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CheeseheadTV 2018 NFL Draft FUBAR Board

CheeseheadTV 2018 NFL Draft FUBAR Board

Every team has one. A list of players off their normal board and on what some call the FUBAR board. These are players the team has decided they would never draft, regardless of where they might be available. It can be for many reasons: character issues, lack of certain skills, poor fit with the team's scheme, etc. But usually, it because they've proven to not be good human beings, not been able to stay clear of substances or not be someone your team can rely on.

Some of us here at CHTV have our own FUBAR Board of players. For your entertainment, here they are.


Jersey Al Bracco

1. Orlando Brown, Oklahoma - Massive man, as in large masses of flab. Still, he can dominate any opponent when he feels like it, but his effort on the field does not show a passion for the game. Didn't care enough to prepare for the Combine. Will just be looking to collect some checks.

2. JT Barrett, QB, Ohio State.  - A high-character, leader type, but the QB skills are just too limited (Tebow-like). I'd have little faith he would ever make it off a practice squad and stick on any team's roster for more than a handful of games.

3. Darren Carrington, WR, Utah - Dismissed from Oregon, suspended for National Championship game, failed drug tests, DUI arrest, accused of pushing a fan down some stairs. There are probably some things I've missed. No thanks.


Tim Backes

1. Orlando Brown, OL, Oklahoma - I feel like this one is almost cheating, right? I'm not a big believer in the combine as anything other than a hype machine, but this is one circumstance in which a player's performance at it can legitimately tank his draft status, because it was pretty obvious he just had zero commitment. Like, it was shockingly bad. I feel like it's almost a cop out to have him in my list considering he'll likely appear in many other people's, but he's that big of a red flag for me.

2. Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming - It feels like almost every year there's a QB that suckers teams in with a big body and arm, but they somehow fail to factor in a lack of accuracy or basic skills needed out of a pro-style QB. I'll never understand the immense hype Allen is getting. He's got incredible arm strength, but he's being hyped up as a potentilal #1 overall pick. He'd have to fall really far down the draft for me to be OK with the Packers taking a flyer on him, but even then, if you're looking for a project QB I feel like there are at least guys who can put the ball closer to where you want it to go.

3. Desmond Harrison, OT, West Georgia - Harrison gets a decent amount of love as an OT prospect, but there are a lot of red flags in his past. Multiple suspensions that essentially ended his collegiate career at Texas, two years away from the game before resurfacing at West Georgia. He's definitely got talent but also played at a very light weight and has had some recent foot injuries. Just too many questions for me to be able to justify using a pick on him.


Ryan Brunner

1. Deon Cain, WR, Clemson - Cain enters the draft at only 6' 1" tall.  While being a deep threat in college with a high yards per catch average, he lacks the versatility needed in the Packers offense to variety of routes.  This wouldn't bode well with QB1.  A 2015 suspension for a failed drug test during Clemson's playoff run raises character questions as well when you're team is fighting for a national championship.

2. Arden Key, DE, LSU - A poor combine where he didn't run the 40-yard dash combined with poor care of his body (weighing close to 280 pounds during the 2017 season and being down to 238 pounds at the NFL combine) make Key an easy pass at the NFL level.  

3. Marcus Davenport, DE, University of Texas-San Antonio - I'm adding Davenport to my FUBAR list solely based on the 14th overall pick of the draft.  At that pick, the Packers need to select a player that can have an immediate impact and I just do not see that with Davenport.  Should he fall late into the first round or into the second round, that pick may be better warranted for Davenport.


Dan Dahlke

1. Antonio Callaway, WR, Florida -- From a credit card scam, drug violations, and sexual assault allegations, Callaway has had various run-ins with the law. I would be very hesitant to bring him in my locker room. There have also been various other reports raising concerns about his personality and how well he'd get along with teammates and coaches.

2. Azeem Victor, LB, Washington -- After showing a lot of promise his sophomore season in college, Victor's performance on the field really faded his final two years at Washington game is also supposed to be based on athleticism and speed, but his athletic testing was very disappointing. This combined with poor production would make me pass on him as a prospect.

3. Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Florida State -- After a very promising junior season, McFadden was once considered a top cornerback prospect. However, his final season at Florida State was a disaster. He failed to make plays on the ball and he repeatedly got exposed in coverage. Poor athletic testing at the combine also siginficantly hurts his draft stock.


Andrew Garda

1. Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming — When it comes to big armed quarterbacks, Bel Biv Devoe said it best: Never trust a big arm and a sub 60% completion ratio against poor competition. I'm a noted Allen detractor, and you can read why here (though I'm not alone), but honestly, anyone who misses swing passes as often as Allen does is a concern. Mechanical issues like he has tend to revert to type under pressure and there are very few examples of quarterbacks with his issues who improved.

2. Antonio Callaway, WR, FSU — Hidey Hidey Hidey NO! Listen, Callaway is a very good prospect who tested positive for marijuana at the Combine. As an NFL prospect, you have a lot of little jobs, but none more important than not smoking pot for a couple of months. And you know which couple of months because you know you will be tested at the Combine and when that is. If you can't avoid smoking weed during the two months leading up to the Combine, you aren't smart and you have brutal judgement. That's a reason to pass on a guy who has his upside.

3. Taven Bryan, DT, Florida — An undersized but athletic DT is like catnip to GMs, but the athletic ability he used to cover his lack of instincts and technique won't be as useful at the NFL level. He isn't a guy who can step right in and have a massive impact but he could be drafted that way. I think Bryan is much more of a developmental prospect than he is being ranked by some.


Andy Herman

1. Saquan Barkley, RB, Penn State - Let me start off by saying that Saquan Barkley is a phenomenal football player and he's going to be really, really good in the NFL. The reason Barkley makes my list is philosophical. At its simplest level, I simply don’t believe in spending premium draft capital on running backs. You’d arguably have to go back to 2000 to find a 1st round running back who played a major role in their team winning the Super Bowl and that was Jamal Lewis of the Ravens (who won because of their defense). Only Reggie Bush, Joseph Addai, and Rashard Mendenhall have won Super Bowls as running backs drafted in the 1st round since then and none were in starring roles. Running backs can be found everywhere and the worst thing about taking one early is that if you want to give them a second contract you are going to pay them huge money at a position where you can find super talented players for pennies on the dollar. It’s not worth it; even for a player as good as Barkley.

2. Vita Vea, DT, Washington – Once again, I think Vea is a really nice player but Vea’s biggest strength is going to be stopping the run. The only way Green Bay is getting Vea is by using a first round pick on him as he’ll in all likelihood be gone by pick 45. Green Bay cannot afford to pad a position that’s already deep (Daniels, Clark, Wilkerson, Lowry, Adams) or on a player who won’t predominantly effect the passing game. Vea would likely be on the field on run downs and in a heavy rotation, taking away snaps from the above mentioned players. That’s not the result you want from pick 14.

3. Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA – There have been rumors floating around lately that Kolton Miller may be the first offensive tackle taken off the board. Miller is a really nice looking player athletically but he suffers from a false step at the beginning of his pass set. While it’s arguably fixable, it is one of those traits that tends to come back naturally over the course of time and can really open up opportunities for edge rushers to take advantage of. The last offensive linemen Green Bay selected who was super athletic but needed technique work was Jason Spriggs and I’m still scarred from that. Show me Spriggs can be successful before you bring in another athletic project that may always struggle to fix his technique in pass-pro.


Zachary Jacobson

1. Leighton Vander Esch, LB, Boise State - Why? The Packers already have a middle linebacker of similar nature named Blake. A lot of analysts early on mocked Vander Esch to Green Bay at 14, and while the thought of it alone is enough to leave me fuming, taking him that high? He'll potentially be a good player. Just a little rich for my taste at 14th overall.

2. Arden Key, DE, LSU - Woof. He was talked about as a first-round prospect pre-Combine, now someone who can fall to the mid-rounds post-Combine. His poor measurables translated to his agility workouts, and absolutely nothing has impressed me, personally, about Key. I'd stay far away if I were Green Bay. (hey, that rhymed.)

3. Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming - Josh Allen is described as a "physical freak," and it's easy to say why. But, I mean, that isn't all that goes into playing the quarterback position. It's minuscule compared to every other facet of learning that goes into it, actually. He'll more than likely be the fifth quarterback taken off the board, but it won't be by the Packers -- thankfully.


Cory Jennerjohn

1. Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming — Sure, Allen can probably throw a deflated football into the wind about 40 yards, but his 56.2 completion percentage is downright awful. He wasn't in the SEC or Big Ten. That number is alarming. The most important stat is that Allen is 0-3 vs. Power 5 schools. And it's not that he's just 0-3, he has eight interceptions and one touchdown in those games.  

2. Orlando Brown, OL, Oklahoma — The expectations were sky high for him back in January. He was thought to be the No. 1 tackle prospect, but thanks to a forgettable showing at the NFL Scouting Combine that saw him finish last in four categories. He appears to be just a big body, not someone that can chop the feet and consistently beat his opponent. 

3. Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama — While teammate Minkah Fitzpatrick was busy running all over the field, Harrison was struggling in pass coverage. Harrison cannot be relied on to cover wideouts or tight ends, which leaves his role very diminished. 


Jason Perone

1.  Arden Key, LSU - Recent injury history and weight issues last season are too many red flags.  Had to take time away from last year's spring program for what were described as personal reasons.  Buyer beware here.

2.  Orlando Brown, Oklahoma - Brown is getting a bad rap from many but I can't help but be another.  How he allowed himself to show so poorly at the Combine is beyond me.  Clear lack of discipline.  Brown's technique worked in college but he has the makings of a turnstyle at the NFL level.  No thanks.

3.  Tarvarus McFadden - The Packers will look to add multiple defensive backs in this draft and McFadden is tempting in the middle rounds.  His torn labrum injury and major drop-off in production last season have me concerned that he could miss too much time and won't be able to come in and play right away.


Ross Uglem

1. Leighton Vander Esch - LVE is an outstanding athlete, and certainly possesses potential. The problem is the idea of taking a player at a devalued position in the top half of the first round is driving me insane. He takes on too many blocks with his shoulder, he isn't a great cover guy (yet) and offers literally nothing in the way of pass rush. He's a project and at 14 I'm not interested.

2. DJ Chark - so many fans get caught up in the combine. They can see numbers that are easily quantifiable. The problem with Chark is that the production doesn't match the promise, and it's not just because of LSU's offense or their QB. Chark has a two route tree. That's not going to get it done in the NFL. Chark is closer to Jeff Janis than he is Julio Jones. There's a chance he works out, but it should be more like a 4th round chance than a top 50 chance.

3. Kolton Miller - absolutely incredible athlete at the tackle position. Not super great at playing tackle. Has too many awful one on one losses on tape and doesn't actually move (on film) like he's an elite athlete. There's a real Jason Spriggs comparison with Miller.


Elisha Twerski

1. Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama - Ridley gets the top spot here because of his round one price tag. His playmaking ability is impressive, but he's not talented enough to distinguish himself from some of the players who will be available on day two.

2. Arden Key, EDGE, LSU - Key reminds me of all of those long, athletic edge guys who got drafted early and busted. He's probably as talented as any rusher in the draft, but his questionable (at best) tape from last year and the reports about his attitude scare me.  All that being said, if he's still sitting there in round 4, the Packers have to pounce.

3. Malik Jefferson, ILB, Texas - He doesn't appear to have the instincts to drop into coverage on third down. The Packers have enough two-down linebackers, they don't need to waste a day two pick on another one.


Chris Wanless

1. Vita Vea, DT, Washington – Ben Fennell, whose opinions I hold in high regard, said it best when he tweeted that Vea survived largely due to brute strength in college. Like others in this class, the potential is there with Vea, but the Packers need someone who can make an immediate impact, and I don’t think Vea is going to be that guy at a position where he'd be part of a deep rotation.

2. Simmie Cobbs, WR, Indiana – I realize Cobbs will likely wind up a mid-to-late-round pick, but I can’t express how disappointed I’d be to see the Packers waste a draft pick on him. He’s at his best when he’s using his 6’4” frame to make contested catches, but his speed leaves a lot to be desired. Green Bay will be better off splitting Jimmy Graham out wide if they want to use a big body in the open field.

3. Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prospect look so disinterested during their participation in the NFL Combine. A bad combine shouldn’t preclude a player from being drafted highly, but Brown’s apathetic approach to his workouts was stunning and makes me wonder how he’ll respond to coaching and more uncomfortable situations in the NFL.


Matt Kelley

1. Arden Key, LSU - A highly coveted recruit out of high school, Key suffered a large drop-off in production from his 11-sack sophomore season to a four-sack junior year in 2017. He's got talent, but his motor is among the least consistent in this draft.

2. Desmond Harrison, West Georgia - Originally a Texas commit, Harrison violated team rules so frequently that the Longhorns dismissed him from the program and he landed at Division-II West Georgia. A lower level of competition always make it difficult to write an accurate scouting report, which -- in this case -- already includes maturity concerns.

3. Chad Thomas, Miami (Fla.) - Thomas is an oversized EDGE prospect who was overweight at the combine at 281 pounds. His workouts didn't show much explosion, including his 4.92 40-yard dash. He was pretty solid against the run in college, but add the fact that he only tallied 10 sacks in 40 career games at Miami, and I'm fine letting someone else take the risk of trying to develop him. He does, however, play nine musical instruments, so he may provide some quality Instagram content.


"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Bert's picture

I see Josh Allen showing up on a lot of your FUBAR lists. Totally agree. I watch a lot of Mountain West football and have never been impressed with Allen. Looks great, and if you're impressed with a QB who can throw a beautiful spiral where most of them hit the turf, totally out of reach of anybody, then Allen is your guy.

GBPDAN1's picture

Ted Thompson is on my FUBAR list. Keep him away from the draft room.

pooch's picture

Article dumb

The TKstinator's picture

Fire good

The TKstinator's picture


The TKstinator's picture

I love lamp.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?

Lare's picture

I see a lot of criticism of Josh Allen. I don't know much about him but there were a lot of critics of Aaron Rodgers coming out of college too and I think he turned out pretty well.

kevgk's picture

eating one mushroom in a forest may not kill you, but I don't reccomend trying a second

mamasboy's picture

Rogers' critics couldn't point to a 56% completion rate in college. Allen's never had a completion rate of more than 60% at any level. Pee wee, high school or college.

mamasboy's picture

Rogers' critics couldn't point to a 56% completion rate in college. Allen's never had a completion rate of more than 60% at any level. Pee wee, high school or college.

Cubbygold's picture

After reading this article, its questionable if allen is even worth a day two pick. Other than size and hype, what does this guy have going for him? Cardayle Jones could throw the ball a mile and he won a national championship... don't see him anywhere in the nfl tho

Bert's picture

Yep. If you have actually sat through a couple of entire Wyoming games you come away wondering why Allen is considered such a hot prospect. Seems like you wait for him to really do something special and pretty soon the game is over.......and he hasn't done much of anything except throw pretty passes that end up on the ground.

dobber's picture

He's a poor-man's Joe Flacco. I think that's his ceiling.

LambeauPlain's picture

Aaron played in a top conference and against power teams and beat them.

Allen played in a subpar conference and still couldn’t crack 60% completion...and he was 0-3 against power 5 teams.

He’s a reach pick and those rarely work out.

Mojo's picture

I think most of Jersey Al's staff read Al's criteria without comprehension. Al states; "These are players the team has decided they would NEVER draft, regardless of where they might be available."

I find it hard to believe the staff would pass on players like Vea, Allen, Davenport or Key if they were available in the late rounds.

Colin_C's picture

I was going to say the exact same thing! Guys like Callaway I understand, but almost every other listed player would be a steal in rounds 2-3. Basically, the writers listed players they don't want at #14.

John Kirk's picture

Colin...I posted this elsewhere hoping you'd see it...

He isn't on the FUBAR list. I don't want Josh Jackson, Harold Landry or Vea at 14. That would be my 14 Fubar list.

Colin_C's picture

Thanks John, I hadn't seen that before! Miller really just seems like a class act and very mature. Fingers crossed!

I agree with your FUBAR list in that I'd try to trade back if those were my best options. I've actually come around to Jackson a bit, but I don't think he's a good scheme fit. I'd also add Taven Bryan, and any OT not named McGlinchey.

Nick Perry's picture

WOW...Thanks for that John...I hadn't seen that and it was pretty cool. I've been checking Miller out and he's become a player I'd REALLY like to see that Packers draft, maybe in the 3rd round.

The kid is confident without the cockiness and knows what will get him to the top...Hard Work!!! Call me a softy but I also love the fact his Dad is his hero....Awesome.

Jersey Al's picture

Unfortunately, have to agree. Probably my fault for not explaining it better behind the scenes. With a few exceptions, it is a fairly new group of writers.

Andy Herman's picture

Guilty. I totally misread the context. My apologies.

To be fair, if I posted three guys I wouldn't draft no matter what it would basically be three guys nobody's heard of... I think anyone within the first 4-5 rounds has value to be drafted as some point. I don't have anyone who would really be 100% off my board based on what I've seen/heard so far.

The TKstinator's picture

I’ve got Datone Jones on my “do not draft” board.

(Actually, I don’t have a “board” at all, but I know some of us here do.)

marpag1's picture

I have no real problem with the article. Most of the authors were clear that they would draft guys later, if available. But this is a difficult article to write if we want a TRUE fubar list. Even in your list, Al, would I draft Orlando Brown if he fell to Round 6 or 7? Heck, yeah.

For a guy to be truly UNDRAFTABLE at any slot in the draft ... that's pretty tough. You've gotta be a known drug addict, or a have gigantic pending legal issues, or two horrific degenerative knee conditions, etc. Otherwise, when the draft gets to the end, someone will happily take a flyer.

For every Randy Gregory - a first round talent that no one should have drafted, ever - there is a Jerry Jones who will take him at #60.

Elisha Twerski's picture

Guilty here as well. I misread the instructions. I apologize for that.

jasonperone's picture

Nothing misinterpreted by this writer. I'm not taking any of my 3 in round 1, 7 or for my charity beer softball game (time/date to be announced). Can't speak for anyone else.

EddieLeeIvory's picture

Odds Packers trade the #14 pick (either UP or DOWN)?

I'd say about 25%.

The TKstinator's picture

Wilde said on the radio today that his sources report 8 elite talents not including the 5 “likely” early QB’s. That adds up to 13 players. He said Gutey the “math guy” would be willing to trade up if it meant grabbing one of the last “elite” players. Of course, barring unforeseen events such as another player (EJ Manuel, anyone?) sneaking into the top 13 thus pushing an elite guy down to 14.
I love this stuff. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds tomorrow night.

Turophile's picture

Arden Key - multiple question marks
Deontay Burnett - Packers had a too-thin WR (Wisconsin) before,
Antonio Callaway - character
Equanimous St.Brown - Why has someone with his rare gifts at a big program not done more ?

Nick Perry's picture

His QB's have been Dump Trucks for the most part haven't they? St. Browns intriguing IMO...Especially around the 3rd round.

dobber's picture

Love me the FUBAR list!

The TKstinator's picture

See my post above.

Bure9620's picture

I'm Arden Key and I lost 50 pounds with Nutri-Sytems

Cubbygold's picture

JT Barrett is a solid choice...this coming from a lifelong buckeye fan. The guy just doesn't have what it takes and will get demolished on the NFL stage. He's got lots of college records, but so did Troy Smith

Bure9620's picture

Okay Gents, (and ladies) last mock from me, Yes, I feel our Tackle need is understated and pass rush need is overstated, no WR till the 4th but the middle round WRs have tons of value in this draft, Fountain and Watson will be steals, I also think we need one more RB in todays NFL (as does James Lofton), a bigger body for goal line and SR plays, Derrius Guice fell. Fitts has the measurables to be a force player (Justis Mosqueda). MJ Stewart was a steal in the 5th as is Justin Jones in the 6th. Deluca is really good, can cover as an off ball LB. Jessie Bates is young and super talented. Watson is climbing draft boards like an assassins creed assassin.

Yes another Kyle from the State of UTAH, not Kyler, Ky-lie is much better! Run for your lives! Its Kyler Fackrell!!! AhH, he may trip over a OT and accidentally sack a QB!

Round 1 Pick 23 (N.E.): Williams, Connor, OT/OG, Texas (B+)
Round 1 Pick 31 (N.E.): Hughes, Mike, CB, Central Florida (A)
Round 2 Pick 15 (ARI): Guice, Derrius, RB, LSU (A)
Round 2 Pick 27 (S.F.): Gesicki, Mike, TE, Penn State (A)
Round 4 Pick 4 (IND): Fitts, Kylie, DE/OLB, Utah (A)
Round 4 Pick 33: Fountain, Daurice, WR, Northern Iowa (A)
Round 5 Pick 1: Bates III, Jessie, FS, Wake Forest (A+)
Round 5 Pick 17 (BALT): Watson, Justin, WR, Pennsylvania (B+)
Round 5 Pick 18 (LAC): Stewart, MJ, CB, North Carolina (A+)
Round 6 Pick 16 (BALT): Jones, Justin, DT, North Carolina State (A)
Round 6 Pick 33: DeLuca, Nick, ILB, North Dakota State (A)
Round 7 Pick 14: Gates, Nick, OG, Nebraska (A)
Round 7 Pick 21: Ogundeko, Ebenezer, DE/OLB, Tennessee State (A-)

Cubbygold's picture

What are you assuming as a trade for NEs two picks? Just the 14 or do they have to include another pick?

I like the idea, and would be in favor of GB trading 14 for CLEs 33 and 36th picks

Bure9620's picture

Just our #14

Bure9620's picture

Both 1s, Belichick was feeling saucy

stockholder's picture

Landry- Can't get off blocks.
key- Take the money and Run.
L. Jackson - just a worry

LambeauPlain's picture

Landry would be a liability in the run game. His poor tackling would encourage teams to run right at him like they did with AJ Hawk. Unlike Clay or Perry who take on runners head on, Landry prefers to chase and drag down...again, like Hawk did.

He has an unbelievable abilty to bend and get under and around tackles and would be an effective as a spot player, I think. But his toolbox is sparse.

Finwiz's picture

I agree, I don't see them taking Landry at 14, unless they go for pass rush "need", and value that above all else. I doubt that's what they are going to do.

My guess would be BPA, based on their rating system.

LambeauPlain's picture

One thing Ted learned from The Wolfman was “trust the tape”. Hopefully Ted’s padawan Gute has adopted this principle.

Ted also used character as his secret ingredient. Guys with numerous off field issues were off his board. You pay these guys to be prepared and available. Off field issues take them “off the field”.

Fortunately Ward, Edmunds, Fitzpatrick, Nelson, James, and Smith are all elite talents with outstanding character and leadership.

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