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Cory's Corner: It's Joe Callahan's time

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Cory's Corner: It's Joe Callahan's time

The Packers put Aaron Rodgers on injured reserve for a reason and one reason only — to elevate Joe Callahan and give him a look.

Yet, the Packers are starting Brett Hundley in the season finale.

Maybe I would feel differently if Hundley had played more consistent in eight starts. However, he maintains a 75.5 quarterback rating. That includes three games with at least two picks and two games with less than 100 yards.

A 75 rating is akin to Trevor Siemian, who lost his starting gig in Week 12 due to poor performance.

Still not convinced? Hundley cannot throw the ball accurately over 20 yards and still gets happy feet in the pocket. What appeared to be a potential second or third round draft pick in a trade for general manager Ted Thompson’s intrepid scouting, Hundley looks more like he will lose his job as the backup.

The Packers’ season is over. It’s time they look to 2018 and give themselves a leg up on roster clarification. Now that doesn’t mean waving the white flag and giving up, it just means that more underused bodies should see more of the field. A great example is rookie receiver Michael Clark. He didn’t play a snap until last week vs. Minnesota. He led the Packers with nine targets by playing in 42 percent of the offensive snaps.

If Callahan was ever going to get the nod, now is the time. We have seen what Hundley can and can’t do. The Packers need to see what Callahan can and can’t do as well in order to plan for the future. For all we know, both quarterbacks may not be back in the fold next season.

Because even if Hundley lights the world on fire and surprises everyone on New Year’s Eve, people won’t be able to unremember his inconsistencies.

Hundley was given plenty of chances and never really proved why he belongs. It’s time for Callahan to get the same chance. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Hematite's picture

I agree with this article 100 percent.
Let's at least have a look at Callahan, there is nothing to lose and knowledge to gain.
But oh yeah, Hundley is one of Thompson's vaunted draft picks and a McCarthy pet project.

canadapacker's picture

Totally disagree with this article. If you took this same article and applied it to the LA Rams - you would have kicked out Goff and signed somebody else. Of course we dont have the missing defense but the issue with the offense is to try and determine whether or not we need a more experienced back up and that will not be decided until Hundley is given all of the chances. I just hope that MM lets loose against the Lions

The TKstinator's picture

I disagree that the Goff situation would have been comparable; he was their #1 pick with “franchise QB” expectations. Hundley was a 5th. He is (was) more of a “hold the fort without overpowering suckage in the event 12 is out of action for awhile and maybe we can “Ron Wolf” him” type of guy.

“Ron Wolf”: to trade a backup QB for a better draft choice.

canadapacker's picture

I have a problem with the Wolf factor same as the Flynn situation - looks good for one game but does not end up being a Franchise quarterback, Times have changed as far as training backups for several years it seems. Rogers is probably the last in that vein. That is why we need to know now if Hundley can be our back up. He has failed so far I agree. But do we bring in another more senior guy - it did not work with Seneca Wallace - or do we keep Hundley until the end of his contract. My hope is that we get some sort of Rogers improvement ( ie he began in year 3 to outthrow Farve on all the drills in year 3). We know that he can run. We know that he freezes especially after throwing an early pick. But can he make that next step. He has this Lions game plus the next off season to show to the braintrust that he can. I fully expect the him and Callahan will be on the team to start next training camp and probably a veteran backup. But I just hate training a guy in the hopes of getting a draft pick. Doesnt happen that often and it is a waste of a roster spot that might have develope a good defensive player or a good running back

Malland56's picture

He's had his chances and failed big time. Like everybody says, he can't complete a long pass. Oh ya Cobb wide open the other week. Why? Because of a major breakdown in coverage. As did a couple other long balls he completed. But when the r had a couple of steps on the DB he doesn't even co,e close. Plain an simple he stinks.

You play Tampa Bay and Cleveland and have to go to OT to beat them? My god what more do you need.

The TKstinator's picture

I think 6 will play at least part of the game. Who knows how much?

tincada's picture

JC is also one of Terrible Ted's beloved undrafted FAs. I don't know about Joe as apparently no one does, but not giving the guy a chance is just plain stupid. Everyone knows BH won't be back so TT admit you don't have a clue and get out, NOW!

tincada's picture

Our QB room is locked or whatever the hell Fatboy called it is set. So says, "I'm a highly successful NFL head coach," McCarthy. Really?

freddisch's picture

MM is a very lucky coach, Fabre and Rogers

TheVOR's picture

I don't even need to read the article to know I'd like to see Callahan Close out the season.

In Fact, if I were GB I'd also be looking at all the WR's at this point.

sonomaca's picture

What if Callahan is good enough to win the game. Pack will drop several notches in draft order.

Nick Perry's picture

What has to be the MOST disappointing part of the entire season is the Packers actually went into this year with Hundley as a backup to Rodgers. It had to be painfully obvious to McCarthy and his staff if ever pressed into duty, Hundley would fall flat on his face. I mean HOW in the heck can you not know your QB can't get through his progressions? How can you be totally unaware he can't throw a deep ball whatsoever with any touch? The Packers kept waiting for him to turn into the player he was his rookie year in the preseason. What SHOULD have been clear was that was a fluke.

In 2013 the Packers were totally unprepared for an injury to Rodgers. We all remember what that debacle was like until Thompson actually did what he should have much earlier and brought back Matt Flynn to hold the season together. In 2017 Thompson didn't even have a Flynn to call on. Nope instead he stuck with a QB who had NO BUSINESS starting for the Packers.

Rodgers has been injured where he's missed multiple games twice in his career. BOTH times Thompson AND McCarthy didn't have the Packers prepared whatsoever. It's bad enough to do it for one season but to do it twice in a 5 year span in INEXCUSABLE!

At this point the Packers NEED to play Callahan. They need to find out what he can do in a regular season game since we already know Hundley isn't the guy!

Flow49's picture

Not making excuses for MM but some people can look good in practice and fall apart on the field when the lights come on. Maybe his athleticism could make up for it in college but not the nfl. I find it hard to believe what we saw from Hundley is what MM saw in practice or at least I hoped he didn’t see that and still roll with Brett. Side note I like Hundley seems like a good guy I hope he can turn it around. It might not be in Green Bay tho

mnklitzke's picture

He practices against our defense.. of coarse he looks like a stud in practice.

lou's picture

This may win the post of the year award "he practices against our defense"

Flow49's picture


The TKstinator's picture

A few years ago Nick Foles threw 27 TD’s with only 2 INT’s. Last week replacing Wentz he threw 4 TD’s. Last night he looked bad.
So is he any good? Who’s to say?
Backup QB’s are a crapshoot, IMO.
(But yes I prefer good ones to crappy ones.)

tincada's picture

They should have played him a long time ago when they were getting their ass kicked. You have no idea what the guy can or can't do without playing him. And one game, even if he starts is no viable analysis. TTed get out and get out now.

nostradanus's picture

I agree with you Cory but it's not going to happen. Mike McCarthy has proved to be too stubborn for his own good and one day it will cost him his job.
Hanging on to assistant coaches for years too long has been his worst mistake and will ultimatly get him fired one day. (Ex: Bob Sanders, Ed Donnatel, Slocum, Capers)
All coaches who could not get the job done year after year.
Most of us could see in the pre-season that the kid they let go at QB, Taysom Hill was the Superior talent and that Hundley is who we thought he was, a below average QB destined for the CFL. The problem is that McCarthy's job is tied to Ted Thompson and Ted traded an extra draft choice to move up and get Hundley. McCarthy won't stand up to Thompson on these matters and so this is what it has come to unfortunately. Handley will start in Detroit, the Packers will again lose due to poor decisions from management, coaching and poor play on Defense and the QB position. Hopefully the Packers don't lose Roders or a draft choice too boot because of a really boneheaded decision to risk illegally putting Rodgers and their future at risk over an idiotic decision to put him on IR. That would be the ultimate in a string of poor decisions from an obviously senile GM, weak head coach and a President who seems more interested in sledding hills and skating rinks to notice that the rest of the NFC North is improving and the Packers are sledding down a slippery slope into a bleak winter.

Houndog's picture

Kudos to you sir, you nailed it!

dobber's picture

"Most of us could see in the pre-season that the kid they let go at QB, Taysom Hill was the Superior talent and that Hundley is who we thought he was, a below average QB destined for the CFL."

Preseason 2015: Brett Hundley leads the league in QB passing yards or some odd thing by playing against 3rd stringers and street free agents. Packers fans are optimistic.

Preseason 2016: Brett Hundley gets hurt. Joe Callahan lights it up in preseason action playing against backups. Packers fans are optimistic.

Preseason 2017: Taysom Hill looks really good in preseason action playing against backups. Packers fans are optimistic.

Let's find the common threads, here. Hmm?

I find that the really boneheaded move is that they continue to treat #7 like he's going to become a pocket passer in the NFL. He's not. He needs to play on the move and be put into situations where the ball comes out quickly. Why the game plans don't seem to call for that, I don't know.

Donster's picture

McFatty has "groomed" Hundley for three years. Well, that doesn't say much for McFatty's coaching ability. He to stubborn to admit that Hundley's performance is really poor. Like it is everyone else's fault except Hundley's. I blame McFatty play calling just as much as Hundley's ability to execute.

MM got mad last year when Callahan was cut by TT at the end of training camp. Now he has him back, so it's time to see what the kid can and can't do in live game action. Hundley has had his shot. Callahan is only going to get one this year.

I haven't heard how bad Jordy Nelson's injury is, but put him on IR and bring up Yancey from the PS. Same with Richard Rodgers. Put him on IR and bring up Emanuel Byrd. They need players at the TE position, so let's see what he can do. One game may not show much, but it might.

nostradanus's picture

as the Eagles roll on to the No. 1 seed with Nick Foles! Haha

jeremyjjbrown's picture

That's why Wolf always had a good backup.

Alvo's picture

Foles looked Hundley-like last night.

Tarynfor12's picture

So did Rodgers vs the Panthers.

dobber's picture

I thought he looked marginally Tolzein-like against Carolina.

RCPackerFan's picture

Funny thing was, as bad as he looked (which outside of 2-3 plays he looked fine), the team was in position at the end of the game to tie or potentially take the win. In the moment did anyone expect Rodgers to let us down? No. In that moment did any Carolina fans or Packer haters think Rodgers wasn't going to lead us to victory? No.

But Allison fumbled that chance away.

tincada's picture

Speaking of Hundley like that's exactly what Dak P looked like for the Cowgirls. Thanks Dak. We now have someone to look up to.

Houndog's picture

Great article, and dead on!
Hudley's a bust, and TT and McPuffy can't seem to see it. Hermatite is right, Hundley's their pet, and winning or losing means nothing, their jobs are safe.
As a lifelong Packer fan, seeing Lambeau nearly empty by mid 4th quarter with only Viking's fans left behind will always be an embarrassment, and it should be an embarrassment to Packers' management as well.
Is this what its come to after we 'owners' (what a joke) stepped up to the plate to help rebuild Lambeau, theme parks and hotels vs football? Profits over performance? Kinda' looks that way!
The Board Of Directors needs to step up and bring us back to being the organization the Packers were established and intended to be, a FOOTBALL Team!
Start with Murphy and clean house!

Chuck Farley's picture

Houndog your right but wrong. Here's why. Hundley in college, his career that made Ted pick him and pay him for three years consisted of: averaging 8 yards a pass, leading the league in getting sacked, led the team in rushing touchdowns and led the league in interceptions. Thus, when in trouble he ran because he cannot read progressions so he uses his legs.

This is exactly what he is now, nothing is changed so blame Ted, not Hundley. Hundley is Hundley, it was Ted who brought him here.

dobber's picture

Before I say too much more, I'll say this: I'm tired of seeing Hundley as well, but there's a reason why he was a fifth round pick and not a first round pick. We're seeing those now that he's on the field under fire.

Fifth round QBs are players with upside...they're projects. He was a good athlete in college, won a lot of games, threw a bunch of TDs (go look). They were taking a shot that he would blossom and net them some kind of return. It just didn't happen.

tincada's picture

Say what? Blame Terrible Ted! Not going to happen, never ever. For some reason, I'm thinking TT has pictures with the M&Ms and little kids or someone is screwing someone's wife.

Nick Perry's picture

They had nearly 80,000 people in the stands at the start of the game which means $$$. Christmas weekend, hotels full, parking lot full, beer sales probably at an all time high watching THAT team. Hell Murphy had em right where he wanted em!! Once that happens embarrassment is a distant 2nd to Murphy.

nigrivasilayesrej's picture

Dom Capers is still the DC, right? Mashed Potato Mike is loyal to the point that it hurts the Packers. Hundley will be starting Sunday.

pacman's picture

I've been as hard as anybody on Hundley and still believe Packers need to get a different backup. But priorities lie elsewhere as we need to fix the defense first. If AR goes down again, season is over with this D. Period!

BUT, Hundley did finally throw some intermediate passes that were not caught (can't even call the muff by Clark in the end zone a drop!!) that could have made a big difference in the game. Hundley has had more than a fair shot to prove himself and he has not. But there is slow improvement. Callahan didn't show anything interesting in pre-season like HIll did. So I have no great hopes for him either. If Hundley can get a good game to close out (and he attends MM qb school again - LOL!!!), there might be something to work with as a backup, for now. No chance at any trade value. No reason not to let Callahan play at least one qtr though.

Oh yeah - and FIRE CAPERS!

pacman's picture

And TT

pacman's picture

And I don't see much that MM brings to the table either.

Since '61's picture

Actually, the mistake was made against the Vikings last week. The Packers should have started Callahan at Lambeau to see if he can play at home. If he could then we would have a road backup in Hundley and a home backup in Callahan.
Hundley is starting in Detroit because he plays better on the road. He gives the Packers the best chance to win the game.

This season proves what I have posted for years here. Pre-season performances mean nothing. After his first pre-season Hundley was hailed as our QB of the future. NOT. Then Callahan was hailed as our QB of the future after he filled in for Hundley when Hundley was injured in his second pre-season. Since then Callahan has been cast aside by 3 or 4 teams and has yet to take a snap in an NFL game. After the 2017 pre-season everyone wanted Tayson Hill to make the team. He also has yet to take a snap in an NFL game. All 3 of these guys just solidify the case that the pre-season means nothing.

Foles and Keenum are playing well because they have both started and won games in the NFL but most importantly because they have better surrounding casts, especially on the defensive side of the ball. With no injuries to any teams the Vikings and Eagles both have better defenses than the Packers regardless of who is at QB. As we watched on Saturday evening the Vikings defense can hold an opponent down even when their offense doesn't play well. Same is true for the Eagles with Foles at QB.

Yes Hundley has played poorly which proves he is a pre-season wonder but what we have also witnessed that his supporting cast is not competitive against NFL playoff contending rosters.

Since Sunday's game means nothing for both teams we could see Callahan play if the Packers get ahead or far behind. In either case he will probably play against the Lions scrubs by that point and his performance good or bad will once again prove nothing.

Chuck them both once this season is over and move on.
Thanks, Since '61

dobber's picture

I just don't believe that the Saints--if they believed Hill had anything they really needed as a QB--would risk him on ST where the league is trying to curtail play due to injuries. It just doesn't fit.

Tarynfor12's picture

Always liked Callahan more than Hundley mostly because of his ' pocket presence .' Something Hundley has not shown to command since being drafted and the very thing that may have allowed Rodgers another week to heal and still be playing with skin in the game.

The fixation that many have on the running ability of a potential QB, whether as a starter or backup, makes most blind to the ability most needed to succeed.

This is not just a Packer fan issue but a large issue in the NFL and has been for a long time and is perpetuated by the bought media and their hyping of this failed trait of need.

QB's need to have a mobility factor, but that factor cannot be their number one, since in many cases that factor makes them... stink like #2's and make it hard to retain them as a number two.

Callahan has been released, picked up on waivers, traded, released, waived, picked up again. I don't believe the reason is his play, I believe the reason was him being a valuable enough pawn to do so.

The Packers, if they believed Callahan so worthless,surely could have signed another during these exchanges. If not, than the reason is more about retaining cap space for that elusive player that TT will think so highly of in FA who will actually have the impact needed or simply is as lost as many see him as being. Which is more closer to truth?

Callahan will not see a snap vs Detroit and that is the biggest shame of all....not giving any and all your roster players a chance to prove you wrong. Especially when you have nothing to lose and they have everything to possibly gain.

Chuck Farley's picture

Really Calahan? Hey all the team wanted to do is protect Rogers ass. Once it was known the season was over they put Rogers in a can.
1. Didnt want the Vikes to win and embarrass Rogers and the coaching staff that this team sucked with or without him.
2. Wanted an excuse to use as to why the team lost this season. Dont blame Capers or Mac or Ted they were innocent vicitms of Rogers injury, all the injuries.

Thus nothing will change. they will shrug their shoulders, go to the draft and begin the same as last year thinking they have Rogers, what more do they need?

RCPackerFan's picture

I'd like to see what Joe (Baby Favre) Callahan can do.

McCarthy in his last press conference said that Hundley would be the starter and would be playing, and that the Vikings game wasn't only on Hundley. Which I completely agree with. I mean 7 dropped passes, and at least 3-4 of them were for first downs. Maybe more? While Hundley wasn't perfect, who knows what happens in this game if those receivers hang onto several of these catches.
Then I watched the replay of the throw to Trevor Davis, I seriously hope he lost it in the lights, if not I don't know what they are keeping him at WR for. All he had to do was reach his arms out and the ball was right there. It was a perfect throw from Hundley.
So I get why McCarthy said that they are going to have Hundley start.

I also get why McCarthy says that the preseason is over and they are not in that mode now. That they are trying to win the game. They have to do everything to keep everyone interested in the game.

But they should be in preseason mode for this last game, just for some player evaluations for the future. Let everyone play and see what they can do.
Look at last game. Reggie Gilbert finally got to play and look what he did. He was in the backfield almost every down. Pipkins came up and made some plays. Yeah, he almost got burned, but that will also help him for the future.
Perhaps Joe comes in the game and leads the team to a win. We don't know until these guys get on the field. We didn't know how good or bad Hundley was going to be until he got on the field, turns out worse then we hoped. Perhaps Joe will be better then we think. Now is the time to find out. At the very least give him a half to see what he can do. Because the end result isn't going to be any worse then what we had with Hundley.

Ferrari Driver's picture

Packers management made a mistake by allowing Hill to leave after training camp. The guy has a rating well over 100; had some poise and mobility in the pocket; and could run the ball if necessary.

He has proven to have a hard nose as demonstrated by his special teams play with the Saints.

Instead we had to suffer with Hundley behind center after Rodgers was injured.

Rossonero's picture

Like Since 61 mentioned, the Lions will probably have a lot of scrubs out there too, so even if Hundley or Callahan plays well, I would not get too excited. McCarthy can say whatever he wants, but it'll basically be a pre-season game.

Spock's picture

Per Cory, "The Packers’ season is over. It’s time they look to 2018 and give themselves a leg up on roster clarification." What would ONE GAME really tell them? Even if Callahan started and somehow played lights out (I just don't see it.), Callahan is good at scrambling and was fun to watch in last years pre-season (not so much this year), but had Hundley's shorter passes been actually CAUGHT by the WR's last game all this doom and gloom would be considerably less in the comments section, IMO. Give Hundley another game of NFL experience; it will be far more useful for "roster clarification" then change just for the sake of change in an essentially meaningless game. If you really want to play Callahan for a quarter or something I guess it might give him some actual NFL game experience, just don't do it in the fourth quarter where Hundley actually seems to do his best, LOL. Lots of frustration after Rodgers injury and seems like Hundley is getting the brunt from many. As others have pointed out he's actually played better than many of the other teams backup QB's who've played this year. I think this team will be fine next year (providing they #FIRE CAPERS!!!) when a healthy Arod is back in the huddle and some of the promising young talent should be even better. Just my two cents.

WinUSA's picture

Honestly, one more game for Hundley? I personally have seen enough of this lousy QB (and I use QB very generously). Yes, he has had a fair share of dropped balls...more likely the WR have said themselves enough of this bozo bring in Callahan. The only thing Callahan has done is win...much like another QB that had no respect despite playing some lights out ball, Matt Flynn!

packergal's picture

Do you mean Matt Flynn?

WinUSA's picture

I'm are absolutely correct~ I was writing another post which involved Finley and....duh....I'm old!!!!!!!!!!! :9)

WinUSA's picture

This might not be the place to post this note...but, to bring some sunshine to this artic cold front..something to warm the Packer fans cockles:

2018 Draft
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
As we near the end of this Packer abysmal season, we Packer fans are all looking forward to next year. If you are like me, we have one eye on the playoffs and one eye on the upcoming 2018 NFL draft. As an amateur prognosticator, I figure we will be very close to picking 15th in the draft. As such I thought I would do a little research to see historically what the 15th pick brought to the NFL. I was very pleased to see that if not an outstanding player, the majority of picks at thisselection at very least least solid players that subsequently had a long NFL careers.

In ascending order from 2008 to 2017, the 15th selection in the draft produced the following players:
2008 OT KC Braiden Albert Pro Bowl 2 times 2009 LB Tex Brian Cushing 2017 2nd team Pro Bowl 2009 player (notably suspended twice for enhancing performance drugs.) 2010 S DE NYG Jasion Pierre-Paul Outstanding career with Giants putting franchise tag in 2017 2011 C Mia Mike Pouncey Two time pro bowl player (2 different positions) 2012 DE Sea Bruce Irvin 2016 signed 37M deal with Oakland. Outstanding career. 2013 S NO Kenny Vacarro Solid player who received suspension for PED in 2016 2014 LB PIT Ryan Shazier Two time pro bowl selection. 2015 RB SD Melvin Gordon No need to tell Wisconsin people about this player! 2016 WR CLE Corey Smith Injury prone, but has great potential to be a quality receiver if the Browns ever get a QB. 2017 S IND Malik Hooker Great potential but season ending injuries puts his value TBD.
The last time Thompson had a decent draft position he hit the ball out of the park by picking Raji and Mathews.
So history proves that at the 15th draft position of which there is anticipation that there will be 3 QBs picked before the Pack, we should be optimistic that we will be able to get a blue chip player at this position. (Note, the Pack is in dire need of a DE and there were 2 outstanding DE’s picked at this position in the last 10 years.)

Just some positive thoughts for my fellow Packer fans to mull over as we prepare for the 2018 Super Bowl run!
Have a great holiday season!

OrganLeroy's picture

I don't think you mean we need a DE, because we need OLB's not DE's this isn't a 4-3 defense.

WinUSA's picture

I stand corrected... Pass rusher would have been more accurate...

Handsback's picture

WinUSA has a great point...what will another game with Hundley give the Packers? No playoffs and his play is marginal for a 3rd string QB. Why not Bo Callahan? Also would play Mays to see if he can run w/o fumbling the ball. They aren't expecting to win, might as well see if Bo, I mean Joe can be a backup QB.

lou's picture

Agree Handsback and WINUSA, two words tell us why Callahan should get a shot on Sunday, "Bob Avellini", it is that simple.

Somehow, someway, Bob Avellini started 50 games for the Chicago Bears between 1975-’84.

Avellini bordered on awful in that time, throwing 69 interceptions, 33 touchdowns, posting a hideous 54.8 passer rating and going 23-27 as a starter. According to Pro Football Reference, Avellini also set an NFL record by throwing the most passes in home games (127) without a touchdown since 1950.

Amazingly, Green Bay’s Brett Hundley took that repugnant record from Avellini Saturday night. And in today’s NFL in which the offense has virtually every advantage, Hundley might have that record for many years to come.

Hundley completed his fifth straight start at Lambeau Field without throwing a touchdown pass. Hundley has now thrown 162 passes at home without a TD.

Qoojo's picture

"The Packers put Aaron Rodgers on injured reserve for a reason and one reason only — to elevate Joe Callahan and give him a look."

Starting quote from the article, no they put Rodgers on IR because they did not want to use him in meaningless games if Hundley gets injured. Thus, they resigned Callahan as the backup. They most certainly did not put Rodgers on IR just to get a look at Callahan.

Furthermore, you are just seeing why the saying, "the backup qb was the most poplar guy in the building", exists when a team doesn't have a decent QB. Welcome to the problem +50% of the teams face every year. This is what it is going to look like when Rodgers retires in all probability.

Just play back the Denver preseason game and watch Callahan struggle with a 4th string defense and with players no longer in the league.

marpag1's picture

LOL. Yup, it's always a bad sign when the very first words of the article are patently absurd.

4zone's picture

Callahan was playing with GBs bottom feeders as well, not our number 1 offense.

Jamie Freier's picture

"Why would I want to pull the quarterback? I saw that he was competing at a very high level.".

WinUSA's picture

BahhhaAAHAAA...that's great sarcasm! lol

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Sure that's what the Packers are used to losing that's why you're satisfied

Bret Iverson's picture

I agree because I believe he is gamer similar to Mr. Hill we let go. Hudley has happy feet, looks at his receivers prior to most of his throws, no long ball, no backside throw, and indecision. Callahan and Hill played late in preseason games and they see them on scout teams. Hudley looks great in practice because they never pressure him or play tight coverage. Practice is inside most of the time which should not be done when we play outside.

stockholder's picture

Hundley will Start! It's not Callahans Time. Both are bad. TT picked a man that would never replace Rodgers. It's just more sabotage to Keep TT on top. In Ted you Trust. The Packer fans got played and TT won. MM has to play his picks. This is the draft and develop program. It's TTs game. If we lose, I'll rebuild this team for less. Cheap Ted. Make TT the household name as a draft Guru. Cheap Ted. Thats what you trusted in. It never was draft and develop. It's about how 2 great QBs can keep the money coming in. Reggie White came to Green Bay because of Farve. He wanted to win. Ted did not want to win after 2014. He waited for Failure. Well now he has it. A team that NO longer responds well to coaching. Picks that get shuffled around to hold down the pay scale. And when they Bust out. He says next draft pick, -up. Knowing 25 guys are ahead of him and their only a REACH. The packers are reaching for straws. Little paper men that he can blow away at the next draft. Make Money. Let them believe. So what if his companions leave. Forget Dynasty. He'll only need another great QB. I'll surround him with draft bargains. And the packers will make money. Well the Packers became about marketing and money. Congrats TT.

WinUSA's picture

Well.... there is not doubt that Thompson to my liking could have been more active in FA signings...but in retrospect he sure got it slipped up his backside when Raji decided to "retire". The whole complexion of the 2016 draft changed. He was snake bit with career ending injuries to the likes of Shields, Sheffield (what coulda been except for that horrendous broken leg. Unfair to call it a bust), Nick Collins, J Finley. I could go on....
Yes, I understand injuries are "part of the game"...but come on..the Pack has some very bad mojo of late regarding injuries...if it wouldn't be for bad luck that Pack would have NO luck at all!

stockholder's picture

When Raji decided to retire?- BS - Raji got switched to DE , and he should have stayed at NT. Raji made a lot of money. Too much. The draft and development did not work on that line. The avg . pay for a starting CB is 12 mil. Hell they even balked when they had to pay shields. And Tramon Wlliams was No longer the fastest guy on the team. Everyone just ran by him. Injuries are just part of game. The two biggest were to Collins and Finely. Both All- Pros. Why didn't TT replace them in the draft? Neither were #1 picks. The packers have drafted players that just don't understand their Roll. It takes them to long now. The only thing I will give TT, is he didn't make the players move around. Thats on Capers. And when they did move, the door hit them on the way out. TT, well he just drafted the next position that a player was making money at. He filled the holes with his extra picks. Free Agents. Not his draft and Develop.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Mcarthy you just flat out suck!!! Your FIRED. Just start Callahan! !!! Im sick of HUNDLEY! !!I have seen more than i willever need to ..but you're gonna do what you want. .just Like you screwed us over for the past 6 years with Capers

cheesycowboy's picture

Cory, with all due respect and honesty, I seriously
doubt Hundley or Callahan are back up QBs in the
NFL. A meaningless game 16 will prove nothing for
Callahan except for what we already know. He
couldn't beat out Brett Hundley for the #2 spot.
Do we not know that neither QB has the talent or
coaching to help them succeed? Hence the real
questions still remain. Talent procurement? Ted.
Scouting recommendations? Also Ted.
Coaching acumen? Mike. Coaching decisions? Mike.
The front office seems to still be an inverse triangle.
To many chiefs and not enough Native Americans.
Question. So where does the crux of the matter lie?

egbertsouse's picture

Packers don't roll that way. You don't get playing time because of production or bench time because of lack thereof. You get playing time because you're entitled, either because Ted drafted you high or Ted gave you a big contract because you had a couple good games. Callahan will not see the field unless Hundley gets injured.

Callahan will most likely stink but I would give him a chance because I would want to see for myself. If he stinks, cut him and Hundley both and get a real backup QB. But, of course, I'm not a genius like TT and MM.

Doug Niemczynski's picture


4zone's picture

The argument for Callahan is specifically to see if he has what it takes to warrent a roster spot in the future. This is the perfect oportunity to learn what he can do against a #1 defense, on the road for team desperate to make the playoffs. For no other reason than that Callahan should start this game. You have plenty of tape on Hundley and one more game won't make a bit of difference in his future with or without the Packers.

If McCarthy doesn't start Callahan, he is not performing his job. His responsibility now is the future of this franchise and evaluating everyone on his roster to see what he has going forward and how they perform in real game situations. Gilbert and Pipkins are good examples of that from last week.

But sadly, McCarthy as most have commented, is more out to prove himself right than evaluate his team for the future as he should be doing. Come next year, with AR back, we will most likely return to the playoffs and experience another early exit like usual and McCarthy will continue on until Thompson finally decides to retire and a new GM takes over.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Hundley only got the number 2 spot because mcarthy uses him as a puppet with strings but Joe Callahan is a playmake! McCarthy doesn't like it because he doesn't have control over the things Callaghan does but when you play Joe Callahan you will see that he can do it and that's why McCarthy doesn't want to plan him because McCarthy will say what does he need me for when he can do it himself !!! I guarantee you.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I think people would have said Brett Favre is not ready when he came in that he was to loosey-goosey that's why they release them I'm the Atlanta Falcons and I think you will say the same thing from Joe Callahan a playmaker! And no matter what Favre did Holgren kept him in the game and never took him out!!! And what did we get out of it ? Just the best quarterback in the NFL!!

dobber's picture

You've been hanging out with al bundy, haven't you?

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I hope he gets a concussions then put Joe Callahan in because that's the only way he's going to get in hopefully somebody smashes hundleys head in... it's really sad you have to hope that a player gets hurt to put the right player in thanks fat Mike

Art's picture

Hundley has proven game after game that he can NOT complete passes downfield. That instantly eliminates him as an NFL QB. End of conversation. Everybody can have a good game or a bad game but he has had enough chances and proven he doesn't have it.

What's to lose by giving Callahan a chance to show what he can do? He seems like a gamer to me.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Exactly! If he does put him it will be in the second half when they're already down like 24 to nothing putting Callahan's back up against the wall.

dobber's picture

I don't see how his back would be up against the wall in a meaningless game 16.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I mean why did you even put into Rodgers on injured reserve just to put Callahan on the team for what I mean if he's that bad you know Randall Cobb can also play quarterback he was a quarterback what a freaking waste keeping Callahan on the team because all you do is jack him around putting him on the practice squad active Squad then waive him then bring them back on the team then put him back on the practice squad waive him again then pick him back uo and activate him. INSANE !!!! just put the freaking guy in and let's see if he can freaking play which I know he can he can play better than Hundley. Fire everybody in that organization

dobber's picture

I think your analysis of how they've handled Callahan tells us all we need to know about him.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

I can't have an analysis because I haven't seen him in a real game and McCarthy won't put him in but when they do put him in a real game then we can make a real analysis of this but until that time McCarthy's an idiot .

Dzehren's picture

Callahan is a practice squad player. Need a pick up a vet back up and find another Tayson Hill type as UDFA or late round pick next year to create competition.

stockholder's picture

Callahan is no Favre and not worth a #1. I prefer Hundley over bringing another pain in here. No QB is going to be A-Rod!!! If A-rod goes down again, you know they'll draft a QB. We should not have to lose to get another Favre or Rodgers. TT did this. TT should be Fired or resign. Sign the pass rusher in Free Agency and move up in the draft to pick a QB. My first pick was QB. You must do this before A-Rod gets hurt again. And before Free Agents and others think this is a losing program.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

And why do we keep Joe Callahan on the practice squad what is he just a practice squad player for the rest of his life that's not what practice squad is for. Practice squad is for the guy to come up and eventually play not to be jacked around like a piece of crap

The TKstinator's picture


Malland56's picture

He's had his chances and failed big time. Like everybody says, he can't complete a long pass. Oh ya Cobb wide open the other week. Why? Because of a major breakdown in coverage. As did a couple other long balls he completed. But when the r had a couple of steps on the DB he doesn't even co,e close. Plain an simple he stinks.

You play Tampa Bay and Cleveland and have to go to OT to beat them? My god what more do you need.

DD's picture

Folks, way to complicated. Hundley bad, gone. Play Callahan, gone. We have no backup!

chuckv's picture

Hundley seems like a nice guy - not a packer QB, he has played 3 quarters well .. it is either he can't make the plays or McCarthy can't coach him they gave it a shot if sadly failed .. at least Callahan will light up the place with his positive never say die attitude .. he reminds me of the vikings new guy case .... the season has ended badly for many reasons but for all to at least see if Callahan can play .. play him and for God's sake don't screw up the play calling let the kid play .... at least it would be a reason to watch the game vs Hundley (again a nice guy) chew gum and screw it up .. and it would give McCarthy a shot at coaching again and maybe some hopeful play calling . I mean the man as lead the team to the playoffs many a year maybe lead this team to one more win ..

chuckv's picture

Hundley seems like a nice guy - not a packer QB, he has played 3 quarters well .. it is either he can't make the plays or McCarthy can't coach him they gave it a shot if sadly failed .. at least Callahan will light up the place with his positive never say die attitude .. he reminds me of the vikings new guy case .... the season has ended badly for many reasons but for all to at least see if Callahan can play .. play him and for God's sake don't screw up the play calling let the kid play .... at least it would be a reason to watch the game vs Hundley (again a nice guy) chew gum and screw it up .. and it would give McCarthy a shot at coaching again and maybe some hopeful play calling . I mean the man as lead the team to the playoffs many a year maybe lead this team to one more win ..

John_P's picture

I also agree with what has been said in this article. I do not understand WHY McCarthy will not let Callahan start the Detroit Game? I also felt that letting backup QB Hill go was a BIG mistake!

gmeyers1's picture

If Callahan was better than Hundley, he'd be playing. The real question is Why are these 2 guys all we have at qb? There hasn't been a serviceable nfl experienced qb available? Why are there 2 roster spots being taken up by guys who can't play? Rogers injury was serious enough that the season goes in the dumper anyway, but having roster spots taken up by people who aren't game ready screams incompetence.

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