as long as you have good, experienced players ahead of the youngster coming in to learn from. So barring injury, he can sit back, learn, practice, be coached, learn the speed of the game. But when you have average players starting, then have to throw in a UDFA or player drafted in the late rounds that nobody else wanted in the first place, you are in big trouble. That has been the way with TT for a long time.

It drives me nuts that for years he can see what the Patriots do, and make changes throughout the season with personnel, yet he is so stubborn to change and has to do it his way. He fails to adapt to the changing game. He has even publicly said how he hates to cut players. I believe that is why he hangs on to the players he has drafted for to long. Especially the players that never lived up to expectations.

Yes, risk is involved in bringing in a FA. But you have risk with every draft pick you take too. To get this teams defense on track it is going to take a good draft, a few FA's for this coming season, and trading and releasing a few of the current players on the roster or just not resigning them if their contracts are over. If TT doesn't use FA as usual, and sticks with what he has currently, next season will just be a repeat of this season, injuries or no injuries.

I'd still prefer new blood in the GM's seat and DC. I'm not a MM fan, but for the work he did down the stretch, I feel he earned his job security. But he also needs to do the job he did all damn season.

New England, a team I can't stomach, though I respect. An assistant coach leaves for a HC job somewhere, Belichick plugs in someone and they do their job. And do it well. A player they draft that doesn't play well, they don't mess around, he's cut. They grab players from everywhere, and make them fit into their system. If they can't do it, they don't mess around, they cut him and grab another. They take an older star from another team, and they squeeze more out of the player to help them. And they don't spend a ton of money to do this either. TT has needed to at least try to mimic this. But he is just to set in his ways.

Go Pack!

RCPackerFan's picture

'Draft and Develop is just fine, as long as you have good, experienced players ahead of the youngster coming in to learn from.'

This is exactly why it would have been a great move for Thompson last year if he would have went out and signed Danny Travathan for example. He could have came in been a 3 down ILB, and that would have allowed Martinez to develop. Also it would have allowed Ryan and Thomas to play more in the roles in which they were capable of playing.

It would be nice if the rookies didn't have to always play right away. If they could be developed and allowed to play when they were ready. Look at Clark for example. He was behind 2 veterans. He had limited playing time most of the year, but worked in on a rotation and at the end of the year he was playing his best football.

rdent's picture

And Travathan wanted to play for GB

RCPackerFan's picture

That is one thing that does bother me with Thompson. They didn't even reach out to Travathan.
He said he would have came to Green Bay. Maybe he would have given them a good deal to sign with them. We will never know since the Packers never reached out to him.

dobber's picture

I think Travathan would say that he'd play just about anywhere, but in the end he went back to Fox who he knew very well from Denver. Where'd he land this season, BTW?

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

We can't keep everyone we want and still add pieces--some commenters here fail to understand that.

We can't keep Tretter AND Lang, without hemorraging elsewhere. Pick one like a rational adult. I pick Tretter.

Perry is our 2nd best defensive player. Re-signing him must be priority #1, and it won't come cheap.

Matthews must move inside for one last season and then be cut--or be cut outright.

Hyde started making big plays down the stretch, but we're loaded at safety with 2 elite starters and terrific young depth. WE CAN'T KEEP EVERYONE WE LIKE, FOLKS. SHOW SOME MATURITY. Hyde has to go.

Cook is critical, and our running game was scattershot without Lacy. If Eddie keeps working on conditioning, he's the only early down stud we've had in years. I'd target keeping Cook and Lacy.

Guess what? That's virtually all our cap space right there. It's called the real world, people--not some happy land of keeping and getting everything we want.

slit's picture

We're already 10mil under the cap, and Peppers, Perry, Lang, Sitton add another 25mil. You think Perry, Tretter, Cook and Lacy take up that entire amount? You're way off. Also, if you think Burnett is an 'elite' safety, you're the only one, bud. Not even close.

slit's picture

You can add Shields 10mil to that salary cap as well...

Nick Perry's picture

If Shields retires and I think that's a given the Packers will have $44 million in Cap Space. I don't know if keeping Tretter will be that easy. Some team will likely offer him pretty decent money to start as their Center.

If they keep Cook on a 2 year deal with a 3rd as an option, sign Perry and Tretter to 4 year deals, and sign Lacy to a one year prove it deal, you've already took a pretty big chunk of the Cap. That is assuming Tretter even wants to stay as a Guard, Perry doesn't get a huge offer from another team like Oakland for example. If that were to happen you haven't even addressed CB or LB depth. Right now as we sit the Packers have a total of 4 LB'ers under contract for 2017, OLB and ILB...4!

dobber's picture

The Tretter/Lang question is a catch-22. Tretter has never been able to stay healthy. How much of his limited career has he been available? Not much. He's not an expensive re-sign, but you better have someone decent waiting in the wings...and we don't really know if he can be effective long-term at guard where he's played only very limited snaps (because he's played only limited game snaps period). Many have speculated that he's just not strong enough to play there and that his best position is C.

Then there's Lang, staring at the wrong side of 30 with a hip that needs to be fixed and a shoulder that's already been fixed. The guy's a warrior, and adds toughness and power to the line, but is he worth what it's going to take to re-sign him?...and what's he going to be two and three years down the road?

Maybe the answer to the question at RG is super-secret answer C...

croatpackfan's picture

I would resign both, TJ Lang for something more than JC. I'm happy with Corey at center...

slit's picture

How did draft & develop work in filling those gaping holes at S & TE, after Collins & Finley both were lost due to injuries? It took 4 years to get HaHa (anybody remember the Jerron McMillian experience) & 5 stubborn years to finally get his feet wet & sign Cook as a FA (Richard Rodgers was never the answer). Wake up, people. #12 makes this team look a WHOLE lot better than what it is.

mnklitzke's picture

Couldn't agree more. Rodgers is the true MVP as if you switched him and Matt Ryan Falcons don't loose a game and Packers finish 7-9 or worse... Please please Murphy make the decision and fire TT.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

' “We can take a big step this offseason.”

That was a shot at general manager Ted Thompson to fix it now.'

I hope it was also a message about his self. while Matt Ryan was hold a throwing camp with his WRs on his own dime, Aaron was complaining about the preseason and making TV commercials.

croatpackfan's picture

Well, pure truth...

Lphill's picture

New England seems to know what they are doing , how long are we supposed to wait to see a bunch of undrated free agents become stars? Goodbye TT .

dobber's picture

New England has their share of UDFAs playing and being "stars". Seattle, too. UDFAs are a key piece in roster management throughout the league. Is the question one of using UDFAs or finding the RIGHT UDFAs?

DrMixerGED's picture

I'm not one to advocate giving up on players after a poor performance or even a down year, but Damarious Randall has been getting progressively worse every week. Yes, I know he's been injured but still.

Hear me out:

Not only does he play a mile off the LOS, he doesn't come close to the WR he's "defending".
He can't tackle, never presses and flat out looks like he doesn't want to be out there. And therein lies my biggest beef with him. His effort , more a lack thereof, is pathetic. After every play he gets burned, he throws up his hands like what just happened. Almost as if he's implying it was someone else's assignment. Gunter for example was awful, but he damn sure gave it his all out there. You could see he was giving 110%. Randall, not at all.

Obviously they won't cut him being a first round pick, but they need to do something to get his confidence back and adjust his attitude issues.

Spud Rapids's picture

"Gunter for example was awful, but he damn sure gave it his all out there. You could see he was giving 110%. Randall, not at all."

You are not qualified to make this assessment... you have no idea how injured Randall was and maybe your forgot he had groin surgery mid-season. We don't know on any of those plays if he was indeed supposed to have safety help. I still for the life of me don't know how HaHa made the pro bowl after watching a guys like Jalen and Landon Collins who actually make impact plays. (BTW apparently if your name is Collins you are awesome at safety)

I think it's unfair to assess his play because in a normal year when the secondary is not so decimated by injury he probably rests and gets healthy before coming back.

Handsback's picture

I hate to state the obvious, but I thought TT did the right thing in handling the DBs until injuries wiped out their effectiveness. No amount of CAP adjustment matters when you lose your #1 and #s 2-3 are hurt more than half the season. So unless you have the best crystal ball in the have to take a pragmatic approach to building the roster.
As mentioned previously above, signing Perry has now become a must. None of Green Bay's OLB/DE have shown the ability to make plays in the pass rush. Yes Matthews and Peppers are always bringing it, but both have been very limited this year.
We can discuss how NE does it or the Falcons do it, but who have they lost to injuries?
I hope TT can find some 2nd tier guys to add depth to the defense, but he has to find players in the draft that can compete and be effective. If not, this team will have issue with matching against the best teams.

BTW, listening to the NFL channel on the radio yesterday and the ex-GM of the Colts and Buffalo, Bill Polien (SP?) said "Don Capers is one of the best DC in the league. What he was able to do with 2nd and 3rd tier guys was amazing." He thought Randell and Rollins were both very good players, but their injuries kept them from playing up to their capabilities.

Not my opinion, but one of a HOF GM. In truth, he also likeed the OLB that the Packers cut and Indy picked up. Can't remember his name but don't think he's been the player the Colts were hoping he would become.

al bundy's picture

Injuries? Gunter runs a 4.7 un injured. Why a Gunter and not a free agent with speed, size and experience. I know for the bucks which one I would choose and it wouldnt have been Rollins, Gunter or Randle. None of them have skills, speed or size to play the position period so healh has nothing to do with it.
This pass D was lit up all year. Only Rogers saved them from being an 8-8 team and out of the play offs. NOt to mention all the injuries these guys had last year too. Same story different year.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Rollins and Randle have speed. what they don't have is health.

dobber's picture

Tell me where they planted the big, fast, FA CB with cover skills tree, and I'll send a personal memorandum to TT that he should take a basket and pick a bunch.

Spud Rapids's picture

Exactly... he acts as if TT automatically can sign these guys just because we need them. What I want to know is how many times TT goes into negotiations and the price tag is already beyond the market value of the FA.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Tell me where they planted the big, fast, FA CB with cover skills tree"

Tell me and I'll become an agent.

carusotrap's picture

"I hope TT can find some 2nd tier guys to add depth to the defense"

Ted's problem is that's the only kind of defensive player he ever does find, 2nd tier, or 3rd. And then, they have to start. If he'd look somewhere other than the check out line at Home Depot, maybe we'd have somebody who's not just waiting for a call after the draft.

Curt's picture

Erik Walden - reminds me of Joe Thomas - has some good games, when competition is average - just cant cut the grade against the upper tier.

DrMixerGED's picture


I don't believe you're any more qualified to assess my assessment than I am to make it.

If you read my entire statement, you will see that my problem with Randall was not his play, but his effort. It is a fact that he threw up his hands many times this season after getting burnt. Now what I took away from that is my opinion, but one that several other Packers fans noticed as well. In my opinion, Randall just didn't seem to play with any heart. I could very well be wrong, but this comment along with others here is just an opinion.

The TKstinator's picture

Erik Walden?

al bundy's picture

I see a MM being a big problem going forward. When you read from corners or other teams joking about how they know the routes our receivers will run before the play starts and that they have not changed a thing in years so their easier to cover. and Mike spewing how he likes to keep things simple.
That means he wants the same people back, doesnt want new people, and I think fights free agents. guys who were coached up by other coaches in not what makes Mike comfortable. Hell the whole problem may stem more with him than Ted?
I expect little change with Ted bringing backs guys because Mike has them coached up. Hopefully I'm dead wrong but if so, next year looks glum already. Maybe another lost year in Rogers career?

dobber's picture

"When you read from corners or other teams joking about how they know the routes our receivers will run before the play starts and that they have not changed a thing in years so their easier to cover. "

And yet, MM adjusted after issues early and coached this team to 27 points per game despite having essentially no run game, so what's your point?

zoellner25's picture

Agreed. that may have been true last year, but not this year. MM mixed in a lot of new wrinkles, esp during the winning streak. 400 yds per game and 30+ points per game not proof enough?

dobber's picture

Arguably MMs best coaching job this season.

Spud Rapids's picture

Welcome Cow 2.0 with the unsubstantiated negativity. We've seen probably the most creative offense from McCarthy this year and this year and this is your comment?

stockholder's picture

Agree TT needs to go. MM and A-rod did the best ever patch -up job I've ever seen. Really, who thought Monty would ever have been the RB. Adams finally showed after 3 years he can be a WR. But my feeling is; if Nelson goes down, that the offense just won't win. I know the secondary needs fixing. But I still think that this team needs to build the defense through Free Agency. And Reload the offense through the draft. How do you justify letting Sitton go and watch the line fall apart against the Falcons? Yes Taylor played well. But he didn't make the pro Bowl. Sitton Did! Mc Cann surely would have helped during the year. I believe that MMs coaching staff is about favoring TTs draft picks. I hope Capers and Moss get fired. Start there first.

GVPacker's picture

Justin Harrell, oh you touched a nerve when you brought him up! An epic blunder by Ted.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

It's one thing to whiff on a pick. It's another thing to be the last person on the planet to admit it.

carusotrap's picture

Yes. Yes. Yes. Even if Ted hears all this, he fundamentally does not accept free agency as a legitimate way to build a team. Maybe, but every other team at least plays with a full deck. Ted consciously limits his options.

dobber's picture

The bottom line is that there are too many needs and holes on this team to fix solely through the draft. Past history is past history. Can't fix or change that. I've never been overly critical of the draft-heavy approach to managing the roster because it's a long-term process that's intended to preserve the health and competitiveness of the team over the longer haul.

I see where adding an FA or two could have potentially made a difference, but I'm not a professional player evaluator and I don't manage the cap. I feel that those kinds of moves need to be carefully planned and we as fans don't necessarily have all the pieces to see how they fit together.

In retrospect, where did the Packers need that help most? In the secondary -- which many of us felt was the deepest position group on the roster going into the season -- edge rusher where they had significant investments and returning proven players, and RB.

We complained significantly about ILB and TE...well, in the end, was ILB the undoing of this team? No. TT signed a TE and he turned out to be pretty good. The Packers rode with what they had at RB with a more focused (note that I didn't say anything about thinner) Lacy but a mid-season injury to Lacy (and an injury and ineffective play from Starks -- who was actually good in limited work last year) killed that position and only later did they find "fixes".

What it comes down to is, at the time, we who advocate so strongly for FA signings would likely NOT have signed players in the off-season at the positions that turned out to be the biggest problems. We would have had to have been Nostro-frickin-damus to have averted this problem through 2016 free agency.

I'm also not a fan of the inmates trying to run the asylum. Players airing out dirty laundry in the media is rarely a good or productive thing. I understand that #12 is seeing his time in the league drawing short and that he's gotten close to a second SB trip, but hasn't been able to turn the corner. His comments could be viewed as a more emotional response after the loss, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him publicly backtrack in the future.

The Packers should net a reasonable return on Casey Hayward as a comp pick (which they can now trade to adjust draft position). Scott Tolzien and John Kuhn should return little. I'm starting to think a draft that mirrors 2009 might be in order: target 2-3 players that are good fits at key positions and likely to contribute early, and go get them.

croatpackfan's picture

I agree with you. Have similar logic. Problem with excellent FA is that they demand a lot of money and they will play good, but what if they pick up season ending injury? You spent your money, yet you do not have that player you pay for it...
It is not simple. And that's why few experts are there at GM position. But, when you read posts here, I'm sure if Packers will search for new GM, they can easily find one amongs several fans...

carusotrap's picture

Sorry, but #12 gets to say anything he wants. He's earned it, not to mention he may be the smartest person in the organization.

zoellner25's picture

As long as Ted is the GM, this won't change. we can look forward to this exact same discussion next Jan

Rossonero's picture

We lack depth in the secondary only.

To make it to the NFC championship game with as many injuries as we had, you need depth. So to say we have no depth is an exaggeration.

Drafting Montgomery turned out to be an excellent move with his versatility. He saved us at the RB position. Lane Taylor stepped in and did real well. Geronimo Allison came out of nowhere and played well too. Those are examples of depth we have.

Look, I know the secondary is bad. But I'm getting tired of hearing how we have NO depth and the only reason we went to the NFC championship game is all because of Aaron Rodgers. Football is the ultimate team sport.

Austin Dayton's picture

3 ILB on the active roster. That's depth? A wr having to convert to rb? We all knew starks was shot and lacy was a liability. Those two guys should have never been our week 1 combination at rb

Rossonero's picture

I agree about the ILBs, but Clay can play ILB too. The Packers knew Montgomery had that versatility. Losing Starks and Don Jackson was just bad luck, but I must agree that we should've drafted an RB last year. I wanted Starks gone and was surprised I they brought him back.

I also disagree with the assessment on Lacy. He was averaging 5.1 yards per carry until he got injured. As long as he stays in shape, he's worth a 1 year prove it deal, unless you want to see him in an opponent's colors bulldozing our defenders?

Curt's picture

And the secondary is "bad" only because GB can't get any pressure on QB's. If given time, the deck is stacked against the defense and even Kirk Cousins can be a superstar, let alone Matt Ryan.

Rossonero's picture

We were ranked 6th in the NFL with 40 sacks. That's not accurate or fair to say we don't generate pressure on QBs.

rdent's picture

Draft and develop had worked well for TT in the past but with the current CBA restricting the number of padded practices and time spent on players in the offseason hinders a young players development making talented FA's as valuable as ever,TT has ignored that and continues to go with a philosophy that the game has passed by, NOTHING will change until Ted calls it quits.

RCPackerFan's picture

You bring up a really good point.

The CBA rules of restricting practice time. That hurts the young players and takes longer for them to develop.

Also to add to that, Capers defense is a more sophisticated defense. It takes a long time to master it.

The combination of Thompson, Capers and the CBA really haven't meshed well.

Since '61's picture

The defense needs pass rushers and CBs. We should go to FA to sign one at each position and supplement via the draft. Shields and Peppers retiring will free up cap space. Since we won 8 consecutive games without Lacy I would not re-sign him either. We can draft a fresh RB who stays in shape and back him up with Monty and Michael. Keep Tretter and Lang as long as their price is reasonable. Chuck Barclay and go with Spriggs and Murphy as backups and maybe add a draft pick or UDFA for OL depth. We need more ILB depth as well. Ryan and Martinez are fine but we need more than Joe Thomas behind them. We should chuck Datone Jones as well. If TT spent money on the defense like the NYG we'd be playing in the SB in 2 weeks. As A. Rodgers correctly stated it's time to go all in. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

4zone's picture

Sorry, I must disagree. We haven't lacked depth, we've lacked STARTERS. We have a roster full of depth.

Since '61's picture

4zone - excellent point about the defense! Thanks, Since '61

Handsback's picture

I wouldn't be too anxious to sign Tretter. His injury history is very disconcerting and you don't need another player that has a history of not being available. Lang, different story, he's really a good building block for the offense.
It wouldn't surprise me if the ILB from AL becomes TT's 1st round pick. The Pack needs a game changer at MLB and they have a bunch of solid guys, but not enough talent that can change the course of a game.
If Bill Polian is correct, Rollins and Randall will be much better next year when they are 100%. I love what Brice did in limited playing time and teamed with Burnett and HHCD could provide a better pass defense.
Another RB (if Lacy doesn't have the capability to stay healthy)and TE would round out the offense. The biggest problem is covering the receivers and putting pressure on the passer. I can see Green Bay doing better on the coverage situation, but where will the pressure come from?

4zone's picture

How much are you willing to gamble that either Randall or Rollins all of a sudden show up and perform like competent nickle and dimers, let alone starters? Right now Randall can hardly make a play on ST without committing a penalty...

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