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Cory's Corner: Aaron Rodgers is the problem and solution

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Cory's Corner: Aaron Rodgers is the problem and solution

You can understand losing at Denver and at Carolina.

Both are hard to swallow, but losing to a pair of division winners is lot easier to digest than folding to the dysfunctional Lions 18-16. The reason why it hurts so much is because the Lions tried on multiple occasions to give the game away.

“It's really nice to not play your best and win a game,” said Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, after recovering from the 23-year Lambeau Field wound. “We had communication errors, we had physical errors, we had all sorts of errors in all three phases.”

The reasons are innumerable why the Packers have gone from locks to compete in Super Bowl 50 to gasping for playoff breath.

James Starks broke zero tackles, Stafford was sacked zero times, Eddie Lacy was ruled inactive for Sunday’s game after being a full participant in practice all week and the normally reliable Mason Crosby kicked a ball that sailed through the air like a frisbee.

I’ve never seen a team fall so far so fast before. It’s hard to believe that this same Packers team blew out the Chiefs 38-28 on a Monday night in Week 3.

And it starts and ends with Aaron Rodgers. There’s no other way to slice it, he looked dreadful against one of the worst passing defenses in the NFL.

At a quick glance, it didn’t look quite so bad. He threw for 333 yards and a pair of scores. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a quarterback that is having a hard time completing the passes he was completing with ease a month ago.

But it’s not just the air-mailed and two-hop passes. It’s his indecision. Rodgers failed on multiple occasions to tuck the ball and run when he had at least 15-20 yards and a first down in front of him.

Rodgers has been playing tentative ever since he threw two picks vs. the Rams. Add in that his offensive line hasn’t really been doing a good job of getting in the way of anyone and Rodgers appears that he’s looking out for No. 12.

It’s actually a brain-busting dichotomy. The moment the Packers lose Rodgers is the moment the string of playoff appearances won’t see seven years in a row. However, at the same time, if Rodgers is timid about scampering for first downs and moving the chains, the Packers won’t win.

So this is where coach Mike McCarthy makes his money. Sitting guys Lacy are only cosmetic and don’t have any effect. And the excuse that Jordy Nelson is out, may have worked in Week 1, but that doesn’t fly anymore.

Rodgers’ footwork has been atrocious. He dances in the pocket, before losing track of where he is and finally throwing off his back foot. He has been able to make up for this in the past with his strong arm, but it’s more intensified now that he is thinking too much.

In the past, defenses would be shy away from blitzing Rodgers because he would carve up the pressure. However, now teams just body up the Packers’ receivers and Rodgers is left to hold the ball longer than usual. And when he makes it out of the pocket, he has been one of the most deadly passers in the league.

However, now that he has his tail between his legs when it comes to running, he is only limiting himself and his team.

The only way the Packers dig themselves out this quagmire is if Rodgers figures it out. This team was built for offense and now Rodgers has to prove why many think he’s the best quarterback in the league.

Aside from one herculean tight end, Tom Brady’s wideouts are pretty pedestrian. If Rodgers wants to be considered one of the best ever, it’s time for him to make his team better. He has to stop worrying about his health, confidence or wide receiver trust.

The only thing that matters now is wins. 


Cory Jennerjohn is a graduate from UW-Oshkosh and has been in sports media for over 15 years. He was a co-host on "Clubhouse Live" and has also done various radio and TV work as well. He has written for newspapers, magazines and websites. He currently is a columnist for CHTV and also does various podcasts. He recently earned his Masters degree from the University of Iowa. He can be found on Twitter: @Coryjennerjohn

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croatpackfan's picture

Cory, right on the spot! I am telling that from the Panthers game. When Aaron feel he must do something, he starts to produce. Time when he does not have time to think! Like 4th Q come back try...
If he will do the same against Viking I say put Scott Tolzien in. Because he can not play worse than indecisive Aaron!

dschwalm's picture

Hey, Croat. These are my sentiments as well. I was just too tentative to say it out loud! Actually, now that I think of it, I did say put Tolizien in if Rodgers continues with his happy feet. He has blamed everybody but the coaches for his poor play: the slow receivers, the leaky O-line (implied only) and no 'stretch the field' threat now that he doesn't have Jordy.
Shameful and a bit unprofessional.

Spud Rapids's picture

Idiot. Bench Rodgers for Tolzien. Do you actually listen to yourself?

"He has blamed everybody but the coaches for his poor play: the slow receivers, the leaky O-line (implied only) and no 'stretch the field' threat now that he doesn't have Jordy."

Is this just your opinion or did he say any of that? and are you an expert on reading him mind e.g. implied only

croatpackfan's picture

Maybe we are two idiots. But we found bigger one (you) who admire us!

RCPackerFan's picture

Rodgers has been off since that Rams game. Hard to explain it, but something definitely hasn't been going as good since then.

Right now he is missing throws we never see him miss. Its hard to explain it.

In the last game it looks worse then what it was with dropped passes that would have been big gains.

But unquestionably he has been hesitant. Not running when he can, not throwing to WR's that are open.

Once (if) Rodgers gets back on track the offense will too.

One thing that may help is getting Montgomery back. He was becoming a huge part of the offense until he got hurt in the Chargers game. Since then the offense has been very stagnant. Getting him back will hopefully open the play book up to create new looks that defenses can't predict what is coming.
He is probably our 2nd or 3rd best WR. Getting him back will be a big boost to our team.

zoellner25's picture

ARod = 5th in NFL in QB rating, 21st in Comp %, 18th in Yds per Attempt, still tied for 3rd in TDs, 8th in sacks taken, 20th in Yds per Game. Not used to seeing him so low in alot of those categories.....

I think he's so opposed to INTs, the rumor is he doesn't trust his WRs. I think he's just too afraid of the INT to really take any chances anymore, i.e, holds the ball, takes sacks, gets hit, not making as many big plays.

Tundraboy's picture

Let's hope Montgomery is healthy.

RCPackerFan's picture


IMO he is the x factor on our offense. He is the guy that makes our offense harder to defend and someone that defenses will have to try and focus on.

dschwalm's picture

I think you are both gasping at straws. a rookie receiver isn't going to solve the offence's problems. The only one who can help Rodgers is Rodgers!

Tundraboy's picture

No but it will help. O line and Rodgers have to play better first of course

Packer_Pete's picture

I think you make a couple of great point here.
"Rodgers has been playing tentative ever since he threw two picks vs. the Rams."
"The only way the Packers dig themselves out this quagmire is if Rodgers figures it out."
I would add to the second point, or if the coaches show some balls and pull out Rodgers if he continues to be ineffective. I am with Croatpackfan. If the next game is starting to go down the drain also, why not bring in Tolzien and see whether he can be more decisive. During the game!
I think Rodgers is a stat guy. Always has been, always will be. Meaning that he surely wants to win, but he also wants to win with great stats. He'd rather throw it away than giving his receivers a chance to make a play if he doesn't "trust". And for the crowd who thinks the trust is mentioned too often or made up by media, they'll only have to listen to McCarty's presser yesterday. It was a thinly veiled shot at Rodgers to give his younger receivers a chance. And I want to add, the whole "trust" thing was brought up by James Jones after he was signed again, when he said that he wanted to be back as he has the trust of #12, and that that trust had to be earned in earlier years.

Getting Montgomery back certainly would help, as he may actually be our best WR. At least #2. But this offense could still be real effective if the QB would start taking what the opposing D gives him, and not try to make one Sportscenter highlight pass after the other. Just move the chains already. And if the problem is that he thinks too much, and in a hurry-up, no huddle he doesn't have much time to think, why not start running that earlier. Let's say in the 2nd Quarter if the signs for wheels coming off show again early. Put the D on the heels.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree with pretty much everything you said.

First thing they have to get to a shorter passing game. Get the ball out faster. Also try to do some double moves and pump fakes. If Safety's and LB's are CB's are going after the first move, hit the pump fake get them to commit and beat them that way.

I really think Montgomery would help a lot. He was really starting to come on strong before he got hurt. Our offense hasn't been the same since he got hurt. Honestly he is probably our #2 or at the worst #3 WR.

For me Rodgers has to trust whoever is on the field. A play earlier in the game on a 3rd and 8 play Rodgers had Abbrederis open early for a first down. He was looking his way but hesitated, slid to his left and threw it out of bounds over Abbrederis' head. If he throws it early or on time that's likely a first down.
Later in the game he throws to Abbrederis and within 4 plays he had 3 catches. We have guys that can play and make plays. They just need a chance.

I agree with them needing to get to the hurry-up faster. Maybe allow Rodgers just to call the plays the whole drive. He seems to get more into a rhythm when he is directing everything.

porupack's picture

"I think Rodgers is a stat guy. Always has been, always will be. Meaning that he surely wants to win, but he also wants to win with great stats."

Darn it Cory, look what nonsense you started here today? Now Rogers is a fantasy football imposter.
Where is the guy who brings up the love-sick theory?

dcortesluz's picture

Forget about his Health ? You gotta be kidding right ?
They've started the game throwing short passes , that's what they should do if receivers and the OL aren't helping

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

For those wondering if Masthay touched Crosby's FG try:

Edit: Masthay said he reviewed the film and he did not touch the ball. Link to that from Demovsky below:

croatpackfan's picture

It is still hard to say, but it looks like Mason hit the ball little bit to high...

Anyhow thank you to brought this to us...

zoellner25's picture

I think that ARod is hiding an injury. Lack of "trust" in his WRs is no reason for him to be this bad. He's not just throwing it away, he's not running as much and missing open guys. And for them to practice Lacy all last week and then deactivate him tells me he's more banged up than they said. I never thought I'd say this, but I miss Jermichael Finley.

RCPackerFan's picture

I think he is also. I think its a lower body injury. If he wasn't injured in someway, why wouldn't he have taken off running on that play that he had Sitton in front of him and no one for 20 yards in front of him, just to throw the ball away.

I heard Lacy did next to nothing in practice this week. That's what was said yesterday.

Honestly, Finley is the guy we are missing in our offense. I think the problem right now is they are trying to use Rodgers the same way they used Finley. Problem is, he isn't even close to the same player.

Dan Stodola's picture

I don't think they are trying to use R Rodgers similarly to Finley. R Rodgers just isnt very good. He can't get open at all.

RCPackerFan's picture

Well one they use him a lot is to spread him out wide. They do that a lot. They used to do that with Finley, but the difference is that Finely could get open. Rodgers can't.
If they do that 1-5 times a game, I am ok with it. But when they are doing it 50-75% of the time. I think that is to much. (I don't know how much they actually do it, but they do it more then they should).

Packer_Pete's picture

I disagree on Finley. You probably mean Finley the hype. The guy who couldn't be covered by anybody... reality is, Finley never was that good. His first 2 seasons he played in 27 games with 61 receptions and 6 TDs.... his whole career he had 20 TDs... he had speed but couldn't block at all. He also didn't use his speed that well.
Richard Rodgers is a different TE. Better than Finley as a blocker but no speed. Yet a better red zone target. So far he has played 25 NFL games with 53 receptions and 7 TDs... given his limited athleticism I think he plays decent. And unless he gets severly injured I think he will surpass any of Finleys stats by far - With 1 exception, yards per catch. But we all know he is not a speedy TE. Someone else will have to fill that role. We need a complement like Jackson was to Chmura but I doubt that TE is on the roster. But at least when Quarless comes back we have another Receiving TE.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I just disagree. Finley was a better blocker than RR (hard to be worse), and he was a better receiving threat. No one is ever going to sign RR for $8 million per year. His ceiling is a #2 TE if he learns to block well. I do agree that Finley was not as good as most of his hype. Well, time will tell which of us is correct.

croatpackfan's picture

Coaches, as well as myself, expects a lot from Mitchell Henry, 6,4, 252 TE at the moment on PS.... Runs at 4,69 average, best 4,59... At the moment raw project but, never know...

egbertsouse's picture

I used to think Rodgers was the best QB in the game. Now I put him definitely behind Brady, Favre, and even Brees. These guys sometimes win games by the force of their own wills. Rodgers refuses to run, throws away balls, and goes back to the bench without talking to anyone and sulks. Lately, he acts more like Jay Cutler than Tom Brady.

porupack's picture

this is totally idiotic and cancerous. Refuses to run? Just up and throws the ball away? Sulks?
QBs are regularly praised for throwing the ball away rather than take a sack of fumble, to play another down.
This is total BS. 3 weeks ago, it was the Planet's greatest. Now, you make him to be a cry-baby.
Shameful post.
Even if he's behind those three, is this your way to throw stones to feel better. Dude you are way to hung up on this to think clearly.

murphy's picture

Brady and Brees never have a rough stretch or go sit by themselves and sulk. They're always full of piss and vinegar and trying to will their teams to a win, no matter the situation.

Rodgers has put the team in a position to win or tie near the end of regulation in two of these 3 losses. He made a poor decision against the Panthers, and a Lions defender made a good play on the ball on the two point try. Rodgers was still able to get Crosby into a long but make-able kicking situation. A few things go differently and we might be talking about an imperfect 8-1 team and 2 more Rodgers come-back victories in the books instead of a 6-3 team that's circling the drain, *despite* how horribly the team has played for 75%+ of each game.

He and the offense are playing consistently bad football for long stretches of games right now. There's no question there, but implying that he's sitting around sulking and isn't trying to will the team to a win is just silly.

Spud Rapids's picture

I'm glad you can confidently bail on a 2 time MVP for having a 3 game losing streak.

Since '61's picture


Since '61's picture

As I posted yesterday I think that Rodgers is playing hurt. If not, if it is a mechanical issue, then he and the coaches should have figured it out by now. Rodgers has enough experience to correct himself and combined with the coaches and film study mechanical problems should have been identified and corrected weeks ago. As for indecisiveness, again, that is a matter of film study, game planning and preparation. Trust or stat issues are totally overblown and irrelevant, Rodgers has thrown to as many as 9+ receivers in a game. Just watch the games. No Jordy means that defenses are not rotating their coverage to his side and they have an extra defender to move up into the box to defend the run, not to mention that Lacy is MIA. Our remaining WRs, despite all the propaganda, and except for Montgomery, have proven that they are not fast enough to beat man coverage or to pose a deep threat. Adams and Jones are possession receivers and Cobb has been hurt and double covered. Except for some plays by Perillo against the Lions, TE has been non-existant. So, what's the answer(s). 1. Better OL play, first and foremost, our OL has to get to playing like one of the league's top OLs. That's where offensive football starts, succeeds or fails. 2. Rodgers must play better, Cory is correct. As I posted previously, Rodgers is the leader of this team. He is the only player we have who tilts the field in our favor. Injured or not, if he is going to play he must execute closer to the level he is capable of, at least. Whatever the problems he and coaches must figure it out. 3. Get a pass rush. 4. Better secondary play. 5. Eliminate STs mistakes. 6. Coaches need to do a better job. There is no excuse for permitting this level of play to continue. This team has shown resilience before, it's time to do it again, starting this week. No excuses. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since '61

Bearmeat's picture

I hate this team right now. Not because they are losing, but because they've showed no ability to adjust, no trust in one another and very little heart.

I love the Packers. Hate this team.

porupack's picture

Please get your head on. It is the same team as last year pretty much, if not better. Its a victim of bad coaching, prep and game to game strategy. It can be turned around.
The best thing about a crisis (which is now official) is that people finally recognize the faults. It ain't the team dude.
Send me your season tickets though.

Bearmeat's picture

It's the whole team. The coaches. The front office. The players. They are too talented to be sucking like this for the last 5 weeks. This was not the same team as we saw last year. Nor in 2013 after ARod got hurt. Those teams showed some heart and an ability (somewhat) to adjust. This team is not.

And I don't have season tickets. :(

porupack's picture

This conjecture is ridiculous. Cory, you're just feeding the idea of blaming the QB, and soon you'll find this full of lynching mob looking for one culprit. you think Aaron just slid into a funk, and he has to pull himself up? You sayin he just doesn't trust? Guys can't get open because of poor route concepts and, oh Aaron just isn't throwing to wide open rookies? Sure they aren't the fastest corp, but very serviceable.
This site is going downhill fast with ridiculous knee jerk criticism. Now posters are wanting to bench Rogers? This is unbelievable. What happened to rational diagnostics?
The issues are a spiraling set of problems and mostly stale strategies that that put Aaron in increasing pressure, and then a jittery state, and coaches bare responsibility for most of those problems in inadequate team preparation and game strategy from week to week. If MM installs better concepts in his game plan, and gets the communications/assignments rehearsed whether he simplifies, or has automated certain contingencies...whatever, it all changes in one game and GB is capable of hanging 30 points over Vikes. And suddenly certain posters will hang their heads in shame, but I'll forgive if they give me a home game ticket on week 17.
The gloom and doom irrational posters who conjecture that the team has no talent probably don't need that ticket anyway, so send it right here. Thank you.

Packer_Pete's picture

porupack, shouldn't all positions be object to performance reviews, and if the player is not performing, shouldn't a different player get a chance? Nobody had a problem with Lacy being yanked in favor of Starks, since Lacy was not producing. Our 3 starting WRs are not producing, so most people ask for Abbrederis and Janis to get more snaps. Peppers is not playing well, a lot of posters want to give Elliott more snaps. And nobody seems to have any problem with those. But, if your starting QB is vastly underperforming, somehow his job should be safe no matter what? Not by himself, but Rodgers was largely responsible for the dismal offensive showing. He was totally off. As Cory rightfully pointed out, he missed wide open receivers. I can recall at least 7 such occasions during the game, and there probably were more. He didn't run when he had the chance, and no defender in front of the first down marker. I remember one play in particular, there was nobody in his path for at least 15 yards, and in fact he had Sitton as a blocker! That play would've gone for 20 yards at the very least. Instead, he stopped and threw a useless pass down the sideline to a covered WR who had no real chance of getting the ball.
I don't think most people here say start Tolzien. What they are saying, put Rodgers on a shorter leash, adjust the play calling and limit his options to think too much, and if he doesn't perform and plays as badly as against the Lions and either doesn't see WRs who are open or refuses to throw to those, try and bring in Tolzien and see if he can do better. There still is a good chance for this team to make the playoffs, given that most other contenders for a wild card spot have 5 losses already, and the Packers have beaten a few of those, and some have to play each other as well. So 10-6 will get the Packers in. This is all that it should be about. Not about protecting Rodgers ego, or padding his stats, or whatever. Nobody is bigger than the team, not even #12.

porupack's picture

It is apparent that some players are underperforming, and some just aren't talented. Others have their slumps. But ever since the Chargers game, (even the 9ers) the problems were already apparent. When there are trends, and when they are widespread you then have to look for systemic causes. These are not isolated problems, and too many people here trying to dig at isolated culprits. Olines just don't suddenly go bad. QB1 just doesn't turn apathetic to winning. Running backs just don't forget where holes are. These are interrelated. Good strategy and innovative sequencing of plays gives oline an extra second edge, which makes the difference on a deeper pass, which relieves pressure on short routes, which moves the chains, which gets the run game a chance, and on, and on. How is this not a symptom of stale/predictable strategy? How are the stupid mistakes not obvious of poor game preparation? Good leaders extract excellence, and get individuals to do better than their individual talents. All of that unraveling is goes back to the inadequate coaching. MM is smart, but he is the one who has to devise the way players can outsmart the other team's smarts.

Packer_Pete's picture

I don't dispute that. But if a player is not performing, no matter the position, then that player should be replaced during the game. Why does that apply to all positions except QB?
Again, nobody here is calling for starting Tolzien. But if it is apparent that Rodgers does have an awful day again, and when he cannot execute the called plays properly, why not replace him in the 3rd quarter? What harm would that do? And maybe it will light his competitive fire a little more...

Duke Divine's picture

"Add in that his offensive line hasn’t really been doing a good job" Take off the kid gloves with the O-line! Look at the most important plays of the game the last two weeks. 4th down at Carolina and 2 point conversation vs Lions! "has not been doing a good job" is the biggest understatement of the year! Choked on confusion and lack of execution and let a free rush smash Rodgers so he couldn't step into either of those throws! No holes in the run game, "starks didnt break any tackles" So now were are expecting him in to break all 3 tackles from the 3 defenders that are 3 yards in the backfield as soon as he gets the ball handed to him Well I expect a hole or two to be open, hasn't happened. His 66 yard TD run vs chargers, no hole bottled up in the backfield, rolled off the pile and took advantage of a poor angle, all Starks. Say what you want about Rodgers and his footwork but he can't trust the guys up front to get the job done in any aspect of the game. It starts up front and "McCarthy's best O-line ever sucks right now.

porupack's picture

Let em have it DukeD. These half-fans are a bunch of hyenas now trashing Rogers personality, demeanor, and what not after 3 loses.
They can't seem to see any pattern b/w the lack of run game and the pressure on all of a sudden, Rogers doesn't like little Jeffy Janis, and won't play ball with him.

These imposter fans who suddenly dump on Rogers after 3 losses can forget posting later in the season, cuz they'll have a lot in store for them.

Since '61's picture

Porupack - I'm following your posts today, but since I'm about to get on a plane I don't have time to chime in but I wanted to let you know quickly that I agree with you 100%. these fans who want to replace Rodgers is all knee jerk or possibly they don't know what they have been watching for the last 8 seasons. Hang in there, I'm with you FWIW. Thanks, Since '61

croatpackfan's picture

Since '61, you know I respect your opinion a lot, but on this matter we do not agree. I say there is NO player bigger than team. As it was not Bratt Favre, so it is not Aaron Rodgers. I like Aaron a lot. I may admitt Tom Brady is better (his records shows that), but Aaron is all fun watching him. But fun is when Aaron is playing, not when he is pushing the game nowhere. At that moment I say I'm behind team and against any player who do not perform!

omega's picture

We could really use a big "Shhhhh" performance from Rodgers like we got back in 2012 in Houston.

For anyone who forgot:

mnklitzke's picture

Off topic a bit but is Elliot hurt? I mean he was blowing things up in the beginning of the season and I haven't seen him. I know that he was playing in place of hurt guys but he was still producing and now can't see the field... Jones can't catch a cold lately yet we still trot him out over Abby or Janis. I think a lot falls on coaching for the struggles.

dschwalm's picture

For some reason MM doesn't like him, Ryan and Janis. They must really screw up in practice. Jake Ryan led the team in tackles and PFF rated him one of the top 6 Packers in that game. Next game, he didn't get a sack, and MM said he played OK. How's that for throwing a young kid under the bus.

Dan Stodola's picture

Rodgers is NOT the problem! Unfortunately, this season he also hasn't been part of the solution. Packers issues are bigger and more complex than any one thing, but a combination of issues. As usual the author doesn't have a clue.

Bill Polian on SC. Yeah I'll take the word of a former NFL GM over the author!

Right now it starts w/
1. OL - Hasn't pass protected or run blocked nearly as well as expected. Get the OL working right and the run game improve, which takes pressure off the QB to continually make plays.
2. Losing Jordy - Has had a much bigger effect than anyone could have predicted. No one to stretch the field. Its also take Rodgers go-to receiver away. Cobb is really good but he's a slot WR, not a big threat to teams. Jordy was Rodgers premier Go-To guy. Ultimate trust in Jordy to get open. Jordy also always drew the opponents #1 CB, Now ALOT of coverage gets thrown at Cobb and he's not getting open from the extra attention. All the other receivers are facing better and tighter coverage now and not getting open.

3. Run game - get the run game going and it changes the focus of the D and takes pressure of the QB and helps open some things for the receivers. Remember when Dallas started 0-2 due to a hold out be Emmitt Smith? Once he signed its changed everything and Dallas was off and running.

Simple fact is 2 of the 3 things that make an Offense dangerous are missing. The Go-To receiver, Lacy and a potent running game (much as I like Starks he's a quality backup). Throw in an OL that is vastly underperforming and other WR not getting any separation. Its not surprising that Rodgers cant get untracked. He has no receivers getting separation, no running game that demands the attention of the Defense. He's got all the pressure to make all the plays on every down.

No belief that the receivers can gain an edge and give Rodgers an open target. Many issues are involved and to try to place all the blame on the QB who doesn't have any weapons around him is Foolish at best.

Since '61's picture

Dan - thank you for repeating most of my post! lol Since '61

Packer_Pete's picture

First off, losing Jordy was huge. No doubt about it. But I'd have to say, I would then expect adjustments. From the whole team including the coaches. Losing your best WR before the season and continuing with the same approach even though it is not working anymore is foolish at best. For how many plays will it work to hope for the best, hold the ball for 6 seconds and then just chuck it downfield? Design and execute man beater routes. Lining them up in a bunch formation but all just running down horizontal routes will not work.
And secondly, receivers are not getting open was true for Broncos and Panthers games. But simply false for the Lions game. Receivers were open period. If you don't believe it, rewatch the game. Rodgers had a terrible game for 3 and 1/2 quarters, plain and simple. And if I may say so, even in the Panthers game, when he threw the INT shortly before the end, not only Cobb but also Adams were both open. But Rodgers got 'scared' (his own words). Scared of what??? Throwing a TD? Hardly. It was throwing an INT, which he then promptly did...

RCPackerFan's picture

'First off, losing Jordy was huge. No doubt about it. But I'd have to say, I would then expect adjustments. From the whole team including the coaches. Losing your best WR before the season and continuing with the same approach even though it is not working anymore is foolish at best.'

YES! That is the biggest problem to me. They have not adjusted their offense to life without Jordy. They are trying to play the same offense even though they lost their best WR and defenses are playing them differently. They have not adjusted to that.

Now this last game was a mess. WR's dropping passes, Rodgers missing throws. But they still ran the same scheme down after down. They had no success and finally in the 4th Quarter they went to a 4 WR set and moved the ball.

Dan Stodola's picture

This article seems to dispute you.

Not only are receivers mostly covered, Rodgers is throwing into tight windows, but then Rodgers hits them in the hands only to see them drop it.

Also shows that Packers used some bunch formations and tried other things to get receivers open thru scheme, receivers (Abbrederis for one) running the wrong route of not breaking off correctly forcing Rodgers to have to hold the ball. Many examples of issues caused by the receivers not doing their jobs.

rajahking's picture

Don't know why I am starting to post now, of all times in the recent illustrious past of the Packers, but I guess I just wanted to share my thoughts.

I place most of the blame on the O Line, and then A Rodgers, and then the coaches - all culpable, but in that order. It really starts with the line, which has been grossly inconsistent. If you think back to last year, the O was cooking when the line consistently opened up 5 yard runs for Lacy. Took the edge off the pass rush, Rodgers could throw it downfield, it was an unpredictable offense with firepower.

But Aaron has GOT to adjust to the new reality here, he doesn't have 6 seconds to find the deepest streaking WR anymore. Take the yards that are available.

I think the coaching staff has always taken a LONG time to adjust, but that's a bit of the good and bad of this staff. They stuck w/ Crosby in 2012, he's been solid since. Capers has been up and down, but the D looks serviceable now. I do think this recent run is really unfortunate and might have benefited from some quicker changes, more passion from McCarthy.

Anyway, the last few weeks have sucked so thanks for the free therapy.

dschwalm's picture

The only point I disagree with is that the D looks serviceable right now. Did you see Stafford and company on the last drive for a TD? I was beside myself. It brought back that nightmare in Seattle last year. Whenever we need big plays from the D, they melt!

zoellner25's picture

I bet if TT were to come down and tell the team they are on notice for roster spots next year, they'd play better, coaches included.

EdsLaces's picture

I have been allover the no Monty no wins idea until....Abby showed up. I feel like he provided what Monty was providing before he got hurt. So with Abby coming in and basically filling Montys shoes we were back to "full strength" in the passing game. Well...we still lost. I don't know how that doesn't point the fingers at the QB. Aaron just isn't playing well. If you don't see it you're not watching the games. It'd be great to have Ty back but with qb1 playing the way he is I do not see it changing anything.

Packer_Pete's picture

I agree. But that also means getting Ty back will mean Abby on the sideline. Unless coaches finally play players who are performing. Then maybe have JJ or Adams or even Cobb sitting for awhile... but I know, the Homer crowd will now yell at me again...

RCPackerFan's picture

I would love to see a 5 WR look. Jones, Adams outside. Cobb, Abbrederis in the slot, and Montgomery in the backfield. Or have Cobb, Abbrederis and Montgomery in a bunch formation.

I don't see why they can't use all the players they have.

EdsLaces's picture

To have this many pretty solid wrs and not have 350 passing a game is so unexplainable..

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, I'm not even looking at yards or anything. I'm just looking at what my eyes are telling me. My eyes are telling me they run the same offense down after down, and are getting the same results. They aren't doing a good enough job of getting different looks to get the defense into a mismatch.

They really haven't made a lot of adjustments.
Once they do things will improve. IMO.

dschwalm's picture

I won't yell at you PP. There are a lot of fans who feel the same way. However, on these forums, it is irreverent to suggest that maybe the QB needs to improve his play or sit

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Not sure if this post got through, so I'm going to try it again.

All of you guy's need to settle down & look up. The sky has not fallen. GB is well in this thing. You can put the fork back in the drawer. I told you last week that GB would not cover until the money gets off their backs. If it's not off now, it will be if they lose next week, which is a Pick-Um game. SO WHAT? I don't want to be 15 & 1 at home and lose.

I could be wrong, but other than the Division leaders, GB has one of the best records. I personally am glad that GB has lost their last 3 games. Las Vegas is programming you to think the way you are. Believe it or Not, the Money always loses. That's the way the NFL works. I'm glad things are going the way they are going. I'd rather be a Wild Card than a Division Champ. GB will win & cover when all of you think they can't. Wait 3 more weeks before throwing in the towel.

If for some reason it doesn't go our way this year, we have Nothing to complain about. I went through the 70's & 80's as well. We are Not There!! In fact, at this point, Take it from a Better. Things look Pretty Good to me. I just want to get in as a Wild Card. My money will be on GB when everyone thinks they are finished.
They are a long way from that. LVT

dschwalm's picture

You have been spending too much time in the Vegas bars (not that there is anything wrong with that).
Good luck with your betting strategy!

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

dschwalm, You could very well be right, but look at the board last week. Denver - KC, SD- Chicago, GB - Det, 3 Solid picks that went south. I'm not making this stuff up. NO ONE gave KC, CHICAGO, OR DETROIT a chance in these games, yet they all won. WHY??? It happens week after week. GB is not out of this yet, by a long shot. The more people say they are, the sooner they'll start winning. That's the way it works. I wish more of you could see it. LVT

Oppy's picture

Robert Kraft must pay Vegas to keep the Pats out of the scheme

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

Oppy, You have a legitimate point to question. I have an answer for you that I cannot prove, just as I cannot prove the money issue, but it happens week after week.

I wish we had the Pats problem. There's is the opposite of GB'S. People all across this country hate that team, & keep betting against them. The money is never on them, for the most part, because people want to see them lose.

I'm not going to try & convince you of what is going on in the NFL. I just hope that some day, you will see it. Once you see it, you'll know what I have been trying to tell you, but I doubt you ever will. Just don't decide to start betting Pro football. You'll have a lot more money. LVT

D Ernesto's picture

My two cents. Rogers can light it up like all world and has shown us that over his career. With one exception.
Remember when the Pack, riding high on his passing and looking unstopable, went into KC. I think it was last year or year before.
KC decided to play man cover and not zone. Rogers had two quick interceptions, lost his confidence and looked just like the past three games, hold the ball, wait for the open guy or eat it.
Defenses now have learned you play cover against Rogers and you rush 4 or 5 to put some pressure on him and he will toss the ball away, eat it or possible run if he can but thats his last resort.
Rogers is terrified to toss picks. Man cover is his achiles heel for that reason.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

1) Aaron Rodgers should continue to be the starting QB. I agree that he is not playing as well as he has in the past, but he is still really good. While I believe in accountability, confidence might be an issue, and the drop off to Tolzien/Hundley is too large. I think the problem is with the WRs and the dearth of talent at TE. The former will get better.

2) Montgomery's return will indeed help, not because he is the #2 WR - he isn't as good as Adams or probably Abby as a WR, but because he can be put in the backfield 6 times a game, and run it 33% of the time, forcing the D to remove a LB or have a LB or a Safety cover him, both of which should be favorable match-ups.

3) I disliked promoting Clements to the play calling duties, and nothing has changed my mind. All the coaches need to self scout.

4) I believe the offensive line will come around. I think it is largely injuries.

canadapacker's picture

Just watched the replay of the game again. Couldnt believe how far off AR was with his normally completed passes. I cant remember him missing so many open guys, even the dump offs are on the ground or too low to catch and run with. Couple that with too many drops and some bad penalties, it is no wonder that Clements looks as bad as the team. I thought that we would improve out of the bye but I guess going into the bye undefeated hurt us - it would have been better going into the bye with 3 losses. But the battle is ahead for us and Minnie is the big game. Time for everybody to step up. And we cant just keep hoping that Lacey is back or Montgomery is back - we need to win with who we got stepping up.

Pack204's picture

LOL I can't believe I am hearing calls for Scott Tolzein.. The article makes a great point, the level of play needs to be higher.

All great players in any professional sport go through rough patches in there career. I think this is the first time since the he was drafted AR has faced any real adversity and criticism from the media and fans. I think his mechanics are a bit sloppy right now, and the game seems to be really fast for him at the moment. These things happen especially when it comes to throwing and needing to be laser sharp with your accuracy. He is very good throwing when his feet aren't set I think he has developed some bad habits of becoming too reliant on it. No different than a pitcher in baseball struggling with delivery or arm position or release point.

Rodgers will bounce back in a big way this week and so will the team.

Lphill's picture

If the O line blocks then everything else will fall into place , if Rodgers is worried about being hit then he loses focus , so block for the man and give him time .

Spud Rapids's picture

If you truly believe in benching Rodgers for Tolzien you are stupid.

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