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Coaching Role Expanded for Packers Assistant Winston Moss

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Coaching Role Expanded for Packers Assistant Winston Moss

In addition to the previously mentioned additions of Ron Zook and Sam Gash to the coaching staff, the Packers made it official by adding two more assistants and changed the titles of five other coaches already on staff.

Perhaps the biggest move was naming Winston Moss linebackers coach, where he'll work with both the inside and outside groups now that Kevin Greene has stepped down. Moss previously worked only with the inside linebackers. He'll remain the assistant head coach.

Scott McCurley will assist Moss, being named assistant linebackers coach. He was previously the defensive quality control coach the past five seasons.

The two other new hires from outside the organization are Chris Gizzi as assistant strength and conditioning coach and Luke Getsy as offensive quality control coach.

Gizzi played linebacker for the Packers in 2000 and 2001, notably carrying the American flag onto the field in the first game post 9/11 as a graduate of the Air Force. Gizzi was an assistant strength and conditioning coach at North Carolina in 2013.

Meanwhile, Getsy comes to the Packers after serving as wide receivers coach at Western Michigan in 2013.

Others whose positions have changed on the Packers coaching staff:

  • Alex Van Pelt was officially named quarterbacks coaching, confirming previous reports, moving from running backs.
  • Jason Simmons becomes a defensive/special teams assistant after being a coaching administrator the past three years.
  • John Rushing will switch sides, becoming a defensive quality control coach after serving as an offensive assistant and special teams for the last two years.
  • The Packers also confirmed former special teams assistant Chad Morton has been released.
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Evan's picture

What do quality control coaches do?

Beep's picture

A QC coach controls quality, duh. Sorry, had to say it.

In all seriousness, from my understanding, they often run the scout team and are breaking down film for future weeks ahead of the current opponent. They also then brief the rest of the coaching staff of the current opponent when that week rolls around.

I believe Holmgren invented the position when he was OC in SF where he pegged Gruden for the job.

Stroh's picture

I believe the biggest part of quality control coaches is to provide the database of film breaking down each player and having upcoming opponent fil provided for their positions and upcoming matchups. Sure there other responsibilities as well but think that's a large part of the job description.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Gizzi, Getsy, and Gash. We have the makings of a great 70's sitcom. Or an ambulance chasing law firm.

PackerPete's picture

Good one...

PackerPete's picture

Maybe Moss can help make the shampoo / shaving gel / fathead commercial guy as durable as AJ Hawk. That would be his biggest contribution. But watching training camp a few years now I am not sure he got it. Good player, mediocre coach. I am surprised he is still there, but I guess MM likes him a lot. Can't say anything about the new guys, but Zook's role is a bit of a head scratcher. I hope they got him to improve tackling finally, his teams always tackled well.

FITZCORE1252's picture

So, has the position of olb coach been eliminated?

jeremy's picture

Looks that way. Can't say I'm excited about Moss. Hopefully I'm wrong.

cLowNEY42's picture

Yeah - the ILB's were so stellar this year.
Seems obvious to take their coach and give him even MORE responsibility.

So the ILB coach is now going to show the DE's that we have playing OLB how to be better OLB's.

Got it.

I just don't understand anything this team is doing.

From personnel (pushing 4-3 pegs into 3-4 holes) to staffing decisions to resistance towards change (Slocum, Capers, Perry - how do these guys still have jobs?)... it's like they want to see the regression continue.

This "house" needs to be cleaned out.

Stroh's picture

Then feel free to leave and cheer for Seattle or SF or whatever your soup du jour is for the day! We'll be happy to be done w/ YOU for good, I can guarantee that much!

The more things change the more they stay the same... Packers keep shuffling people around and keep on winning! Cow keeps acting like a fan of another team and keeps trolling Packer sites.

cLowNEY42's picture

"and keep on winning" ... (you should have finished this portion of your comment with) ... "regular season games against non-contending teams".

improves accuracy.

casual fan's picture

I can't understand the Winston Moss role being expanded either. I was at least intrigued by the other "new blood" they brought onto the staff. If they're keeping the 3-4 why not bring in someone with proven OLB experience?

Lou's picture

Moss played LB and played it well for several years and should not have an issue with coaching both sets of LB's. The real issues are not coaching to this point but consistent injuries (ILB & OLB) and trying to make LB's out of college defensive ends, those issues will drive up a coaches blood pressure until they are acting like Jim Harbaugh all the time. One thing I don't understand is although Moss has been the "Assistant Head Coach" for 8 years he very seldom is in the mix for a co-ordinator or head coaching position, only every once in a while is his name mentioned. Give him a chance with all the LB's and hope we don't hear hamstring, foot, and wrist when talking about the LB core in 2014.

Stroh's picture

Moss's designation as Asst HC basically means he can only leave to take a HC job. A Def Coordinator would not be a promotion. That's keeping him in GB.

ray nichkee's picture

This clown head guy needs to be a jaguars fan. Maybe he could straighten that team out. I heard he wanted the browns job but they told him he was over qualified. I was in the 11th row at the playoff game and minus the last few seconds it was great. To watch a team as beat up as the packers play like that against the 49ers was incredible. The niners would have lost with alex smith. We were one close interception from winning. Should we fire the secondary coach? Who gets the credit for that performace with half backups and half starters? Go milk your udder clown.

cLowNEY42's picture

"Who gets the credit for that performace with half backups and half starters?"

Answer: Mother Nature

ray nichkee's picture

Congradulations cowbreath clownhead, I heard you took the browns to the superbowl and you wiped with brown and orange confetti. I whonder if that chafed?

Ted Thompson's picture

So every year 31 teams are garbage and suck if they don't win the big one? My goodness you have no idea whatsoever how football works.

Greenville's picture

I definitely agree with clowney42. I'm a long time packer fan and I take pride in my team and want the best for this team. The decision making on personal,staff,playcalling. Has been really bad over the past couple year's. Dont think winning a medicore division with a horrible deffense is a good thing. If we didn't have Arron Rodgers this team would be the okland raiders Buffalo bills Jacksonville jaguars of the league. I see why they say you need a franchise qb, because they definitely do make a hell of a difference in some situations. But id also love to have a deffense that can also contend.

ray nichkee's picture

You and clownhead can play on the merry go round and hold hands into the sunset when the pack wins another superbowl. Then when they don't repeat you will be back to all this negative BS again. 31 other teams are thinking what do we need to do better and one team is thinking what can we do better. If you can't find anything fun about this season find another interest. Rogers was out for half the season and the pack still hosted a playoff game. I didn't see the bills raiders etc. Do that. Next time before you open your salty piss flaps and convert your cock breath into words on the computer screen think first. You have been spoiled way to much with the winning culture in green bay. Find a new team. I want to hear from real fans that don't act like children when they lose. Things could be a lot worse and not every player wants to be in green bay. I remember being exited when majik got us in the playoffs for the first time of my life. It was like the superbowl. I was happy to see the pack beat the bears and vikes. Now I am happy to see some competition from them. this game is for entertainment and some on here cannot simply understand that. Look at things in perspective and enjoy. If you don't you will forever be disapointed.

piccione88's picture

I don't understand all the Winston moss hate. Out ilb's haven't been great, but I think that has more to do with talent than coaching. Lattimore showed a lot of promise when given a shot, Brad Jones played way over his head in 2013, and fell back to his true talent level,but Hawk just had his best season

Stroh's picture

Bishop was a playmaker till he suffered a career ending injury.

The TKstinator's picture

I want GB to win a SB.

No, I want GB to win a SB more!!

That's what a lot of this BS "arguing" sounds like to me.

ray nichkee's picture

Your post wasn't even worth posting. Please don't try again.

DGB454's picture

You are a bit of a jerk aren't you Ray?

ray nichkee's picture

Come on man, don't hit me below the belt.

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