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Cory's Corner: Aaron Rodgers is failing at taking chances

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Cory's Corner: Aaron Rodgers is failing at taking chances

There’s no argument that Aaron Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the game. His throwing, running and perceptive qualities are off the charts.

However, Sunday night’s 29-10 loss to Denver was Rodgers’ fault. He had his worst game of his eight-year starting career.

But it wasn’t just bad. It was biblically dreadful. Rodgers was just 14-for-22 with 77 yards. The average distance the Packers faced on third down was 10 yards and accordingly, they were just 2 of 8.

The Broncos opted to rough up the Packers’ wide receivers at the line of scrimmage. That did throw a wrench in the rhythm of some routes, but receivers were still getting open. Davante Adams, who was making his first appearance since Week 3, was open a few times over the middle but the trust factor with Rodgers hasn’t reached Facebook friend level yet.

And it’s been talked about before, but Rodgers has to stop trying to be too perfect. He has been known to thread the needle to guys like Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and James Jones. But in order for him to sacrifice a potential interception on a young receiver is sometimes too much for him to swallow.

But Rodgers’ pride is the last thing that should be defending the Packers right now. This team has its No. 1 wideout lost for the entire season and Randall Cobb, Jones and Adams aren’t completely healthy. This team is also in desperate need of a guy that can spread the defense and get deep.

The Packers have a guy on their roster that can do that. His name is Jeff Janis. Granted, his route running is still raw, but even teammates have said that he can assume the job.

Which means we’re waiting for Rodgers to feel comfortable. And the Packers are running out of time to wait. The Packers have been stung with an array of injuries this year but the sports axiom “Next man up” doesn’t exactly hold water.

Rodgers has to get over himself and realize that you cannot always be perfect. Just because a guy three yards downfield is open doesn’t mean that the play is a failure. It just means Rodgers gets another chance to make it better.

Obviously changing that mentality is nearly impossible. His obsessive compulsive desires are the reason that he treated the scout team like the Super Bowl each day at practice when he was a backup and why he’s a Super Bowl champ, Super Bowl MVP and two-time NFL MVP.

As odd as it sounds, Rodgers is the key to Green Bay’s defense. The mantra is for the Packers to get up early and then let Clay Matthews and Co. disrupt the quarterback and make life miserable for the opposing offense.

When Rodgers struggles, it trickles down to the rest of the team. The Broncos defense might be as nasty as last year’s Seattle defense, but Rodgers could’ve had a much better night.

But instead he chose the safe play.



Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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RCPackerFan's picture

I am happy to see an article ripping Rodgers a bit. I love Rodgers as much as any Packers fan. But the truth has been Rodgers has to step up his game. He has had guys open that he could have thrown to. He has had that the last few games. Whatever reason he isn't throwing to them.
Rodgers has to start throwing to the open WR and/or start throwing WR's open more. My favorite throw in the game was the one to Cobb in the 3rd Quarter where he had to dive for the ball. Those are more of the throws that I am used to seeing Rodgers make. He needs to do that more.

I am getting very tired of hearing about Rodgers and him trusting his WR's or not trusting certain WR's. I get it that in certain route combinations that their has to be trust in that they are going to do the right thing. But if trust is the issue then they are going to have to change the scheme because you can't not use talent especially when you need it.

I really think the offense needs to get back to more of the West coast basics. Short passing game and quicker throws. Rodgers is at his best when he gets the ball out fast. This holding onto the ball waiting for a big play needs to end.

Also this offense is at its best when it uses multiple personnel and packages. I would like to see them worry less about the hurry up and more about diversity in the offense. Show more packages and different players. Once they get the mismatches they like, then go into the hurry up.

Coaches need to do a better job of throwing more at the defense.

mnklitzke's picture

What about Rodgers missing the easy throws.. Where a easy pass would be completed but he tosses it a the feet of the receiver? He seems to be off this year.. Also what is with the deep ball all the time? Jordy isn't playing. You don't trust Janis. Stop with the bomb cause it isn't there...

RCPackerFan's picture

I think Sunday was Rodgers worst game as a Packer. He missed WR's a lot. If he hits Cobb and doesn't make him leap for that one, Cobb would have had a huge gain if not TD. He was off.

Yeah, they need to get back to the roots of the West coast offense. shorter, quicker throws and allow Receivers to get YAC.

Evan's picture

"...shorter, quicker throws and allow Receivers to get YAC."

I feel like they've been doing that a lot this season. It seems like the majority of completions are some sort of short, trick play since WRs aren't getting open on their own.

RCPackerFan's picture

yeah, it just feels different then what they have done in the past.

I really think the majority of the blame needs to come down to the coaches. They have to start finding ways to create more confusion and deception to get WR's open.

Run trip sets or stack WR's more to get WR's cleaner releases off the LOS.

Coaches need to do a better job in game planning IMO.

Dan Stodola's picture

What about WR running better routes and creating their own separation. You know, so Rodgers can throw to the open receiver, instead of having to throw them open?

Why do WR need gimmicks to get open? Isn't that their JOB?

RCPackerFan's picture

Isn't that how New England gets WR's open? Last night I saw Indianapolis doing that against the Panthers all night. Denver does that as well.

All these other teams put WR's in bunch formations and trips and stacked formations to allow them to get open.

Why can't Green Bay do that?

My point with Green Bay's WR's is right now they haven't been good enough to get open on their own all the time. They can at times, but not 100% of the time. Its just not happening this year like they have been able to in past years.

Now maybe as the players get healthier they might start doing it.

For me though the coaches need to find ways to get scheme them open more.
And I think they need to use more packages and personnel to throw different looks at the defense. To me that has always been a strength of the Packers offense is using a lot of different looks.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

They need to run the looks that are well known to work against the man coverages they are seeing. They need to do more motion, trips and stack formations. They need to attack the curl to flat, and they need to stretch the edge defenders so they can't tee off on the inside runs, pass rush the edges and just man cover outside.

They can't just keep lining up and failing to get off the line clean. It's really disconcerting to see them fail to make simple adjustments for quarter after quarter.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

Is it Mike not calling plays, some trust is not there we can see its just not there. So we have another year, lots of injuries and other teams now see how they can play against the Packers offense.

Dan Stodola's picture

Rodgers clearly had a terrible day and should take his share of blame for that performance. You pointed out that Rodgers had to throw a pass to Cobb that made him dive. And that is one example of Rodgers throwing a WR open. Few games ago, he threw a 40 yd pass down the sideline to Jones, who was perfectly covered. And threw it in the ONLY place he could give Jones a chance to catch it.

My take is that Rodgers throws receivers open and even to covered receivers all the time. He makes some miraculous throws that other QB's won't even attempt. He uses his amazing accuracy to make the WR job much easier. In short, he does most of the WR job for them. I think its high time the WR start getting open!

You say he doesn't throw to covered receivers, I say he throws to covered WR all the time. Unless you have the all 22 screen to watch the game its pretty difficult to say whether a receiver was open or not. Just cuz you may see a WR that looks open doesn't mean he is. Again gotta have the all 22 to know.

Like I said, had a poor game. He needs to play better, but Rodgers throws receivers open all the time. Hell I'll go so far as to say he throws to receivers that covered a lot. Usually making miraculous throws in the process.

When are the receivers going to start doing their jobs and getting open for Rodgers?

RCPackerFan's picture

And Rodgers has done a good job overall of trying to hit Receivers while covered. He has done that a number of times with James Jones this year.

All I was saying with that is I would like to see more plays like the one to Cobb. Let the receiver make a play.

Let me reiterate that I am a Rodgers fan and he can make some of the most insane throws. I just would like to see him pull the trigger a little more often then he does at times. I don't want him to be throwing Int's but I think he could probably throw more then he does.

For me most of the blame comes down on the Coaches and their game plan. And once their game plan wasn't working, they really didn't do anything to change it during the game (from what I could see).

The WR's have to start doing a better job of getting open for sure, but I don't think the play selections helped them any. The game plan to me was the biggest issue in this game. And what bothers me is while they were struggling to get open, why didn't the coaches do something about it to try and get them open? 1 series they tried Cobb in the back field, and it had some success, but they never went back to it.
I don't know where to find it but I would like to know out of all the plays in the game how many did they run 3 WR's, 1 TE, 1 RB. And what percentage of plays did they run something else?

I think the coaches need to do a better job game planning. But they especially need to do a better job of adjusting their game plan during the games.

Dan Stodola's picture

And why did Cobb have to dive? Becuz Rodgers threw to a spot only Cobb could catch it. Not to mention Cobb was completely covered. Personally i like when receivers do their job and get open so Rodgers can hit them so they can run after the catch.

Tired of receiver excuses and blaming others, when receivers aren't doing their job of getting open.

computer's picture

A few weeks ago, ProFootballFocus gave Rodgers that below-average grade in the Chiefs game where he threw 5 TDs. PFF argued they were all easy throws, so not really an amazing QB performance.

I think it got to him. Since then, he's been playing like someone's gotten in his head, so now he's looking for the legendary pass every time he gets the ball, like he needs to prove PFF wrong.

It didn't cost him a game until this Sunday, but hopefully that snapped him out of it.

Evan's picture

There's some worthless pop psychology for us all.

computer's picture

Nice insight smartypants. Did you just notice that we're swimming in it? This thread, this article, most of this site?

"Aaron Rodgers is failing at taking chances"
"some trust is not there we can see its just not there"
"Rodgers has to stop trying to be too perfect"
"The mantra..."
"Rodgers is all about winning"

It's dissecting some professional athletes' split-second decisions under pressure. There wouldn't be much left to talk about if psychological spitballing was banned.

Dan Stodola's picture

You're not actually taking this article seriously are you? Talk about a big mistake!

computer's picture

Yeah that was my point. Just felt a little unfair to be the one guy to get called out on it. Felt like I was at work or something.

Packer_Pete's picture

Something seems off. I have said that before and say it again. Maybe #12 thinks he is the team, and he really isn't that great a team mate. I have never heard that Brady would've ever refused to throw to an open guy just because he didn't "trust" him. If #12 refuses to throw to an open receiver, or make a throw that could potentially be intercepted if the receiver doesn't catch it, then maybe it's time for the QB2 to get into the game. This should be about winning, not #12's TD-to-INT ratio.

MarkinMadison's picture

LeagueObsrvr posted this yesterday:

I think it is worth a serious read. For years this offense has been built on the premise that our 3rd or 4th WR is better than your 3rd or 4th CB, and God help you if you try to match up a LB. Now it's not working. And it's not working because we have a banged-up WR corps that is minus its #1. Looking at this over time, this article matches up much better to me than the current meme that #12 doesn't throw to guys he doesn't trust. He's been demanding, and I've been critical of how he talks about his playmakers, but this article makes more sense.

If correct, then the fault lies with the coaching staff for not adjusting and installing a game plan that relies less on the traditional isolation route/our 3rd is better than your 3rd approach, and more on scheme to get guys open.

RCPackerFan's picture

I read that article yesterday. Great article and it is very true.

I think the fault lies in both the coaches and in Rodgers.

Rodgers needs to play with who is on the field regardless of who it is. He needs to face the fact that Nelson isn't coming back this year. If a WR is open, he needs to get them the ball regardless of who it is.
Also Rodgers is going to have to take more chances at times. He needs to try and throw WR's open when they aren't open. He has to have trust that the WR that is in the game can make a play.

The coaches need to do a better job of game planning and scheming to get players open and allowing Rodgers to be able to find them. Currently the WR's are not getting open as much as they have in the past.
The coaches also have to realize that the skillset of this teams WR's are different then the one they had in recent years. They have to do more schematically to get the most out of this group of WR's.

Its time the coaches and QB step it up.

Tarynfor12's picture

"If correct, then the fault lies with the coaching staff for not adjusting and installing a game plan that relies less on the traditional isolation route/our 3rd is better than your 3rd approach, and more on scheme to get guys open."

I would assume that Rodgers has a large amount of input as to game plan and 'if' not,the coaches are failing to adjust.'If' Rodgers does,than perhaps he has a tad too much say-so and then it's on McCarthy for not reigning him in.Either of these or any other scenario where a finger can be pointed,the offense 'needs' to get every weapon on the field and 'in' the game regardless of Rodgers 'trust' issues with them or himself.

RCPackerFan's picture

'the offense 'needs' to get every weapon on the field and 'in' the game regardless of Rodgers 'trust' issues with them or himself.'

Coaches have to find ways to use every player they can and find ways to maximize their strengths. They need to do a better job of putting players into positions to succeed.

For example.
Cobb is great in space and his versatility is great. They need to find ways to get him in space and find different ways to use him.
Lacy is a great downhill runner. They need to get him the ball running downhill. That is why the Pistol is a great scheme for him to be in. Also Lacy is very good as a check down option. They need to find more ways to involve him in the passing game.
Montgomery is becoming a Randall Cobb type of player. When he comes back they need to find ways to use both Cobb and Montgomery in non traditional roles and get them the ball in space.
Janis has great speed and is the biggest play making type of player they have. They have to start finding ways to getting him involved in the offense. Even if he is used on a limited basis. They have no other player with his skill set.

Its time the coaches start doing a better job of putting players in positions to do what they do best.

Dan Stodola's picture

Don't you think coaches would put Janis on the field if thet think he can help the team win? I know I believe they do and they will. Why do you thinkthey don't want to win?

RCPackerFan's picture

Sometimes it makes me wonder to be honest.

That is kind of my problem with the coaches right now. I know they have their reasons. And I know they know more about the players then any of us. But even they can't deny that Janis has skills that not of the other WR's currently have.
What frustrates me is we are all sitting here talking about needing more explosive plays in offense and need to find a deep threat or someone that can stretch a defense. And the only player on the team that fits that they don't allow to get on the field.
I get it. He isn't ready to do take on a full work load at the position. But can't they find ways to put him on the field and use his ability's? I am willing to bet New England would.

Its not that I don't think they want to win, of course they want to win. If they didn't they wouldn't be coaching in this league.

My complaint is that they have a hard time using players to their strengths. They seem to be more concerned with making everyone fit what they do then to adjust what they do to fit their players. (that has been my complaint with Capers for years, until last year when he moved Mathews).
And I get what they do has been pretty good. I just would like them to be able to adapt to the players they have more.

Dan Stodola's picture

Seems to me, you think you know what's needed to win more than the coaches.

This just in. You don't!

RCPackerFan's picture

No offense but neither do you.

What is funny though is everything that I have been saying is exactly the same thing that all expert writers have been saying all week, along with most people on this site.

I am not claiming to know everything. Everything I say is how I feel or what I think they could or should do to improve. I maybe wrong but it's how I feel.

Packer_Pete's picture

I'm with you on that RC. I am not sure why he isn't in more. Of course I don't see practice. But, let's just assume that the coaches are convinced Janis isn't good enough (yet). Alright, then why not bring a practice squad WR up? If they think those PS WRs are not up to the task either, why not cut those and bring other WRs to the PS? I mean, then they can see them every day in practice. The lack of moves there makes me think they stick with Janis, and maybe just because he is a good gunner on ST, but it doesn't seem to work that well with all the possession WRs we currently have on the roster, so maybe change the plays to get them open if they can't beat their CB man to man, or bring in a different type of WR altogether. But what do I know?

RCPackerFan's picture

My biggest thing with it is when they have players with clear ability's, why not try to find ways to use those ability's.
Janis clearly is an explosive type of player. He has skills that not on else has currently. I am not asking for them to use him 50% plus of the plays on offense. I just want him to be used some to try and get his play making ability onto the field. They used Perillo in this game. He plays a different position, but if they can play Perillo how can't they use Janis some? I won't be convinced that Perillo is a better player then Janis or offers more to the team.

Its not just about Janis for me though. Cobb is a guy that they need to find ways to get him in space more. I thought they did a little bit of it, and it worked when they did it. They used him on a reverse which gained a lot of yards, and they used him in the backfield on one drive. They just didn't do it enough of it.

To me I think the coaches could do a better job of finding ways to put players into roles which uses their strengths more.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Either the coaches are stubborn as hell or they're holding out those plays for later into the season.

Hopefully, this will be brought up during the "self scouting" process.

Dan Stodola's picture

Or maybe just maybe the coaches dont think he can help the Packers Win games. That would be THE most likely alternative.

MarkinMadison's picture

LeagueObsrvr posted this yesterday:

I think it is worth a serious read. For years this offense has been built on the premise that our 3rd or 4th WR is better than your 3rd or 4th CB, and God help you if you try to match up a LB. Now it's not working. And it's not working because we have a banged-up WR corps that is minus its #1. Looking at this over time, this article matches up much better to me than the current meme that #12 doesn't throw to guys he doesn't trust. He's been demanding, and I've been critical of how he talks about his playmakers, but this article makes more sense.

If correct, then the fault lies with the coaching staff for not adjusting and installing a game plan that relies less on the traditional isolation route/our 3rd is better than your 3rd approach, and more on scheme to get guys open.

Tarynfor12's picture

There was a time when "Forget the possible INT and throw the ball" would have had torches and pitchforks in the hands of the faithful running amok.Now it appears to be the feature of many an opine about Mr. 'R.E.L.A.X.'

jcinpa's picture

I think Rodgers is a stat guy, always thought that. He has good stats for sure, but is also a whiner..He won't take a chance because it might not work out, sometimes you have to take chances and not worry so much about yourself looking good. The way rules are now you can't even look mean at a qb. They have so many advantages these days I miss real football, when qbs were actually football players too

pacman's picture

We should relax for 1 week and see how the coaching staff adjusts. There was an article about the Packers going from man coverage to zone and got beaten worse. IMO, that was probably a bad switch because it gave the Broncos more running room. But they tried something. We had a new secondary matched up against a veteran one and Manning played like his old self. That could have been expected. Holding them to 29 points wasn't too bad!

But we didn't have an answer for the run game either and the offense stunk.

And people are blaming Rodgers for not throwing to an open man. He missed open men when he had them. He was just off. Rattled. Whatever.

And I'm hoping the whole team (except Matthews) was just off. So let's RELAX until next week.

If it happens again - fire all the coaches!

Since '61's picture

First, the article from SI that has been pointed out here is a good read and makes some good points about the Packers pass route schemes. However it fails to mention that our tight end is not fast enough or good enough to draw any concern from the defense. So not only are we playing without Jordy we are in effect playing short a receiver without an effective TE. R. Rodgers has good hands but that's about it. The idea that A. Rodgers is the reason the Packers lost is ridiculous. Yes, he has his share of the responsibility for the loss but it's not entirely his fault. This notion of trusting or not trusting receivers is entirely over blown by the media. The Packers did not beat themselves in Denver with turnovers, penalties, or dropped passes (they did drop a few), the Broncos beat them on both sides of the ball. Why not right an article that the defense lost the game because the defense did not shut out the Broncos or stop Manning the way the Broncos stopped Rodgers and the Packers. I didn't see any forced turnovers, or a hint of a pass rush, or any covered receivers by our defense. Yes Randall made a pick but way too late in the game. Blaming one player for a loss in football doesn't make sense. Not when the Packers were beaten badly on both sides of the ball. Give the Broncos credit, they were better prepared and they executed better. Yes, Rodgers needs to play better but so does the rest of the team. The Packers never got their ground game going. The Broncos pass rush consistently beat the Packers OL and yes the receivers were covered. Bottom line, get better or get beat, including but not only Aaron Rodgers. Thanks, Since '61

Big T's picture

Agreed 61, To blame this on Rodgers is absurd. He had a shitty game no doubt but so did the entire team. Only 2 that played were Matthews and Daniels. Hard for two players to take on 11.....

murphy's picture

"However it fails to mention that our tight end is not fast enough or good enough to draw any concern from the defense. So not only are we playing without Jordy we are in effect playing short a receiver without an effective TE"

I wish TT would have taken a stab at trading for Vernon Davis (assuming that he didn't). I realize how out of character it would be, but the cost and risk were low and the potential upside was high. Obviously the Broncos think he has something left in the tank, and is an upgrade over Owen Daniels.

Evan's picture

Daniels sure looked spry on Sunday. Maybe TT can trade for him.

Tundraboy's picture

Spot on as usual Since 61. We got beat pure and simple in all phases and IMO, outcoached.

croatpackfan's picture

I know who is Randall Cobb, I know who is James Jones, but who is the hell "Parker" and why you are mentioning him? I checked at Packer roster, there is no player with name Parker, also, there is no one in Coaching staff with the same name. So, who are Parker? And why is it important that he is not healthy enough?

But, anyhow, I tend to agree with you. Packers are heavily bounded with Aaron's performance on the both side of the ball! And I'm so glad that saga about number of throws and number of TD versus interception is over, I can't tell you how. Unfortunately, that saga is not over. He started new series and Aaron is again to careful. Not good for Packers. Maybe (I said maybe!) against Lions want be bad to start Scott Tolzien, just to put the chip on the Aaron's shoulder. Chip who would tells him that searching and reaching perfection may result in much dangerous casualties. Because of that he might never win SB again!

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

I meant Adams. Good catch.

Alvo's picture

Love how Rodgers being cautious with the ball is all about his stats, and nothing to do with the advantage the other team gets from replacing an offensive chance to score with good field possession for the other team.

Evan's picture

I really do hate this new hot take.

Rodgers is all about winning. His aversion to throwing INTs isn't about pride or "trying to be too perfect" or padding his stats or whatever other asinine theory is floating around the Journal Sentinel comments section. It's about giving him team the best chance to win. Being careless with the ball hurts the team.

Dan Stodola's picture

Damn right Evan! Rodgers is about winning and does everything he can to help his team do so. So tired of the fans crying he doesn't trust players, he won't throw receivers open or he's padding his stats!

Rodgers wants to be the best. Very true. To be the best he needs more SB, not more stats. Right or wrong that's the way it is.

Rodgers throws receivers open all the time. Hell he throws to covered receivers all the time. He uses his skills to help make every player better. He makes the OL better w/ his feet. His passing ability and his ability to audible makes Lacy better. He throws WR open and even to covered WR regularly.

Janis isn't on the field. Its Rodgers fault! WHat the hell kinda logic is that? Rodgers doesn't decide who plays, the coaches do. If Janis isn't on the field its due to the coaches not believing he is ready to play and help the TEAM WIN.

Spud Rapids's picture

Everyone whining about Rodgers play is spoiled... The guy has been the central cog to this team for years and they could barely win when he was out with the collarbone. He his human too...

Let chalk up his dismal performance to what is was, great coverage/pressure from the Broncos. Forcing the ball isn't going to help change the outcome of that game. Rodgers had to throw off his back foot all game and it resulted in him being off. Also he missed guys because he would normally have a sound pocket to step into and throw.

I predict Rodgers throws for 4 TD's in a win over Carolina. He always bounces back and loves when media/fans start to doubt him. RELAX

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I can't tell very well from watching live TV whether the WRs got open. I have been saying that Aaron Rodgers is a great QB, but is also a bit of a diva, and that we have a very stubborn coaching staff, for quite a while. Hated the shots of Aaron sitting on the bench all by himself - I expected to see the WRs and QBs huddled up with the coaches on the sidelines. Maybe they were before Denver went up by 17 the second time.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Waiting for you know who to show up in this article. Hahahaha!

DrealynWilliams's picture

"Davante Adams, who was making his first appearance since Week 3, was open a few times over the middle but the trust factor with Rodgers hasn’t reached Facebook friend level yet."

That's bs if Rodgers feels that way.

Evan's picture

This whole "trust" take is just mindless speculation.

Oppy's picture

WRs repeatedly, over the years, have stressed that they need to earn Aaron's trust before he'll throw to them.

That makes it more than mindless speculation, it makes it a topic which players themselves have offered up to the media during locker room interviews many times over.

Rodgers himself alludes to it as well, more frequently than I've heard any other QB do so.

It's definitely a thing, for better or for worse.

Dan Stodola's picture

Find me a quote where he says "I won't throw to someone until I trust them." I read all over and haven't seen it. Happy to admit I was wrong if you do.

Otherwise I think this is a lot of how some of you interpret something he said, not something he actually said.

Oppy's picture

How about YOU find me a quote where I stated Aaron Rodgers said, "I won't throw to someone until I trust them", and then we'll talk. What I can tell you is WRs have told the media that's pretty much the way it is.

By the way, Dan, perhaps you haven't figured this out yet, but A pretty high percentage of the readers at CHTV, or the old Jersey Al's, etc and so forth, 'read all over the place', digest all 22 film when they can, watch every clip of locker room interview footage they can get their hands on... This isn't the JSO comments section or some other backwater packers site. You have a tendency to come off as though you're an authority and if you haven't heard it, seen it, read it about the Packers it doesn't exist. You're just one of the boys around here. We're all pretty well versed in all things Packers.

Dan Stodola's picture

You're the one telling us all what Rodgers is saying over and over again, at every opportunity. If that's the case, go get a quote! Surely there must be dozens of articles based on what you say Rodgers is saying.

All you have to do is go find one of his MANY quotes your telling us he's made.

I didn't make any claims about what Rodgers is saying. You did. Put your money where your mouth is.

Oppy's picture

Your reading comprehension skills suck.

RCPackerFan's picture

'This isn't the JSO comments section or some other backwater packers site. You have a tendency to come off as though you're an authority and if you haven't heard it, seen it, read it about the Packers it doesn't exist. You're just one of the boys around here. We're all pretty well versed in all things Packers.'

I'm not directing this part towards Dan or anyone, but that is exactly why I love coming here. There are some very knowledgeable, intelligent fans here. There is always great writing, and from that writing we generally have some great conversations.

PaulRosik's picture

Every receiver has to get every QB's trust. They may call it by other names but it is always the same thing. You have to know where the guy is going to be and which way he is going to turn. The QB has to anticipate and lead the receiver so he has to know where he is going. It has nothing to do with if its his buddy and how well they hang out together and everything to do with if the QB throws it deep the receiver better have not cut off his route at 10 yards.

A QB having high standards at getting pissed if his receiver don't go where the QB expects is good thing.

RCPackerFan's picture


However there is a little truth in it. WR's have talked about in the past that they have to earn Rodgers trust. Janis said that this offseason, and Abbrederis was on a local radio station last week talking about trying to earn Rodgers trust.
But you hear that type of stuff on all 32 teams. WR's always talk about trying to get in sync with the QB or earning their trust. Its just a normal thing.
I think its getting overkilled in Green Bay right now because we have had to deal with a lot of injuries at the position and most fans see talent not being used and assuming its because Rodgers doesn't trust them.

Dan Stodola's picture

That's BS Period!

Rodgers throws to open WR, he throws WR to make them open and he throws to WR who are covered regularly.

Who ever wrote that needs to get his head outta his arse!

Pack204's picture

Get back to the basics of short passes and screens. You look at the Patriots and they rarely throw the deep ball it is all quick throws keeping the defence off balance and preventing the pass rush from teeing off on Brady.

I think I echo a lot of peoples voices when I say they need to mix-up the packages a bit more and keep the defence guessing, it seems like teams already know what is coming from a lot of the personnel packages.

As for Rodgers, who are we to judge the leadership, everyone leads in different ways, we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. He probably could carry his body language a bit better on the field. I guess we will find out this week after the critics have a field day challenging his record in close games, vs winning teams on the road etc.

Bohj's picture

Wow. Bench Rodgers is the new fire Dom Capers and Coach McCarthy and Ted. We lost a game and got outplayed. Get over it. Do you slap your kid when he spills his milk?

I'm sure Rodgers inconsistencies this year has nothing to do with our lack of commitment to the run game. Or the fact that he's scrambling all over because he's faced every badass pass rush in the league. I'm not a Rodgers apologist, but he took a good hit early in the game. Sometimes you just lose confidence in your Oline. I'm sure early season Barclay and Bahk had something to do with this psychological trauma.

This guy's career has proven to us, you don't need to bench him. Just give him time and he WILL absolutely pick you apart.

chaka's picture

It would be nice to have TE Colt Lyerla out there. The TE's the packers have are terrible.

Evan's picture

How fast can he run in ankle shackles?

Bohj's picture


jeremyjjbrown's picture

What was his time the prison yard dash?

Lphill's picture

The only person failing to take chances is Ted Thompson, Vernon Davis to Denver for a 7 th round pick? Another missed oppertunity , let's draft and and develop while more seasons with Rodgers waste away . Thompson needs to work the phones before this season is gone . I know many of you will defend Thompson but if he does not get Rodgers help now , forget the Super Bowl

Evan's picture

I will defend TT almost all the time...but, yea, a 7th round pick for Davis...come on.

Oppy's picture

1) We have no way to know when the Packers front office inquires about trade possibilities, or any other personnel transactions, or when they don't, for that matter

2) Trades aren't just a matter of 'to the highest bidder'. It's probably no small coincidence than this trade occurred between an NFC team and an AFC team. Player trades are relatively rare to begin with, and while intra-conference trades do occur (Graham from Saints to Seahawks, for instance) they aren't as frequent when decent talent is involved because you are giving a talented player to a team who potentially will be directly vying for a common playoff slot.

idgafkurt's picture

Why is there no chatter about the Packers trying to trade for Antonio Gates? Am I missing something here? We are in desperate need of a receiving threat and TE, he fits both. The Chargers at 2-6 in the AFCW are done. Gates is 35 and a free-agent after the year, why wouldn't they look to trade him and give him a shot to win a title? We offer up a 5th/6th rounder I don't know how SD says no.

chaka's picture

Colt Lyerla is better than him and it would cost them nothing.

PaulRosik's picture

Everyone sees that one play with Adams open over the middle and not getting it thrown to him and now Rodgers needs to hit the open man! Suddenly we all know how to play QB better than the two time MVP.

Rodgers has always or often at least bypassed early windows to throw to later windows in the progression. The difference this year has been that the receivers don't get open consistently in those later windows and the line is not giving him time to wait for those windows.

But come on. This is the same guy who had 15 td's in the first 6 games and was throwing for 250 yards per game over those games. And oh yeah they won all 6 of those games so this "we can't wait for him to get comfortable" crap is really a big overreaction to a bad whupping.

i think the largest problem has been that this offensive line we were so excited about before the season has played really average.

Lphill's picture

Yes Paul the O line is getting blown back too many times , so like someone said earlier , where are the short quick slants , you know like the ones our DB's give up all game long ? You mean to tell me Cobb can't run a quick inside slant and not pick up 5 yards? This season is about to get ugly .

chaka's picture

The TE's are garbage. They should re-sign Colt Lyerla.

D Ernesto's picture

Two years ago and it was just an observation, Rogers was flying higher than high. He went into KC and they changed up the D, played a tight zone and he threw two quick interceptions and his total game from then on went into the tank.
He took it personally and went into this - I'm holding on to the ball for the perfect pass that will not be interecpted and KC fed him his lunch.
In another game later I noticed the same thing, once he tosses a pick his entire persona and style of play changes.
Two weeks ago he tossed two picks, one was not his fault, but since them he stopped being the chance taker and his game has gone in the toilet, holding the ball for that perfect pass. He needs to get over himself. Moping on the bench is not going to win us games. This isn't all about his stats its about team and winning.

Chris Pattee's picture

Is he having girl problems?

cheddarhead's picture

What happened to the screen play? Did it get taken out of the play books. Yes I'm a huge supporter of Janis. Why not give him a chance. What could it hurt. We couldn't of been any worse off. They better get their sh%t together with Carolina and Minnesota on the road.

JRome Coaxum's picture

We will win 11-12 games and be one and done in the playoffs( despite the hope and we all hold on to) and nothing will change.

I see comments that say WR are not getting open. Yes this is true and partial blame, so why do we not scheme around it. The WR need to be schemed around it because simply put we do not have fast WR. And who fault is that. TT... TT does not provide versatility on this roster at all. All the WR have marginal speed. All the CB are short and have average speed( minus Shields and maybe Rollins). He has issues conforming to the needs of the team. Every yr we go in the off-season with ? mark at a position. And every yr he tries to use some patchwork bum to fill the need. We knew b4 the season we needed a ILB, We knew we needed a play making TE. This is not news. TT has to go. He only likes his guys and that is a problem. Moves like not picking up Aldon Smith piss me off. Here he has a chance to solidify the OLB position for 5+ yrs. And what does he do he whiffs, just like Palmer.

Oppy's picture

I totally agree....Ted Thompson has to go!

The Packers have always had one of the weakest WR corpsi n the league under Ted Thompson. Our secondary is a complete joke, it's a total fluke that even after two weeks of giving up a ton of yards, the Packers D still holds opposing QB's to the 4th lowest QB rating in the league, only 4 other teams have more interceptions, and only 3 other secondaries hold opposing QB's to a lower completion percentage.

Ted Thompson also has to go because he is directly responsible for the loss of his starting inside linebacker at the beginning of the season to injury, and drafting a ILB certainly doesn't count as attempting to address depth at the position. OLB is a mess too- I can't believe all we have is Peppers, Matthews (part time), Nick Perry, Andy Mulumba, Jayrone Elliot, and Mike Neal. What a sorry bunch of Thompson losers. I'll be shocked if any of them get a sack or a tackle all year.

Finally, I totally agree with one of your final points- we definitely need a GM who goes after players he doesn't like. Clearly, it is a major stumbling block that Ted Thomson only goes after players he likes.

I'm starting to think the biggest problem Ted Thompson has, and probably the biggest reason we need to fire him, is because he clearly doesn't spend enough time evaluating talent or working on improving the roster. He wastes too many weeks at the end of each season winning the division, going to the playoffs, and vying for NFC championships/Superbowl bids year in and year out. Think how competitive the team could be right now if he used all those post season weeks over the last 10 years doing something besides being in the hunt for a Lombardi trophy.

PaulRosik's picture

Yes Oppy. just how long are we going to put up with this,... winning stuff?!

JRome Coaxum's picture

And to Rodgers with the trust thing.

You sound like a wuss. How much trust you need? You not in a relationship with this person like your girlfriend. This is football throw the damn ball and let the WR make a play.

And if Dom does not stop running that sorry Nickel 95% of snaps. It leaves an interior O-Lineman free every damn time to get up on the second level. Denver ran their base 3-4 52 percent of snaps and was able to stop the run with their front 7. The same could work for us. Daniels, Raji, Jones. Sounds like a formidable D-Line to me. And please replace Palmer with Ryan.

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