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Cory's Corner: I Get It, I Don't Understand It

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Cory's Corner: I Get It, I Don't Understand It

I get it, but I don’t understand it. 

Former Packers general manager Ted Thompson, who is currently in a senior advisor role, will be in attendance inside the Packers draft room for the upcoming NFL Draft.

My first reaction was, what?

If I’m Brian Gutekunst, who is making his first NFL Draft as the Packers general manager, why potentially confuse things? Not only that, but will this cloud his decision making in the all-important War Room?

Like I said, I get it. Thompson is Gutekunst’s Obi-Wan Kenobi. He respects him and values his opinion. But since Gutekunst has been used to taking orders from Thompson, will he revert back to old times and do the same?

But from the Packers perspective it makes sense because this is how you close Thompson’s chapter. Since he wasn’t in attendance at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis this past February, the draft only makes sense to recognize a guy who used the draft as the organization’s main building block.

It’s just hard for me to wrap my head around this from Gutekunst’s perspective. Gutekunst can say he’s being unselfish by sharing the spotlight and War Room, but at some point he has to be selfish by putting his own mark and stamp on this franchise.

No matter what happens from Thursday-Saturday, the Packers still have work to do. Either a shutdown cornerback or a talented edge rusher would be a welcome sight for a defense that needs plenty of help.

This may just be Gutekunst’s first draft, but this one really matters. This draft will map out who the Packers are during the rest of Rodgers’ peak years.

Thompson or no Thompson, Gutekunst must get this one right.


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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MarkinMadison's picture

If TT is Obi-Wan, doesn't that make Gute Darth Vader? Just sayin.

LambeauPlain's picture

Glass half empty...Vader.

Glass half full...Luke Skywalker.:-)

marpag1's picture

Wait... I thought Belichick was the Dark Lord? That would make being Vader a good thing and Skywalker a bad thing, right? Shit, I'm so confused....

Bearmeat's picture

Glass completely gone (cause we skipped Episode V): Anakin Skywalker. ;)

GBPDAN1's picture

Get out of the draft room, Ted. BG needs to clean up your shortcomings without distractions.

marpag1's picture

I've heard that all of this is happening because Ted is suffering from demenia. That's why he didn't go to the combine, you know... because the Packers didn't want to be embarrassed by their drooling former boss.


What is hard to understand about this? Why does everyone think it is sooooooooo very impossible that Gute and Ted might actually have a good working relationship? Why does everyone quietly deny that the Packers were serious when they made TT a SENIOR ADVISOR, and not some meaningless placeholder? Is it just impossible that people might actually value the opinion of a guy who up until a very short time ago was calling all of the shots for the organization? Why does everybody have to have a "National Inquirer" perspective on this? It's just silly.

The TKstinator's picture

I don’t think “everybody” ever thinks the same thing, ever. For example, SOME people probably love big snowstorms in April.

dobber's picture

I LOVE cold weather. It was 55 degrees here when I went on my morning run today and it felt lousy. Having lived somewhere hot for a major chunk of my adult life, I can say that I truly feel it's highly overrated. More cool weather...I can do without the snow.

Bearmeat's picture

I agree 100% and am insanely jealous of you right now, Dobber. And I live in a hotter place than you did!

dobber's picture

That 'perma-sweat' feeling just kills your will to live.

You have the benefit of being a much shorter drive to the coast than we ever had...

Bearmeat's picture

That's true. 1:45 to either beach here. But the gnats are bad too. And yes, I HATE the summer here. And of course that's the only time "off" for teachers of any stripe. So you're stuck inside when you have free time. nice.

And unless we get a spousal hire (unlikely), we're never leaving until we retire. Yuck.

dobber's picture

I forget the gnats. Macon was just north of the gnat line (around Warner-Robins), so we had that going for us. You've got my sympathies. Macon was the only place I ever lived where people would say, "we'll have you over for a cookout when the weather cools off."

We were fortunate (we're a two-body hire, too) to find another opportunity. Keep looking: you never know when you'll find that chance. I know music is a tougher market than chemistry these days, but you never know when an opportunity will come up! Back to my rage grading...

holmesmd's picture

Perpetual schweaty ballz!! No bueno! ;/

The TKstinator's picture

After I’m dead I’ll be in the hottest place of all.

4thand1's picture

shut up TK, I'm still up to my ass in snow.

dobber's picture

It's only a problem if you're really tall... ;)

WKUPackFan's picture

Agree 100%.

To Cory's credit, he did not include any mention of the vile and disgusting speculation regarding TT's health. Unfortunately, we have some sub-human cretin posters who like to wallow in those rumors.

kevgk's picture

Teddy was a linebacker in the 70s. He is 100% slowing down mentally at a greater rate than others his age. The amount is being speculated.

WKUPackFan's picture

Alan Page played defensive tackle from 1967 through 1981. Page was subsequently a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice from 1993 until he retired in 2015 at age 70.

Assuming that TT is "slowing down mentally" simply because he was a linebacker is ludicrous.

John Kirk's picture

Let's see if he actually is in the draft room and his level of participation, if we can gather such a thing. Will there be cameras in there so we can watch the interactions of the new configuration? Wouldn't be surprised to learn they aren't allowing video out of there.

I gotta admit, I was pretty surprised to read that Ted was going to be in the room and participating. I'll believe both when I see it.

Oddly, I had a dream I had a conversation with Ted last week. I rarely recall my dreams, and I don't recall dreaming about anything Packers related save for one other time. He was chatting along just fine in my dream. I hope he's really okay. I'm still not convinced.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Thompson's poor track record over the last three or four years does not support treating him as a sage or keeping him on board.

OrganLeroy's picture

Do think it's funny to make fun of Dementia in any context? If you do you're an asshole!

marpag1's picture

Uh, no.... you saw the "eye roll" comment, right? I am responding to the fact that other people have accused TT of suffering from dementia. That accusation looks pretty silly if in fact TT is an integral part of the Packers draft process.

Hopefully this explanation will comfort any concerns you may have about assholes and such.

Oppy's picture


I somehow have missed this post until now. I can't agree more. It's absolutely ridiculous.

CJ Bauckham's picture

'But since Gutekunst has been used to taking orders from Thompson, will he revert back to old times and do the same?'

Short answer, no

dobber's picture

Certainly, if it were me, I would want my best people in the room on draft day, but I wouldn't want any confusion: it's my job that's hanging on these decisions and they would clearly be my calls. This is a big draft for BG...lots of draft capital and first opportunity to really put his mark on the team. We can say that FA was the start of his legacy, but it really begins on Thursday night. TT risks nothing by being in the room.

TheVOR's picture

I think we'd all have to recognize the fact that if he's still actively running the scouting, that he's actively building the draft board. His mark is on this draft via his player evaluation, whether we like it or not.

What is in Gutz's control is how he pulls the trigger off the board. He also has control over things like understand value vs injury profiles, etc.. I think just based upon the fact that a different guy is making the actual decisions around what players are getting drafted, based upon his own interviews and evaluations, that's going to be huge.

Thompson could have been responsible for building the draft board, or at least assisting in it, but Gutz holds the power on the actual decisions. Different "gut" pulling the trigger. Thompson's "gut feelings" on drafting a certain player will be different than Gutz. My sincere hope is that it's Gutz pulling the trigger, with Thompson simply being an observer. I hope is Thompson does little but sit back and watch.

Savage57's picture

Like the move, says something about Gute.

The Packers lost a significant portion of their brain trust when Wolf and Highsmith joined Dorsey. Bringing Ted into the room shows Gute's more concerned about having talent in the room to provide counterpoint, different perspectives, argument or agreement.

To me it points to a guy who's secure enough to use all the assets available to him to get the job done and make that more important than having to worry about whatever perceptions his predecessor being in the room with him might mean to folks looking in from the outside.

kevgk's picture

I think it has more to do with Ted has been involved in numerous drafts and has experience with every contingency scenario involving trading, players falling, getting call offers, ect. Gute's press conference alluded to his draft day experience.

vj_ostrowski's picture

It is fairly obvious that any time Gute talks about TT, he does so with respect but also with an air of “I am the GM and the final decision is mine”

I think it is absurd to suggest or pretend that TT is going to have undue influence, much less that he is some “puppet master” here (you didn’t suggest the puppet master bit, but I have seen that on twitter and in comment sections on other sites)

It also feels like they’re just ushering Ted into retirement gently, possibly due to failing health or mental faculties. But that’s speculation based on rumor.

Handsback's picture

It's a good move, I doubt that TT would be very forceful on any opinion that he was asked about. Also doubt he would open his mouth to even comment unless asked to by Gutsey. His experience and knowledge will be needed in day 3 where players are picked pretty quickly. TT loves that 3rd tier of players that go in the last few rounds and or UDFAs. He scouts them as hard as he does the 1st round guys.

Ryan Graham's picture

I'm confident that BG is knowledgable enough to not constantly look to TT as if to ask "what do I do?" Hes already proven hes going to do things his own way and make his own decisions. There's nothing wrong with keeping the most experienced scout who happens to be among the most experienced scouts in the NFL in the organization in the war room.

Talking about Ted Thompson, the scout, not the GM. Important classification.

dobber's picture

The Packers have two positions of need (OL and WR) where TT has demonstrated at least some proficiency at finding players. I'm sure that TT has done whatever scouting he was asked to do and provided those reports, but having him in the room just in case can't be a bad thing...

Bearmeat's picture

Let's not forget: it was only 3 years ago that TT was considered a CB whisperer. The Rollins/Randall/Hyde/Heyward thing really killed the mojo, but for quite awhile, we had good to excellent CB play with no top end investment in the draft.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I completely agree, Dobber. If Gute looks to TT for advice on whether to draft a specific OL in the 4th and/or 5th rounds or a WR in the 2nd, I am all for that. Also, if there are any draft day trades, TT has been dealing with other GMs for a long time, and he may have a better idea whether GM X might not be willing to sweeten the pot in a trade scenario better than a first time GM. Ultimately though, Gute should have the final say.

Remember, Ron Wolf stayed as a consultant after Sherman was given the GM duties. I don't remember if Wolf was in the war room after Sherman actually assumed the GM duties: I think he was for the first year, but my memory is wretched.

stockholder's picture

Do we have to go there? TT can go where he wants. A-rod wants his say. Gute ia a GOOD LISTENER. IS Mark Murphy Yoda? The DRAFT is all that matters.

Ryan Graham's picture

Dobber I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm looking at guys like Anthony Miller and Joseph Noteboom, those are just a couple of names I'm sure Ted has been whispering into BGs ear. I expect a push for adding day 2 and early day 3 picks to add talent from those parts of the draft.

I was poking through your comments with your boy stockholder regarding moving up or back in the draft, and while they do have 12 picks 9 of them come on day 3. That's not enough firepower to move up into the first realistically, but enough to stockpile in rounds 3 and/or 4 depending on how many picks he is willing to sell.

We've all beaten the draft to a pulp, it just needs to get here...

dobber's picture

I LOVE Anthony Miller--uber productive and competitive, high football character, can likely contribute right away, and I think he's another player being undervalued--and if he's on the board when the Packers come back around in round 2, I'll be really happy if he's the pick. I like DJ Moore even better, but don't think they'll go get him (I think he'll end up in the late 20s).

I agree on Noteboom: he looks like a typical TT LT conversion project. Good athleticism and many of the negatives seem correctable. Where the Packers draft an OL could tell us something about what they think they have on the roster. If they jump at a OL in rounds 2 or 3, either it's not a ringing endorsement for their returning, young OL, or a guy slipped who was just way too good to pass on.

I have fun with stockholder because he's so adamant and so sure of his assertions and analyses. I can't help but poke at it, but that's because I'm a squirrelly s#!t by nature. I hope he doesn't feel there's anything truly malicious in it. If he does, then I apologize for that. So, stockholder, if you're reading this: peace, friend.

stockholder's picture

Anthony Miller is not what the packers go after. Look at the size of the Wrs their bringing in. Janis types. Sure they need a new gunner. But these guys are 6'2" long arms with a vertical jump. Miller is 5'11". Great talent. Like him. Packers won't get him.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think its a smart move having Thompson in the room with them. Why wouldn't you want the best people in there?

Thompson has reported to have been basically doing nothing but watching film of players, which is what he loves. Having him in the room would be smart, IMO.

I can't wait to see what happens in the draft. I had Thompson mostly figured out. Drafting a defensive player from the Pac-12. Drafting an OL in the 4th/5th round. Drafting at least 1 CB and DL during the draft.

With Gutekunst we have no idea how he will operate. That will be exciting to see.

LambeauPlain's picture

One of TTs greatest strengths is scouting/talent evaluation. Another is his experience. He will be able to “advise” Gute in draft strategy, potential moves and board movement.

I fully expected him to be in the draft room. I would have been more surprised if Gute didn’t have him there. It would have indicated to me TT was only a title and a placeholder.

Ted isn’t the most extroverted, talkative fellow so I expect he will give advice only when asked.

Bearmeat's picture

That's exactly what I was thinking too. Ted won't overstep his bounds, and BG knows him well. With all Ted's experience as the captain of the ship, I think having him in the room to bounce ideas off of in the heat of the moment will only benefit things.

dobber's picture

I have to think that BG hasn't slept for days in anticipation of Thursday. By all accounts, this (college scouting) is his wheelhouse--it's Disneyland for him--and he's getting his chance to play there for the first time. If anything, TT could be a calming influence. After all, I can't see him getting overly excited about much of anything...

DD's picture

I agree, but it makes me nervous. Talking much? Doubt thst, but he certainly can influence Gute. We'll find out Thursday eveming.

Lare's picture

If it doesn't bother Gutekunst it doesn't bother me. At this point, the draft board is pretty well set so there isn't much decision-making that has to go into the actual selection(s). The difference is if/when trade proposals come up and there are discussions on those. And in that case I'm sure Murphy, McCarthy, Ball and TT will also be involved.

Otherwise, Gutekunst has been part of this process for 20 years, he shouldn't see anything he hasn't seen before.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Doesn't bother me.

Since '61's picture

With all the board movement and trades that will likely take place during this draft the more eyes and ears in the room the better. TT will be an advisor not a decision maker and sometimes it is good to have someone in the room who knows what NOT to do. That can be just as important as knowing what should be done. Thanks, Since '61

croatpackfan's picture

It doesn't matter who will make the decisions. That decisions will be Brian Gutekunst decisions by description.

Now, why you are so rude to call Brian Gutekunst stupid and irresponsible.

You believe he built his renome without taking his responsibilities seriously? You believe that you can become part of the decision makers by poltronism? I believe Brian Gutekunst have all necessary qualities to do his job as responsible leader. That does not exclude listening experienced and knowledgable people to improve his decisions.

In what world do you living?

LambeauPlain's picture

Gute: “OK...we have both these Center/Guards rated very close to start Saturday. Ted, which of these guys could help next year and which has the most upside?”

Ted: “The kid from Oregon is ready to help out now but the guy from Nevada could be really good with a year working with Campen.”

Gute: “I got some interesting trade down offers but I think I gonna stay put. What do you think?”

Ted: “I’d take one of those guys.”

Oppy's picture

There's a big difference between PR concerns and running-a-football-operation concerns.

The part you get is the running-a-football-operation part, and that's a good thing.

The part you don't understand is the PR part, and luckily, that crap doesn't matter one bit when it comes to operating a football operation in terms of being successful. I don't think anyone in the Packers front office gives two rips about 'how it looks' that Ted is going to be in the draft room, because it's a non issue in terms of anything that has real impact on being a successful football team. Only fans and media give two shits about how "it looks".

Spock's picture

Oppy, we posted the same thing at the same time; you just said it better!

flackcatcher's picture

Talking to my friend who is a an AFC front office guy. He is very surprised about how deep this draft is. His team is seriously thinking of trading out of the 1st for extra picks in the 3rd and 4th rounds. He thinks his team will be able to get quality players well into the 6th and 7th rounds. Amazing if true. Then it makes sense to have TT in the room seeing that this is his draft strategy that Gute is using. As you guys said, use every resource you have to achieve success. TT has been the ultimate team player throughout his entire football career. It is insulting to think he would turn 'heel' at the last minute.

stockholder's picture

If Vea DT isn't there , I hope they do trade down. Your friend is right. I'd take two #2s for that pick right now. And I wouldn't take a cb! The small schools have some great talent. And when you consider the hype with the combine. Take the two. This team is all about A-ROD. Defensive players don't put points up consistently. They get paid to hurt and remove the threat. No team can stop a scoring machine in the NFL now. It's all about the points on the board. The offense needs retooling. MM rewrote the playbook and the numbers prove it. The Wrs are a mess. The Rbs need that guy. The OL has not looked so bad since the 80s. The Te's have been Rinky dink. So Lets get that #1 Wr. Moore A #1 TE. Giesicki A #1 RB. Jones, In rd. 2 Plenty of defensive guys later.

flackcatcher's picture

Personal wise I think the Packers are in far better shape, but we don't have access to Gute's front office team analysis of the players. So your YMMV. Until the draft is over and we see what UDFA signing are for this team, we won't know what the new GM really thinks of this team. My gut tells me we are watching the Packers going though a 2 year rebuild, at this point hard or soft is unknown. This draft will fill in most of those blanks. We'll see....

dobber's picture

If he goes to the FA scrapheap shortly after the draft, that will tell us a lot.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I don't think the scrapheap contains all scrap. Here is a partial list of notable players who are still unsigned:

CBs: Breeland, DRC, K Webster, L Johnson;
Edge: Robert Ayers, Galette, Dumervil, Brooks
OG: Jahri Evans, Schwenke, Joeckel, Boone
S: Branch, Reid, Boston, Graham, TJ Ward
OT: Austin Howard, Will Beatty
WR: Dez, Maclin, Tyrell Williams (RFA)

Some of these guys can be useful to GB, others probably not. I am sure opinions will both vary and be plentiful.

dobber's picture

Sorry, mostly hyperbole on my part. I actually expect that we'll see him sign a couple players between now and the middle of June. The extent to which he does so will tell us a lot.

John Kirk's picture

The org does care about PR...that's why they announced he would be in the room and helping. Why put that out there when they didn't put out that Ted wouldn't be in Indy or Mobile? The answer Brian gave to the Ted question at the combine was horribly uncomfortable to watch.

It's not consistent to promote that Ted will be in draft room and helping and not put out anything in advance of the combine or Senior Bowl where Ted was a fixture for many years. So, again, to say the org doesn't care about PR is not accurate. They cared so much about PR that Ted wasn't there for his knighting into his Sr. Advisor role. Watch Murhpy answer why Ted wasn't there. Why ask the question? Look at Murphy's answer...about as uncomfortable as Brian being asked about Ted in Indy.

Finally, if you don't think the org cares about PR you've already forgotten why Ted was removed as GM. McGinn had the story. Wilde said he'd heard the same things but was "maybe, too chicken" to write it as he felt he "didn't have it cold like Bob did."

I will be very very surprised if they put a camera in the draft room. If Ted is truly going to be present and involved it would stand to reason we would hear from him at some point. We won't. We still have yet to hear a single word from him on his "promotion" to the job he really truly always loved more than being a GM. Would follow that we should've heard from him by now...still haven't...and still won't.


WKUPackFan's picture

Has a NFL team ever issued a press release stating that its former GM is not attending the Senior Bowl or combine?

No one, other than you, cares if TT was there or not. No one cares about your repeatedly posted half-baked speculation as to why TT was or was not there. No one, other than you, cares about why some question was asked. No one, other than you, cares about your interpretation of Murphy's answer, body language, voice tone, etc., when answering said question. No one, other than you, cares about your interpretation of whether Gutenkunst appeared to be comfortable or not.

McGinn is a disgraced former newspaper hack desperate to drive clicks on his subscription website. McGinn would cite Kirk's speculation as an "unnamed source".

John Kirk's picture

Wow. You seem to know what EVERYONE thinks. Bob McGinn is an award winning journalist. Always will be.

Just to be clear, Wilde said he heard the same things but was "too chicken to write it". It's can dismiss Bob but cheerleader Wilde said he had the same story. What do you say now? I know...the same thing.

For juxtaposition purposes... You do realize that Brian was asked about Ted while he was in Indy. Go watch his answer. Didn't say he was or wasn't going to be in Indy. Now, he's asked about the draft and emphatically states things about Ted's involvement. One answer was vague...another crystal clear. Pretty interesting contrast but I know that's just me.

Oppy has all but stated that Ted is no longer GM because he hates media? I don't care if Ted hates the media...there is class, and there is no class. It isn't classy to GM a team into the ground and then disappear. It's very bad form to leave the team in shambles and then go dark. I thought proud Ted wouldn't leave the Packers in bad shape? He did...and he was removed. He didn't get promoted or lateraled or any other thing besides REMOVAL. You are free to conclude why he was removed. I have my will have yours. There is plenty of evidence and backing for my view. There's literally none for yours. Ted wanted to go do what he loved and leave the Packers in shambles? Riiiiight. Why didn't he leave the GM chair years ago once he figured out how much he hated media and loved scouting? Your view isn't based on anything other than wishing for something to be a certain way so it fits in a nice little box and ties up nicely for you. It doesn't tie up nice. It's ugly and sad. I recognize that and am some horrible human being? No. I'll say it over and over...I don't wish for ANYONE to suffer health issues. Doesn't mean they don't and are.

Oppy's picture

You are the absolute king of shifting your position when people challenge your nonsense. Deflect, evade, change the argument, rinse repeat.

Oppy's picture

>>>"The org does care about PR...that's why they announced he would be in the room and helping."

Or, you know, maybe the organization didn't issue a press release announcing that TT was going to be in the room during the draft. Maybe, I don't know, maybe four minutes and fifteen seconds into a pre-draft press conference, a reporter specifically asked Brian Gutekunst what Ted Thompson's role would be in the upcoming draft, and where would he be during it?

>>>"We still have yet to hear a single word from him on his "promotion" to the job he really truly always loved more than being a GM. Would follow that we should've heard from him by now...still haven't...and still won't. Why?"

I'm just throwing this out there.. but perhaps because, per Ted Thompson, the organization itself, and just about anyone who has ever known Ted Thompson, dealing with the media and the press is TT's least favorite thing in the world, and a major reason why he loves scouting more than GM'ing. If the man didn't even like addressing the media during pre-draft pressers, where he gets to talk about what he loves most.. how much do you think he would like to be grilled about his leaving the GM position, taking a reduced roll? You seem to indicate that the Packers won't put a camera in the draft room, you seem to hint it's because if Ted is in there, the whole world might see a guy who's health is deteriorating. That might even be true- but why would you think that has anything to do with "PR" or a concern for what you think? Have you ever considered that perhaps if TT is deteriorating in some way, the Packers are acting out of RESPECT FOR TED, not out of CONCERN FOR WTF *WE* THINK.

The Packers are an NFL team, they have an obligation to deal with the media, and a base amount of availablity is actually required by the NFL (as you surely must know). However, believing that they give a shit about whatever crazy conspiracy you have in your head about how it looks to have Ted in the war room for the draft is ridiculous.

Not everything is conspiracy. Sometimes, even when people just tell you what, why, and how, some people are just going to ignore it and continue to try to create a narrative. Why? I don't know. You tell me.

The craziest conspiracy out here seems to be that maybe it's not all a conspiracy. Maybe Ted is getting old, and maybe he didn't want to deal with the pressures of the GM position any more, and maybe the Packers thought it was time to go in a different direction, and maybe Ted just wanted to go back to scouting anyway, and maybe the Packers agreed it was best all around to go in that direction. Wouldn't that be crazy? All the dots connect and the stars align if you take it that way. There's your smoking gun! Wacky, if you don't assume there's a conspiracy, how it all just kind of makes sense.

I try not to blame you for how you approach every. single. "story". that comes out, because I realize your job for many, many years was to set up story lines that create intrigue and stir the pot. Unfortunately, sometimes the truth isn't all that interesting. Sometimes the reality doesn't create listeners and sell 15 second spots.

Sometimes, an organization like the Packers don't care what you think about "how it looks" when it comes down to you, me, or the media. Sometimes, they do what they believe is in the best interests of having a successful draft. And maybe, your "weak" Brian Gutekunst is actually strong enough that he's doesn't give a rip if you think it looks bad to have TT in a room with him while he conducts his first draft, because maybe he knows who and what he is, and isn't threatened by having a man with a great deal of experience there to advise him.

John Kirk's picture

Yeah...but A LOT of the time the real story is buried and it is very very interesting. I know that from personal experience. I've seen it. I've watched the control...I've been told to control certain information or ignore it.

You can judge me as you wish, but I'm telling you I believe with every fiber of my being what I've been typing about Ted. I do think there's some things there that are not good. I have no doubt he was removed and hidden. Again, I will be STUNNED if we see Ted in the warroom in anything but a staged photo. I don't believe they'll put him out there for the world to see and I really don't believe he has any influence. I believe he has and will have ZERO influence on this draft. The mention of him is out of respect for Ted and that is the definition of PR.

Spock's picture

Cory, You don't understand why the Senior scout (and his expertise) would be in the draft war room? I don't understand why you would feel this is a problem. I think it's a plus. Obviously, Gute is comfortable in his own skin and doesn't care about 'perceptions'. This is a non-story IMHO.

Tarynfor12's picture

It could be said that Gute got the job because he was the only one willing to keep TT as an integral part of the draft though denying it. But actions speak louder than words and come This weekend,the actions by the Packers war room will speak louder than many want to hear. Moving TT down the hallway didn't in all rights move him out of the say so as we were led to assume. Has anything to date been done that says TT is not involved directly?

Oppy's picture

Why wouldn't the Senior advisor of football operations be involved directly, and more importantly, who led you to assume TT would have nothing to do with the process?

The Packers have insisted the entire time that TT was still going to play an integral part in the Packers organization.

I find it paradoxical that on one hand, you suggest the only reason Gute got the job is he's the only one willing to keep TT as an integral part of the draft... yet you turn around and claim we've been led to believe his position change was intended to get him out of the way.

John Kirk's picture

Why wasn't the Senior Advisor at the combine or in Mobile? That's a good question that appears to have no answer.

dobber's picture

Frankly, it's a question that the answer is fundamentally uninteresting to me. On a human level? Sure. On a Packers operating level? No.

Oppy's picture

For your conspiracy side:

Maybe he wasn't well?
Maybe he had a serious health issue? I mean, that would fit with Gutenkunst tearing up?
Even if that's the case, why some people feel like it's a scandal if an employer doesn't divulge an employee's private health issues is beyond me.

Or, for the 'Maybe the organization actually told you the god's honest truth about it" side:

Maybe TT genuinely didn't want to overshadow one of his protoge's in his first public appearances as the new GM of the Green Bay Packers?

Oh, the horror.. the horror.

TXCHEESE's picture

The combine is for measurements, medicals and interviews. I don't think you have to watch folks run a 40, or perform a bench press to know whether or not they're good football players. Thompson is most valuable breaking down film, and he doesn't come across as someone that would have been that great at interviewing college kids.

Thompson has dealt with many of the GM's around the league for several years, and I could see his value in the draft room knowing which teams might be willing in a trade and working the phones in that respect for Gute.

zeke's picture

It could also be said that Gute got the job because the squirrel that I am currently watching as it steals food from my bird feeder willed it to happen.


Bert's picture

Actually I could care less who is in the "room" with Gute. All that really matters is the end result. Well if Matt Millen is in the draft room I guess I'd be concerned......

Spock's picture

"Well if Matt Millen is in the draft room I guess I'd be concerned......"
Bert, that was hilarious!

Oppy's picture

There was a great story, I believe it was Jason Wilde (but I may be mistaken), was at the combine back when Millen was the GM of the lions, and found himself in an elevator with him. While chatting, when Millen found out he covered the Packers, Millen exclaimed, "You cover the Packers? They're my favorite team since I was a kid! I love the Packers!"

dobber's picture

He certainly ran the Lions as if that were true...

4thand1's picture


Since '61's picture

Tick, tick, tick. Thanks Since ‘61

4thand1's picture

Would TT have fired Dom?

flackcatcher's picture

Strictly the head coaches decision. TT never interfered in hiring or firing decisions made by McCarthy.

4thand1's picture

So if TT said to MM, you have to fire DC or you're gone, he has the ultimate power.

Bert's picture

Can't let TT off the hook for keeping Capers around. I know it may be MMs ultimate decision but geez. A GM can't just sit back and watch the defense implode year-after-freaking-year and then throw valuable high draft picks to fix the defense year-after-freaking-year without taking some serious action on his own. My biggest concern this year is that MM is still HC. He should have been held more accountable for the Capers debacle IMHO.

flackcatcher's picture

Yes, but the final word would be the Packer President. Overruling TT would be the same as firing him. In any case, TT was very careful not to step on MM in any way over coaching. If he had, a lot more coaches other than Capers would have been gone sooner. And the Packers would have had a major crisis in both the front office and at 1265 far sooner than what happened last year.

dobber's picture

I think you're spot on: under the Thompson/Murphy regime, there was a pretty strict adherence to chain of command. It worked for some time, but eventually started to break down (especially on the field). We can argue ad nauseum (and have) as to where the blame lies for that, but this is in part why I'm open-minded with regard to the new power structure. This is also why most are leery of it (lack of distinct chain of command)...not a new revelation on my part, but it will require remarkable personalities and teamwork to go.

Oppy's picture

That organizational structure predates Thompson/Murphy and was instituted by Bob Harlan when he decided to bring in Ron Wolf and put an end to the ol' boys club of meddling and interference (Board of Directors) that was running the Packers into the ground for going on two decades.

It was insanity to him that people who were Green Bay bankers, lawyers, doctors, and businessmen were trying to tell football coaches, football talent evaluators, etc and so forth how to do their jobs. Harlan dealt with business and the board, he insisted Wolf be unfettered in making football decisions on personnel, and Holgrem made the football decisions on the field.

worztik's picture

If TT is supposedly such a great talent evaluator, and based on his absence at the combine, there are two scenarios where only one can be correct. Either TT ISN’T such a great scout OR the combine really means nothing! I have a tendency to believe the latter but, I’m sure glad TT is “almost” gone, referring to his physical presence and not his mental capacity... just sayin’!!!

Point Packer's picture

I want to start this comment by acknowledging the fact that Ted Thompson has made some brilliant personnel moves as GB's GM: Aaron Rodgers draft, pushing out Bret Favre, CM3 move up to draft, Charles Woodson FA, Julius Peppers FA, Davante Adams, Bahk - the list goes on.

However, his drafts as of late, acknowledging we won't know much about 17' for another year or two, have been mediocre to bad. With the 2015 draft dumpster being the clogged toilet bowl the morning after you have slept at your new girlfriend's apartment. So many mind numbing moves the last few years: Randall, Rollins, Molasses Dick Rodge in the 3rd, trading up for Spriggs in the 2nd.......(good lord, WTF), Jerel Worthy (remember him), Datone Jones, letting Hayward go, letting Hyde go. And my personal favorite investing in Brett Hundley for three years and believing he was an NFL QB the whole damned time.

Ted shouldn't be in that room.

Demon's picture

I couldnt have said it better point packer. If TT's role in that room is anything more than getting coffee for others ill be concearned.

dneipp's picture

Off the subject just a bit, but I do not understand why they did not go after Marcus Peters from KC. We never seem to want to give up draft picks. With our record of drafting it makes no sense. That was TT history, I hope we do not continue it.

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