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Packers Reportedly Name Sam Gash as Running Backs Coach

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Packers Reportedly Name Sam Gash as Running Backs Coach

Gash was drafted by the New England Patriots in 1992 and played 12 years in the NFL. He was voted to the Pro Bowl in 1998 and 1999. He was cut by the Ravens in 2004 and moved on to coaching the following year with the New York Jets as an assistant running backs coach.

Gash was a part of the Lions coaching staff since 2007, when he signed on as a special teams assistant. He became the Lions running backs coach in 2008, a job he held until December of 2012.


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RC Packer Fan's picture

Packers are having a busy day. Signing Zook and Gash.

Hopefully good hires. Don't know anything about Gash. Hopefully he will be a good fit.

jeremy's picture

Good luck to Zook and Gash. Hopefully having Matthews and Lacy helps.

cLowNEY42's picture

Now all we need is...

2 or 3 DL'men
1 or 2 ILB's
1 or 2 S's
Someone to call plays on game day
A GM with at least 1 ball (asking for a GM w/2 would be greedy)
A DC who's less proficient at confusing young players
and a TE

Then we're all set.

RC Packer Fan's picture

I don't know. I'm pretty sure our GM has more then one, with the whole Favre situation.

cLowNEY42's picture

You could be right.
That QB transition did take balls.

Maybe his testosterone levels are just dropping (age'll do that).

Mojo's picture

Interesting...a running back coach named Gash.

SCFPackFan's picture

Cool. Gash was a helluva smash-mouth lead blocking FB. The Vonta Leach of his day. Wonder if this means even more of a shift to a power style running attack.

ray nichkee's picture

Hey clownhead, you just proved how smart you are. Everybody knows we need more playmakers on defence. Duh? Ted don't waste time with players that don't pan out. He ain't shy to put undrafted players on his roster. That takes balls and smarts. No gm bats perfect on there pics. He consistently puts a competitive team on the field. (Except for detroit this year, and the giants playoff game.) There is a team or two who admire the packers model as proven by the coaches and gm's getting promotions around the league. Go buy jaguars season tickets and you might have a point. Sorry not here.

You are not smart enough to realize that the play call rogers recieves is based on the players on the field and he has multiple plays to chose from based on what he thinks the defence will do. Football IQ 101. Do you have it?

What would happen if dom (we would not have won that superbowl without him) capers had the guys in place and healthy to do what he wanted. He can't look good with the players available on defence. He don't get an A+ but put it in perspective. Injuries are an unpredictable part of the game. Deal with it.

You remind me of my dad who wants to fire everybody because the packers should win the superbowl every year. He gets mad and shuts the tv off and has missed some great comebacks. He used to cuss and swear when farve threw that interception on the 20 yard line not realizing it was just as good as a punt, but when that throw was a touchdown he was smiling from cheek to cheek praising favre. You can't have it both ways. My dad has beat up his arm rests on his recliner in fits too many times to even be fun. Having a realistic perception of the game makes it that much more fun. All I want to see in football is a good game. The superbowl this year did not entertain me at all.

Hey clownface, you need to get a life or get smart. You need something to do as your unintelligent post seem to be your only form of entertainment.

cLowNEY42's picture

All I want from the Packers is for them to stop wasting Rodgers.

All I want from fans of the Packers is for them to stop making excuses.

beardownpackup's picture

I wanna like ya, I really do- because (ironically) just like Colin COWherd, you aren't afraid to bring some pretty unpopular TRUTHS to the forefront.
However, where we differ is in your insufferable insistence to ignore FACTUAL, VIABLE "excuses" such as the injury bug ravaging our teams for the better part of a decade or our defenses' struggles being due to said attrition rate and Dom Capers actually has proven he's a top tier D Coordinator w/ multiple teams.

I mean, surely you are unconditionally to some facet of the Packers' organization - right?!?

beardownpackup's picture

Unconditionally loyal*

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