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Cory's Corner: If I Were Brian Gutekunst...

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Cory's Corner: If I Were Brian Gutekunst...

We’ve heard the same song and dance over and over: the Packers need playmakers. 

General manager Brian Gutekunst has plenty of options right now. Many people remain steadfast that Antonio Brown is the solution to all of the Packers needs. Brown is the best slot receiver in the league and what he can do with his 5-foot-10 frame is amazing. 

If Matt LaFleur was knee-deep in his regime in Green Bay, I would be all-in for the Packers to go after Brown. However, LaFleur is still shaping his culture and bringing a guy in that could turn that back wouldn’t help the new head coach out at all. 

First of all, if I were Gutekunst, I would sign Earl Thomas. Even though he’s been injured in two of the last three years, he’s 29 years old and he’s versatile. Most importantly, he’s a leader that would quickly make others on the defense accountable — a quality that defensive coordinator Mike Pettine would love to have. He’s great in coverage, he’s a sure tackler and he plays the run very well. Thomas would add instant credibility to a unit that has had its fair share of tackling woes.

Secondly, I would package the 12th, 75thand 118th overall picks and move up to No. 2 to draft Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen. Getting to the quarterback is paramount in today’s game because the secondary isn’t allowed to do much. And because of that reason, I would go after a transformative talent at edge rusher and start over at the position. Let’s face it, Clay Matthews and Nick Perry don’t scare anyone. According to Pro Football Focus, Matthews was ranked 58thamong all edge rushers in hurries last year, while Perry was ranked 92nd. It’s no coincidence that eight of the top 10 all resided on teams that made the playoffs last year. You don’t have to necessarily sack the quarterback, but you have to make him uncomfortable. Matthews and Perry have made life pretty easy for opposing quarterbacks. Allen is an every down defender that will be the next building block for years to come. 

Finally, with the 30thpick, the Packers go on the offensive and take tight end Noah Fant. The Iowa standout has been one of the best in the nation because he has wide receiver instincts. He’s too fast for linebackers, but his 6-foot-4, 232-pound frame is too big for corners and safeties. His only bugaboo is blocking but if he can get off the line off scrimmage and get downfield, the lack of blocking will quickly be forgotten. 

The days of quantity over quality in the draft are over. The Packers have six picks in the first four rounds. The Packers have plenty of holes on offense and defense and the best time to fortify both is now. 

But it all starts with a cornerstone leader. That guy is Thomas. He has played in 12 career playoff games including a pair of Super Bowls. He is going to make the youngsters accountable while giving them a road map for success. 

The Packers need impact players and this is a great way to kick start more winning ways. 



Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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Savage57's picture

If I Were Brian Gutekunst...

I'd make sure I never tried to find someone to 'work out the kinks' while I'm in Florida.

Nick Perry's picture

"I would package the 12th, 75th and 118th overall picks and move up to No. 2 to draft Kentucky edge rusher Josh Allen"

Cory I love your "What if's" BUT moving up from 12 to the 2nd overall pick sure seems like it would take a hell of a lot more than an additional 3rd and 4th round pick and swapping 12th overall for the 2nd overall.

IF that was all then HELL YES, lets go do it, especially if we were to land Noah Fant AND keep our 2nd round pick too. It just seems incredibly cheap to move that far up.

rstain99's picture

trade up for that guy? really! No question they need edge but little high for guy thats college proven.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Yeah, if BG didn't want to trade the 12th, 31st and 75th for Kahil Mack why the hell would he what would probably be even more for Josh Allen?

Josh Allen is a great prospect but he has like a 20% chance of being as good as Mack.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

That's a good question. I suppose Josh Allen would have an AAV of $8M and a 2019 cap hit of around $6M instead of Khalil's $23.5M AAV, but Mack is proven. IDK, but it still sounds like a good question to me.

lebowski's picture

"moving up from 12 to the 2nd overall pick sure seems like it would take a hell of a lot more than an additional 3rd and 4th round pick". My thoughts exactly. If they could swindle the 49ers like this I'd be ecstatic.

sam1's picture

If I was Gute, I would hope to be able to get the best I could at necessary positions and ffrom there and have some luck with less injuries!

NitschkeFan's picture

I am all for picking those players but please come back to earth and reality. There are several places where you can see estimates of the "draft value chart" to guide your speculation. / NFL-Trade-Value-Chart

To trade up from 12 to 2 would require giving up all of #12 #30, #44, and #75. Too many holes to fill on the roster to essentially give up the possibility of getting several quality prospects for Josh Allen.

Your scenario could at best have the Packers move up from #12 to # 6 or 7

(also I think Pack has picks #107 and 111, not 118 according to that web site)

dobber's picture

The Packers were bumped down when the NFL awarded 7 compensatory picks at the end of round 3 yesterday.

LambeauPlain's picture


Those picks wouldn’t get you even close to #2. Gutey would have to trade his 12, 30 as well as 2nd and 3rd rounders to get SFs interest and they still may need to throw in his top 4th rounder!

The SF pick is 2600 pt trade way Gutey gives up nearly half his draft for Allen.

carlos's picture

I’d keep the picks. Thomas would be fine, but I think he has his eyes on the Cowboys.

jannes bjornson's picture

Cowgirls or the 49rs are his targets, but money talks.

Archie's picture

Hmmm....if I were Gutey, what would I do???

1A - Take Polite at #12
1B - Trade up to early 20s to get Brurns (keep R2)
2 - Take best TE on the board

FA - I'd be all in on the best S I could get.

3 Top Packer Problems = 3 Solutions

jannes bjornson's picture

Good plan ,but I would take Sweat over Burns.

Handsback's picture

Cory I do love your work. If Green Bay was 1 or 2 players away....yeah go crazy
The truth is the Packers lack 2 things in their roster:
Starting holes- TE, OG, slot WR, edge rusher, SS, and FS.
2nd is roster depth. Injuries kill the Packers every year. The same can be said for every team. The difference is depth. Green Bay is lacking depth to overcome injuries.
So further exposing those weaknesses won't help by going in on two players.
As fans we think our team is strong and 1-2 players away....but I think the Packers need a great influx of talent so when Bulaga goes down they can still run those outside edge plays as an example.

CheesyTex's picture

Absolutely! Right on.

IMO Cory is wrong to package 3 high picks to move up.

IMO Cory is right when he says "The Packers have plenty of holes on offense and defense and the best time to fill them is now".

JonR005's picture

I disagree with the narrative that the packers are in need of a rebuild (and can't content next year).

Yes, I get first year head coaches typically take some time to get their system in place.

But look back at the Rams/Patriots games this year. Both on the road, both against super bowl teams, and both were a play or 2 from being W's. A more creative offensive attack and continued improvement from the defense and I put the Packers back into the "elite" territory.

Throw in that we should add 4-5 (12, 30, 44 and 2 FA) quality players this offseason and ARod returns to form. I see an NFC championship game next year as not only being realistic, but the goal.

Nick Perry's picture

IF I was Gute I'd try to sign someone like La'Darious Smith, Shaquel Barrett, Preston Smith, or some combination of those 3 players. All can rush the passer. All are only 26 years old so chances are good you'll get production (hopefully) for more than one or two seasons.

Next I'd sign a Safety like Tre Boston or Adrian Amos. Obviously their not Earl Thomas but you could probably sign BOTH for what it would cost to sign Thomas, and again these guys are younger players.

Then I'd go out and sign at least one, preferably two O-Linemen. Quinton Spain would be a Guard I'd look at since he's familiar with MLF offense having played in it in Tennessee last season.

Now I understand the Packers don't have TONS of cap space, $33 million or thereabouts spends quickly. But IMO all these players I've mention are all between 26 and 28 years old. All of these players have proven they can do the job in the NFL. And lastly none of them would break the bank. Gute MUST sign good contracts. NO MORE $30 million dollar contracts to players who are 30 or older. Those contracts are fine for a team who is REALLY maybe one or two players away. The Packers are more than a player or two away.

Build to make the playoffs next season and win the SB in 2020. IF they get lucky in the draft and are able to land say Polite at 12, Hockenson or Fant at #30, and Adderley at 44 or anything like that it would be a VERY successful offseason for Gutekunst and the Packers.

Lare's picture

I agree, this team has way too many holes to fill (both in starters and in depth) to get any benefit from high priced veterans and top five draft selections.

Rebuild the overall quality of the team this year, and if necessary shoot for the stars next year.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Lare, if we're not contending until 2020, then we should cut Tramon Williams. You'd have to think about anyone else you're not willing to extend. If that includes Bulaga and Daniels, then trade them for what you can get.

Tundraboy's picture

'But IMO all these players I've mention are all between 26 and 28 years old. All of these players have proven they can do the job in the NFL."

I hope that is their mantra.

dobber's picture

I wouldn't be surprised to see BG 'dumpster dive' for edge rushers in the FA market--Shane Ray, Dante Fowler, those kinds of guys--and plan to get his high-end pass rusher on a rookie deal out of the draft. If he's going to play on the high end, Preston Smith is the higher-end edge that I like, and I wouldn't be averse to taking a flier on Anthony Barr (who might be a little cheaper coming out of a 4-3) and turning him loose to rush the passer.

Nick Perry's picture

I like Barr too dobber and the price might not be to over the top. I REALLY like ZaDarious Smith from Baltimore. I'm also wondering if Preston Smith may just want to come to GB and play for his Ex-Coach.

dobber's picture

I agree that there's a gamble there on Barr, and that he's not going to be cheap...just cheaper than top-tier edge guys and the return might be as good. Still, I have a hunch BG goes with the lower cost, higher risk edge players in FA and looks for an impact edge in the draft.

carlos's picture

Preston Smith would be great Nick. Probably would want 10 mil a year. Just guessing. Need OL help bad and more overall team depth. Hope Adderley is there at 44. I like the “Honey Badger”, but heard on here he doesn’t want to play up north. At the right price and team he might.

Old School's picture

Nick Perry is stealing my solutions! I've been encouraging using FA to get two mid-range safeteis AND two offensive linemen, under 30 years of age, for about $30 million/total or less.

As regards the draft, I think we could trade down from #12 to #21 and STILL get Hockenson plus we'd add another second round pick.

carlos's picture

Great minds think alike.

OnWisconsinGoPack's picture

If I was Gute....I'd be true to my board and make sure that I'm not forced into an area of need if I'm not in love with the player, even if that means trading back from the highest pick the Packers have had in the last decade-ish. Super deep draft that if the Pack can accumulate another 2nd and or 3rd while still getting 'their guy's then do it.

As hard as it was to see Derwin James go somewhere else, Gute made a hell of pick with Jaire. This team is not one or two players away. Solid picks at Edge, Oline, FS and TE will propel this team forward next year and years to come. Go Pack Go!

Wilment's picture

Whole lotta "ifs" here. If Earl Thomas wants to come to Green Bay. If he can pass a physical. If he is willing to play for an amount where the Packers don't need to mortgage the team. Then, to move to number 2, I believe they would need to package up the top four picks.....even if the number 30 somehow remains in our possession, I believe Fant will be gone by then. Then what? The "trade back" for more picks trick doesn't work in every draft... our team record over the last four seasons proves this out. We will see in about three weeks when free agency opens up, that will tell us more about the BGs intentions.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

What trade value chart says that will get us up to #2? Pipe Dream.

Good stuff but please be somewhat realistic.

Fact is we could have gotten Khalil Mack for less than what capital is required to go up to #2 for the Kentucky Allen. And he's no Mack.

ILPackerBacker's picture

Instead of pretending we could trade for the second overall pick like that lets pretend they offered it for all our 5th and lower picks....or allen falls....

years after perry and CM3 stop being effective, NOW you say they no longer scare QBs

Were you aware of the Jimmy J trade chart much less its improvements?

stockholder's picture

Allen is not worth the second pick. Thomas is worth the money, and so is Smith. Sign them ,and the Rebuild just ended. If I was Gute I'd draft value. Not Love affairs. And thats what Hock and Fant are. Love affairs. Sure they can play football. But!!! We don't need a TE as long as Graham is here. We need to get depth on the OL. And your going to need every draft choice to get it. Take your edge. But the war is won in the trench. And were just not good or elite enough to think otherwise. The packers will keep wasting Arron Rodgers until they move in this direction. So if I'm Gute I replace Wilkerson! The Rush just got 100% better with Smith and Oliver. (What the heck did Arnold show everybody?) Next I draft a ILB, and Guard. Yes to BUSH/ Wilson! Most injuries happen to Off. Lineman now. I get them help. Lindstrom, Risner, McGary,and Scharping will do more to help Rodgers then a TE. Jace sternberger is the TE to draft.

Since '61's picture

If I were Gute I would sign an OL or maybe 2 in FA. I would also sign a Safety but not necessarily Thomas, because his price will probably be too high. Remember Thomas has an injury history but he also has his SB ring. He is looking for what will probably be his last big payday but not necessarily to be the cornerstone for a team trying to reach and win the SB.

Then in the draft my first four picks (not necessarily in this order) would be Edge, OL, TE (especially if Hock or Fant are still available) and either another Edge or Safety. If I can accomplish that then I look for WR, RB, ILB and OL/DL depth.

During this year's draft and next year's draft Gute needs to build the core of this team for the next several seasons. Solid drafts in '19 and '20 combined with the 2018 draft could produce a core group of players that the Packers have not really had since the 2009 - 2014 seasons. We already have Rodgers, Bak, Linsley, Adams, Clark, Daniels, King and Alexander. Add a few well chosen FAs, keep Rodgers healthy and we can become serious SB contenders for the remainder of ARs career.

Much will need to work out for this to happen but it would be sad to derail it all from the beginning by signing players like Brown, Bell or even Thomas. Thanks, Since '61

blacke00's picture

Since '61,

I like your thinking. I may not approach it in exactly your way.

Reload this team around the "core" of the team OL, DL(edge rusher), Safety and TE. You may have to use a combination of FA and Draft choices. But they to be around building the foundation of the team. I've saying this repeatedly. Avoid the Flash! That can be dealt with later.

Since '61's picture

blacke00, there are a variety of ways building the team can be approached. The key as you describe it is to "Avoid the Flash". That can be addressed when we are a player or 2 away. Thanks, Since '61

nostradanus's picture

If I were Gutey I would:

A: Cut Perry
B: Re-Sign Clay to a team friendly 3 year deal
C: Draft Edge Montez Sweat
D: Draft TE Hockenson
E: Sign Earl Thomas
F: Draft OL Dalton Risner
G: Draft WR Andy Isabella
H. Draft S Nasir Adderley

If all these things happen the Packers will be right back in the playoffs

That is all

stockholder's picture

Never happen!

nostradanus's picture

We can only hope

Bure9620's picture

Clay on a 3 year deal? Dont see it

Dzehren's picture

If I were Gute- I would continue the rebuild thru the draft and pick as many players as possible and realize GB is a year away from Super Bowl contention. In free agency this year I would also try to find 1 impact player and 1 serviceable starter with an eye on 2020.

Old School's picture

If I were the GM.....

1) I would look to use up to $30 million in FA money to acquire some solid players for the gameday roster. The two areas I would specifically look for are the safety spots and the offensive line.

2) I would trade down in the draft and try to acquire more picks. According to the Trade Value Chart, we could move from #12 to #21 and get an extra #55. We could move #30 to about #37 or so and still get an early 4th rounder. That would give us 8 picks in the first 112.

3) If LaFleur wants to use TEs, we should get a TE. It is entirely within the realm of reason to believe that the top TE will still be on the board at #21, and the number 4 guy still available at #44.

4) I'd look hard to take an OT with one of our three second round picks. And a safety.

stockholder's picture

30 to 37 for extra Forth? TT did that and got Biegal. I suggest no trade down beyond the 3rd. Thanks to the comp picks by the NFL. Tes keep this in mind before you take that TE. In 2016 are DL was LDE - Mike Pennel Nt leroy Guion Mike Daniels , Brian Price , TT drafted Lowrey 16/4 Clark 16/1 while most didn't like Clark. What did Clark Do? And what has Dean Lowrey Done?

Dzehren's picture

Mike Daniels will be 30 next year & his contract expires next year. Wilkerson has a major injury history and Montravius Adams might be a bust. UDFA Tyler Lancaster took Adams snaps last year when injuries hit. Not a good sign for Montravius. That leave Clark- Lowry as studs and Fadol Brown ,James Looney & Lancaster as developmental prospects.
GB needs to rebuild the trenches with ÖL & DL. Especially ÖL.

Dzehren's picture

Daniels and Bulaga will need to be replaced in this draft as both players will be 30 and there contracts expire.

Old School's picture

I do agree with needing to get some DL help. You'll note that I still have an early 2nd round pick available. I even kind of have a guy in mind but I'm waiting for after the combines.

I would disagree with the poster who doesn't think early 4th round picks have value because we drafted Beigel there. Most of those early 4th round picks were guys that weren't expected to be available after the 3rd round.

stockholder's picture

I understood, @21 Hoek and you get 55 too. OK? Then you also want @30 to 37 and get a 4th rd. NO not Ok. Stay at 30 first. The top ILB/S/TE/OL will be there. It is OK to take @37 (OL only this draft,) and 3rd rd for that @30. 4th round picks do have value in other drafts. This draft No. Their Maybes! The defensive top players are up to 30! I used Biegal. But I could also use Lowrey. Underwood and several other TTs picks. The success rate has been poor for the packers. You'll always want an upgrade with a forth rd. pick unless he makes All-pro. I also would dump both 4ths for a second this year. And watch and see if Ne and Philly don't dump their Comps and a 4th. Bet they do. The problem is you want offense, and you'll have to keep taking Offense with your trade downs.

Old School's picture

So who are the guys between #30 and #37 that you think we can't risk passing up? And the trade value chart says that #30 balances out with #37 and an early 4th round pick, so that's what I've used.

Look at the past history of the draft. There are guys being taken at 36-37-38 who are every bit as good as the guys taken at 29-30-31 in every draft.

Question #2. Why is drafting an OLB so urgent? I mean, we were like 7th in sacks without much of a contribution from Perry, and he'll be back at one spot and at the other we have Fackrell. We can also resign Gilbert for at or near the vet minimum.

Or do you just want to improve a part of our team that's already ranked pretty high instead of an areas that are weaker?

As the rankings change during the combine and pro days, take a look at the guys who'd be available around #37 and tell me he couldn't start for us.

Me, personally, I'm in favor of getting as many premium picks as we can, and I'd define premium picks as the first 3 rounds plus the first half of the 4th round.

We could add four good players in free agency, and another 8 premium picks in the draft. That goes a long way towards filling out our 53 man roster.

stockholder's picture

#30 to 37. Fant, Smith TEs. Adderley S. Lindstrom Risner G. White ILB. J Ferguson,Jones, Allen. Simmons- DL. 4th yes but it's a 3rd this year. Somebody will pay it. Correct on history. Question 2. It isn't for me. I say screw the edge. Replace Wilkerson. But what could happen is a changing of OLBs for the future. Polite and a shot at Burns. Trouble here is 9 teams want a new edge too. And they won't cut Perry. The saints want CM3. Improving the team. It's DT @12 for me regardless. But I can see a edge. @37 the above could start. But 30 is the shot a Double LB. @37 all the top LBs will be taken. You keep 30 incase 1 falls. I can't tell you a 4th rd can't start. When I've seen a kid come in as a free Agent and start. But the odds are against a 4th rd up. I'm saying trading down and missing a Lb because you want a forth is not a good idea. Mike singletary was a second rd pick.

jannes bjornson's picture

Grab a DT with one of the four picks. I agree DT has to be stocked.
I like Montravious. He looks to be coming on with more reps and Fadol Brown as a five technique showed he's willing to attack and tackle.

ShooterMcGee's picture

Could Daniels be a surprise cap cut this year? He is near 30 coming off an injury, owed 10 million but only 2 million dead cap. That would clear an additional 8 million in cap space. Every year at this time there are surprises.

BradHTX's picture

“GB needs to rebuild the trenches with Öl”

With... German oil?

*scratches head*

That’s some autocorrect you got there, Dzehren.

Dzehren's picture


Demon's picture

Old school, Since you are a believer in the TT way of roster building why stop with just a couple trade downs in the first few rounds? Quantity over quality was always Teds way.

Trade away all of our picks in the first 4 rounds and we may be able to get the whole 7th round. Then we sign 15 UDFA's and we have a winning roster.

Unbelievable how many people want to trade away the highest pick the Pack has had since Hawk. The reason the NFL has the draft the way it is with the worse teams picking first is because the best players go early in the draft.

It is our turn to take a big bite out of the apple instead of being left with a nibble at the core.

Old School's picture

Quite a few players that Thompson drafted are still in the league. Maybe not with the Packers, but they're NFL players.

20% of all draft picks will never amount to squat. Most of the time, there's another guy just as good as the guy you took a little bit later in the draft. Get as many swings at the piñata as you can, IMO, because it's all kind of a crap shoot.

Old School's picture

First off, not the highest pick since Hawk. You're forgetting 2009.

And yeah, you could get ALL the picks in the 7th round....if you think that all 32 of them can make your roster. IF you don't think all 32 of them can make the roster, then there kind of wouldn't be any point in getting all those picks.

8 picks in first 114 and I think every last one of them would make the roster.

You shouldn't be so disparaging of Thompson's had us in the championship game 4 times in 10 years. It appears to be Gutekunst's strategy too, based on last year. We have an extra first round pick because he traded down. How do you feel about having an extra first round pick this year?

LambeauPlain's picture

No way do I trade away a 1st rounder to drop into second round. Those picks can be signed to 5 year Ks vs 4 year deals in the other rounds.

jannes bjornson's picture

Don't be like Ted.

Old School's picture

Didn't Thompson have us in the Championship game 4 times in 10 years?

Skip greenBayless's picture

Not good enough for these morons. They have no clue how bad a team can get. Spoiled rotten.


croatpackfan's picture

In short - I'm glad you are not at Packers GM position...

I agree with you on Thomas, but I'm against idea to invest 3 high draft pick on one player. I consider that stupid. What if that player finish his career in 3rd preseason game with neck injury. Where Packers will be then?

No team is ONE PLAYER away of SB. NONE!

Sorry Cory, but draft is all about building team quality depth. And for doing that you need as much high draft picks as you can gather.

LambeauPlain's picture

Those three picks won’t even get the Pack close to #2.

It would take the #12, #30, the 2nd, 3rd and probably a 4th to get SF to trade down.

Skip greenBayless's picture

If I were Gute I would say a prayer my name isn't Bob Kraft then proceed to do the exact opposite of everything Cory has suggested.


George Costanza

Bure9620's picture

If I were Gute, I pay for a veteran guard, if available, Saffold, Greco could be available?? But my target FAs are on defense, use the draft to get some young offensive talent, the WR, TE depth in this draft is strong. This is not a total rebuild. This will be a 21st century offense, Rodgers will flourish. Focus on building up the oline with 1 or 2 vets and focus on defense. The Packers are not as far away as many believe. This is a retool, not a rebuild. We have a Franchise QB, Franchise LT, Franchise center, Franchise DT and a blossmimg stud at corner and top 5 wr

jannes bjornson's picture

I would draft a Guard in the third and he should plug and play. There are guys there and into the fourth rd. The #12 could only benefit to move down a slot or two, but if Hockenson is still on the Board #12 is fair value then move into the lower first round for one of the Edge guys. He has to get one EDGE guy to start from the free agent pool. Thomas has a high price tag unless it is confirmed he can move and cut effortlessly with his previous speed, he's not worth the risk.

buddrow53's picture

Football is and has been about blocking and tackling.
We have not been that good in too too many years.

One player that would help both blocking and receiving would be Hockenson.

We need ol/dl help big time. Need good sound tacklers, we don't need guys who throw themselves into runners.

I want edge, te, s, then ol/dl for the next 3 picks. Stay put use all of our picks and let see what happens.

jannes bjornson's picture

And the hardest hitting safety in the draft is Abram from Miss State.

Old School's picture

But can he cover? Brice and Jones are hard hitters.....but they have issues in coverage.

We do not have the ability to put 5 guys on the field in the secondary who can cover and tackle. And that's the truth.

stockholder's picture

Gute Mock @12 Polite ///// Pick # 26 Trade with Indy. Costs @44, @76,@ 6th rd. Hoekenson TE, ///////@ 30 Fant TE./////// Pick #65 Trade with Arz. Costs @114 @118 and a 6th rd. M. Brown WR ///

CalPacker's picture

I'd go the opposite direction: trade down. The mid-Rd#1 picks are totally over-hyped, but this draft is deep. For instance: Washington wants a QB, let's exchange #12 for #15 and #77. But don't stop there: Oakland wants to make a big splash, trade the #15 we just got from Washington (maybe throw in #151) to Oakland for #35, #66, and #99. That would give us amazing access to this deep draft: 30, 35, 44, 66, 76, 77, 99, 115, 119, 186, 196. Combined with a decent FA haul, we could do some serious damage with these picks...

Skip greenBayless's picture

I would love to do as you suggested CalPacker. I have a feeling Gute will do just that. However we are in the minority as far as wanting to trade down it seems. Too many people here are in love with one player that they fear they won't get if we trade down. I think the conditions are perfect to turn that 12 into several later no. 1's and 2's.


carlos's picture

I would trade down before I gave up picks to move up. As far as draft picks- the more the merrier. So I agree with you Cal and Dash.

SportsBot_5000's picture

This is the absolutely worst collection of takes I’ve ever seen. Earl Thomas is going to one place, and one place only..Dallas. That’s been known for about two years now, catch up son. Secondly, why would you trade away valuable picks for a dude that had only one solid year of production at Kentucky? Dude has been overgraded by everyone. At 12 we could get Polite or Sweat, 30 & 45 BAP defense. Smh, do better.

SportsBot_5000's picture

TE at 30 is also stupid.

James Martins's picture

Resign Breeland and Ibraheim Campbell.
Cut Tramon Williams. Sign Jordan Hicks, Quinton Spain and Tevin Coleman. Draft in this order: Hockenson (TE), Brian Burns (Edge), Lindstrom(OG), Chase Winovich (Edge), Chris Johnson (FS), David Montgomery (RB), Terry Goodwin (WR), Calvin Anderson (OT), Daniel Wise (DT), Tommy Sweeney (TE).

splitpea1's picture

I would not sign Thomas and would never even consider giving up two upper/mid-round picks (not that would do it anyway in this instance) to draft a player who isn't a QB. The Packers could use help in most position areas and losing draft picks...isn't the way to go.

I would also like to see the Packers start to fill these defensive leadership voids from current players, or at least from lower-profile free agents, rather than have to import players like White, Woodson, and Peppers. As for Thomas, he's already had three significant injuries in his career, and it's too risky to sign him. I think the Packers would be better served spending their money elsewhere.

4zone's picture

I think one or maybe two FA signings are what we need to supplement out draft and I think we should be able to land an upgrade at Safety and at OL or OLB. I think getting a safety is the key though.

By removing that urgent need we can have better focus on other positions in rounds 1&2. We can always pick another safety later on if the right guy falls to us but it won't be an absolute.

I like our chances of getting solid picks at OL, TE and OLB with our first three picks. Couple that with a proven veteran free safety and maybe an upgrade at OL or OLB in FA and we should be sitting pretty good.

4zone's picture

Oakland interests me as a potential trade partner. I don't like dropping so far down but we could potentially end up with 3 first rounders if we gave up our 1st & 3rd rounders. Would end up giving us 4 picks in the top 44.

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