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Bits and Boredom: Montgomery Ready, Packers Facing Potential Shootouts in 2017

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Bits and Boredom: Montgomery Ready, Packers Facing Potential Shootouts in 2017

The Green Bay Packers begin the second of their three OTA sessions today. As we inch closer to the end of phase three of the offseason program, here are a couple things on my mind:

Ty Montgomery is ready to lead a young running back room.

Montgomery got the full star treatment Tuesday as he was ushered around ESPN for appearances on multiple programs for the network. A lot of the conversation was geared toward how Montgomery felt he could build upon his professional debut as a running back last season. Like most, Montgomery said he feels a full offseason will only have a positive impact on his ability to help the team from the offensive backfield. When asked whether he felt prepared double the 77 carries he had in 2016, Montgomery said simply, “I’m ready for it.” Certain enough for me.

While Montgomery’s appearances on ESPN were filled with mindful responses—his Stanford education serves him well—perhaps the most interesting tidbit came when talking about how his career might play out if he hadn’t made the switch to running back.

“If running back gives me [the success I want to have], then I’d rather play six to eight years in the league and having a successful career…and not always battling to be somebody’s fourth, fifth, sixth receiver, even if it meant a 10 to 12 year career.”

It would seem the decision to make Montgomery a full time running back was a wise one on a couple of fronts. First, getting the ball to your best athletes is a priority. Second, playing to the strengths of your personnel makes you successful. Montgomery is too good a player to be fighting for playing time in an already jam-packed wide receiver group, and he’s clearly shown a knack for carrying the football. To make him the main option at running back after just half a season of playing the position is a big step, but Montgomery is ready for it.

We are going to see some shootouts and quarterback duels in 2017.

I know, I know—let’s at least get to training camp before we start analyzing potential matchups. Indulge me for a moment, however, because I can’t keep my mind from wandering.

So much has been said and written about the Packers’ defense this offseason, and the general consensus seems to be somewhere right in the middle of “They’ll be much better!” and “Well, they can’t possibly be worse.”

People in the latter group probably also assume the Packers are going to have to rely on Aaron Rodgers to do just about everything in 2017. While I don’t necessarily think that’s true, I do believe there are a few games on the schedule that scream, “QB BATTLE!” or “SHOOTOUT!” in which Rodgers and the offense will have to simply outgun the opposing offense.

Here are the contests I think are most likely to be high scoring affairs:

  • Week 2 at Atlanta. Matt Ryan, Julio Jones…you get the picture.
  • Week 5 at Dallas. This really could be a repeat of last season’s divisional playoff. Not that we wouldn’t take that.
  • Week 7 vs New Orleans. Drew Brees, the all-time leader in 400-yard passing games.
  • Week 12 at Pittsburgh. Ben Roethlisberger may be getting close to calling it quits, but he can still chuck it.
  • Week 13 vs Tampa Bay. The sneakiest game on the list. Don’t look now, but objects in the rearview (Jameis Winston and the Bucs offense) may be closer than they appear.
  • Week 15 at Carolina. The Panthers stumbled last year, but after Green Bay’s last trip to Charlotte, I’m not counting on anything.

Plenty can change between now and then, obviously, but a little speculation never hurt anyone.

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Handsback's picture

Green Bay has some very tough games this year and another team that wasn't listed are the Bengals. Rodgers has never beaten them, but hope this is the year he does it.
Monty is going to be a killer RB! I don't care if he ran the ball 50 times, you can see his patience and with that ball catching ability....he is going to have some really good games.

worztik's picture

Every game could potentially turn into a "shootout", however, with the "SHOOTIST" at QB, we will always have the upper hand! I also do have a plan "B" to see that shootouts do not happen. All we have to do is to limit our opponents to 3 FGs, while we kick 4, and we can end up at 16-0 with home field throughout!!! I don't know if this is a sound strategy (kidding here!) but, although we'd be the NFC CHAMPS , I'd prefer games like the Pack vs. Redskins with Dickey at QB and having the final being 48-47 if I remember correctly. What a defensive onslaught (not) but, really great passers with great receivers and a down right track meet. Monday night football back when we had an announcer with a personality and a couple of good color dudes to keep thing rolling!!! If you young Bucks coulda only seen some of the earlier games live... you'd really appreciate the old time Hall of Famers if you can't now! Great games to reminisce about as I sit her slightly incontinent and wish for the good old days!!! Absolutely just preaching'...

worztik's picture

I'm ready to have the season start tomorrow... I CAN'T WAIT... just sayin'...

Duke Divine's picture

It's bittersweet. I feel the same way but at the same time I want to pause time while Arodge is still the captain of the ship....

worztik's picture

Yes ,I hear you, buddy!!!

Ankur Pathania's picture

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worztik's picture

Another wise asshole that I don't understand how anything he's written has anything to do with the Packers... or am I on a creative writing sight for people whom have suffered major brain trauma!!! I guess I am so, this is where you're ALL BLOCKED!!! So, fuck ya all and die slowly!!!!

WKUPackFan's picture

I CAN'T WAIT...for you to stop posting inane comments. But then again, you are a concussion expert. By the way, where did you get that medical degree?

Arthur Jackson's picture

Before reading the whole comment I thought you meant Worztik was a concussion expert because had a lot of them!

worztik's picture

Your wait is over WKU HILLBILLY!!! Where the hell did ya learn the word inane... big word for you!!! I'm tired of you so called experts who are no more than WHINING WANNA BEES!!! In signing out for good and you can take pride in providing the current INANE and Obtuse answers and comments as you have been!!! People like you make me sick!!! You must be really, really an important person in your own mind!!! So fuck you and die!!!

worztik's picture

Read comment below your puppet mimic!!! You two should just announce your loyalties to the MN Queens and thank you for making me realize that most people on this blog are fAGGOTS from MN Queensland for all so we can understand where you trolls originate!!! Go take a deep dive in a rock bottomed shallow creek and really make me happy you fucking cunts!!!!!

Bearmeat's picture


Can we do something about this guy? I don't want to read schlock like this when I come here to read about the Packers. Look, everyone here is an adult, but using the F word, and a slang term for female anatomy is childish, unappealing, and stupid.

Since '61's picture

On the list presented in the article I am most concerned about the Atlanta game not just because of Ryan and Jones but also because it is Atlanta's home opener in their new stadium. That will give them an additional reason to be fired up. (I see another appearance by our no tackle defense). The Dallas defense is going through a transition, especially in their secondary. Rodgers should be able to outscore the Packers defense in that one. Fortunately we play the Saints at home and their defense has not been very good recently. In fact their pass D was ranked 32nd last year behind our 31st ranked pass D. So how bad are they? Steelers on the road could be tough, we may see our no tackle defense again in that game. Tampa Bay is improving but we have them at home so we should be able to take them even in a shootout. After last season's performance it's tough (for me anyway) to gauge where the Panthers are at. They could return to their NFC championship form or remain in NFL limbo like last season. However, they are a sound team and if their defense is healthy they will present a solid challenge on the road. It's all speculation for now. We just need the Packers to stay healthy and Rodgers gives us a chance to beat any team in the league. Thanks, Since '61

Nick Perry's picture

Montgomery was ridiculous when he ran outside the tackles last season. He lead the NFL averaging 7.05 YPC after contact. He was thrust into a situation last season to play a position he really hadn't played since HS and he performed really well in limited opportunities. He was given the ball at least 6 times just 7 times last season and averaged at least 4.6 YPC in 6 of those games. The lone exception can against the Vikings when he carried the ball 9 times for 23 yards, 2.6 YPC. That game followed the the game where Montgomery lit up the Bears so I think it's safe to assume there was a little extra attention paid to #88 that game. Of course Rodgers had one of his best games of the season while the Vikings were limiting Montgomery on his 9 carries. Rodgers completed 28 of 38 for for 347 yards and 4 TD's. He also ran for a TD that game.

IF Montgomery is given the opportunities he'll gain the yardage. He's built like a brick S***house at a sliver over 6 feet tall. He's the kind of RB who you HAVE to keep giving him the ball because he's going to break off some longer runs. He's just too good with the ball in his hands to limit to 6 or 8 carries a game.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

For me, the question isn't how many runs Monty will get (though that number will jump dramatically), but rather how many touches.

Those little delayed dumpoffs over the middle are just like runs, and they create indecision with the D-Line.

Overall, I see Monty getting 15-20 touches per game, which would be great.

Nick Perry's picture

I have no doubt I can learn things from you, I happen to think you know quite a bit about football. I've never doubted your football knowledge, but there's something about you that needs to be right, ALL the time. No one else can be be right, have an opinion, share a comment without you chiming in and most times tearing them apart. There's some stories here where you comment 10 times or more, LONG ass comments letting the commentor know how clueless or uninformed they are. They'll be 30 comments on a story and 12 are yours? WTF?? Get a life!!!

I actually feel sorry for you because you have this overwhelming need to be right and show people up. Because of this you're on your what, 3rd or 4th screen name since I've been here? How pathetic is that? You're a middle aged man who is still getting kicked off Packers sites, and it's not just CHTV but other sites too. So you're actually right, I learn a lot from you. I learn some things about football, but mostly what small person you are who has nothing better to do than beat up on people behind a keyboard.

As far as the weights goes who gives a F***. There were plenty of sites that had him anywhere from 216 to 221. I've said the entire offseason it would be HUGE for Montgomery to train as a RB so I have no idea what point you're trying to make. RC and I have both been on Monty's bandwagon and so have many others. YOU never really seemed to like him at the position, especially last year. At the end f the day who gives a F***. Because at the end of the day you'll still be a "Legend in your own Mind". And who wants to argue with someone like that. YOUR the man Dan!!

Nick Perry's picture

You call that arguing with vociferously? You really are a little punk. I mean I know you're a buck sixty dripping wet but I didn't know you were such a Bit** too. Look at the comments. Who provoked what? You did Dan, just like any other time

Dan this whole site knows who the dick is, why do you think you've been booted off time and again? Why you had to beg Tex to get back on APC and for a while. I mean they actually had a poll and determined they STILL didn't want you back. I think you finally got back on but after how long. Just quit commenting to me. I mean how many times do I have to ask?

RCPackerFan's picture

One of my favorite things about Montgomery is his ability to be used in any formation and be effective, but especially out of the shotgun.
Montgomery is actually almost tailor made for the shotgun which is essentially the Packers primary formation.

Both Lacy and Starks were much better running the ball when they were behind the QB.
After they got hurt and Montgomery started getting used as the primary runner the offense really opened up, and for the first time in well over a year the offense got back to where we expected it to be.

While Montgomery will be the primary RB, his versatility is what really will give the offense one of its biggest weapons. His ability to run up the middle, outside, and being used various ways in the passing game will create a lot of mismatches.

I am really looking forward to seeing what Montgomery looks like after having a full offseason to learn the nuances of playing RB.

Matt Gonzales's picture

Agreed - while his production was impressive, i really love how his versatility masks the play being called and stresses defenses.

Andrew Lloyd Peth's picture

Monty should have a big year, but the funny thing is, when everyone's healthy, our most talented back is our 7th round pick.

dobber's picture

"...our most talented back is our 7th round pick."

I just don't think we know that, yet.

Ibleedgreenmore's picture

I watched Ty on NFL Live he was very positive young man. He sounded very ready to take the lead at RB my concern is can he take the constant pounding. One of the rookies is going to have to step up and I think one will.

CheesyTex's picture

Right on! Perhaps Ripkowski or one of the bigger rookies on short yardage power runs, where pounding is at its worst. Also hope Jones comes on fast, as he has all the tools to be a nice backup to Montgomery.

Finwiz's picture

Jacob Shum - in CUT!!!
Next Gunter - PLEASE??

dobber's picture

Wow...I thought Schum was playing pretty well toward the end of the year. They must really like this UDFA, but my guess is they'll sign another guy, yet.

The TKstinator's picture

Off field issues?

Nick Perry's picture

He injured his back a few weeks ago though you probably know that now.

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