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Cory's Corner: Gute's Rock and Hard Place

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Cory's Corner: Gute's Rock and Hard Place


Packers have said all the right things about right tackle Bryan Bulaga.

“He’s doing excellent; he’s way ahead of schedule," said Green Bay general manager Brian Gutekunst after the NFL Draft. “Those are big injuries. He’s fought through those things before, we expect him to do that again. But yeah, we expect him to be a part of our team.”

But it sure is asking a lot for him to be ready by Week 1 this year after he tore his right ACL on Nov. 6 last season. 

Bulaga is 29 and is a crucial member of Aaron Rodgers’ success. The Packers could cut him, but that wouldn’t prove a thing because they don’t have anyone behind him that’s capable of consistently starting an NFL game. 

Not only that, but the moment Bulaga gets cut is the moment Rodgers’ asking price goes up by a few dollars. Rodgers knows that without Bulaga — who was ranked as the No. 14 right tackle according to Pro Football Focus in 2016 — he will need another step in his giddy up in order to keep his jersey clean and remain injury free. 

Factor in Bulaga’s 2012 hip injury and his 2013 torn left ACL and it makes sense for the Packers to ask him for a pay cut. He has a $7.9 million cap number this year and a cap number of $8.35 next year.

I doubt Bulaga will be ready by Week 1. It makes sense to put him on the PUP list, which would make unavailable until Week 6. The worst thing the Packers need is Bulaga coming back too soon, getting injured again and potentially causing his career to be in jeopardy. 

The Packers had chances to add right tackle depth in the offseason through free agency and through the draft. They kept looking the other way, thinking and hoping that Bulaga would be able to be the lovable road grader he has grown into.

Green Bay can win without Bulaga, but it’s asking a lot of Rodgers, Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams. More will be expected of those three without the services of the elder statesman on the offensive line. And remember that Jones and Williams will be entering their sophomore campaigns, so to expect those things isn’t really fair. 

The Packers are really caught between a rock and a hard place here. You must stand behind Bulaga and build him up with praise and expect him to make his return for Week 1. Or you have to turn the other cheek and say that we cannot trust your body betraying you again at the price that we are paying you. However, if you do that, you not only risk losing your most experienced offensive lineman, but you’re putting the health of your best player in a precarious situation. 

Welcome to the Big Boy chair Gute. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He is also nearing completion of a master's degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter @Coryjennerjohn

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Doug_In_Sandpoint's picture

It doesn't seem to me that the Packers make a habit of forcing players to renegotiate contracts down when performance doesn't measure up (i.e. Cobb, Matthews). I expect BG to keep him where he is, put him on the PUP if necessary, and let others step up. Not sure if it is wise depending on Spriggs, but they seem comfortable with what they have on the right side...although I'm a bit nervous.

Turophile's picture

The word is that Bulaga is a good deal ahead of schedule (ACLs benefit from modern medical techniques and heal a bit faster than they used to).

Even so, PUP looks the most likely option. It will be down to Murphy, Spriggs, or maybe even Madison to hold the fort until he is back (6 weeks of pup before he is eligible to play, I believe). I predict the starters to be LT Bakhtiari, LG Taylor, C Linsley, RG Madison or McCray, RT Murphy.

If released:
The cap hit (in dead money) would be $3.2m this year (salary is $6.3m)
The cap hit in 2019 (dead money) is $1.6m (salary would be $6.75m)
That suggests the Packers look closely at letting him go after 2018 season.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Bulaga's cap hit is $7.9M; dead money is $3,2. Cap savings is $4.7M with $3.2M dead or if he is a post-June designee, the cap savings is $6.3M with $1.6M dead in 2018 and the same amount in 2019. He is set to receive $6.1M in cash if he plays 5 games, $6.3M if he plays 10 games. Doubt he plays more than 10 games (plus some more in the playoffs).

I have thought he was overrated on these blogs. Top 4 RT. PFF has him 14th, and that's closer to my opinion if he were playing 16 games. Still, until I see someone play RT as well or almost as well (and I haven't), I am okay with putting him on PUP and then hopefully getting a boost when he returns week 8 or so.

GBPDAN1's picture

The first 6 games of our schedule is favorable as 4 are at home and the 2 road games are winnable. We can win these games without Bulaga. We went 4-1 to begin last season with multiple injuries to our line.

Let Bulaga sit and heal. After six weeks on PUP, he'll be able to practice for 2 weeks during the bye. Then activate him for the Rams game after the bye. This starts a challenging 5 game stretch that having Bulaga back for would be beneficial ,even if he's playing at 90% of his former self.

We need to keep Bulaga because we would only gain 5M in cap space this year by releasing him ( factoring in dead money). 5M is worth a half year of Bulaga especially if he stays healthy for the 2nd half of the season and for the playoffs. I don't trust Spriggs and Bulaga should be better than Murphy. It's a gamble the Packers need to take...keep Bulaga on the roster for 2018. Starting caliber Tackles will not be on the FA market prior to the season start, so to me, it's a no brainer

Turophile's picture

@great reynoldo.
Thanks for the correction on Bulaga's salary - I was reading the wrong column in spotrac.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I understand completely. If you only knew how many times I ended up looking at the wrong column of figures, transferred them to a spreadsheet, only to get the most unbelievable results.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"It doesn't seam that the Packers make a habit of forcing players to renegotiate contracts down"

Right, because it isn't usually worth it. What could they save in this case 2 million?

Rossonero's picture

One thing that is certain is if Bulaga has another major injury, he's as good as gone.

After two torn ACLs and the hip injury, I'll be warching to see how his mobility is. The rigors of another NFL season never get easier on an aging body, especially one with injuries like he's had.

We all heard Browns future HOF left tackle Joe Thomas talk about how injuries took their toll on him. Granted, Thomas had an incredible run of over 10,000 consecutive snaps, so perhaps missing all this time could actually help Bulaga.

Nevertheless, this is a critical season for him and for anyone backing him up. We must see a future RT emerge at some point.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Bulaga ranked 14th last year among right tackles.
I would expect that to drop this year coming off another ACL & being close to 30 now.
How far?
That's a very important question.

gr7070's picture

Brian Bulaga has absolutely nothing to do with Aaron Rodgers contract negotiations. Nada.

gr7070's picture

I think Kyle Murphy may become a quality starter in the league.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Hopefully. I sure have more faith in him than in Spriggs, even tho Spriggs "looks the part" & even tho Teddy traded UP to select Spriggs higher than projected.

You're right about Bulaga & Rodgers contract situation.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Your takes on Jason Spriggs?

Rossonero's picture

Spriggs obviously has been a disappointment, but in the few games he got to start last season, he was finally settling down vs. the Steelers until he injured his knee.

Players need to play. With Spriggs, here was a guy who was a 4 year starter at Indiana. Now 2 years removed from being a 2nd round pick, he's barely played in part because of his body, but also because I think mentally his confidence is damaged. However, like I said, once he got a few games under his belt, he started to settle down.

I'd almost hope Bulaga starts on the PUP because I still want to see what we have in Spriggs.

flackcatcher's picture

Spriggs was surprised at the quickness of the DL/OLB when he started. Same the same thing with Murphy early in the season. As you say, they had to experienced it first hand. There is nothing like it that will prepare a player for NFL football. Both had settled in when injury hit. Took them both out at different times last season. What really impressed me was how they handled the mental side of the game after seeing so little time. This is a clear case where having cut down OTA, and shorten training camp clearly hurt both players. If they can come back healthy, they will be fine in the Packers system. It is clear that Bulaga's time is close to ending in Green Bay. IAMGUTE has made that clear with his position on veteran team salary.

Tundraboy's picture

Agree wholeheartedly.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

My take would be that he has to be plan c. Don't count on anything from him and if he contributes great, but don't let his 2nd round draft pick status give him an edge on anyone

Thebearsstillsuck's picture


Thebearsstillsuck's picture

Wow triple

egbertsouse's picture

He sucks. He’s one of Uncle Ted’s draft busts.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Scares me but I recall him coming in where Lang says he needed more weight and strength on his lower body. What bothers me is his foot work. Slow and clumsy!

Savage57's picture

"Bulaga is 29 and is a crucial member of Aaron Rodgers’ success."

This was a weird sentence.

calabasa's picture

I think Zachary's grammar is rubbing off

marpag1's picture

Zachary has grammar???

The TKstinator's picture

How about: “Bulaga is 29 and has been a key component of Aaron Rodgers’ success.”

“Key contributor to Aaron Rodgers’ success.”

Nick Perry's picture

I love Bulaga, thought he was one of if not the best RT in football in 2014 and IMO a warrior. But with Bulaga you have a history of injuries, lots of them. It almost feels like it's not IF Bulaga get's injured, it's WHEN he'll get injured. Even if Bulaga makes it back for week one his history suggests you better have a good back-up RT.

lou's picture

Agree Nick that a couple of years ago Bulaga played at a level few have done at RT in Green Bay in some time. Wasn't if refreshing compared to recent years that as the #1 draft pick Bulaga was put in the starting spot day one and outside of injuries there was every reason to believe that should be the case going forward. It is a STRETCH to think he will be on the active roster for the first regular season game, at his age and prior injury history that is too much to ask for. Give Thompson credit for planning for the end of Bulaga's contract extension, however Sprigg's no matter that he has the ideal physical requirements has not gotten the job done and given little reason to think he will SOON, in addition Murphy was another option Ted brought on board who did show some promise but got hurt early last season, he still may end up being their starting RG if healthy. Lastly, it would be hard to blame Bulaga for not taking a pay cut, he came in and started and played well every time he was on the field fully healthy or not and was a great team mate.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Bulaga is necessary! Keep salary where it is. The Pack do not have many experienced and quality linemen as it is. Big focus next year!

Nick Perry's picture

Would have liked to see a veteran added and there still may be. Like I already mentioned I love Bulaga but there's no harm in covering your rear end.

I was hoping Gutekunst would have looked at Cameron Fleming. Dallas signed him for $2.5 million ($1 million guaranteed) for a year. Fleming IS a RT and filled in last season for New England really well.

I still think Gutekunst adds one sometime before TC.

worztik's picture

I’m not so sure that the PUP designation really helps a player!? He gets ~ 6 weeks to continue healing and then has to get ready for a hailstorm coming his way when he joins in the day to day activities of the NFL. Not a great scenario for success. I love me some BB but, he’s a walking injury in waiting! We have Murphy and Spriggs and others that may step in and step it up if given the chance. It’s a crap shoot either way, however, his stance on a pay cut makes me think that it is most likely he won’t be a member of the 53 this coming season! I’m undoubtedly wrong, or at least will be told that, but I’ll stand by this thought.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

We play 6 games and then get a bye. Putting him on PUP means he would not have to play until the 8th week (October 25), so that is just two weeks shy of the full year that ACL tend to require to heal. I don't know if OL need less or more time. Different stresses, I'd imagine.

I won't tell you that you're wrong, Worztik, just pointing out that the bye comes at an opportune time. You needn't tell me I am wrong: I've got a teenager just waiting to tell me how wrong I am, pretty much about any subject, even the time of day! [I've got an old-fashioned watch and will say it's 5 to two, and invariably he'll look at his digital watch and correct me by saying it is 1:54. He is like clockwork that way!]

worztik's picture

I won’t tell anyone that they’re wrong... especially you oh great one!!! (I enjoyed your last piece that you wrote for this site!!!) I won’t comment on your son’s time telling prowess as I think that our schools, especially colleges, are ruining the students ability, in many ways, to think for themselves. It’s sad! However, your wisdom will keep him focused and things could always be worse! Personally, I have an old school clock hanging in my kitchen and I love it!!! It has really BIG numbers that I can actually see...

worztik's picture

To finish my Bulaga point, if he’s only gonna be available for 1/2 of the season, maybe he should be paid 1/2 of his salary? I don’t know just how valuable he really is...

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It is really pretty simple: if GB asked (just McGinn for that IIRC), Bulaga looked at McCray, Madison, Murphy and Spriggs, and said: Go ahead, make my day. Someone else will pay what GB is offering anyway.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

He is valuable particularly since the OL is likely the weakest group...or at least the right side.

OldTimer's picture

Body count on the 53 man roster is pretty high now. Who are you letting go to make room for a veteran player. I think they go with what they have on the offensive line unless someone else they are high on gets hurt in camp or the preseason.

Branden Burke's picture

I think it's goofy anybody would lock Jamal Williams as the #2 back. It should be Jones, ty, and then Williams if you don't have anybody else that steps up. As much as Williams "flashed" towards the end of the season, and as "bad" as ty did in the beginning of the year, ty still finished the season with better numbers than Williams and offers more in the passing game. They both finished with below league average numbers while Jones destroyed the league average.

snaus's picture

Jamaal Williams might be the starter this year, mostly because of his pass protection. He's by far the best of the three at it, and his vision and instincts improved greatly as last year went on. The team is in good hands with three high-quality backs.

Packer Fan's picture

Not a story. Bulaga needs to get healthy. Someone young needs to step up. If those two things don't happen, then BG needs to find another tackle in the FA market.

Tundraboy's picture

Short and to the point. if only we could fast forward to see.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

I'm very excited to watch the WR competition this year. In terms of quality WR's and separation I have always felt Roger's has had better WR's than Favre...hence what Favre forced throws. Even Wolf said after Favre left indicated if he could do one thing better he would have drafted better WR's.

The above does not change the fact I think the current WR's are subpar. I see Adam's as a #2. Cobb a #3 at best. I am hopeful a couple of rookies turn into gems.

stockholder's picture

2010 Bulaga, 2011 Derek Sherrod. Selected after Bulaga; Sherrod got every chance. So did Mandrich. Top picks get that chance. Low picks don't. No one has been unhappy with Bulaga. He plays good football. Smart players can; they stay around. No One is pushing Bulaga. He's still the better option. Spriggs was given a chance. He got hurt too. Mental or not. No one is showing Bulaga's smarts. He'll be the starter, until someone shows the packers they can move on. But they can't, haven't, won't! Smart players play. He'll get money here, or elsewhere. The packers would have cut him if they didn't think so. And they had Sherrod and even Mandrich to remind them.

Slim11's picture

I agree on Mandarich but not Sherrod.

Sherrod was a #1 but came in at a horrible time. The CBA was being renegotiated and the players were locked out. IIRC, there were no mini-camps or OTAs during Sherrod's rookie season. There might have been a rookie mini-camp. That put Sherrod and other rookies behind where they normally would have been.

Then, and this was the fault of the Packers' coaching staff, Sherrod was penciled in at guard. His college position was LT. He was supposed to be what David Bahktiari is today. I understand the argument that tackles are considered better athletes and can make successful transitions to guard. Given a normal rookie preseason, that might have worked.

Then Sherrod had the misfortune of a badly broken leg and his career is finished. Was Sherrod ready for the NFL? Maybe...maybe not. But I don't think he's comparable to Mandarich as a bust. Part of Sherrod's misfortune is the responsibility of the Packers given their predisposition, under TT, to draft players, then play them out of position.

flackcatcher's picture

Atlanta. Sherrod for Clifton, Newson for Bulaga. Playing on a fast surface both shut out the falcons DE and were outstanding in reading and picking up the falcon's blitz package. For a rookie, with little to no time in the scheme Sherrod was down right amazing. You could see why TT drafted him. Rare combo of speed and quickness and balance. Then came Kansas City. (shakes head) That he can walk today is a miracle after having his leg close to being ripped from his body.

Tundraboy's picture

Mandarich. There goes that word again.

Since '61's picture

This question of Bulaga's return and his injury history is why I wish the Packers would resign Jahri Evans at RG. Resigning Evans would give us a solid experienced player at RG who could simultaneously support an inexperienced RT whoever it might be and until Bulaga returns.
As of now it looks like we will open the season with 2 inexperienced players on the right side of the OL. I' m not looking forward to opening the season against 2 division rivals with that scenario.

This should get resolved during TC but that doesn't mean the players on the right side of the OL will be ready to face regular season NFL competition. If Bulaga is ready, great. But if not our offense could have a shaky start due to the right side of the OL. Hope I'm wrong.
Thanks, Since '61

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Yes, we had a lot of lineman but who has stood out consistently? Scary unknowns but hopefully someone emerges in training camp.

Lare's picture

I could see signing someone to help on the right side of the offensive line, but I don't think there's many viable options left there at this point. At any rate, I would not re-sign Evans. By the midpoint of last season he was running on fumes, and couldn't even make it to the end of the season. Probably the best bet at this point is to wait until the final roster cutdowns.

Nick Perry's picture

Lang wasn't cut, he was signed by Detroit as a Free Agent. The Packers "Low-Balled" him terribly and the Lions offered him ridiculous money. I still wonder what might have been had the Packers offer even been remotely competitive. The Packers basically offered Lang a one year contract since there was only $6.5 guaranteed. We ALL knew what happens to Packers around 30 years old under Thompson. They're replaced with younger cheaper versions. I get all that, especially when you have a QB eating up a lot of the space. But it just seems to me priority one should be protecting Rodgers.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Bulaga has been terrific, but after this many injuries, is he really that much better than the young guys who are improving by the year?

Is he really worth that much more money when we need to move as much money forward as possible to accommodate Rodgers's extension?

I don't think so. I think we have a couple guys whose skills are improving and who could hold down the right side just fine, and I think people are PANICKING over Rodgers being in mortal danger way too much.

Lare's picture

Also, if someone fills in and plays really well, what do you do when Bulaga returns after 8 weeks? Put him in and disrupt the play of the whole rest of the offensive line?

To me, not having Bulaga due to him being injured or on IR/PUP is no different from not having Bulaga due to him being released. And if you can replace him and save several million dollars that can be used to bring in another productive player, then that seems to be win/win to me.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Name the guys and then share what they have done to instill such confidence?

egbertsouse's picture

Not sure why this guy is still on the team. If Gutey determined that he was overpaid and asked him to renegotiate and got the finger in return, he should have cut him. If you’re not willing to do that, don’t even ask. You want to avoid looking like a big wuss.

Of course, the story may have been media created

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Perhaps, but I don't think it was media-created. After all, there was no denial from Packer brass. You would think they'd simply say, "We've had no such discussions with Bulaga."

Brian Ringwood's picture

i don't see anywhere in the story where Bulaga said no to a pay cut or even that they actually asked him about one

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

It was reported by Bob McGinn. He is a little polarizing, so half of CHTV will take it as gospel and the other half as hooey. If any beat writers actually asked if it was true, I missed that. It is kind of an invidious question to answer, by the way. It can't help GB to be honest.

Brian Ringwood's picture

tnx, i missed that report

marpag1's picture

"If Gutey determined that he was overpaid and asked him to renegotiate and got the finger in return, he should have cut him. If you’re not willing to do that, don’t even ask."

Well, maybe. But it certainly doesn't mean they have to cut him IMMEDIATELY.

If the Packers don't like Bulaga's price tag, they ask him to take a cut. If he says yes, the matter is resolved.

If he says no, fine... GB can explore the options. They can draft a replacement. Or they can sign a free agent. Or they can try to scare up a trade. If they find what they're looking for, then they can go back and cut Bulaga later. If they DON'T find what they're looking for, then maybe they keep Bulaga. But you don't draft a replacement first, or sign a guy, or trade for a guy and then ask Bulaga to take a cut after the fact.

If I'm Gutekunst, I'm not too worried about "looking like a wuss."

Crackerpacker's picture

I don't think anyone especially me thought Taylor was good enough that you could cut Sitton, But once he was a starter he just kept getting better and better. I am hoping the coaches have seen something similar in one of the backups, And in a few months we're all wondering what we were worried about.

Coldworld's picture

We may yet bring in a vet, but I don’t think it will be until late. They will want to assess the roster they have and I don’t see any significant signing until Rodgers’ contract is settled as to Cap hit.

As to Evans, he was good last year but faded late? Does he still have it? Has he decided to play yet—he was mulling retirement?

Likely a cut from a camp if we do sign a vet for O line depth.

Finwiz's picture

Watching GB at Dallas on NFL Network , and Bryant had a step on HOUSE down the sidelines but pass was over thrown. Coverage wasn’t bad though. Still looked like Bryant could run so I say go get him. Aaron Jones looked awesome on that game. Can’t wait to see this guy with a year experience under his belt l!

worztik's picture

Bryant does not fit in GBs’ style of play, anymore than a comment about him belongs in an article about Bulaga... just sayin’...

Finwiz's picture


cheesehead1's picture

IMO we need a reliable backup at RT. Who it will be, I have no idea. Bulaga has been rock solid and a good pro but injuries have been a problem for him. Really looking forward to how our draft picks perform in the preseason games. Would be nice if Burks good be that sleeper pick.

Bure9620's picture

I believed RT was the 2nd biggest position of need if not even the first going into the draft. Bulaga will not be ready and there is a decent chance he may never be the same player again. Spriggs was playing better before the injury but likely not the answer nor is Murphy. Madison looks great in pass pro but is a rookie. RT is a big ? May BG look to a veteran FA?

worztik's picture

In my opinion, we need a reliable RT who can stay on the field... ;~)

Chuck Farley's picture

None of us have any knowledge of contracts and deals until Rodgers is done. Its the 500 lb gorilla in the room. The pack already cut two perfectly good players to save about a half mil.
Gutt passed on being 14th to save some bucks. Everything is about Rodgers. Contracts and cuts will be on the table.
My take which is worth two cents, some veterans will be let go, traded this year and next to make payroll. Belaga, Mathews ,Perry and hundley I would guess are expendable

Chuck Farley's picture

Ps thanks to whomever mentioned editing comments. I thought How do you do that? I just now, after all theses years, saw the tiny word edit next to my posts. Go figure.

Oppy's picture

Random thoughts

1) I don't think the Packers are expecting Bulaga to be ready to go on day 1. Saying he's on schedule, saying he's ahead of schedule.. neither one tells us what the schedule is. It just states that if they originally projected bulaga to be recouped on date "x", he's tracking towards day "x" - y.

2) Someone said if the Packers thought they could do without Bulaga, they would have cut him by now. While I tend to agree, I'd caution that the Packers don't typically cut away injured starters with an injury settlement, even when they plan to move on. They seem to favor doing right by the starters in being committed to seeing the injury through and getting the player completely rehabbed before they make moves. It's good for the player's marketability, and it's the honorable thing to do.

3) I honestly thought, and said at the moment the injury happened, "that's the last snap we're going to see Bulaga in green and gold." Im glad he's seemingly bouncing back. I hope the best for him. Call me cautiously optimistic, but not sold, on his return.

Coldworld's picture

Sadly Oppy, my reaction to seeing his injury was the same as yours.

I have only a couple of thoughts to add. The Packers, and presumably their medical staff seem to believe that he can return (as it would seem does he, for what that is worth). One could take the failure to take a tackle as reinforcement for that view, but. I am not certain: it could also signify that they have more faith in the depth than I have.

Also, there is no benefit to cutting him at this point that I am aware of, even if the outcome is uncertain.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Oppy, Believe it or not I tend to agree with you. GB is 3 yr's too late to even be thinking of trading Bulaga. I don't know how his salary works with his injured career, but I tend to think they will play him as long as they can, if it's cost effective.

Charlu19's picture

Give me Jahri Evans and Marcedes Lewis. Both are capable blockers and could ease a lot of the load on Bulaga or a potential injury replacement. Both low-cost and would give a short-term fix until we can beef up the positions in the 2019 Draft.

4thand1's picture

Hope Bulaga can be there at least later if not sooner. Are they counting on Spriggs to make the jump? Only the coaches and training staff know, and the way McKenzie operates Bulaga may not see the field until Nov. I think we see more Rip early to help block, hell line him up at TE.

LambeauPlain's picture

I don’t think the Pack would have kept Bulaga if they felt he was going on PUP, given his salary and injury history.

However, if he stalls in his recovery, looks like potential PUP and say Murphy steps up big in camp, they still may let The Whale go. I hope not.

Given the schedule, they need a fast start to the season and having questions at RT is very risky.

Bulaga is a warrior. I would never count him out.

4thand1's picture

Happy Mothers Day to all your mothers.

worztik's picture

And to yours as well if she’s still with us... hope so...;)

worztik's picture


worztik's picture

My bad!!!

Bure9620's picture

Just curious to hear others opinions as I think its safe to say that short if a "human growth hormonish" AP like 10 month recovery from Bulaga, the most likely scenario is he lands on PUP.

What do you all think of Spriggs really ???

He is clearly trending toward the bust category and his early film is just awful. He is consistently beat on the inside across his face and he looks to be standing in cement, the NFL game was way too fast for him. The whole "Spriggs Sucks" narravtive just kind of stuck. You could tell this affected his confidence.

However, when you really analyze his film in the later part of last year right before his injury, Spriggs was improved. He clearly started to settle down and it appeared he was progressing learning how to use his athleticism and length. His run blocking improved as well. Very good game against Pittsburgh.

I don't think its time to pull the plug yet, he's just too athletic. Spriggs was VERY raw coming out of Indiana and was more of a developmental prospect than many thought. If he has not shown progress in year 3, then he's done. I think he can still be decent.

Lare's picture

It's really a make or break year for Spriggs. He'll be given every opportunity due to his draft position, but if he can't beat out Murphy or any of the other OL on the roster at RT then he'll be looking for a new team on September 1st.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I really liked Spriggs coming out. I had identified Spriggs and Shon Coleman as round 3 targets, but I preferred Spriggs. I figured we'd have to trade back from our second round pick to make the value work. Spriggs didn't last and required a trade-up but Coleman lasted until pick #76, IIRC. Oh well. Still rooting for Spriggs to make it worthwhile. We need two years of decent starter-level play (even if he doesn't actually play he has to be able to do that, ala Tretter) to make it worthwhile in my book.

Bret Iverson's picture

The Packers know more than we do so I trust the doctors and coaches to get Mr. Bulaga on the field. The other players need to step up if they want a job. If Bulaga plays at a high level and is healthy he may make it to through this contract. I like competition so I hope a young tackle makes the a Packers think about a switch.

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"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "
"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."