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"Chips Report" from Packers Divisional Round Win vs. Cowboys

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"Chips Report" from Packers Divisional Round Win vs. Cowboys

Our weekly "Chips Report" will always include two blue chips (outstanding, exceptional play), two red chips (good, although maybe not great) and two cow chips (dud performances). From the Green Bay Packers' 26-21 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the divisional round of the playoffs...


Blue Chips

  • Quarterback Aaron Rodgers—Rodgers may have been extremely limited due to his lingering calf injury, but that doesn't mean he wasn't effective. Rodgers overcame a slow start—apart from his touchdown pass to Andrew Quarless, stepping up in the pocket on the Packers' first drive of the game—to get hot late. He completed his last 10 passes of the game when the game was on the line. In total, Rodgers connected on 24 of 35 passes for 316 yards, three touchdowns and, once again, not a single interception. Not bad for a guy hampered by injury.
  • Wide receiver Davante Adams—Any miscommunication between Adams and Rodgers early in the game was more than made up for by the rookie when he scored a critical touchdown and led the team with 117 receiving yards. Perhaps most impressive was what Adams was able to do after the catch, gaining the majority of his yards after corralling the football. His 46-yard catch-and-run for a touchdown late in the third quarter was the Packers' longest play from scrimmage.


Red Chips

  • Linebacker Julius Peppers—He may have faded late in the game, but Peppers' may have come up with the turning point, forcing a fumble on Cowboys Pro Bowl running back DeMarco Murray midway through the third quarter, setting up a Packers touchdown and pulling them within one point of the lead. Peppers also had a sack early in the game, had six total tackles—tying for the team lead—and forced another fumble that wasn't recovered by the Packers.
  • Wide receiver Randall Cobb—Cobb led the Packers with eight receptions for 116 yards, none more important than his 12-yard catch with less than two minutes to go, converting a first down and allowing the Packers to go into victory formation, running out the clock. He also had the longest kick return on the afternoon, 23 yards, getting the Packers out to the 32-yard line to start a drive in the first quarter.


Cow Chips

  • Cornerback Tramon Williams—It was a long afternoon for Williams, getting beat by Terrance Williams for a 38-yard touchdown in the second quarter, giving the Cowboys the lead. It didn't get any better when he was twice called for defensive pass interference, resulting in 32 yards in penalty yardage.
  • Linebacker Clay Matthews—Matthews made four tackles but missed nearly as many, frequently finding himself out of position after rushing too far upfield. He was called for an offsides penalty in the third quarter as well. The Packers may have had four sacks, but Matthews didn't get in on the action.


Brian Carriveau is the author of the book "It's Just a Game: Big League Drama in Small Town America," and editor at Cheesehead TV and its "Pro Football Draft Preview." To contact Brian, email [email protected].

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ryanissnackpack's picture

with all due respect to the cow chip for Clay.....Brad effing Jones. Yuck.

ChicagoPackerFan12's picture

I couldn't agree more! I don't understand how he is allowed to be on the field. There has go be someone better. He costs you everytime.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I was forced to listen to the game on the radio and other than the off-sides it didn't even sound like Matthews played.

I hope the fact that he was completely showed up by Nick Perry has him good and pissed off for Seattle.

4thand1's picture

I disagree, CM was in the backfield a lot and he made his presence felt. I think he was a little to reved up. Romo new he was close. He could have been flagged for a late hit but it didn't matter, Dallas had just scored on the play. They moved him around a lot, maybe that's why Peppers made plays.

DrealynWilliams's picture

Clay made plays without making plays. Stats don't always tell the full story.

The TKstinator's picture

I agree with YOU, 4th. CM was disruptive.

Amanofthenorth's picture

He's totally Jinxed right now. He must be showing something to the staff, of which I frickin Truuuuuuuuussssssssstttttttttttttttt

saltandpeppers's picture

Jones did make a nice open field tackle on Beasley to force 4th down at the end

BubbaOne's picture

Blue Chip---Ted Thompson
This was earned in the off season when he signed Peppers, Guion and drafted Clinton Dix, Adams, R.Rodgers, and Linsley.

Who woudda thunk it: NO TDs from Nelson, Cobb or Lacy but TDs from Q, R-Rodgers, and Adams

4thand1's picture

Rodgers mustva told Adams to get his head outa his ass early. I knew Adams had to be better than he's been the last few weeks, or since the Patriot game.

The TKstinator's picture

I think Adams's lack of consistency is still due to the fact that he is a rookie. Clearly, he has skills. Wait till all this playbook stuff is second nature; then sit back and enjoy the fireworks!

HankScorpio's picture

Adams' 3rd down conversion on the final drive was an outstanding catch. Rodgers left it too far inside where the defender could knock it free, or worse yet, pick it away cleanly. Adams just outmuscled the DB for the ball and then piled up some nice YAC.

On another, Adams had a beautiful spin move to add more YAC for another 1st. In addition to all the YAC on his TD grab.

This, on a day when Jordy was held to 22 yards.

Idiot Fan's picture

We're going to need a good Clay next week. Personally I'd like to see him in the middle all game and spy Wilson. Clay may be the only person who's fast enough to do that.

Also, I think Quarless should get honorable mention. He had some critical plays (TD, fumble recovery, first down late).

4thand1's picture

He was a little jumpy, 2 penalties for false start. His # must have been called in the huddle.

TommyG's picture

Clay must be at ILB for us to have even an outside shot at Seattle.

Tundraboy's picture

Absolutely Over pursuing again and with Perry healthy and playing well...

The TKstinator's picture

Agreed. Didn't see him at ILB much (if at all) in base.

BubbaOne's picture

Clay can say/think what he wants but the players voting Peppers a D team captain for the playoffs is more than just symbolic.

I have to give a "red chip" to Mason Crosby. On the day he became the franchises all time leading scorer he split the uprights twice on FG's in a five point win.

Point Packer's picture

Oh man, Davante Adams thank you. Great game from the youngster. Saved his best game for the playoffs. His last catch, as stated, could and likely should have been picked. Instead a huge gain. Winners make plays like that. Blown away. Bright future for Mr. Adams.

4thand1's picture

The Cowboys had no answer for Rodgers in the second half. Even" IF", Dallas got the call, AR would have marched down the field and the Pack would have won.

Nick Perry's picture

You damn right and he did. They were taking a knee in the V Formation at the Dallas 23 with just under 2 minutes left in the game. Well actually the 28 yard line after Cobb's Delay of Game Penalty. First penalty against the Packers I can remember saying F#*^ Yeah too!!

Carlos Goodman's picture

Julius wants an effing ring. He's gonna bring it again next week.

Amanofthenorth's picture

hats off to the Cowboys. They were excellent

Nick Perry's picture

Daniels deserves a "Blue Chip", he was a absolute beast inside. That sack at the end of the 3rd quarter he shoved Leary back into Romo so fast Romo had no where to step and Perry got him. The following play Daniels sacked Romo himself. Despite being held for most of the day Daniels was a beast!

Nick Perry's picture

Sorry to burst your "Know It All Attitude", read what i wrote. I said he shoved Leary back into Romo's face on the first sack and then got the sack himself on the second. Who gives a effing F if it was a coverage sack, it was still a great play. Because he put Leary in Romo's face he had no where to throw, step up, nada.

Damn Stroh, do you always have to be such a (Fill in Blank).

murphy's picture

Hey, Stroh, take a break. You don't have to be a prick every day of your life, you know.

Evan's picture

I wouldn't call either of these coverage sacks.




Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I would call the first one (ODen72LI2UO) a coverage sack. Over 4 seconds w/o pressure. The 2nd one is just a nice sack due to a good bull rush by Daniels and also by Neal.

That said, Daniels has an excellent motor, and that is important. Some other linemen might give up or at most start raising their arms, but with Daniels QBs can never afford to get completely comfortable because they know that Daniels is going to keep coming hard and often will get home eventually.

egbertsouse's picture

Yeah, like the Cowboys. Especially that crybaby Dez Bryant.

The TKstinator's picture

Lacy also blue or red chip.


murphy's picture

Let's just hope he brings his inhaler to Seattle.

The TKstinator's picture

And the entire O-Line, blue or red.

So few chips, so many players deserving them!

Such problems.

Nick Perry's picture

I don't agree on the Williams chip, that PI call was a BS call. Yes he gave up that TD but Shields and Williams held Dez Bryant to 3 catches for 38 yards. They played a single high safety all game long pretty much, not too shabby! In the 2013 game Bryant had 11 catches.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree on everything except for the Cow Chips

Cow chips should read,
Cow Chips - Brad Jones, Brad Jones.

Point Packer's picture

Cow Chip = Cow


egbertsouse's picture

I can't wait to hear Skip Clueless whine about how the Boy's got jobbed. I may have to tape it so I can laugh all day.

Duke Divine's picture

"Sucks to your assmar!"

Imma Fubared's picture

My cow chip again goes to Ha Ha he has no clue Dix. Just what the hell is he doing standing around in center field.
I say move him to corner and use his speed and height to take on the first wave.
If he is there for protection the only person he is protecting is himself by avoiding contact and watching others go up for balls. Right now seems to be a wasted first round pick.

RCPackerFan's picture

How smart was it having Clinton-Dix playing centerfield. He strategically had him play the deep center of the field to take away Dez Bryant from going deep. Dez Bryant finished the game with 3 receptions for 38 yards.

He may not have made as many tackles but his job was done by not allowing Dez Bryant to open this game up.

LAS VEGAS-TOM's picture

RC Packer Fan, I don't know what we did right, to shut down their passing game, but whatever it was, it was right. How did we stop Beasley & Witten? I think our Defensive line must have played a Hell of a game. I hope I get a chance to see the game again on NFL Network. LVT

RCPackerFan's picture

Honestly the defense played well... Not their best but played well... I think Hayward only gave up 1 reception to Beasley if I remember right? The DB's played well, didn't allow a lot of room for WR's to work.

Overall the defense played well in both faucets of the game. They played tight coverage for the most part which allowed the pass rush to get to Romo, and the pass rush got to Romo fast enough on other plays that disrupted the timing of the play.

josefK's picture

I think Peppers deserves blue chip - without his strip we give up a TD - so it is a 10-point swing at a crucial time.
Much like Mathews/Pickett forced fumble in SB45. Peppers has exceeded my expectations this season. Glad he is a Packer.

HankScorpio's picture

Lots of guys had big games. Hard to make any kind of list that doesn't miss anyone. Peppers is one of those guys.

I'm glad he's a Packer too.

Patrick Sherwood's picture

Brad Jones = permanent Cow Chip

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