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Cory's Corner: Stop the Adrian Peterson chatter

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Cory's Corner: Stop the Adrian Peterson chatter

Can we please stop talking about Adrian Peterson?

Can we please stop with the incessant teasing of what if Peterson was in this backfield or that backfield?

Just stop.

When it comes to history, Peterson is one of the best running backs in the league. He’s 16th in all-time rushing, only 327 yards from tying Bills’ Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas. Peterson has been electric and has had the burden of carrying a poor Minnesota team that has only been to the playoffs four times in his 10 seasons. The Vikings have leaned on him so much that in 2010 he scored 28 percent of the team’s points. That’s a big number for a running back and he consistently has been the Vikings highest scoring position player until 2013.

But this isn’t the same league when he entered it as a rookie in 2007. The passing game isn’t just commonplace, it’s a blueprint for success. And Peterson has been a futile pass blocker in his career and it’s highly unlikely he’s about to figure it out anytime soon.

Then there are the injuries. The 32-year-old has had three knee injuries in his pro career and three ankle injuries dating back to 2005. He has played only one 16-game season since 2012.

On the surface, Peterson has the look of Tony Romo. Both guys are veterans that have had plenty of health issues. However, Romo is still relevant in today’s game, while Peterson is a dinosaur.

And it doesn’t help that Peterson is feeding the old-school narrative by thinking that he can still get 15-18 carries a game. Those days are gone. When he came back from his torn meniscus injury in December, he looked more than a step slow and tentative to contact.

If Peterson wants to remain in the NFL, he must make the transition from a prime player to a niche player. He has no value on third down and teams aren’t going to have sell-out on defense to stop a guy that has lost a step.

Peterson has been a solid player in this league, but if any team thinks they are getting the guy that ran circles around defenses eight years ago, they are sorely mistaken. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Nick Perry's picture

Can he catch? Can he block? Does he run well from the shotgun? Does he fumble?

If you answered NO, NO, NO, YES, then why in the hell would the Packers or anyone who supports the Packers want him?

There's also the issue of whipping his 4 year old son in the "Privates" with a tree branch. Hell Joe Mixon is almost a "Choir Boy" compared to this monster. While no man should put hands on a woman, it's easier to at least wrap your head around (Not condone) what Mixon did, at least if you look at the role Amelia Molitor had in the incident.

Not sold? Google the pictures of the marks left on Peterson's 4 year old sons testicles and body, you may change your mind. What Peterson did is/was just as horrible as what Ray Rice did, IMO more so but that's just my opinion because the kid WAS 4 YEARS OLD!!!

jeremyjjbrown's picture

What Peterson did is a lot worse. Even though they are not responsible for what happened the women in the Mixon and Rice cases are adults and could have walked away from a confrontation. Peterson's kid had no choice to go there, knowing his father who was supposed to love him was going to beat him with a switch. It's just a whole other level of disgusting.

Nick Perry's picture

When you SEE the pictures of his OWN 4 year old boy, it puts a whole other spin on what Peterson did. I turned my head right away when I saw the pictures not believing what I was seeing.

This whole calling it a "Switch" is another thing that bothers me. It's a F'ING tree branch. How that kid isn't damaged moving forward in life is beyond me.

RCPackerFan's picture

What makes it even worse is that Peterson didn't think he did anything wrong..

MarkinMadison's picture

What makes it worse is that McCarthy called him a "class act." Unfortunately, that will be burned in my memory forever.

RCPackerFan's picture

Which maybe professionally he is...

Nick Perry's picture

I have a feeling McCarthy knew he stuck his foot in his mouth the moment he completed that sentence. I'm sure moments after people close to McCarthy were saying "WTF Mike"???? NOT one of McCarthy's better moments for sure.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I certainly hope so...

jeremyjjbrown's picture

He doesn't have to feed us a bunch of BS about him being high character either. He could just say AP was a good football player and move on.

Nick Perry's picture

So he comes out and calls him a "Class Act"? He could have said several other things which would describe his play and come out smelling like a rose. Instead McCarthy used a phrase that would normally describe one's "Character". It was a poor choice of words period.

Nick Perry's picture

Normally never, but we were discussing one particular comment and nothing else. Call it whatever you want, twist it anyway you want to justify it, but at the end of the day is was just a plain ole simple poor choice of words.

If the Packers were suddenly looking at Greg Hardy and MM addressed the media calling him a "class act" would that be "coach speak" too. Coach speak, that's funny..Period!!

carusotrap's picture

Truth. Thank you, Cory.

And if all of it is true, which it is, it's all true a hundred times over for the Packers WHO ARE NOT SIGNING ADRIAN PETERSON. Just stop. It is more likely a 47 year old Brett Favre signs with the Toronto Argonauts than it is AP plays for the Packers.

And if you are one of the crazy people who think AP would somehow be good as a Packer, consider that last season Ty Davis muffed one punt and spent the rest of the season on the bench. You really think that GB is going to sign and then tolerate a $5 mil RB who will miss pretty much every block and drop every pass thrown his way.

Stop moving your mouths and making sounds. Let's move on to what we know is the real issue here: our long snapper controversy.

croatpackfan's picture


Is there even possibility AP to sign with Packers?

Thanks Cory!
We do not need child molester...

Since '61's picture

Thank you Cory. I think I made my feelings about AP pretty clear in my posts from the last 2 articles on AP.
He's done as a player and even less as a man. He's a criminal, a child abuser, period, case closed. If there was any integrity left in the league no one would even consider signing him. We don't need him or want him. As for Romo he has announced his retirement from the NFL. Thanks, Since '61

MarkinMadison's picture

I don't think any team is overvaluing AP at this point. Someone will give him a contract when he adjusts to reality. No one should, but someone will. He is more done than Tony Romo (who is no doubt coming to a broadcasting booth near you), he just doesn't know it yet. Hope you saved a few nickels AP.

marpag1's picture

Who are all these people supposedly clamoring for Adrian Peterson? Personally, I do not know a single person in my circle of "Packer friends" who likes the idea, or even takes it as a serious possibility. And the overwhelming majority of posters on this site are either flatly opposed to signing him, or are at best very ambivalent about bringing him in, even at a far lower price than he is asking.

dobber's picture

"Stop the Adrian Peterson Chatter"


mrtundra's picture

All the reasons have been made, over and over again, on why we don't want AP in Green and Gold. Trust me, they are all good reasons. NO AP IN GB!

egbertsouse's picture

If I were an NFL safety I would take a $25000 fine to spea r him in the nuts so he could get a little taste of his own medicine.

mjbrogno's picture

Totally agree enough already about this situation

Point Packer's picture

I'd abandon cheering for the Pack for the duaration of Petersons time in GB if he was signed. He's a piece of shit. Be happy if he never plays another snap, unless the result ends his career. Shouldn't even be in the NFL.

sheppercheeser's picture

So...... is that a yes or no on AD?

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