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"Chips Report" from Week 5 Packers Win vs. Lions

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"Chips Report" from Week 5 Packers Win vs. Lions

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chippers (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chippers (good, though maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the Week 3 win over the Lions...

Blue Chips

  • Packers defense––On a day when the Packers offense couldn't consistently move the football or put points on the scoreboard, the Green Bay defense was more than up to the task. The unit didn't give up a touchdown until two minutes left in the game, and it was total team effort. The defensive line, linebackers and secondary all had their moments with no one player stealing the show. Despite injuries to three linebackers at different points in the game (Clay Matthews, Brad Jones, Rob Francois), the unit held together. Nick Perry deserves credit for getting the critics off his back with two sacks and forced fumble.
  • Packers offensive line––It looked as if the offensive line might be in for a rough day when Ziggy Ansah came up with a sack on the first drive of the game, but Aaron Rodgers' protection held up the rest of the way, allowing only the lone sack. The offensive line also paved the way for 180 rushing yards and an average of 5.5 yards per carry, just missing out on the third consecutive player to rush for 100 or more yards in three consecutive games. Considering the offensive line went up against arguably the best pair of defensive tackles in the league, that constitutes an impressive performance.

Red Chips

  • Kicker Mason Crosby––There was a day late last season when the torch-and-pitchfork crowd wanted Mason Crosby ridden out of Green Bay, perhaps even as late as training camp this year. But when the Packers offense could convert third downs on the Lions' end of the field, they had to settle for five Crosby field goals, tying a single-game franchise record, including a long of 52 yards and two more from 40-plus. Dating back to last season Crosby has made his last 15 field goal attempts, 21 if you include the preseason. He's a now a perfect nine-of-nine in 2013.
  • All-purpose player Randall Cobb––There wasn't much Cobb didn't do on Sunday, getting things started with a one-handed catch along the right sideline for a gain of 22 yards that helped to set up the Packers' first score of the game and going ahead 3-0 in the first quarter. Cobb then continued his solid string of play in the second half lining up at running back and sprinting for a 67-yard rush, setting up yet another field goal. There was a point where Cobb touched the ball on three consecutive plays returning a punt, rushing for 67 yards and then rushing for five more yards. Fellow wide receivers James Jones and Jordy Nelson didn't do too bad themselves.

Cow Chips

  • Running back Johnathan Franklin––Franklin didn't do much to follow up on his 100-yard outing in the Packers' last game against Cincinnati in Week 3. The rookie running back gained all of one yard on three carries, but the worst part was his second-quarter fumble Aaron Rodgers was lucky to recover. He'll need to be more sure-handed if Franklin wants to play a regular role on the Packers offense.
  • Tight end Ryan Taylor––Just when it appeared Taylor was starting to steal more playing time from fellow tight end Andrew Quarless, he couldn't take advantage of one of his rare opportunities. Taylor dropped a deep pass over the middle from Rodgers in the second quarter, perhaps losing out on the opportunity to score a touchdown. Instead the Packers had to settle for field goal and just a 6-0 lead.

Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor of Cheesehead TV's "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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Mojo's picture

Crosby deserves a blue-chip. All of his field goals were no doubters. He even looked good from the right hash.

No props for Jordy. He made his usually number of spectacular catches. He's one of our top five players.

RC Packer Fan's picture

Completely agree. As much as everyone ripped on Crosby in the offseason, he deserves a blue chip.

Barutan Seijin's picture

Crosby made a 52 yarder. A kick of that length is never a gimme. So kudos for that.

The other kicks were from 26 and 31 yards out (he had better make those), one 41 yarder & the last one was from 45 out. 45+ is a tough kick for Crosby, but for the kind of money he's been paid, he needs to make it on a nice, sunny day at home.

So yes, he did his job. Not sure it warrants a blue chip, though.

Stroh's picture

5 for 5 w/ 2 being over 45 deserves a blue chip every week! Give the man credit... He's kicking very well this year!

Spiderpack's picture

Mason Crosby Blue Chip all the way. No way he doesn't get a Blue Chip. He should be the first choice for a blue chip. No question about it. What are you thinking Brian? Love your work btw.

D B H's picture

After we picked Jordy over Desean Jackson in 2008, I thought it would be tough for Jordy to prove that he was worth that spot. Glad I'm not running the team :). Kudos, TT.

Nerd's picture

I still like Franklin alot. Seems like they gave Lacy the 1st Quarter, then were gonna give Franklin the 2nd, but he blew it with that fumble.

Taylor had a sure TD with that pass.

I liked the way they moved the chains and burned clock, but they need to put it in the end zone a little better.

All that said, a division win. I'll take it!

RC Packer Fan's picture

I agree as well. I like Franklin. He will still be a big part of the offense this year. He just needs to learn to secure the football. I don't like that he fumbled now 2 games in a row, but I still like him.

Seeing Taylor's dropped pass. Made me really want them to bench him and use Bostick. Behind Finley he is the 2nd best pass catching option at TE.

Speaking of putting the ball in the endzone. When they were at the 5 or so. Why don't they lob it up to Finley? Seems like a no brainer to me.

Stroh's picture

Right now I wouldn't trust him to get ANY carries for a few weeks or a month. Another inexcusable fumble that thankfully didn't hurt the Packers like the one lost the Cincy game! I would put Franklin on the bench and not let him on the field for a month before he gets anymore carries. May have to use him some tho since it looks like Starks might miss a few more weeks IMO.

Franklin doesn't deserve any carries right now!

Mike's picture

He will so long as Starks remains out

Nerd's picture

This week irrc, the dude just got a helmet right on the ball.

The fumble last week was more on Franklin than this one was.

But it will help send the message: YOU NEED TO PROTECT THE BALL.

Stroh's picture

This one was worse than the Cincy one. He was carrying it loosely and had it knocked out easily by a player just trying to get his arms into Franklin. Both are inexcusable IMO. He's lucky Starks might be out a couple weeks yet or he wouldn't see the field for awile. He had a problem w/ this in college too at one point. Now defenses are gonna start looking to strip the ball from him. He better not put another one on the grass!

RC Packer Fan's picture

Actually when you watch the play, Franklin had the ball somewhat secure, and the guy's helmet hit the ball square. If it was his arm I don't think he would have fumbled.

That is the part that concerns me. Now that teams know he has fumbled they will be going for the ball all the time. I don't expect him to play for at least 2 games, unless there is injury's or something.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I, too, worry about the fumbles. But this one the defensive back ran up and put his helmet right on the ball. A lot of running backs might fumble in that situation. Still, fumbles are worrisome.

Al Dante's picture

Best defensive play in a long time not just this season. Imagine, a novel idea, four man front. Who would have thunk it?

Blue chip to Hawk. His best year and one of his best games ever.
Blue chip to Crosby. He made em all.
Blue Chip to Perry who I had as a bust (until he showed me something) Obviously he played well in this defense scheme and it showed.
Blue Chip to Jones. Not for his play but his attempt to jump into the stands. Almost wet my pants laughing.

Bill Bradshaw's picture

What happened to Jolly? I did not see him out there at all.

themasterfake's picture

That is not your older brother's Lion's team. They looked much more disciplined, and their secondary played well.
But when Lacy reads the holes with more confidence- he'll bust big plays. I think he's afraid of making a mistake- so he's not running freely and choosing the sure four yards over a chance for more- and then getting the wrath of MM.

Very, very happy about Eddie Lacy.

mani2packers's picture

Blue chip to us for being fans of the greatest team on effin EARTHHHHH!

RC Packer Fan's picture

In this weeks crappy Ref Chip, I have to say the multiple holding/pass interference penalty's they didn't call against the Lions DB's. There was 2 that really stood out to me, the one with Jordy in the endzone where he was held. Should have been 1st and goal at the 1.

Also as a bonus that TD catch by Jones that was overturned. When I first saw it I thought it wasn't TD. But then when they showed the replay, his one foot was down, caught the ball, then other foot came down. To me that was a catch.

Tarynfor12's picture

I agree with the Blue Chip for Perry today but he still needs to show this often and not have us wait till next season...One showing doesn't make the amount of lacking go away.....crossing my fingers.

A Dude's picture

Lacking? More like sucking.

Stroh's picture

You just don't get it do you? Playing the strong OLB Perry has a lot of responsibilities beside just pass rushing. And when he does pass rush, he has to maintain gap integrity while Matthews on the weak side gets to rush basically however he wants. The weak OLB has freedom to rush any way he wants basically while the strong OLB has to maintain gap responsibility and can't just pass rush freely. If Perry gets to play Matthews OLB spot for a month or more you'll see a different Perry!

If you really knew football you would understand the difference that playing strong vs weak OLB means!

ArodMoney's picture

They play left and right not strong/weak

C's picture

Stafford normally gives you 3 to 5 opportunities per game for picks. I thought he threw far fewer dumb passes with Calvin Johnson out. Sure, they missed massive productivity, not saying they didn't.

Jamie's picture

Looks like Perry is just more suited rushing from the right side. And Neal was very good from the left.

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