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Brad Childress Has Been Fired.

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Brad Childress Has Been Fired.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

The Green Bay Packers. When you absolutely, positively need your head coach fired. Accept no substitutes.

UPDATE: Some pics from our twitter friends:
From @LucasRichmond44

Packers get Brad Childress and Wade Phillips FIRED

Packers get Brad Childress and Wade Phillips FIRED

From @PackersonReddit

Clay Matthews fires arrows at potential Coaches to be Fired

Clay Matthews fires arrows at potential Coaches to be Fired

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Ryan's picture

Darn, I liked Chilly over there in Minny.

jack in jersey city's picture

yeah, i was hoping for a 10 year extension :)

hyperRevue's picture

Love it.

The season started out by knocking Kolb and Edwards out of their starting jobs. And now the Packers are taking out head coaches.

DaveK's picture

Phillips and now Childres....Singletary next in two weeks?

jay's picture

I obvi don't like Childress or PHilips, but I think Singeltary is a good coach (in limited exposure to him of course). If he gets fired hopefully he'll land on his feet elsewhere.

June's picture

This is great. I wonder if Favre will get benched?

By the way, can anyone else not stand the guy who has the commentary on the highlights? Wow is he annoying

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

I don't care if it was Satan, Hitler, or Matt Millen doing the voiceover. With those beautiful highlights it just doesn't matter.

I just had a frightening thought. What if Chilly now joins Millen in the booth?

Erik's picture

As a Packer fan sorry to see him go.

bozz_2006's picture

Green Bay Coach Killers strike again!

keeley2's picture

Odd that "the dagger" took until Monday to present itself. LMFAO

Jayme's picture

I think we might be able to get to 4 coaches fired this season. We have Singletary in two weeks, then, with a little help, we could possibly get Lovie at the end of the season.

JerseyPackFan's picture

I bet Chilly regrets picking Favre up at the airport last year and dressing like a woman.

Mr. Bacon's picture


And what is good in life... To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the bearded women.

greenbowlpacker's picture

I'm on a roll with this prediction thing! what a wonderful weekend!

Pack66's picture

Wow. You guys have beaten 2 teams with inept coaches, injury problems, and missing personnel from last year. Congratulations....

Can't wait to see when you play teams that have it together this year.

How come when Aaron "Jeff George" Rodgers plays like shit and the team loses, it's a team loss, but when Favre's team loses, it's all Favre's fault...?

Are you people all in the 2nd grade with that kind of logic?

Have fun being "one and done" again in the playoffs this year...that is, if you make it, which I doubt. LOSERS!

Abe's picture

Have another beer!

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Wow. Wondering where you and Todd have been. The wonderful thing about the game was it exposed the bankruptcy of the Vikings way of life. Inept coaches yes, but management, personnel, choice of field, colors, atitude and pathetic fan base have all been exposed. Loved the running for the exits in a stadium they could hardly fill for a playoff game.

Now your e-mail goes and exposes one more foolish fan (as if we didn't know that already). I don't recall anyone saying this was Favre's loss. In fact it was a humiliating full-team loss from the front office down to the butts in the stands (at least the one's that weren't cheeering, "Go Pack Go!"). There is a malaise on that team that is far deeper than any one player. Players and and coaches yelling at eachother belies a level of disfunction that will not go away when they change the coach. Have fun the rest of the season.

JerseyPackFan's picture

Aaron "Jeff George" Rodgers??? Come on dude really?

PackerAaron's picture

ROFL - you can't even make this stuff up. You have nothing left to stand on now that Thompson, McCarthy and Rodgers have completely blown up Favre and the Vikings.

"Can’t wait to see when you play teams that have it together this year" - like the 8-2 Jets? Bwhahahahahahaha!!!!

bogmon's picture

Exactly Aaron...the Packers are on a rollin' right now...Who cares who they beat in the regular season as long as they win in the Playoffs...

Who's to stay they don't beat the Falcons and Pats this season?

djbonney138's picture

Do the 7-3 Eagles count?

Chad's picture

This wasn't Favre's fault at all... the Packers simply kicked the Vikings' asses in all aspects of the game.

I blame Green Bay. :-)

jack in jersey city's picture

get back to us after we beat atlanta asshat!

Wiscokid's picture

How are the Minnesota North Stars doing? Oh, that's right, they're the Dallas Stars now.

When the Queens move to LA are you going with the team?

Actually, LA won't have them. They are more likely moving to the Philippines and renaming the team the Manila Folders.

redlights's picture

Your best post yet!

Norman's picture

We've beaten 2 teams with injury problems and missing personnel from last year? No team has been hit by the injury bug as bad as the Packers, and yet here we are at 7-3 (and #1 in Peter King's Fine Fifteen I might add).

Do the following names sound familiar: Al Harris, Aaron Kampman, (two pro bowlers in the 'missing personnel from last year' category), Jermichael Finley, Nick Barnett, Ryan Grant, Atari Bigby (all pro bowlers), Justin Harrell (future pro bowler) (just threw that one in for laughs), Mike Neal, Mark Tauscher, (all on IR or PUP to start the season)? Hell, we even got an O linemen playing the D line on goal line stands we've been hit so hard with injuries.

We got TWO R0OKIE FREE AGENTS playing significant roles in the defense, but still we win. Let me repeat that: TWO ROOKIE FREE AGENTS! I doubt even the Bills, Lions, Panthers or other dregs of the league have had to resort to that.

Injuries are an excuse, and thankfully the Packers aren't in a position where they need to use that as an excuse.

And inept coaches? Isn't that kind of like saying, "well, you just beat a team because they have inept players? DUHHH!

Ct Sharpe Cheddar's picture

All I can say is J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets.Go back to sleep.

Real66's picture

Hi again, "Pack66". The least you could do is to change your Nom de Plume to Vikes88 or something reasonably respectable along those lines.

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Mike Smith, update your resume!

IdiotFan's picture

Zigi should have waited to fire him until Christmas Eve. That would have been fitting.

jeremy's picture

I think Ol Zygmunt waited about as long as he could. Take away Favre's renaissance last year and the Queens are 1-7 against McCarthy.

bomdad's picture

thats a great stat, thanks for it.

Abe's picture

What amazes me how Favre is the teflon man in this whole thing. His brutal play basically got a coach who had the team in the title game the year before fired. In the end he's still standing and will likely be the starter the remainder of the year due to the fact that Frazier is going to need some wins. And when the club makes the inevitable Cowboy new coach run Favre will get the credit. Freaking amazing. The guy who turned the fan base on the coach with his posturing, posing and leaking of crap to Ed Werder. Favre is the real coach killer here.

Again, thank you Ted Thompson. I didn't neccesarily agree with you three years ago. I definitely agree with you now.

jeremy's picture

Favre's play got Mike Sherman and Eric Mangini fired too. Now we can add Chilly to that list.

TheMills's picture

Don't forget Ray Rhodes

foundinidaho's picture

I would have fired Ray Rhodes too if I was Favre.

bogmon's picture

He drove Holmgren out of town too!!

foundinidaho's picture

Now we understand why Holmgren wanted to get the hell away from him.

JohnRehor's picture

Love it.

Love. It!

These Victory Mondays are getting better every week.

JerseyPackFan's picture

You got to hand it to Fox Sports yesterday. They circling like vultures on the Viking sidelines.
Replay the game and see how many camera shots went to the Vikings sidelines. Was MM coaching? Cause I didn't even see him.

IdiotFan's picture

I think this move should cause us some concern. There is actually some real talent on the Vikings roster -- AP, Harvin, Kevin WillAIms, etc. Only the circus between Favre and Chilly could have derailed things so badly this year. Remember, they made the playoffs with TJack at QB, and that was before adding Harvin. A competent coach could shape them into a good team again.

All that being said, however, we're much better than we were in 2008, and I think we're poised for good things in the future, barring any terrible injuries.

PackersRS's picture

If they play hard against the Bears, it's good for us.

Next year they will be too old to contend, and we'll be too good anyway.

The Vikings improving this year is good for us, now that they can't go anywhere, and that they don't play us again.

WoodyG's picture

The Vikes premium players are AP, Rice, Harvin ..... Add maybe Edwards, Greenway & Winfield off the D ..... Even Jared Allen is only average at this point ..... The Vikes don't really have a whole lot to point at for the near future .... Also, consider that they may very well have an entire different trio of QBs in 2011 with a rookie #1 pick the best of the lot .......

I smell the Lions escaping the cellar for the next few years courtesy of the Vikes ....

thepretzelhead's picture

It's almost time we save Favre and start loving him again! He is a Packer and nobody will or will want to remember his ugly exit from the stage.

PackersRS's picture

It's because of his ugly exit to the stage (Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers destroying what was left of his legacy and effectively ending his career) that I might want to welcome him back.

And not before he eats a shitload of crow, gets down on his knees, begs for forgiveness, and says that it was BS that 1 year in MN was better than 10 years in GB.

Favre the player has been killed by the Packers. Now I need Favre the person to be utterly humbled and humiliated, broken down beyond repair, so that we, gracious and merciful as we are, can accept him back.

Pack66's picture

Favre is going to drive his junk down your throat PackerRS, and you will love it...

Do you think Favre gives two shits about what you in-bred turds think. That ship has sailed pal, and you sunk it, so you can take a big ol' bite of Favre's shit sandwich that he's gonna feed you after a couple of years of NO PLAYOFF WINS, and long after the inept Ted Thompson is a ridiculous memory, and you will gobble it up like caviar, because it's the only thing you'll have to hang onto for a long...long..time. All of you turds will eat it up and be glad too....

Your franchise was a joke before Favre and is still a joke after him.

0 playoff wins under Rodgers/Thompson...


PackerAaron's picture

It's hilarious to watch you desperately try to stay relevant in this conversation. You lost. :)

Pack66's picture

Bullshit. The REFS gave you the first game. And the Vikings "laid down", just like the Cowboys, to get their coach fired...

Is that what you pathetic fools hang your hats on...???


What's hilarious is how how self-righteous, arrogant, and WRONG, you Packtards are...(just like last year), right before the CARDINALS whipped your asses...

It's going to be GREAT to see that again this year.

Celebrate your pyrrhic victory...while it lasts. Bad things are coming soon. Your team is doing it with smoke and mirrors, but when it really counts again, you will lie down like dogs...just like last year.

Sad...really sad.

And the reason I'm not a Packer fan anymore is because of all of the jerkoff fans on this site who like to beat up on Favre like little children who can't learn their lessons after their daddy whips them for not behaving.

PackerAaron's picture

Using the refs as an excuse! The last bastion of loserdom! Fantastic!

WoodyG's picture

Pack66 ......

If you're not a PackerFan anymore, why not get a different ID? ...... Your words are an insult to what "Ray" Nitschke stood for .....

Try this one ....." BF-KO'ed "

Doug In Sandpoint's picture

Common Aaron, admit it. You are Pack66. Trying to work up the readers with this inane drivel. No way could this be a real person. No way could someone be this angry and misguided.

packsmack25's picture

So tell me, did the Jets "lay down" to get their coach fired too? Cause the Packers sort of THROTTLED them as well. Get a clue. Then get a job. Then get out of your mom's basement.

WoodyG's picture

" after a couple of years of NO PLAYOFF WINS " .....

And you know this based on what? ..... Forecasting the future & using it as a basis for your argument is another way of saying you really have no clue .....

PackersRS's picture

How the hell do you know that it's great when Favre drives his junk down one's throat, eh?

You continue burrying yourself.

Wiscokid's picture

Zero NFL Championships under any Viking coach that you care to name.

When season is completely finished going down the drain, don't forget to jiggle the handle. You can start jiggling now if would like.

Fifty years of ineptitude unmarred by progress.

WoodyG's picture

BF has slid into the cesspool he himself created ....... He deserves to smell the stench ......

Fly over Wisconsin if you must, but don't land.

thepretzelhead's picture

To err is human, to forgive is divine

WoodyG's picture

I was a Packer Fan before BF was a twinkle in his Dad's eye ...... As Vito Corleone said .... "You don't cross the family."

PackersRule's picture

or NOT...

thepretzelhead's picture

In the end of the game, Favre should have walked over and stood on the Packer sideline. Then into the Packer locker room and flown back with the team to Green Bay. THat would have been an exit for the ages!

bomdad's picture

REALITY CHECK: He didnt even use the same locker room when he played with the Packers.

thepretzelhead's picture

That's not my/our business...that's the "family's".

PackersRS's picture

Hey Aaron. Personal request.

Remember that loony fellow Vikings fan, that over at youtube talked about Rodgers and MVP? Is there a new video about him? Can't wait to hear what both he and Paul Allen have to say...

Green Bay Packers: Coach Killers.

Next targets:
Week 13 - Mike Singletary and the San Francisco 49ers
Week 17 - Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears

DaveK's picture

The Vikings really did push all in to win this year. That has to be the most dis-hearting thing for Vikings fans. This was supposed to be THE year. They do have talent but a lot of that talent is set to become unrestricted free agents. They gave Favre a huge pay raise and didn't give contract extensions to many of their best players. Rice, Ray Edwards, Greenway, Leber, and Pat Williams. T-Jack is also a free agent so who plays QB for them next year? A whole bunch of other guys set to hit FA also like Longwell, Greg Lewis, Ryan Cook, etc... Their roster will be much different from this year. Is a top tier coach willing to walk into that? A team that might move to LA? A team with no talent at QB? A team that might not be able to resign some key players?

Mr. Bacon's picture

I wouldn't mind having Chad Greenway on the Packers. The guy has been playing dedicated football even though the Vikings suck this year. Thats a Packer mentality, just wrong team.

jeremy's picture

I wouldn't mind having Harvin or Peterson either...

PackersRS's picture
WoodyG's picture

What a great read & more vindication (from the media, much less) ....... The "Ted Thompson Rule" ..... Or the "PackerFan Rule" ...... Goes straight to the crux of the whole BF affair.

DAWG's picture

Look for Favre to be benched for TJ, this season's over for them-him, They have to play for the future, THAT's if your level headed, not sure thats possible at the Mall of America.
I see this team sliding to the cellar.
I also see them drafting an English major for the obvious--hehehehe.

Starry Bart's picture

We're looking at you, Lovie.

RickyBobby's picture

What kind of ass whoopin' is it gonna take to get Belicheat fired?

Oppy's picture

You'd have to hit him so hard that all those SB rings came flying off.

Don't think that's going to happen. He's only the best HC in the NFL, hands down.

RickyBobby's picture

you underestimate the coach killing Packers.

Jon's picture

Darn, they might actually go get a real coach.. I was hoping he had a long career in Mn

Jon's picture

prediction: any decent player who isn't under a solid contract is going to bolt Minnesota after this season.

PackersRS's picture

Oh, and BTW, I'm not saying that the Favre presser, where he almost cries and says that he would re-evaluate things, was a way to get childress fired, "either he's gone or I am"...

But, yeah, it was.

Jack's picture

Childress may have been Favred but soon Favre will be Stergered.

foundinidaho's picture


Jack's picture

Pack66 must be Todd's father.

jack in jersey city's picture

...or lover

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