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Cory's Corner: Packers Don't Need Antonio Brown

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Cory's Corner: Packers Don't Need Antonio Brown

Can we please stop the madness?

The moment the Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant, legions of Packers fans wanted the outspoken and largely overrated Bryant to become a Packer. 

Now Antonio Brown is upset at the Steelers and wants to be traded. This has led many fans to begin stargazing and wonder what kind of team it would be with two top-flight receivers. 

First of all, Brown isn’t coming to Green Bay. And I realize that it’s partly hypothetical and I like to play the hypothetical game as well, but Brown isn’t even coming to Green Bay in a hypothetical world. 

Do the Packers need a wideout? Yes. However, that doesn’t mean they need two top five wideouts. And the reason is simple: receivers are divas. The elite ones complain that they don’t get the ball enough and even when they do, it’s still not enough. This past season, Davante Adams had one of the best Packers’ seasons ever for a wide receiver — and he did it with a rookie playing as the complementary No. 2. 

The Steelers are now saying that they would like a first rounder for Brown. The Packers have two first rounders but Green Bay has plenty of holes that need to be addressed. Even if the Packers don’t dip their toes into the free agent pool for a wideout, I wouldn’t be upset if Geronimo Allison, Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Equanimeous St. Brown were the two, three and four receivers next year. Heck, if the Packers really want to add a veteran receiver, Golden Tate would be a solid fit. Most importantly, he would be a lot cheaper, allowing the Packers to keep their vital first round picks. 

Brown is the shiny new object. He is arguably the best wide receiver in the league right now. He has averaged 103 catches, 1,371 yards and 12 touchdowns over the last three years. And to have that kind of production as a guy that’s just 5-foot-10 is nothing short of amazing. 

However, attitude does matter. Brown is known for being an outspoken individual in the locker room and after the 6-9-1 meltdown this past season, the Packers don’t need someone bringing the rest of the team down. 

This is an offensive league that has been defined by how innovation has helped the forward pass. However, receivers are a dime a dozen. The best example is Brown himself. He was a sixth round pick but is now getting upstaged by JuJu Smith-Schuster. Steve Largent is tied for ninth in career receiving touchdowns and he was a fourth rounder. And we all know that Donald Driver beat the odds as a seventh rounder. 

Instead of trying to chase something flashy, the Packers need to be simple and go after something that protects their main investment: offensive linemen. Aaron Rodgers has been hurt the last two seasons and has missed nine games. I don’t think Rodgers is getting worse, I just think he needs to stay healthy in order to maintain his confidence and mechanics. 

And that doesn’t happen with an eccentric wide receiver. It happens with a boring offensive line. 

Cory Jennerjohn has over 10 years of sports media experience writing for several outlets in Wisconsin, Indiana and Florida. Twitter: @CoryJennerjohn


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He is also nearing completion of a master's degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter @Coryjennerjohn

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PAPackerbacker's picture

Although a top tier receiver, Brown is a me player not a team player. Save the big bucks Brown would command and use it where it is needed more, the OL and LB or edge rusher. A lot of good talent at these positions can be drafted. The Packers have talent at WR. They don't need a selfish player like Brown who gets upset because he was not the MVP of his team this year and was upstaged by another WR. Pass him by and let him go elsewhere. The distractions are not worth the price.

Minniman's picture

Loosely $17 Million a year for the next 4 years (the current highest paid receiver in the NFL).

........Even if the Packers wanted to I don't think that they could.

Nick Perry's picture

Ummm..No to Antonio Brown...

If you really want to spend $15 million or whatever it is Brown makes a season and would surely have to pay him more next year when he HOLDS OUT, then lets go trade for a guy who..

A) Isn't a locker room cancer
B) Doesn't talk to the media or use Twitter as a platform to bitch about teammates.
C) Actually is able to see what's wrong with showing up in a Mink Coat week 17 AFTER skipping practices and meetings leading up to the most important game of that season.
D) AND address a more urgent need such as pass rusher or safety.


Edit at 5:27 AM....Surly to Surely...Oops

Spock's picture

"...would surly have to pay him more next year when he HOLDS OUT..."
So, Nick, you think Brown is too SURLY to acquire? Lol.

The TKstinator's picture

SURLY you must be joking!

Jersey Al's picture

... and don't call me surly!

Nick Perry's picture

Oops....Hey it was 4:30 AM PST and I was having just my 3rd "Sip" of coffee......SURLY you'll excuse me??


Lare's picture

I agree 100% Nick. The Packers need a lot of things, a Diva WR with a bad attitude isn't one of them.

Wouldn't mind seeing a Golden Tate in Green & Gold though.

tincada's picture

Yep, they need another old tired Jimmy Graham.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Are there that many folks that want these guys? I must have missed those threads.

The TKstinator's picture

Fantasy football, baby!!

marpag1's picture

"Are there that many folks that want these guys?"

No. Cory is the king of the straw man argument. Put forward a weird idea that no one is actually thinking and then calling on people to "stop the madness."

The TKstinator's picture

Once again, big, big proponent of the o-line! 12 can’t get the ball to anyone when he’s lying on his back.

In other news, did Indy really only allow Luck to get sacked 18 times all year? What would 12 do with that kind of protection? Yowza!

Lare's picture

Would love to see 2-3 new OL added through free agency and the draft. Start at the LOS and work your way out.

Nick Perry's picture

And they did it with 2 starting rookie O-Linemen. Granted one was the 6th overall pick the other the 37th but still, 3 starters in season one is nailing it... That's exactly what I'm hoping Gute can do this year with those first 3 picks.

The Colts almost had a draft this season as good as the Saints did in 2017First 3 picks..

1) Quinton Nelson
2) Darious Leonard
3) Braden Smith

RCPackerFan's picture

Its amazing what a good draft does for a team.

Packers currently having the 12, between 29-32, 44 picks in the first 2 rounds.
They also have the 76th, 108 and 112th picks.

We talk about the Saints great 2017 NFL draft that helped transform their team.
They had picks 11, 32, 42, 67, 76,103.

Not to far off from what the Packers will have.
Packers have to come away with some starting caliber players in this draft to help transform the team!

ShanghaiKid's picture

I’d actually say the Colts beat out the Saints draft class as Nelson and Leonard were both rookies. That’s pretty impressive.

Lare's picture

What's scary is that the Colts are projected to have around $117 million in salary cap space to use this offseason.

That's a good team that's probably going to get better.

tincada's picture

Wish to sign with another team.

Old School's picture

What would 12 do with that kind of protection? He'd hang onto the ball while looking downfield and ignoring open receivers short. He'd take 36 sacks.

Here's the deal: Rodgers, at this point in his career, needs to stay in the pocket and throw darts to open guys, like Brady and Brees do. He shouldn't be running around extending plays and exposing himself to hits, and he shouldn't turn his nose up at a 4 yard completion because he wants to get a 40 yard completion.

Aaron Rodgers is very, very, very, good at protecting the ball. Both of our running backs are pretty good at protecting the ball. You can win a lot of football games if you win the turnover battle.

We need 9 healthy, capable, effective linemen on the 53 man roster, with at least 7 available on gameday. Right now, we have 4, unless you want to include Spriggs or McCray or any of the other current backups. I don't really like any of them that much, frankly.

Gutekunst did nothing his first year to improve the line. He drafted a guy who never showed up, and he picked up a FA guy in Bell. That's it. He needs to do more, IMO. I'm not saying we need to spend high draft choices, but we need something better than a UDFA rookie to protect Rodgers.

Jonathan Spader's picture

That's most of it Old School. The other part of it is getting Aaron Jones more involved. Short passes and a better OL and actually putting the ball in his hands. The kid is an explosive weapon which rarely gets reloaded and fired. We saw what happens when the ball get put into his hands in the 1st half of a game behind half an OL.

Improve the OL & his opportunities. Sprinkle in some William's and end arounds. Add on another competent RB. All ways to really improve Rodgers and the offense and all play into MLF & Hackett's wheelhouse.

Minniman's picture

Great grounding point TK (no pun intended).

...... and Luck repaid that investment by getting his mojo back in record time.

That was a front office and scouting master class on rebuilding a team whilst maximizing the assets that you have

Coach JV's picture

I got this from Packerswire.... "the Colts are letting go of Dave DeGuglielmo, who helped turn around the Indianapolis offensive line during his first season in 2018. He was originally put on the Colts staff by Josh McDaniels, who bailed after taking the job and assembling a staff last January. Under DeGuglielmo and new coach Frank Reich, the Colts gave up just a league-low 18 sacks and made the playoffs this past season."

I would love for LaF to hire this guy... keep Arod on his feet and replace Campen just fine.

jww061356's picture

I think not. Go get Earl thomas and an under the radar Edge. Then draft another Edge high, TE, Guard, ILB, etc.

nostradanus's picture

Him and his fur coat aren’t Packer people.

That is all....

Jonathan Spader's picture

At least fur coats keep you warm in Green Bay lol.

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

If we didn't sign Khalil Mack, with all our needs on defense, we sure as heck aren't signing Antonio Brown. I'm looking forward to the draft and hope the Packers keep all their picks. In Gute we trust!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Yeah, because Rodgers throws the ball out of bounds 50+ times a year. I would only have 1 Interception myself.

Brett Favre never did that garbage.

Lare's picture

Yeah, Favre just threw interceptions instead. In his career he averaged around 18 interceptions per year, Rodgers is averaging around 6.

While throwing it out of bounds probably doesn't win games for you, throwing interceptions definitely can lose them.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Based off of a 6-9-1 record I'd argue either can lose you games Lare.

Irelandseye's picture

I've already posted this on another thread, but want to make sure the moderators get eyes on it.
I absolutely LOVE CHTV and look forward to reading it every evening. The writers and regular posters give such insightful perspective that cannot be possibly matched elsewhere. But lately the experience has not been so great. It's just a pity that one certain poster who loves the sound of his own voice is allowed to dominate every thread. He fills an otherwise vibrant and creative debating platform with droning, boring noise in an attempt to rile people. Moderators I beseech you, why allow such a wonderful platform (you've created through such hard endeavour) be hijacked by one selfish individual?

cuervo's picture

If it bothers you, don't read the posts from the individual. You do have the power within yourself to not let other peoples sorry outlook affect's quite simple.

Jersey Al's picture

thanks for your concern. It's being monitored...

TheBigCheeze's picture

I'm with cuervo....if it bothers you....skip to the next comment....simple

Tarynfor12's picture

Careful...the one you are talking about isn't always the instigator of the noise you point as distraction. This is an opinion site the writers and readers are allowed theirs. It's freedom to write such and freedom to opine against and because you don't like one or the other, you certainly don't have the right to silence one's opinion.

Skip greenBayless's picture

Thanks Taryn, I am assuming this person is either referring to me or Lare but going to assume it's me. If there's a limit during the day or night as to how much one can post than please let me know. I enjoy coming here what I can I say but don't want to break the rules if there are rules for that. If posting too much is triggering some people and they see it as dominating a thread, I'll try to stop or curtail. I honestly do not want to cause problems. I really don't. I have a certain style. Some like it others hate it or take me literally every single time when it's clearly sarcasm or a joke. I would never ask someone to silence another's opinion just because I don't like them or agree with them so it's rather scary to see this person doing just that with me or Lare. If someone is pretending to be someone else like what's happening with a similar name of mine than that's different. I do agree with several others who responded. If you don't like their opinion, just don't read what they have to say. Skip it. Very easy.


Lare's picture

Dash, would please, please just leave me out of your posts. I ignore yours and generally leave when you show up here, but then I see that you mention me by name in many of your posts usually calling me names and making up all kinds of false accusations about me being associated with someone that set up an account with a name similar to yours.

This is absolutely the last time I will respond to any post by you or acknowledge your existence in any way. I would appreciate it if you would do the same. I simply want to support the Packers in a mature and intelligent manner with others that can do the same. If that's not possible here, I guess I'll just have to go elsewhere where I can.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Dash when you're being sarcastic try using ~~~ it's the CHTV symbolism for sarcasm. Or just rename yourself Leotis Harris. Or Heotis Larris. It's the flip flopping between being serious and the sarcasm along with the duration and frequency that can get overwhelming.

You've made some great points when you stick to talking about football. We all beat our own drums. For you it's Boyle for me it's my hatred for what referees have done to the game I love. One of the great parts of being an American is freedom of speech.

Pizzadoc's picture

I skip them, it's awesome.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Steve Largent? Really? 1976? Bart Starr really slept on that one not picking him in the 4th. Would have made Carlos Brown a household name.

LeotisHarris's picture

No doubt, Doug. As I recall, Carlos was hailed as a deep ball specialist the likes of which would not be seen again until Anthony Dilweg.

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

It is completely inconceivable that someone would down-vote a post with an "Anthony Dilweg" reference. Sometimes I wonder if I really know you people...

Old School's picture

We didn't keep 4 rookie WRs on the roster last year to go out and get an expensive FA.

tincada's picture

So the reason was? The Packer org, aka the Wal Mart of the NFL.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I have no interest in Antonio brown, but I have just as little interest in Geranimo, MVS, and Eq, being 2,3,and 4 next year. A mid level number 2 wide receiver has to be high on the list.

dobber's picture

Methinks a dynamic slot is on the menu. Maybe LaF sees one of the rookies in that role, but I wouldn't be surprised if they go looking for an additional piece at WR.

Handsback's picture

If Green Bay went after a veteran wide-out, I hope it would be for the slot position. A replacement for Cobb, a small quick guy that provides Rodgers that 5 yard security blanket. I was hoping Eli Rodgers last year, but this year a Cole Beasley or Tevon Austin from the Cowboys could do the trick.
Like the comments above, the need is really oline depth not an expensive WR that you rent for one year. I could also see a RB (power back) added in FA. Looking at the new coaches, they like that power runner in their offense. Maybe Yeldon from the Jags as an example.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

We all have discussed the Packer needs ad nauseam. However, be great to draft a young Cobb type in middle rounds with a little more speed and twitch and then actually use him in slot, as a scat back occasionally, and a special teams returner. The Pack could really benefit offensively with a player like this. I do not think Cobb is the answer anymore. The alternative might be having Jones used more as a receiving threat next year out of backfield to accomplish some of the same, which might also save some wear and tear on him.

albert999's picture

Let’s get an Edelman

tincada's picture


tincada's picture


Handsback's picture

I like Marquise Brown or Deebo Samuel in the draft as slot guys. Brown will go too early, but Deebo may be there at the 4th round. Brown is under 6 feet and I think Samuel is 6 feet even.

Since '61's picture

The Packers have no reason to spend either cap space or draft capital on Antonio Brown. He's a great WR but we can either draft or sign a less expensive complimentary WR for D. Adams. Besides we may already have that player on the roster with G'Mo, MVS, ESB and/or Moore assuming at least one of them continues to develop.

Use our picks and cap space on Edge, OL, TE and Safety. Get those positions solidified and the rest will be OK. Thanks, Since '61

RCPackerFan's picture

Just from a very early look at the FA's that might be available I wouldn't mind seeing them go after Dee Ford, Jared Cook, Landon Collins? Earl Thomas? Something like that. Depends on who is truly available.

I would like more OL depth too.

I'd really like it if they can land a good pass rusher, and a good safety. That would be my top targets in FA.

tincada's picture

Those guys aren't going anywhere but to proven teams.

Wilment's picture

I remember years ago when we had a top wide out and went and got another, John Jefferson to complement James Lofton...Jefferson was a good guy, but that didn't bring us to the playoffs or secure a championship As an Irish guy, Id love to bring Tate to Green bay, but like Moss and Peterson, don't know how the fans would take to him. Id rather see the Packers fill their slot receiver need by resigning Cobb, drafting one to develop, and keeping the young guys we drafted and started development of last year.

4thand1's picture

Oooooooh, the 80's when we had offense and couldn't stop anyone on defense.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Loved Jefferson but without researching my recollection was he never did a whole lot other than being solid, and helping to loosen defenses on Lofton. That offense made good use of our TE, Coffman.

Gort's picture

I don't recall Tate doing anything to cause contempt towards him from Packer's fans. He always annoyed me because he did so much damage on the field. I didn't like Moss partly because he was too much of a diva and had alligator arms on occasions. He solidified my contempt when he disrespected the fans by dropping trou in he end zone.

4thand1's picture

Brown is T.O. 2.0, F- NO! Hope he goes to a team like Buffalo, then watch the whining hit overdrive. I have confidence in our young WR's and Tate would be a good pick up. We could concentrate on drafting players that would help right away especially at 12.

tincada's picture

Agree. The Packers don't need anybody but unproven undrafted FAs, tired ol vets that can't get a job anywhere else for the minimum wage or a GM that runs the team. Welcome to another year of mediocrity in in NFC N. Meanwhile AR is laughing his ass off.

Rossonero's picture

Considering we just spent THREE draft picks on WRs, there is no need to get an expensive prima donna like Antonio Brown who is on the wrong side of 30.

He'll go to the highest bidder and then start problems there. He's as close as there is to a modern day Terrell Owens.

My guess is his next team won't be his last -- he'll get jettisoned somewhere else before it's all said 'n one.

Lphill's picture

stay away from him.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I think it's funny how Packer fans whine about how TT missed out on Moss twice and are now saying Brown is a horrible idea. I'd love to fast forward time 10 years and see these same fans gripe about how Gute missed out on Brown.

I personally don't think the Packers need Brown we have WRs with more athleticism than Brown has. They don't cost draft picks and are on rookie contracts. Let a new WR coach and a year of experience under their belts show us if they are lacking or not.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Ron Wolf's greatest regret was not giving Favre enough weapons. I'm alone here, but Brown is the best receiver in the league and I say go get him. He and Adams would be a nightmare for any D. Brady threw for 50 TD's the year he had Moss. Yes, Brown is a diva. So was Jennings. Yes, Brown is expensive... but Gute was willing to pay two 1sts and the big money for Mack. All Pros don't come available very often. MVS and the rest of the Packer receivers have nowhere near the talent of Brown. We have a window of four years with Rodgers. Our current crop of receivers isn't close to what we had with Nelson, Driver, Jennings, and Cobb. I'll take all the dislikes and still think that you give Rodgers a weapon like Brown opposite Adams and with Aaron Jones getting the right amount of snaps and you'll see the Packer offense return to it's glory days.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

With all the FA needs to fill in the gaps of the roster Brown would be so far down the list. Say...OL, OL, TE, Safety!

Then repeat in draft including 2 edge rushers/OLB's, and a DB. Maybe a slot receiver.

D.D. Driver's picture

If Brown was 5 years younger, it might be worth it.

sam1's picture

Rodgers we have a window at most 1-2 years. Personally he seems a bit over done with the injuries, age and last 2 years performances!

Skip greenBayless's picture

Agree 100% Dawg. People assume because Brady is 40 and Brees is 39 that Rodgers will just automatically fall in line. Rodgers is not built for toughness or slow aging. His aging is quickly accelerating as is his drop in play. The drop off started two years ago but last year was eye dropping how far he's regressed. I honestly get killed for this but I think his window has already closed. The time to move him was two years ago. It's too late now. To just assume we will get 4 more great elite years out of him is insane. I googled some of the great qb's and the age they all retired and their play dropped off. Take a look sheeple. Rodgers is almost 36 years old. What does he have that these don't have? He's been injured a lot too. Brady is an exception not the norm.

Joe Namath (34), Bart Starr (36), Roger Staubach (37), Jim Kelly (36), Otto Graham (34), Dan Fouts (36, dropped off at 35), Sammy Baugh (dropped off at 36 and fizzled until the end at 38), Len Dawson (dropped off at 34), Bob Griese (35) — it goes on and on.


NitschkeFan's picture

Maybe Dash, maybe. But he just turned 35 years old last month. And when comparing athletes from 40 years ago to today you might want to look at how the high level performers in other sports are playing longer and well past what their peers of 40 years ago were doing.

The top tennis players in the world were usually done by their mid to late 20's. Now the top players are well into their 30's.

Many similar examples in the NBA and the NHL. Steep decline in performance by 31 or 32, nowadays add at least a couple of years to that.

2017 AR suffered a severe collar fracture. 2018 he strained his knee ligaments in week 1. Has he begun that steep decline or were his issues injury related? I think we will find out in the 2019 season.

Rivers and Brees had some off years and plenty of 7-9 seasons as their teams re-built. This year at ages 37 and 39 they had All Pro caliber seasons. Maybe AR can do the same. Let's hope so because he WILL be our starter for many more years.

Skip greenBayless's picture

"2017 AR suffered a severe collar fracture. 2018 he strained his knee ligaments in week 1. Has he begun that steep decline or were his issues injury related? I think we will find out in the 2019 season."

This is called wishful thinking Nitschke so I am going to disagree with you. Look at those qb's and the dropoff and when it happened. He's right there age wise with them all. You want to believe we'll "find out" in 2019 kicking the can down the road. I'm just saying I believe we are there right now. The key word is "dropoff". Define dropoff. I think it's fair to say that what we saw last season from Rodgers was unlike anything we've ever seen from him before with those poor throws of his. That to me is the epitome of a "dropoff" so I am going to go on record and say the dropoff definitely started last season without question. You can say injuries etc but he played every game, he said he was fine but his play was anything from fine. We agree to disagree. Now I am going to get into trouble by Irisheyes or whatever her name is for this opinion too I'm sure.


P.S. Nitschke, we have to have another debate on who the best drummer in the world is again. Remember a few years ago?

NitschkeFan's picture

No "dislikes" for this JohnnyLogan as you clearly state your opinion and even see the pros and cons to making that decision. I may disagree with your conclusions but your post is well thought out.

I think everyone knows he is an elite talent, and the points of disagreement are either with his personality or the high cost of attaining him (both in terms of draft picks and salary cap hit).

You might consider Le'Veon Bell, different position but highly skilled offensive player. Maybe a similar cap hit but NO draft picks spent to acquire him. Maybe similar off the field personality issues.

Skip greenBayless's picture

This takes me back to the early 80's. We had James Lofton and Paul Coffman. Out of the blue the Packers signed superstar WR John Jefferson. Talk about a kid's dream come true. Well I soon found out the magic Jefferson had in SD didn't work so much in Green Bay. I never liked the idea of having two giant superstar receivers on the same team after that. Davante will never be a diva, you can just tell how he speaks. We don't need Antonio Brown, we need either a young Aaron Rodgers or a Bill Billichek clone who can make a Eric Torkelson or Perry Kemp into a star. I agree with Cory 100% on this.


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