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Cory's Corner: Pressure's On Aaron Rodgers

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Cory's Corner: Pressure's On Aaron Rodgers

All eyes on Aaron Rodgers.

With Mike McCarthy being the first Packers head coach to be fired in-season on the 100thanniversary of one of the most storied NFL franchises was nothing short of shocking. 

But now with McCarthy out of the picture, Rodgers doesn’t have a passive-aggressive punching bag anymore — he must perform. 

There’s one problem: Rodgers hasn’t performed this season. He’s 28thin completion percentage (61.8), 15thin yards per attempt (7.57) and 20thin third down completion percentage with 3-7 yards to go (47.5). For perspective on that last stat, Jameis Winston is No. 1 with 62.5 percent. However, Rodgers is No. 1 in the all-important interception category with just one pick because he is either absorbing a sack or throwing a dart at the sideline Gatorade cooler. 

Rodgers has continually complained McCarthy’s lackluster offense even though former Packers center and current ESPN NFL analyst Jeff Saturday said, …“When you'd be in the huddle, and Mike McCarthy would make the play call, you could see Aaron's frustration. Whether it be the eye roll...”

Saturday played for the Packers in 2012. The tension between those two probably could have been traced all the way back to when Rodgers took his first pro start in 2008. 

And now the question must be asked: Is Rodgers coachable? Rodgers is a very intelligent guy but that has been a double-edged sword because his mind thinks he can devise a better play at any given moment.

So while everyone circles the wagons around Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, University of Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley and Vikings offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, we have to wonder what really makes Rodgers tick. 

Everyone wants the newest offensive innovator to lead the Packers but what we’re forgetting is someone that challenges Rodgers while also criticizing him. Did McCarthy criticize Rodgers enough or not at all? And even if McCarthy did criticize Rodgers privately, how well was that received?

I’m willing to bet that Rodgers likely rolled his eyes because when Rodgers was asked about his fundamentals recently he said, “I throw how I throw. I’m not playing any different this year. It’s just we’re not completing many passes percentage-wise.”

I find that quote hilarious because the Green Bay Press-Gazette did a nice analysis of Rodgers’ mechanics in the Week 12 loss at Minnesota. He threw 10 passes off his back foot and was just 3-for-10. Conversely, when Rodgers stepped into the throw, he was 14-for-18. But that has been going on all season and McCarthy failed to rein Rodgers in. 

A name that shouldn’t be forgotten with the Packers next coach is Alex Van Pelt. He was shown the door last January after being the quarterbacks coach the previous four years and building a strong rapport with Rodgers. Van Pelt is currently the quarterbacks coach in Cincinnati, so it would be a promotion to make him offensive coordinator while making Mike Pettine the head coach. With a defensive-minded head coach, that would mean fewer bodies in offensive meetings, which leads to less confusion. 

But now it’s all on Rodgers. McCarthy is the one that got fired, but Rodgers isn’t spotless in all of this. Remember, Rodgers signed a $134 million extension and because of that, he cannot keep throwing it at his receivers’ feet and seven yards past them. 




Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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The TKstinator's picture

“All eyes on Aaron Rodgers.”

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

EdsLaces's picture

He's like an NFL version of Tupac...

The TKstinator's picture

Or Thirtymillionpac ...

Bearmeat's picture

MM looked bad this year, but ARod hasn't looked good either. He looked like a petulant, whiny brat. Dare I say, Jay Cutler-esque?

Bottom line, ARod has been mediocre all year. He was mediocre in 2015 except for a few hail mary's, too. If you go back and look at the two seasons, they are remarkably similar from an offensive perspective, with the caveat that we actually have some talent on offense this year.

I have no idea why we signed him to that max value contract when we could have controlled him for the same number of years with the tag with far less money up front. If he doesn't play like 2016 Run The Table ARod, we got screwed, and it ruins any chance we have to put a great team around him before he's done.

RCPackerFan's picture

"MM looked bad this year"

What has MM done different this year from any other year? For the most part MM has remained the same. He has remained a class act through tough times too. He easily could have thrown many players under the bus in press conferences. But he didn't. He took the high road.

The problem with the offense wasn't scheme. Though at times they could have done things to help the offense out. Help the rookies out. But there were a lot of open WR's that Rodgers missed or didn't pull the trigger. Also the OL allowed to much pressure. Rodgers dropped his eyes way to many times.

Rodgers looked disinterested. I do think a new coach, new scheme might be the best thing for him. They need a new voice and that may help Rodgers more then anything.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Agreed. The new OC needs to challenge AR's football IQ with the new scheme.

I don't understand the mentions of Van Pelt. AR's mechanics didn't suddenly go into the crapper when Van Pelt left: they got worse IIRC every year since Van Pelt became QB coach. I have no idea if Van Pelt tried to arrest the slide into offal, but if he did, it didn't work. Next.

dobber's picture

Two points for the use of the word "offal".

HankScorpio's picture

I think bringing Van Pelt back sends the wrong message to Rodgers. He needs to understand that the organization is not concerned about his feelings when it comes to the choice in coaches. His job is to execute the position he plays inside the framework of the offense.

And they definitely need a new that doesn't require 3 years of reps for QB and pass catcher to get on the same page. The NFL is too unpredictable for that. Guys get hurt or leave for greener pastures. And they are left in the situation where they need a throw-away year to gain some familiarity.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I was the first on here who mentioned Van Pelt as a possible OC. Why not!

Is he talented? Presumably yes!

Favre like Rodgers later in their career as they age struggle more and more having relationships with the younger players. Rodgers has a relationship with Van Pelt so why not?

I'm not saying Van Pelt is the best option because I do not know, however if everything was equal...why not???

Bearmeat's picture

MM needed to adjust his scheme badly starting in 2014. When you don't have WRs that can't win 1v1s all over the field and OTs who can be left on an island all game, you're not going to be able to run MM's scheme.

The league has passed him by offensively. Dude needed to look in the mirror and put his players, regardless of their talents, in the best possible position to win on a routine basis. And he didn't do that.

ARod has been a petulant little brat, but he's not wrong about being upset at the lack of ingenuity offensively under MM in the latter half of the decade.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Well Knock, I guess the reasons I gave really are more about being the QB coach than OC, but I think the new OC is going to have to be supportive of correcting AR's fundamentals. Was Van Pelt doing that? If so, I don't think AR listened. I get the impression that AR is living in a bubble.

I think things got much too cozy in GB, so the notion that AR spends time with the Van Pelt family strikes me the wrong way. Yes, two people can be friends and still command the respect necessary. I don't think the Van Pelt/AR duo worked as QB and QB coach, and see no reason to think the QB/OC combo would work better.

4thand10's picture

It’s on management , coaching and players....everyone can share the blame. On Rodgers though...sure, he’s spoiled, but not like Brady spoiled. McCarthy has been outcoached for awhile now. That’s one problem. The other problem is who has Rodgers really had to throw to this year besides Adams. Brown? Scantling? The never-been-seen Jmon Moore?? Graham who is new and doesn’t move as fast as the old Graham?? Cobb who always was a slot receiver and not much more, injured frequently. So my take is along with crappy game planning, Management failed in not only scheme but personnel. You have Rodgers, and your going to give him a 3rd a 5th and 7th to throw to?? I said it at the beginning of the year...they needed a replacement for Nelson and Cobb. They needed a defensive overhaul. The defense improved...quite a bit, but everything else was off including Rodgers...but I can’t put a lot of blame on him with the Oline and receiver issues. All those tight ends and jack for production...coaching.

stockholder's picture

Nothing will change. The team is officially broken. Nobody can take his place. He's won. Bow down. Denial is through out. The negativity is here. The players that can get out will. To change it's outlook takes new players. Fresh faces. Arrons heard and seen it for years. The lies, the master plans, the lack of talent, the players quitting, Try this, Give more, etc. What do you want from him now? Arron Rodgers is burned out. Nobody likes rebuilding. The organization is at Rock Bottom. WE will watch Arron make his stats, and look to the draft.

Packers0808's picture

Agreed, seems like Rodgers should have been gone, especially all from all you read from what most players say good Mike vs the comments about Rodgers by former players about both!

blacke00's picture

His bad mechanics have been going on for years and think for couple reasons. Because of the mediocre at best OL (pay attentions and you'll see it) and compare amount of time Rodgers has with other QBS (teams)...not even close.
For that reason Rodgers developed a lot of bad habits. His athletic ability usually got him out trouble and made the OL not look as bad.
Now his is getting olde, he's going to lose a step (or has) and now you're starting to see the results.
(More about this later)

dobber's picture

"Now his is getting olde,"

Aye, verily!

Packers0808's picture

OLDE, Dilly, Dilly!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Is it Autumnal?

The TKstinator's picture

I’m hoping the new OC for GB is as clever as those Bud Lite ads.

HankScorpio's picture

I definitely agree that the O-line needs to play better in front of Rodgers. If I'm Gute, I'm evaluating the FA options very carefully. You never want to break the bank to sign a guy in March but they ought to be involved in conversations on reasonable deals for OL help. The only position I think is settled is LT.

They must get better play out of RG. RT is problematic with Bulaga in and out of the lineup. Taylor and Linsley are probably good enough but hardly stand out performers.

Once they settle on a coaching staff for 2019, fixing the OL is the top priority of the off season, IMO

Tundraboy's picture

I agree. The OL is a disaster waiting to happen.

Packers0808's picture

Nope disaster is Rodgers since he got the big head with the big raise!

Packers0808's picture

Nope disaster is Rodgers since he got the big head with the big raise!

dobber's picture

I don't think it waited long enough, this season...

ShanghaiKid's picture

I understand your point, but you make it sound like the Packers have had a bad O-Line forever. Fact is the OL was pretty good up to and including the 2016 season. It’s really only been a problem since the NFCCG they’ve had issues.

dobber's picture mean since Lang left?

Bearmeat's picture

Lang has been not good for the Lions. It was good that TT didn't budge on money with an aging lineman with concussion issues. Love the guy, but it was time.

Our big problem hasn't been OG - it's been RT whenever Bulaga has been hurt, which is too often. Spriggs looks like a big swing and miss.

Lare's picture

I can see the frustration with McCarthy's play calling, we've all been complaining about it for years.

My concern though is that both McCarthy and Rodgers said that Rodgers calls the plays inside 2 minutes left in each half. Frankly, I don't think the offense has been very effective then either.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Remember it is almost always talent and minimally scheme. TT screwed the Pack talent wise and people want to RIP MM and Rodgers. TT left the cupboards almost bare.

What pisses me off is reading Murphy say he is a football guy but yet he let TT deplete talent the past 3 years and did nothing.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Cory, I don't think it nit picky to say that second sentence in the article needs some editing.

I really hope AR knows he is culpable in this mess. I spite of him saying he loves being coached and telling us all about how MM was a close friend he could all see on the field behavior that needs to change.

I keep hearing on the radio how Murphy really needs to send Rodger on a Lunch with the new coaching candidates to get Rodgers feedback. But, maybe that needs to happen so the new coach can feel out Rodgers.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

Thanks. You were right. I cleaned it up.

Handsback's picture

The team can't change the past, they have to work their way out of the mistakes that have been self-inflicted.

From player acquisition, coaching decisions, and player performance the Packers have made enough mistakes to keep them from being a serious contender. Now the tough part of a new coaching staff. I think that Joe Philbin won't really be considered for the position even if he runs the table. So whoever becomes the new coach will have an advantage that MM didn't and that is Rodgers must listen and get on the same page or he runs the risk of being considered the problem area of the team. It may sound like a hollow threat, but who would want their legacy to be known as the Diva QB that no coach wanted to work with?
At least I can hope it works that way.

Packer Fan's picture

The Pack needed a change. The team was undisciplined, play calling had become stagnant, bright young stars were ignored(Jones), bad coaching decisions were made, players were not following the coaches directions, and injuries piled up. And their best player, Rodgers is himself out of sync. Will those things change with McCarthy being fired? No. But the firing starts the resetting of the team and Rodgers. Will we expect that the Pack will win out? No. But some where along the last four games, I hope that Rodgers starts to get back in the groove, that the special teams stop causing penalties, that a few better decisions by Philbin is made along with better play selection and calling, and perhaps some of the defensive injuries heal enough that they can play a more complex defense. Perhaps a win or two. And a better showing of the whole team to build for next year.

Slim11's picture

"A name that shouldn’t be forgotten with the Packers next coach is Alex Van Pelt. He was shown the door last January after being the quarterbacks coach the previous four years and building a strong rapport with Rodgers."

I disagree with this for several reasons. First, like Tom Clements, Rodgers and Van Pelt were close. IMO, they might have been too close.

Second, prior to his time in GB as QB coach, then OC, Clements was the OC in Buffalo and a poor one at that. I questioned his promotion to OC in Green Bay because of that. In Van Pelt, the same scenario exists. How are the Bengals doing with Van Pelt as OC?

Third, Rodgers needs an OC, and a QB coach, who will reign him in when needed, but will also call plays and design a game plan which accommodates ALL the weapons at the team's disposal! This hasn't happened in GB this season but might with McCarthy out of the way.

IMO, all of the above screams for an OC who has experience as a QB, QB coach and OC. Rodgers' experience adds into the mix. A young, up-and-coming out of the college ranks OC might not be a good fit here.

However, Gary Kubiak is reportedly interested in returning to coaching but not as a HC. Kubiak fits all of what I described above. If Murphy and Gutekunst are going to be as aggressive as they indicate they will be, they'd be foolish to ignore Kubiak.

dobber's picture

" If Murphy and Gutekunst are going to be as aggressive as they indicate they will be, they'd be foolish to ignore Kubiak."

It's my hope that they'll let the new HC assemble his own staff.

RCPackerFan's picture

Is Rodgers coachable? Thats the million dollar question.

Will a new voice as a head coach be able to do what McCarthy did for Favre when he first came to GB?

The Packers, Packers Fans, and teammates better hope so!

The problems this year are not all on McCarthy.

The biggest problem was Rodgers. His play was very subpar. His throws are off the mark. Just in this last game. The final throw to Cobb. if he hits Cobb in stride (like he normally would have) he probably runs at least an additional 5 yards. Those 5 yards might have been the difference in a made and missed FG. Thats just one example.

Now how much of Rodgers problems are simply in his head? Meaning was his dislike for McCarthy/scheme/game plan/play calls that bad where it made him lose focus, cloud his judgment? I'm not sure how to say it.

Hopefully the new coach will be able get Rodgers to play to the level we expect him to.

pacman's picture

I got disliked a bit on another article for posting that AR should call plays for the rest of the season. Others said that once he gets that power, it will be hard for the new coach to take it away. That is a very valid point.

After more thought, I still think this is an opportunity to let AR sink or swim. If his calling is mediocre that is a 'sink'. The new coach better be able to control AR and get his attention and respect no matter what. If the new coach can't do that, then he has failed day 1. If AR is now such a prima-dona that he can't accept stats like the one in this article (if it is correct) and doesn't sit down and review every throw after the game and look at himself critically, then we are sunk anyway.

I'm guessing that a new coach coming in and laying down the law to AR might not go over well. MM was clearly stubborn and it seems sometimes just mind boggling stupid this year. If the new guy does not have better skills to make AR buy in, then we are going to be in the same boat next year.

Philbin said he is going to call the plays. What are we going to gain out of that? Philbin will probably not be here next year.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

One of the best posts I've seen since McCarty's firing! Great thinking out of the box vs the constant prima donna stuff about Rodgers.

Razer's picture

Aside from the talent/depth gaps on this team, Mike McCarthy was on the right track when he gave up play calling 4 years ago. He and the team would have been in a better place if the head coach had focused on organizing the coaches and schemes rather than hiding behind the call sheet.

The Packers and Rodgers could have had a bright young play caller, a modern defense and a special teams approach that worked instead of persistent dysfunctionality on all these fronts. Going forward, I would like to see a new HC that pays attention to team details and gets coaches addressing the player and scheme needs.

To Cory's point, Aaron Rodgers needs a good QB coach and OC that will get the most out of him and his offense parts in these last years. I don't want a HC that misses all the team details while trying to become the next Sean McVay.

RCPackerFan's picture

"To Cory's point, Aaron Rodgers needs a good QB coach and OC that will get the most out of him and his offense parts in these last years. "

I do think this will be almost as important as the HC. They need a QB coach Rodgers respects.

HankScorpio's picture

Sunday night, Mark Chmura went on ESPN Milwaukee and said that Rodgers is going to look bad in light of MM's dismissal. I think he's right. The widely whispered tension between the two is a two-way street. Both need to take responsibility for letting those tension explode the team to a 4-7-1 mark after 12 games of 2018.

Rodgers is at a fork in the road. He can either act like he won the power struggle or he can recognize that he shares blame for the team's failures of 2018. Which road he chooses and how he conducts himself moving forward will be the biggest factor in determining whether they can bring some Lombardi trophies back home as his mega $$ contract runs its course.

And make no mistake, that contract is a marriage pact for at least 2 more years, probably 3 (haven't looked at the cap impact down the road too closely). There is no trade, no release, no moving on and no other option in the cards. For better or worse, Rodgers is the Packers QB. I never thought I'd be contemplating whether it is "for worse". But here we are.

zoellner25's picture

I agree with Chmura and your comment

barutanseijin's picture

I suspect Rodgers will play 1-2 more years at the most. He doesn't seem very interested or motivated nor does he seem to be built for playing into his forties.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Nice comment. And there is AR's legacy. If he wants to be thought of as Marino but with one SB, well....

Tundraboy's picture

Now on to the business at hand. Let's see what this roster can do the rest of the way, and then prepare for the draft and FA. $50 mil in cap and two 1s.

zoellner25's picture

I honestly think the moment MM got rid of Alex Van Pelt was the start of the snowballing for ARod. He loved AVP and MM fired him without telling him. That was just the beginning.

Having said that, ARod has to not suck and play like a $30+ million QB. Not completing easy throws is 100% on him, that has nothing do to with who has the headset on the sidelines.

Cory Jennerjohn's picture

I agree. When that happened, it took Rodgers out at the knees.

But yes, he has to understand that he must start trusting his receivers and get rid of the ball sooner, if nothing else, to extend his career.

Lare's picture

MM did not fire or get rid of Van Pelt. AVP's contract was up at the end of last season and he chose not to renew it so he could explore other opportunities.

Could MM have done more to keep AVP? Probably, but he didn't fire him.

Portland Mark's picture

Bart Starr was a HOF QB. When looking back at the 1960s Packers, there were times when the offense wasn't moving well and Lombardi would temporarily bench Starr and let Zeke Bratkowski take the reins. Since Rodgers was hurt in 2017, they were 3-6 with Hundley and are 4-8-1 with Rodgers. In league were only winning matters there isn't much difference. Should they put Rodgers on the bench for a half or a few series if they are not moving the ball?

Lphill's picture

Rodgers is not to blame when Aaron Jones goes invisible. If Aaron Jones plays a full game against the Falcons and has a good day it will only solidify the dismissal of McCarthy. Rodgers cant be blamed when A young receiver runs the wrong route or blocks downfield instead of running to the corner of the end zone.

pacman's picture

I found it somewhat humorous that they fired MM after a game where the players themselves made so many mistakes (dropped passes, missed FG) , D was down some bodies and O line was devastated. Any running play started with 2 strikes against it. It will be interesting to see how they perform the rest of the year.

PeteK's picture

True , but just shows that MM lost the team, unfortunately.

stockholder's picture

He lost Arron Rodgers and he is this team. While most people have said a lot of good things about MM now. The fact that stands out in most comments is "we just needed change". The next target is Arron Rodgers>. The same things we looked to MM for, now will fall back on Arron Rodgers. His play, his contract, his attitude stink. Murphy is a Stupid CEO. And any good/bad business goes right to the top. Murphy stuck his neck out with firing TT. Firing MM. Hiring Gute. He has wrecked this team not because he fired people. Because the people that are being brought in need a learning curve. Time is that curve. people wanted change over a down year. People gave into the press demolition of Mike McCarthy. We are now going to have to grin and bear it. This team won't change it's losing ways now until Murphy, Gute and Arron Rodgers are gone. It will take another Harlan and Wolf to stop Murphy's "I agree with the press"..

PeteK's picture

A back playing the whole game is a rarity in todays game, especially when you're 5'9" 208 and run hard. I don't want to burn out one of our main assets.

Lofton Dickey's picture

Philbin's play-calling was just appalling. Against the 27th ranked rushing defense, Aaron Jones got under 20 carries. Where was he in the second half?? The less said about the 4th and inches call the better. As for getting a first ballot HOF QB to play "dink and dunk" football - simply unfathomable.

Apologies everyone, I thought I'd get my criticisms in early.

dobber's picture


Lare's picture

I haven't seen anything indicating Philbin has called any plays this season. But we're apparently going to see it now.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture


Since '61's picture

There are too many issues with the Packers offense to put the all the blame on either MM and/or Rodgers.

Offense starts with the OL and the Packers OL has been bad this season. Rodgers has had rushers on him as soon as he receives the snap when the Packers go shot gun. He has seen much more interior pressure this season than in the past because our Guards are awful.

Then his receiver corps after Adams is really weak. MVS and EQ may evolve into decent possession receivers but since opposing teams have some file on them they have not contributed much at all. Plus they do not run sharp routes. They round them off too often.

Graham has had a few moments but he has not been much of a factor. Cobb looks like he is done.

Even with Jones there has not been much of a run game especially in the last few games, again once teams had enough film on him his impact has decreased. Some of that is on the OL as well.

Then there is Rodgers himself. He still ups out some amazingly accurate throws and then he throws the ball in the dirt and/or throws very high over a wide open receiver. He's been inconsistent but in a very strange way. After all he has given us over the years maybe he's entitled to a subpar season but it's not just him. This offense doesn't have any players after Bak and Adams. Thanks, Since '61

RCPackerFan's picture

"There are too many issues with the Packers offense to put the all the blame on either MM and/or Rodgers."

While this is true, how many games would we have possibly won had Rodgers made 2-3 more plays in key situations? Plays that he had available to him. For example against the Cardinals. The final throw to Cobb forced Cobb to catch the ball going to the ground. Had he hit him in stride he possibly gets 5-10 more yards and sets up an easier FG. That throw honestly cost McCarthy's job on Sunday.

Something that we all need to remember is in almost every one of these games we were in them. We were not blown out in any of them. We had chances is most of them.
Rodgers did not play his best in any of them. Had he played even slightly better we could be sitting with 6-7-8 wins right now.

Is it all on Rodgers, no. But he IMO is probably the biggest reason that we are not better then what we are.

I agree the OL hasn't been great. Some of the play calling/game plans haven't been great.
The problem at WR is that Allison and Cobb missed to much of the year. Relying on rookies to carry us.
I will say I think the coaches could have done more to help the offense, but as a whole the plays ran have been good enough.
The use of Aaron Jones is suspect at best. What happened to Jones most of the second half? Why wasn't he playing?

Hopefully the new staff gets this thing going in the right direction next year!

flackcatcher's picture

What a strange weird season this has been. Three-four plays and this team could be 8-4 and w all been talking about McCarthy's new contract extension. One really bad call by a NFL referee, one brain fart by a core player on a kickoff return, and two missed throws by inches from a future hall of fame quarterback. (shakes head...)

4thand1's picture

As usual a lot of great insight and posts from everyone. Coaching a super star QB in GB is not easy, ask Holmgren. It was hillarious watching MH pull his hair out on the sidelines coaching Favre. Favre got bigger and bigger and was treated like a god in GB. Then along comes TT and MM and they draft Rodgers. In a short time as a starter he climbs to the top of the QB mountain, everyone forgot about ol #4. SB MVP, league MVP twice, he becomes the media darling. You know he was pissed about Jordy leaving and AVP. He also wanted Cook to stay and they let him walk. If anything he should have called out the front office. We don't know how much the HC had to do with decisions, but you'd think he would have some say in who stays and who doesn't. After the NFCCG against Atlanta, we all saw the frustration boiling over. The Packers organization made dumb move after dumb move after it.

fastmoving's picture

I guess you can say AR had more bad then good games over the last 4 seasons. He had some big years (2010-2014), like he should for an top ten all time QB, but way more normal ones. Good ratings does not tell the whole story. Besides the big run, he was not a monster in the play offs either.

He always had more good receivers then others (Brady, Brees) even if he missed a good TE. And I would see MVS and EQ as the opposite of a possession receiver. Allison and Kumerow are possession WR for me

TheBigCheeze's picture

"With Mike McCarthy being the first Packers head coach to be fired in the 100thseason of one of the most storied NFL franchises was nothing short of shocking."--------SHOCKING??????????.........HARDLY!!!!......

ILPackerBacker's picture

Shocking how many post and talk smack about Rodgers yet refuse to watch what actually is happening. The SI Philly voice material is all over, go look and get over the trendy crap by bad writers about Rodgers. GO LOOK.

Rodgers, no QB, can call a full game anymore. the many and diverse packages preclude that. There is simply not enough time to go over situation and substitution and plays. Can't be done. one possession is one thing an entire game is another. This would effectively concede control over matchups to the defense.

BamaPackFan's picture

Yes, in the age of HDTV, we see you roll your eyes. We see all of your body language and facial expressions. I read Rodgers as a spoiled baby, and I am tired of reading that we need a Coach he will respect. How about, he better respect the Coach, or he gets docked a game check for conduct detrimental... I am sick of his scornful expressions. Look in the mirror Aaron. Sometimes, it IS your fault.

Rebecca's picture


jlc1's picture

It will be a relief to not have to debate any longer whether Rodgers is the GOAT. The upcoming debate is likely to be whether his contract extension is the worst personnel move in the NFL right now. It isn't but he is definitely putting up game manager numbers, particularly in his focus to not come close to an int, at premiere QB pay.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Is it so wrong to say Rodgers plays scared? Refuses to throw to receiver unless there's enough separation to drive a semi through. Throws balls into the 3rd row rather than give a receiver a chance to make a play on a crucial down. Granted OL hasn't been great, but he leaves the pocket far sooner than most great QB's, or so it seems. He's broken his collarbone twice, has he become gun shy in his old age? Does he still have the courage to stay in and maneuver around the pocket rather than run like a scared rabbit? He did it a couple times this week and on one occasion it resulted in the great first down catch by Adams. So there's hope.

jimtalkbox's picture

There's more than one facet to Rodgers' frustration this season:

1.) He doesn't trust his (new) receivers. (Throwaways)
2.) The offense is stale for him. (even with new wrinkles)
3.) The pass blocking hasn't always been stellar.
4.) He was or is still injured.
5.) This past off-season resulted in the departure of two of his favorite Packers. ( Jordy and Alex Van Pelt )
6.) He had a non-fixable relationship with McCarthy (debatable)

Now that TT and MM are both gone, the Packers' success (or lack of) will be primarily on Rodgers. Hopefully the 2019 off-season will reinvigorate him with a combination of changes to coaching/scheme and the further development of his young receiving core.

flackcatcher's picture

Nice summing up Cory of a pretty complex situation. Well done.

12guage's picture

I was saddened by Mccarthy's firing. ...even though I knew it had to be done. It's time to move on to the next chapter of green bay packer football as far as coaches and some players go.
That being said...I would love to find someone with the brash, in your face mentality of a Jim Harbaugh combined with the intellectual approach to playcalling of a Josh McDaniels to coach this team and especially to coach Rodgers.
Now who could that be?

Since '61's picture

Vince Lombardi. Thanks, Since '61

Ustabeayooper's picture

As much as everyone is questioning AR effort and demeanor, it's easy to forget that without him bailing out the team against the Bears and 49ers, we would be in line for the first pick in the draft. Throw in the debacles against Rams and Seahawks where a player and coach's decisions prevented possible victories, and one should understand his frustration. He is an easy target because of his contract and past performance. After all these years of excellent performance, a year where he is "only" above average and somehow he is the problem. AR could retire tomorrow and be fine. How would the Packers be then? Our fans have been spoiled by the past 25 years of success.

Since '61's picture

Absolutely correct Ustabe. Its at time like this when I wish Rodgers would just walk away. Then when we return to the days of Scott Hunter, Jerry Tagge, JimDel Gaizo, David Whitehurst, some of these fans would wake up and realize that Aaron Rodgers was actually a great QB.

I can see the posts now, "Why can't we find another Aaron Rodgers?" or "Why did management let Rodgers go?" And then whining on and on as they are now.

An atrocious call by the officials against the Vikings, a bonehead return and fumble by Monty, a missed FG by Crosby and we're 7-5 instead of 4-7-1. Four missed FGs and a missed extra point by Crosby and we're probably 8-4. None of those plays are on Aaron Rodgers.

The problem is that the fans, the team and management came to take it for granted that Rodgers could and would always overcome all those issues. Well, that's over at least for this season, especially when Rodgers has only one legit NFL skill player on the field with him and that's Adams.
After that, young guys still trying to find their butts with both hands. Most fans here don't see it yet but it's beginning to look a lot like the Lynn Dickey to James Lofton years. Remember when they were the only 2 NFL level players on the team? If not, well now we have only Rodgers and Adams who qualify for the NFL. Thanks, Since '61

3rdigraphics's picture

There seems to be 2 distinct camps that exist on Rodgers:

1) He’s a Golden god of talent and MM Ted destroyed his career with poor talent and an archaic scheme
2) Rodgers is a petulant, obtuse QB who is a coach killer.

The truth probably lies somewhere in between.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Good lord!

All the BS about Rodgers....jesus!

It is McCarthy and TT. Just as much Murphy who likes saying he is a football guy yet he let these two run the team into the ground.

Let's talk guys like Hyde and who was the other eventual All Pro DB they let go? Talk about Rodgers is mainly BS! What about Montgomery? Did MM do anything? Gute did! Why did Montgomery even have the moxie to even consider doing what he did? MM is why! Bostick, why did he do what he did? MM! How about Randall who was a talented first round pick now doing great in Cleveland. MM again couldn't coach him and we wasted the pick but he is being coached right in Cleveland.

MM should have been fired with TT after Seattle in 2014. Rodgers is not the problem. When you have Rodgers as QB why dont you keep a quality OL in front of him and talented WRs?

GeorgiaCheesehead's picture

Great post. Agree 100.

barutanseijin's picture

So he gets a pass for the Cardinals game? Those one hoppers are on MM & TT?

You people were the same with Favre. A million excuses until he left, then he was evil and incompetence incarnate.

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