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Cory's Corner: Jay Cutler was misunderstood

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Cory's Corner: Jay Cutler was misunderstood

Jay Cutler became the center of attention on Friday by leaving the huddle and entering the Fox Sports broadcasting booth.

Cutler has been one of the most misunderstood quarterbacks, if not players, of the last 20 years. It’s obvious he has the talent. His arm strength has been proven time and again. And he parlayed that into a seven-year $126 million extension with $54 million guaranteed in 2014.

But Cutler wasn’t averse to lows either. And these aren’t just lows, these are lowest of the low. His career-high for picks in a game was five. His lowest amount of passing yards in a game was 94 and his lowest passer rating for a game was 7.9. He led the league in interceptions twice and has had an interception percentage of 3 or above eight times in his 11-year career.

However, that isn’t the whole story. Cutler also had six different offensive coordinators and three different head coaches in his eight years in Chicago. That’s a lot of change for a guy that was traded to a team hoping to cultivate its first elite quarterback. (Jim McMahon was not an elite quarterback.)

Let’s also not forget that the Bears didn’t keep Cutler’s favorite target in Greg Olsen and Cutler had to deal with a divided locker room thanks to the mouth of Brandon Marshall.

Cutler finishes his career averaging 2,951 yards a season, 19 touchdowns and 13 interceptions along with a 68-71 regular season record and a 1-1 playoff record.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Cutler will be a better broadcaster than CBS’ Tony Romo for the simple reason that Cutler won’t be afraid to be candid. If and when a player deserves to be criticized for making a bad play or a bad read, Cutler will go ahead and do it.

Cutler just turned 34. He hasn’t said the word retire, which leads me to believe that if a starting job presented itself next year, he would bite. But the most important aspect to look at is the situation. If Cutler does line up under center next year, it will no doubt be a team that has stability and has the building blocks of success — things that Cutler hasn’t had in his entire career.

The reason why Cutler is so hard to understand is because of his attitude. His attitude does appear to be testy when things would start to go wrong. But an attitude is something you cannot measure. Cutler did appear disinterested on the sideline and it even teetered on pouting. But how do you quantify body language — especially when appraising someone’s career?

If Cutler ends up in New York with the Giants and Eli Manning toils with the Bears, I could see Cutler ending up in the Hall of Fame. Manning had better a offensive cast and a better defense than Cutler and most importantly, he had stability — despite having an interception percentage of 3 or better six times in his 13-year career.

The Bears royally messed up a potential franchise-changing quarterback at the cost of two first rounders, a third rounder and a stop-gap quarterback in Kyle Orton.

Cutler has been an enigma his entire career. His physical attributes were never allowed to flourish, and for that, his career has been a verbal punching bag.

Which I don’t think is fair. 

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Bearmeat's picture

I really think the Bares should have kept Cutty. I mean, after Starr, Favre, Rodges, and a possible hat tip to Dickey, Cutty has done the most for the Pack in the past 50 years! ;)

jeremyjjbrown's picture

meant to reply elsewhere.

ricky's picture

So, should Cutler be given an honorary spot in the Packers HOF?

Bearmeat's picture
WKUPackFan's picture

"But an attitude is something that cannot be do you quantify body language?".

Exactly correct. Amateur psychologists think that they can judge attitude by observing a TV screen. Some fans want the players to appear to have the same passion as those fans do. To some fans the perceived attitude is more important than winning.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"six different offensive coordinators and three different head coaches"

Next time my Bears fans coworkers shit on Culter I'm going to raise this one. I don;t think Rodgers would be a 2 time MVP and Super Bowl MVP if he had "six different offensive coordinators and three different head coaches".

croatpackfan's picture

Do not hurry with that argument. Aaron Rodgers had 5 different offensive coordinators: 2005 - Tom Rossley, 2006 - Jeff Jagodzinski, 2007-11 Joe Philbin, 2012-14 - Tom Clements and 2015-17 Edgar Bennett...
Just saying...

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Dang Croat, you're putting me to shame. I may have been able to name one.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Only in name but not in reality. Mike McCarthy is actually the playcaller and the one who designs the system. A system which Rodgers has played in his whole professional career. Comparing it to the changes Culter endured is nonsense.

Tarynfor12's picture

Cutler has always been over rated and could never carry a team, much as today with many other QBs, because of small efforts though inconsistently, better running ability than some etc.
The changing of coordinators is a hindrance but if the QB has the abilities necessary, this cannot be a larger reason for failure than the ineptitude that always arises for some and Cutler is a bookmark for this.
Even McDaniels knew Cutler was a loser when after having a really good season via Brandon Marshalls great season traded him to the Bears and though McDaniels was proven not Head Coach ready, he has proven being right about Cutler.
Cutler had many blaming lesser talent of others for the drop of his play but he actually lessened the value of others and capitalized financially from this, his only true achievement, his entire career.

chugwater's picture

I am quite curious to see how he and Romo perform in the booth these upcoming Sundays.

worztik's picture

ChugH2O... I just hope neither does a Packers' game!

DThomas's picture

I have as much interest in listening to Cutler comment on the NFL as I do Matt Millen (IMO one of the worst GMs in NFL history). Which is to say, I have no interest in listening to either of them.

Spock's picture

DThomas: I thought Matt Millen was one of (if not, the)worst GM's in history. But I actually thought (prior to his hire, hey, that rhyme's!) he was a really good announcer. I was shocked when the Lions hired an (I thought very good) announcer as their GM. Who would you rather listen to: Matt Millen or (insert most of the smucks currently broadcasting)? Personally, I'd pick Matt. I agree with your assessment of Millen's GM abilities, but disagree with his announcing abilities! IMHO

DThomas's picture

I have as much interest in listening to Cutler comment on the NFL as I do Matt Millen (IMO one of the worst GMs in NFL history). Which is to say, I have no interest in listening to either of them.

worztik's picture

Matt M could play LB fur shur... I'll 2nd that opinion as the worst GM ever!!! I can't believe he has the balls to do color for games cuz if it were me... I'd still be in hiding... just sayin'...

Somedumbname's picture

I agree completely. Especially your point of him being a coach killer. The Bears had some decent teams aound him and he still made so many bonehead decisions that those teams were never more than mediocre. Just like Cutler.

DThomas's picture

I think most of Cutler's problems are between his ears. It's one thing that more than a few observers have written and talked about his body language, it's another that more than one teammate has questioned his desire to win. Great physical talent but he didn't/doesn't have that extra something that drives players when the game is on the line. I don't think the number of OCs he's had to work with - at least one of which I remember he heartily endorsed - would have made any difference with regard to what he lacks. Great QBs at times are expected to put their teams on their backs when it matters most. How often has Cutler done that?

worztik's picture

I hated his sideline demeanor as well!!! He had a strong arm but. limited accuracy. I wonder, however, how much his "diabetes" really affected him!?!? It was well publicized initially and then... nothing. Just sayin'...

Spock's picture

"If and when a player deserves to be criticized for making a bad play or a bad read, Cutler will go ahead and do it." LOL Cutler was the king of bad reads! Now he's suddenly going to recognize them from the broadcast booth? Hilarious. His name should be on the ring in Lambeau because as Bearmeat pointed out above he's responsible for more Packer wins then a lot of former Packer players. :)

wgbeethree's picture

Jay Cutler is one of my favorite athletes/people on the planet. I 100% believe he doesn't give a flying f##k what anybody thinks. In a world with SO many people pretending not to it's refreshing to see the real deal.


DThomas's picture

Mrs. Cutler, what are you doing here?

worztik's picture


holmesmd's picture

Please climb a ladder to the roof of your home... if you have one....and jump. SMH. You have no credibility here and your assertion is ridiculous. If Cutty is one of your "favorite athletes", you must not have watched many? Lol. By the way, he's a dough bodied QB with diabetes and a big arm. You can do better. SMH

Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

Methinks he married well.

holmesmd's picture

Yeah, if you like plastic fake "reality stars" who have a vast expanse between their ears...yes, he married well. Lol. She's an empty vessel, just like her husband. I guess to each his own? Scrawny blond who's famous for nothing....sounds like a real catch?! LMAO:/

holmesmd's picture

The bottom line is that he does not have the charisma or personality to lead, period. Make all of the excuses you want about OC's. I call BS. He sucked in all of the "systems". He isn't disciplined and refuses to protect the ball. He's one of the most overcompensated NFL players that I can recall. Please tell me how throwing to : Bennett, Jeffery, Marshall, and their other WR/ TE talent could lead to such bed crapping performance?! I expect Cutler to be the same type of announcer as he was a player....aloof, snide, and disingenuous. The guy has the charisma of a chair. No one will be tuning in to listen to his BS. Heck, he couldn't garner the respect of Urlacher, Briggs, and even his buddy Marshall! Why anyone would assume his job as a sportscaster will be different is beyond me. SMH

Spock's picture

"The guy has the charisma of a chair." Perfect. In fact, I'd say most chairs have more charisma. Sadly, most chairs don't get paid like he did!!

LayingTheLawe's picture

Jay Cutler's problem was always optics. He has a resting face that just has an I don't give a crap look about it. You can't lead when you look like you don't care what happens.

And some of those injuries where he just walked off games looked weird. He didn't appear hurt, you didn't see the injury and suddenly he was just there on the sideline unable to continue in an NFC Championship game. Most football players would rather cut off their own arm than sit out a championship game, but Cutler sat there with that smarmy look on his face with a mystery injury. Maybe he truly didn't give a crap. I don't know.

Spock's picture

LayingThe Lawe: Exactly! I remember seeing media reports of Jay out dancing (yes, dancing) the night after the playoff game where he "couldn't continue"). Beyond belief.

Otto's picture

The Bears are a dumpster fire and Cutler was gasoline. He signed with a team that was too cheap to put quality coaching and front office people in place. They specialize in getting the least out of talented players. He was the perfect face of an organization that does nothing well.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Jay cutler isn't misunderstood. Everyone knows exactly what/who he is. 32 Nfl gms wouldn't even pick up the phone , and while most teams reasons are obvious , the 49ers, Jets, browns, bills, the alway a qb away Texans, probably the broncos, and I'm sure a few others certainly should have been in the market for an 11 year vet with a ton of experience who still has the same tools he came in with. But he's "same old Jay", and at this point no one expects that to change.

Love him or hate him (we don't have a lot of reason to hate, I wish da Bears would have kept him for years) one thing is Jay is probably a decent person off the field. No ped questions (lol), no woman beating, (he couldn't really beat anyone), no DUIs, sexual assaults, does charity work, doesn't appear to have 9 kids from 9 women, the stuff that should really make us "hate" someone we really don't know personally.

Hopefully he's good in the booth. No matter who you cheer for its obvious the league could use better announcers, some of the lower level games are pure torture to listen to

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