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CheeseheadTV 2017 NFL Draft FUBAR Board

CheeseheadTV 2017 NFL Draft FUBAR Board

Every team has one. A list of players off their normal board and on what some call the FUBAR board. These are players the team has decided they would never draft, regardles of where they might be available. It can be for many reasons: character issues, lack of certain skills, poor fit with the team's scheme, etc. But usually it because they's proven to not be good human beings, not beeen able to stay clear of substances or not be someone your team can rely on.

Some of us here at CHTV have our own FUBAR Board of players. For your entertainment, here they are.


Zachary Jacobson:

1. T.J. Watt, EDGE, Wisconsin.- Yeah... Wisconsinites are going to hate me for this. I just don't buy his one explosive season of hype and don't think he's ready. I believe a lot of Watt's hype surrounds around his last name rather than his play.

2. Sidney Jones, CB, Washington.- Another one I may get heat for. I just don't think the Packers can afford to wait any longer to fix their defense. They need help NOW, not later. Jones may not even play in 2017 REGARDLESS of what he thinks. It's a doctor's decision, not a player's decision. If it were up to the player, Aaron Rodgers probably would've played through his fractured collarbone four years ago.

3. Takkarist McKinley, EDGE, UCLA.- Pac-12 pass rusher? No thanks. Surgery to repair a torn labrum is going to keep McKinley sidelined for four months, meaning he'd miss a good portion of OTAs and even some of training camp. Can you say Justin Harrell?

Michelle Bruton

1. Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma - The Packers aren't so desperate at running back that they should take a chance on a guy with this many character red flags in any round of the draft. 

2. Tim Williams, EDGE, Alabama - Williams has tape worthy of a first-round consideration, but between an underwhelming combine performance and alleged failed drug tests, the Packers can afford to pass. 

3. Devonte Fields, DE, Louisville - Despite the Packers' need for pass-rushers and the fact that Fields will likely be a good value relative to his draft position, once again, there's no need to introduce Fields' alleged off-the-field issues into this locker room.


Chris Wanless

1. Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma - His off the field issues simply outweigh his exceptional talent.

2. Chad Kelly, QB, Ole Miss - Scouts have noted he can be un-coachable at times, and his temper can get the best of him, both of which won't be tolerated in Green Bay.

3. Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State - I may live to regret this, and Cook will certainly be drafted, but his injury history combined with a pattern of off-field incidents raise a red flag for me.


David Nicholson

1. Kevin King, CB, Washington — If a player of King’s caliber falls to pick 29, I hope the Packers look for a better fit for their defense. King, while super athletic and talented, is best suited to play off coverage — while Green Bay needs someone who excels in man press. 


2. Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State — For the record, I think Cook is an outstanding player. But I also think running back can be addressed in later rounds, and that Green Bay is best suited targeting an edge rusher with their first pick. 


3. Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State — McDowell checks all of the physical boxes, and if properly motivated, could be a versatile force in a 3-4 defense. That said, he was an awful interview at the NFL Combine, with one team telling Yahoo Sports’ Erid Edholm: “Awful interview. Awful.” If the prospect of an NFL career isn’t enough to light his fire, stay away. 


Jason Perone

1. Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State - While not many actual criminal charges were brought, there are too many off field run-ins with the law and where there's smoke, there's fire

2. Tim Williams, OLB, Alabama - Too bad here because he is the type of player who could really help the Packers but failed drug tests and weapons arrest are red flags too big to ignore

3. Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma - A laundry list of off field issues relating to the mother of his children is enough for me to say: PASS!


Chris Peterson

1. Joe Mixon, RB Oklahoma -- I don't like risks and I also don't like people who do things like Mixon did. He has talent, but is too risky.

2. Jourdan Lewis, CB. Michigan -- For one, he's short, so I question whether he can succeed in the NFL. Also, a recent DUI makes him an off-field risk, as well as one on the field.

3. Adoree Jackson, CB, USC - Jackson is another 5-10 corner, who is a tremendous athlete, but to me seems like a luxury the Packers can't afford to wait for his unpolished cover skills to develop.


Ross Uglem

1.  Caleb Brantley, DL, Florida - if he's done what he's accused of doing it raises two concerns.  One, never put your hands on a woman.  That's a major character issue.  Secondly, getting into an altercation in which you do put your hands on a woman this close to the draft exhibits actual stupidity.  Brantley's a good player, probably one of the best 100 players in this draft, but he's not draftable at this point.

2.  Tyus Bowser, EDGE, Houston - I'm just not going to end up taking him where you're going to need to take him to get him on your team.  He's an exciting athlete but to say he'll have a successful NFL career is a lot of projection.

3.  Samaje Perine, RB, Oklahoma- I'm out on Perine, as well.  He ran over a lot of people at Oklahoma that he's not going to be able to run over in the NFL.


Kevin Mooney

1. Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma - I know sports teams can't be all about having the nicest guys you can find, but teams have to set boundaries. Talent can be found elsewhere.

2. Teez Tabor, CB, Florida - Lacks the long-range speed to justify a first or second round pick.

3. Adoree Jackson, CB, USC - Lacks the size to justify a first or second round pick. He could be a dynamic returner, but you don't draft that so early. I prefer guys that can run and help tackle.


Andrew Garda

1. Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma - I know talent wins out, and Mixon has lots of it, but this dude has 'stupid' written all over his face in magic marker. He's had way too many off the field issues for me to wish him on the Packers, even if they need a RB.

2. Garrett Bolles, OL, Utah - Bolles only managed to have one good year of production and he's about to become 25 years old. By the time you know what he has he's already well past where you want a rookie to be aged.

3. Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn - I love Lawson's ability. I hate his injury history. I think he could be a solid fit for the Packers, but I suspect he's going to miss too much time for a team to get much use from him. 


Cory Jennerjohn

1. Sidney Jones, CB, Washington - Players are never the same after an Achilles tear. His explosion and mental acuity to hits will change.

2. Takkarist McKinley, EDGE, UCLA - Drafting a player that will probably start the year on the PUP list isn't very smart.

3. Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan - His hamstring injury that made him unable to play the Orange Bowl plus his diluted drug test during the NFL Combine raise red flags about his motivation.


Jersey Al Bracco

1. Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma - Punching a woman (allegedly not the first time), but this one was caught on video. Tape don't lie.

2. Chad Kelly, QB, Ole Miss.  - The Packers are proud of the makeup of their QB room. No way they want to introduce this knucklehead into the mix.

3. Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah - This one is kind of ironic since I think Bolles will be the best OT to come out of this draft. He starts his NFL career at 25 yrs old, needs some strength work, not a guard prospect, would sit on Green Bay's bench for a few years, and Thompson doesn't keep many OL into their 30's. Makes no sense for the Packers.


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Turophile's picture

Some of these guys shouldn't be off the board, imo, just moved down.

At some point CB Sidney Jones will be the best value, even with the worrying achilles injury.

Equally, at some point T.J.Watt is too good to pass up, he may not be best pick at #29, but could be at #61.

Same with Bowser, would you pass on him in round three ?

Guys like Dalvin Cook, MalikMcDowell, Tim Williams, Chad Kelly, Teez Tabor and Devonte Fields, I'd be happy to let someone else pick. There IS a point where they could be best value, but concerns with these guys are so high, someone else will value them more than I do.

That may apply to Mixon as well, I don't know if he has changed since the hitting a woman incident - at the minimum he needs VERY careful vetting.

Interesting to see no-one has CB Moreau down as an injury risk. I'm not that worried by his torn labrum (shoulder), I guess nobody else here is, either. If he is still there at #61, you would never even see me get to hand in my pick, it would just appear on the table, as if by magic. Sadly, I do think he is gone in the 45-55 range.

While I love Carl Lawson as a player, even though he is a bit stiff in the body, he has plenty of injury history. That wouldn't take him off my board, but it would move him down from about 35-40 (purely on ability) down to the 90's.

Lastly two guys I would take later than most others. Adoree Jackson - don't roll the dice on athletic talent this early, if you don't see what you want on the field. Forrest Lamp - not until round three, and given the dearth of O linemen, someone else will take him earlier.

jh9's picture

I don't personally know Joe Mixon and I'd bet none of the contributing writers to this column personally know him, either.

On any character issue, I will trust TT. He has the staff and the resources to do the necessary due diligence. If Joe Mixon can pass the character test with TT and is drafted, then I will be supportive.

MarkinMadison's picture

AP has a job and Kaepernick doesn't. So much for character and the NFL. I doubt that Joe Mixon has actually been removed from too many boards.

Jersey Al's picture

I think he has - but interestingly enough, not from the Packers' board.

dobber's picture

I still have $5 on the table with marpag over whether Mixon will still be on the board when the Packers pick at the end of round 2. I say yes...he says no. Late last week I was a little nervous over that $5...I feel better about it this week.

Looking forward to your mock and draft whispers/predictions tomorrow, Al.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

...Allllll byyyyyy myyyyyseeellffff...

dobber's picture

10 am's a little early to start drinkin' there, Zach.

Zachary Jacobson's picture

Even worse - it's 7 am here.
...I'm really not helping my case, am I?

Zachary Jacobson's picture

Uh. Matthews put together a string of at least moderately decent years up until his break-out senior season at USC. Way more of a sampling size than Watt having one year under his belt as a linebacker.

One Datone doesn't cover up the success of Matthews and Perry just like the success of Matthews and Perry doesn't mean every Pac-12 pass-rusher they draft is going to have the same success.

I just don't think Jones would be the right call for a team who needs to win now. I don't buy the whole "he'll be good to go in four months and may play in week one!" bullshit. That never works out the way doctors or players plan.

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