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The Packers new defensive coordinator is stepping into a tough situation. In the last seven seasons, the Packers have been ranked an average of 20th in total defense.  

The first pass rusher for the Packers by position wasn’t taken until the seventh round, but James Looney isn’t a true pass rusher and is more of a plug-and-play hybrid type.  

There was a lot to like in Green Bay's 31-28 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 12, aside from the final result.  One of those bright spots absolutely has to be inside linebacker Blake Martinez, who is quickly becoming one of the Packers' best defenders.

Training camp started July 27 and since then Thompson has added long snapper Brett Goode, linebacker Ahmad Brooks, linebacker Chris Odom and defensive tackle Quinton Dial. The reason that these additions are interesting is because it has gone against his modus operandi by bringing in veterans to take jobs from draft picks.

The Packers are entering a new season with thin spots again. However, the spots have changed to defensive line and linebacker.

Versatility will be the name of the game for the Packers sub packages. 

Coach Ben Clubb helps us look at the Packers linebackers as we begin our position-by-position preview series leading up to training camp.

The Green Bay Packers allowed linebacker Jayrone Elliott to reach free agency back in March for the first time in his career, but, thankfully for their pass-rushing corps, he decided to re-sign with the team after weighing his options. 

When the Packers were dealt with a fifth preseason game, many players rolled their eyes.

Datone Jones knows he better make something happen this year.

Ben Foldy of the Acme Packing Company podcast drops by to preview the linebacker position.

Scott McKenna of the Talkin' S-Mac blog breaks down a position with a lot of depth.

Packers Sam Barrington has a little extra incentive for getting back on the field as quickly as possible.

Will the real Sam Barrington please stand up?

The Packers’ release of Nate Palmer means one of three things.

The former first round pick will be moving to the elephant position in Dom Capers' defense. 

The Packers might be one of the coldest teams entering the postseason.

The Packers offense made huge strides last week. The running game provided the added punch that had been missing for much of the season.

To win in today’s NFL, you need an elite quarterback. If you don’t have one, you need to attack the passer.

Later today or tomorrow ( by 3 P.M. Central) we will learn the final makeup of 53-man roster which will open the season for the Green Bay Packers at Chicago on Sunday, September 13.  Today, with a full body of work now in the books, we roll out our final Version 3.0.

The goal is for NFL players to enter training camp as close to 100 percent as possible. If that is in fact the goal, then what is going on with Cl...

When the outside linebacker group for the Green Bay Packers took to the field for practice on Saturday only 4 of the 9 players were healthy enough to participate.  The Packers are very cautious with even the most minor of injuries at this time of year but to have so many players sitting out at one position is worrisome.  

Scott McKenna of the Talkin' S-Mac blog joins the show discusses the injured players at the position and their replacements.

There is a lot to like about the 13-year Green Bay Packers veteran Julius Peppers.  And the production that both he and Reggie White recorded at the same age while sporting a Packers uniform is quite impressive.

Jeff Albrecht breaks down why the Packers will be even better in 2015. 

Al Bracco of joins the show to discuss the Packers declining Nick Perry's fifth-year option and its impact on the position.

The Packers are facing a Sunday deadline for the 2016 option on Perry's contract. 

We take a look at the options for the replacing Hawk on the roster and potential NFL Draft picks.