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Bears 24 Packers 17: Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Bears 24 Packers 17: Game Balls & Lame Calls

The Green Bay Packers went home from Chicago as losers to the Bears for the first time since 2010.  Green Bay was short-handed with a few key players out and lost Aaron Jones early. 

To boot, the Packers missed on too many opportunities to beat a team like Chicago is playing this season.  They seemed a step late all day.

The loss effectively ends the Packers' season with two games to play.  Green Bay has not won a game on the road in 2018.

On to the day's best and worst.

Game Balls

Fake Punt Coverage

The Bears predictably tried a fake punt midway through the third quarter.  The Packers, fortunately, predicted it as well.  Green Bay stuffed the attempt and took over at mid field, down only one score at the time.

Davante Adams

Adams had two big catches on the drive following the fake punt stop that set up the Packers' first touchdown of the day.  Adams caught the two point try to tie it up.

When the Packers needed a play maker to step up, Adams answered the bell once again.

Lame Calls

Josh Jackson

Jackson made the feeblest of tackle attempts on Bears receiver Allen Robinson and, of course, Robinson rolled for a long catch/run and a first down.  Jackson has endured many growing pains this rookie season.

Whether the Packers move Jackson to safety or keep him at cornerback, he has a long way to go to being a solid contributor on defense.

Josh Jones

Not a great day for Packers named Josh.

Jones missed badly on a blitz that would have pinned the Bears deep and given the offense good field position.  The Bears converted on the play and while they still punted on that drive, the Packers started the ensuing drive on their own two yard line.

Jones was also beaten badly on the Bears' fourth quarter touchdown, once again coming up short in pass coverage.

Many have asked why Jones hasn't seen more time on defense over the likes of Kentrell Brice and Jermaine Whitehead.  This whiff may be a prime example.  You have to make the plays that are put in front of you.  Big miss by Jones.

Jones added some head shaking optics early in the game, emphatically celebrating a big hit on Bears running back Jordan Howard after Howard had rumbled 15 yards for a first down run.  Cheers for getting fired up but use some of that fire to make a stop.  Or just make a tackle!

Two-Man Pass Rush

Why?  Ever?

Aaron Rodgers

Missed too many open receivers.  Rodgers made some equally nice throws in this game but he didn't give his guys nearly enough of a chance to put the team in position to win.

Rodgers had time to throw, he just missed.  Another head-scratching day for 12.


Jason is a freelance writer on staff since 2012 and also co-hosts Pulse of the Pack podcast.  You can follow him on Twitter here

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ElkhornPackFan's picture

In retrospect (and without film study) it looked like Spriggs did better than expected at RT.

Certainly can’t blame him for the loss yesterday.

egbertsouse's picture

Weird. An out of the blue Spriggs defense when he wasn’t attacked, or even mentioned, in the article. “Methinks thou doth protest too much.”

dobber's picture

I agree. He wasn't good, but he was also having to deal with Mack and Hicks with a wannabe RG who wasn't going to give him any help and minimal help from the TE position. Did Marcedes Lewis even play, yesterday? He (Spriggs) wasn't awful.

Going forward, he's looking like he could fit the bill as that backup swing tackle that every team needs to have on game day but nobody wants to use.

Elkhorn peeps unite!

ElkhornPackFan's picture

Tom Oates on says Lewis was used to help chip Mack a few times.

I read some writers (Zach Kruse on USA TODAY, for one) suggest before the game that this was a make/break game for Spriggs’ career with GB. This is why I commented about Spriggs—I’m not a fan and have felt he was a bust but maybe he’s just taking longer to develop and will at best be a swing tackle backup.

Which, as you say, every team needs.

This time of year, with the Packers eliminated, I’m mostly looking to see younger guys get looks and experience.

dobber's picture

Just as an FYI: 11 offensive snaps for Lewis yesterday according to pro-football reference

carlos's picture

I’d like to see a better swing guy than Spriggs. Maybe he can still develop, but I have my doubts. It’s too bad,but I’d hate to see him go somewhere else and develop and turn into a quality starter.

EdsLaces's picture

Aaron Rodgers is ummm....not good. Josh Jones is ummmm... awful.

mrj007's picture

Graham was pretty awful - again. I guess he is just always awful so maybe his awful-ness just isn't a surprise anymore.

RCPackerFan's picture

Game Balls -

Mike Pettine.
Just look at the opening day starting roster until this game.
Week 1 they had Wilkerson, Clark, Daniels, Perry, Clinton-Dix, Kiing, Whitehead. Also They had Williams playing CB.
Yesterday they had Lowry, Lancaster, Fackrell, Pleasant, and Williams playing S.

0 of the top 3 DL were active. They have 1 of the starting Safety's even on the roster anymore.

Just the fact that the defense even kept them in the game was incredible. They forced a fumble early in the 4th quarter. Had the offense done ANYTHING with the ball after that turnover, who knows what happens in the game. Instead they go 3 and out.

I do hope the Packers bring Pettine back. I think another year and added talent this defense could be night and day better. Bring in a couple of pass rushers. Bring in more DL. Bring in a couple of safety's. Resign Breeland, this defense could be really good next year!

Lame Calls -
Pretty much everything else. While the playoffs were a long shot even if they won. They still had an opportunity to make it. They blew that.

Notes -
At this point any player with any type of injury, I shut down. Rodgers, Jones, Clark, I would IR without question.
At this point, I want to see them play competitively but lose the games. Losing these last 2 games should give them a top 10 pick. That could give us the talent we need. To turn out team around. This isn't just about the first and 2nd rounds either. Each round we will have higher picks. We also will have an extra 4th round pick from Washington which should give them a mid 4th round pick. Having 6 picks in the first 4 1/2 rounds could net us a lot of talented players! This could net us the talent we need to turn the team around!

PeteK's picture

Not against Lions, I want to end the season with a win against a division opponent.

dobber's picture

We lament how bad the Packers have looked at times...the Lions are bad. As in "I think the Packers could beat these guys with Kizer under center" bad.

RCPackerFan's picture

Honestly. If they would win, I am ok with that. It would give the young players a good feeling headed into the offseason. Sometimes you need that moral victory to get in the right frame of mind.

But having a higher pick will ultimately be more important. If the difference is a couple of draft spots it won't matter. If the difference is 5+ draft spots, losing would be more important.

dobber's picture

I think there are benefits on both sides.

High picks = good
Avoiding a losing culture/going out playing well = good

RCPackerFan's picture

Yeah, i agree with that.

I will say though that with a new head coach/coaching staff coming in, I think there will be enough of a culture change that one game at the end of the season probably isn't going to matter much.
I will say for each player though, playing for pride is a good thing.

dobber's picture

We look at that 2019 draft coming up and there's going to be tremendous pressure to hit on those early round picks. Really, it doesn't matter when they draft those guys, but they need 2-3 guys who can step in and contribute right away if this team is going to be meaningfully better next season.

If there's going to be a quick turnaround for this team, it's going to hinge on...
1. ...getting QB1 back to playing like QB1.
2. ...finding 3-4 gems in free agency.
3. ...getting the HC and staff right on this first try.

Rossonero's picture

Well said, Dobber. The pressure to deliver in 2019 will be tremendous.

We've poured so many draft picks into this defense that have either been busts or were traded away that the offense has unfortunately slowly rotted and flaws masked by Rodgers (when he was playing well).

In particular, the O-line isn't what it once was, and we have uncertainty at WR and TE positions after enjoying long stints of solidarity at WR.

Gutekunst simply cannot screw this up, or him and Murphy will be unemployed themselves in the next 2-3 years.

dobber's picture

I agree: some have been hard on Pettine recently, but he's cobbled together a credible defense with duct tape and baling wire. Yes, lots of high picks on this defense over the years, but how many were playing yesterday? Has Pettine been brilliant? No. But I shudder to think what this team would look like with Dom coordinating the D.

Some are saying the Packers need to package those 2-1's and move up to get a single high-end player. I think their needs are great enough that--depending on where they finish (meaning if they win one or both of their remaining games)--they will be better served by volume. What they do in free agency will likely dictate that...but with all the cuts people propose? How much can you fill in a single off-season (although, to be honest, if guys aren't playing at replacement level, what do you lose?)?

stockholder's picture

Pettine should be retained! Especially if no plans are to get away from the 3-4-4. With Moss gone he'll get better. 2-1s =. No player in the top 15 are worth those 1s. The packers won't need a DL if they sign Wilkerson. If they draft a DL it will change the Board. No OL should be taken with the first two picks. Their just not that good. (Since we have Bakh)! The draft scouts are constantly changing their boards on OL. The packers need a RT- RG and I would take a 3rd LG. Rds 3-5. The packers (TTs) biggest mistake was to plug a hole or too plan on who is leaving. Leaving the OL in disarray. Filling the holes=. FS- Sign a veteran like Thomas! Don't draft one early. Fix the LBs. Picks who will be available. Sweat, Ferguson and Coney. All have CLOSING SPEED! You then can dump Perry and CM3. These two should be drafted for the OL.Rds 3-5. Prince and Scharping. FANT is the only TE I would draft over a OL. This team can be fixed with the draft. And a good Safety in Free-agency.

splitpea1's picture

Me too. Of course you're always looking for the best quality draft picks, but we really need the quantity. I'll take a few good solid players over one great one in this instance. Lots of holes to fill.

Gort's picture

Maybe another trade down again. There are so many holes on the roster that IMO 2 or 3 good prospects might be better than one guy.

HankScorpio's picture

"2. ...finding 3-4 gems in free agency."

Was Jahri Evans a "gem' in 2017? I wouldn't go that far but 3-4 guys that perform to that level in the right places would go a long way for helping this team. In particular at Evans' old spot. I don't think looking to FA for star power is a winning formula. But if your expectations are to shore up your weakest spots, it can be a very useful tool.

dobber's picture

I would argue that for the $$ they paid for him, his quality of play, WHEN they signed him, and his availability, he qualifies.

RCPackerFan's picture

Oh definitely. This draft will be HUGE for the rebuild of this team.

I think the quick turnaround will hinge on...

1&3 combined....
They have to get the right HC and staff, and the right HC to do for Rodgers what McCarthy did for Favre when he first came.
A new philosophy that will get guys open easier, and allow Rodgers get the ball out quick would be great.

Finding the right FA's. Assuming we keep Pettine and his scheme, he needs at least 1 starting Safety, and 1 more DL/Pass rusher.
On offense we need more OL help. Possibly go after another TE. If Cook is a FA I wouldn't mind seeing him come back.

Draft. They have to hit on the draft. They need the top 3 players (assuming they keep their first 3 picks) to contribute right away.

After that...
They have to have this current rookie class to take a big step. They need Alexander, Jackson, Burks, and the Trio of WR's to take a step.

Grandfathered's picture

Agree w/ OLB in the draft, but safety - not so much.

Razer's picture

Good recap on the defense. Aside from health we do need the additional talent at safety, linebacker and DL depth. I do like this Tyle Lancaster kid. It is like finding $20 in your jacket pocket.

Pettine has earned his keep for sure.

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree. Health will be huge.

I also really like Lancaster. He is a guy I think that will be in the mix next year for sure.

I love the $20 analogy too...

Rossonero's picture

Excellent points RC. I too, was impressed with how close our defense kept it. Tyler Lancaster seems like he can actually play. Montravius Adams even helped to shut down their running game.

I don't know if people noticed, but we did hold the Bears to less than 100 yards rushing on a combined 29 attempts. That's pretty impressive!

RCPackerFan's picture

Thanks Rossonero.

I said above but I do really like Lancaster. I think he is a good find for sure.

Adams really is in his rookie year. Next year could be a big year for him.

I agree. Our run defense was pretty good considering we are down to our 4th-6th+ DL.

pacman's picture

D did indeed play ok considering. Only they didn't force the fumble. Forcing fumbles is something Pettine will have to work on but I'm sold on Pettine.

And the same way Pettine gets credit for the D playing well enough, Philbin and the entire(?) offense coaching unit must take responsibility for the offense not producing. Seems like every other QB who has 5 seconds to throw the ball finds a receiver to throw it to and the opposing team always has that one guy open somehow. AR went short today but once he makes up his mind to go long, forget it. It should be the other way around - if you receiver isn't open in 2-3 seconds, dump it off.

RCPackerFan's picture

True. but to be fair they did force 2 other fumbles that the Bears were lucky to recover. They were inches away from recovery 3 fumbles in the game.

Yeah, i agree about the offense.
Rodgers seems to be trying to force it down field way to much. He had some opportunities but he missed on throws. For what ever reason, I don't know. Did the receiver not run the right route? Was his throws just that far off? I dont' know.

I know he had some dump off opportunities and he didn't take it.

flackcatcher's picture

But Rodgers going Rodgers is not on Philbin. If Rodgers saw a better play based on the defensive call, then he has full authority to change that call. His inability to execute has been the single biggest block to this offense all season long. Fixing THAT remains the most pressing on field problem the Packers have for next year.

PACKERNICK's picture

Something stinks within the organization concerning ARod. WHY is he making such poor throws.? Air mails open receivers Cobb and Adams, throws the ball short to Graham for tipped ball, when did this become his mojo. I firmly believe if his accuracy was as it should be we would easily have won the game. His demeanor on the field looks smug and uninterested. And I don’t want to hear about collar bones, bad knees ,and now a groin pulll for his incompletions. (Or his girl friend) Something is definitely Bugging him and they better find out what it is.. it doesn’t sit well in the locker room. Brees and Brady don’t have these problems, missing open receivers is unacceptable.

HankScorpio's picture

"Game Balls -

Mike Pettine.
Just look at the opening day starting roster until this game.
Week 1 they had Wilkerson, Clark, Daniels, Perry, Clinton-Dix, Kiing, Whitehead. Also They had Williams playing CB.
Yesterday they had Lowry, Lancaster, Fackrell, Pleasant, and Williams playing S."

Indeed. The job Pettine is doing is getting more impressive as they move along. He's getting dealt a worse and worse hand but they just keep playing. I don't want to go so far as to say they are playing "winning" defense but they certainly are no longer the issue holding the team back. That has shifted to offense, along with the continued assist of Special Teams

RCPackerFan's picture

If this offense was playing as well as we are used to seeing, we have to be feeling really good about this team right now. The defense has played well enough to give us more wins.
The offense definitely has let us down. #12 is a big part of that.

Regardless of what happens this year, I think we are set up pretty well for next year. Need help on the OL, help at TE. But getting MVS and EQ a lot of playing time this year should pay off for next year. I wouldn't be surprised if Moore contributes next year too.
Our offense has Rodgers, Adams and Jones as a trio of players. There are a lot of teams with a lot worse options.

Getting Rodgers back to his pro bowl level will be the key to everything.

PACKERNICK's picture

Yes about Rodgers. Find out what put the bug up his ass

jeremyjjbrown's picture

I'm used to seeing a guy I never heard of now and then on the Packers. But on defense this year is literally happen more than ten times where I was like "who the hell is that guy"? And Tony Brown and Tyler Lancaster are not included since I read about those pickups.

Pettine was literally building competitive a defense out of scrap wood.

RCPackerFan's picture

Its really crazy to look at the amount of curveballs that they have thrown at Pettine, and the fact that the defense has kept them in games is definitely an endorsement for keeping him!

And what is even crazier is that the Packers are tied for 6th in the NFL in Sacks. Not that sacks are end all be all in determining how well the defense is, but the fact that they have 41, the league leader has 47, they are 6 sacks away from being the league leader. That is crazy to me.

They have 4 less sacks then the Bears.

Imagine if he had at least 1 true threat of a pass rusher at OLB.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

Sacks are the end all, but they certainly help! Look at the number on TDs scored on drices when there is a sack. It causes a big problem.

carlos's picture

Agree with all you said RC. I know they won’t, but I’d make Rogers inactive and have him help coach Phibin and maybe even call the plays for a quarter or two. Just thinking of what I would do.

dblbogey's picture

I agree, but it's actually 6 picks in 3 1/2 rounds. 6 picks out of around the first 110 picks, with 2 first rounders, should bring some needed help.

Packers0808's picture

Everyone praises this Gute guy for going into free agency, who for the money of the "Big" three he got contributed anything much at all this year! And they better draft a future QB because we are in need of one next year or shortly who can start the way Rodgers has played and looked. Actually he looks done unless a miracle rebound happens!

Handsback's picture

Heck of a season, never thought it would end like it's bound to with the LOFT that available. That doesn't even include the league's highest paid QB that plays average games.
I guess it's time to blow it up and start adding to the roster players that can make a difference.

blacke00's picture

Sorry Jason, you lose!

No Rodgers did not have a lot of time to throw. You and so many others are so use to seeing Rodgers scrambling and perceiving that this is a substitute for adequate time to's not! Yes, scrambling maybe necessary on occasion but not with the frequency that the Packers have been relying on!
I think for the above reason Rodgers has been forced into many bad habits. He looks like he is starting to "run scared".

jasonperone's picture

I do? Darn it! What do I "lose"?

While you're pondering that, grab your stopwatch and re-watch this game. Count the seconds Rodgers had to throw. They add up to "plenty". He didn't need to move around to make plays in this game, he simply missed throws. Several. Philbin threw in some easy check downs and screens, which Rodgers hit, to help negate the pass rush. He was off on this day, plain and simple.

flackcatcher's picture

GAME OVER MAN. Game over...sob. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself:)

Irelandseye's picture

Well a blind man can see AR has been 'off' this season. Problem is he either plain refuses to take much responsibility or worse, he's delusional and doesn't see it. Incompletions and overthrown missiles seem to be everyone (receivers) else's fault or even the wind! I always thought AR was a humble and honest kind of guy but maybe it's me who's delusional...
Is it the 13 screws holding his collar bone on?

dobber's picture

The fact that he's launching passes and overthrowing receivers argues that his arm talent isn't declining and that his problem is more between the ears or mechanical than anything else. Those are infinitely more fixable than a guy going from a howitzer to a noodle arm. Now: how do you do it?

cuervo's picture

Rodgers trajectory is following a similar line as 'ole #4, except Rodgers didnt turn into a prema donna as quickly. Farve had a few of his best years late in his career, so Rodgers could have the same success with the right coach....or he could continue his decline. Either way, he'll be our QB for the next 3 years minimum.

Samson's picture

Everyone is so impressed with Pettine's "D".
Must be the same people who lamented Capers being let go aways back. ---GB's "D" rankings at this moment:

Total Yards Allowed: 16th in the NFL.
Rushing Yards Allowed: 22th -- Passing Yards Allowed: 15th -- Points Per Game Allowed: 17th -- Defensive Takeaways (Season Total - 15): Tied for 21st in the NFL.

Pettine certainly can improve the numbers with another year & better, healthier players, but ..... the new coaching regime will decide who the next DC will be -- not the fans or the media.

Coldworld's picture

Going back due to injuries and way too many minutes on the field. Pettine is making something out of nothing. Sign of a good coach.

CAG123's picture

Look man if you’re going to use stats use correct ones and not false random nonsense that fits your narrative.
The Packers are 9th against the pass and 15th in total defense which are vast improvements from last year and the year before yes the run def can be sured up and take aways as well but they’re also top 5 in sacks. Pettine took the same players besides Alexander and improved the def that Capers couldn’t And is scheming pressure with a guy that everyone thought was a bust this is all happening with no prominent pass rusher and 0 quality safeties. I don’t know what Pettine has done to you for you to want him out of Green Bay so badly but your eyes can’t be that bad to not see the improvement.

Samson's picture

Never said I wanted him out. -- Please don't reword my posts. --- Some here (including you) seem to have some kind of bromance with Pettine only because you're comparing him to Capers -- anyone would grade favorably compared to Capers.
Here's a quick example of Pettine's "D".
"Trubisky completed 20 of 28 passes (71.4 percent) for 235 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions, generating a 120.4 passer rating."--- Guess what. -- That was yesterday & a huge reason why GB will be watching the playoffs come January, 2019.

Samson's picture
CAG123's picture

Well duh he should be compared to his predecessor seeing as that’s the guy that had the position before him. Once again with the essentially the same defensive talent Pettine has gotten more out of the def it’s far from a bromance or whatever other weird term you want to use but who wants to risk the def taking a step back learning another new scheme when it’s already taken a step forward?

CAG123's picture

You’re going off a game in which he had none of his starting def lineman, a hobbled safety and was working with practice squad players and some guy that use to be a manager at Footlocker. I mean just silly

Samson's picture

AR's time to carry the Pack no longer exists. -- 5-8-1 is a result of TT-MM & an aging AR. -- Realistic fans saw the writing on the wall long before season 2018.

However, surround AR with better coaching & a better, solid 53 man roster and there's no reason to ship AR anywhere. -- The Pack have their QB (albeit an expensive one) and a few proven quality players ---Fix the rest.

"We're Good With Gute"

Rick F's picture

The culture needs to change, if you compare offense and defense it is different. The best coaching has been done on the defensive side of the ball. Talent, injuries, weekly game plans and In game adjustments the defense has been better.
The NFC is not great and Green Bay has to be kicking themselves saying we would have a legitimate shot if they wouldn’t had all that friction.
This roster has a bunch of players like 18 53 2 12 52 that haven’t played to their pay. Then throw in that they are the veterans that are not leading on the field the way it should be.
Rodgers needs to be coached hard and challenged to get his best performance to come back. The offense has the skilled players it needs, now you need to protect Rodgers with some quality lineman. Rodgers needs to work hard on his fundamentals and put that chip back on his shoulder.
Gutekunst has to reload the roster with quality players that can impact day 1. That is why he has been so active every week and made moves this season. A complete roster is better than a top heavy roster and that is what the big problem is. The packers will have another draft class and a few free agent to sign. That will stabilize the roster and give better depth. Picking high in the draft gives them the chance to get better players.

Since '61's picture

Game ball to Adams for sure.

Lame Calls:

Graham for turning a TD into a Bears interception and ending the Packers season. Chuck him!
Kentrell Brice who had yet another awful game. Chuck him!
Josh Jones and Josh Jackson both had a tough day as the author pointed out.
Expecting to win on the opponents home turf with as many injuries and weaknesses as this roster has.
Did anyone play OLB?
Lame call on the OL - 5 sacks allowed and a whopping 63 yards rushing after removing Rodgers 25 rushing yards. AR running for his life for most of the game.
Poor or no tackling on the Bears first 2 TDs and no coverage or pass rush on their 3rd TD.
Special Teams terrible coverage on the Bears 4th Qtr punt return.
Why are we throwing the ball after recovering the Bears fumble in the 4th quarter? We should run the ball on first downbeat least, and get some positive yards even if it is only 2-3 yards. Poor play selection and execution for most of the game.

Bring on the new HC and 2019. Thanks, Since '61

jeremyjjbrown's picture

"Why are we throwing the ball after recovering the Bears fumble in the 4th quarter?"

Throwing the ball deep at that. With Springs blocking Kahil Mack, the QB on a bum groin and rookie WRs who apparently can't grasp the "details" of catching horribly thrown passes. It's a sad strategy.

ElkhornPackFan's picture

those two possessions were head-scratchers for sure. Only thing that worked consistently for them yesterday were the slants and screens.

Maybe you could say that about the offense all year. The playcalling all season has gotten away from what works (don't get me wrong, I think a deep shot has to be tried every so often, but too many times it seemed they chose a shot play instead of something to extend a drive.)

Razer's picture

...and rookie WRs who apparently can't grasp the "details" of catching horribly thrown passes...


croatpackfan's picture

4 of 5 sacks are direct product of keeping the ball in hands (by Aaron) way too long...

Since '61's picture

5 sacks and nine hits. That's 14 plays where the QB was hit. Doesn't say much about the OL play. Trubitsky was sacked once. Which defense did a better job of pressuring the QB?

As for holding the ball too long Rodgers receivers do not get any separation and except for Adams none of them are good enough to make a play on a contested ball. Then of course there is Graham who turns a TD into an interception but it's all Rodgers fault, the porous OL, no WRS after Adams, the TE who runs slower than Raji and a weak ground game. Yes, the roughing the passer call in the first Vikings game, Rodgers fault. Monty's KO return fumble, Rodger's fault. Crosby's missed FGs all Rodger's fault. Give the Packers those 3 wins and we're 8-5-1 with a 5th seed in the playoffs.

Let's not forget to blame the Special Teams and all their stupid penalties on Rodgers as well. Oh and the no tackle, no pass rush defense, I guess that's Rodgers fault as well. I can admit that Rodgers hasn't played well but neither has anyone else on the team.

It would be fun if Rodgers just walks away from the game after this season (he won't because of the money). But if he did then all the ungrateful and unappreciative fans would really have poor QB play to cry and whine about, possibly for decades. The team is not that good and Rodgers has played poorly by his standards but that happens and thats sports. He is expected to carry the team every season and he didn't do it this year.

To me this season just proves how good Rodgers actually has been for this team. Because as we have seen, when Rodgers doesn't play well for whatever reason, (injuries, attitude, or all of the above) no one steps up and does anything to help this team win. Not the RBs, not the WRs (except Adams) running around like a 3 ring circus, not the TE, whoever that is, not the defense and forget the Special Teams all together. Not one player save for Adams actually contributed to a Packers win this season. We have gone from "next man up" to "no one is here." I've said it before throughout this season, terrible job by everyone from Murphy all the way down the 53rd player.

The season is over, wait 'til next year. Blaming Rodgers or any other player or coach, solves nothing. TT ruined this team with 4-5 years of poor drafts. This team needs betters players. We're probably 2 years away or we may be 20 years away. Remember a new HC will not only need better players he will need them to stay healthy as well. As for now, "Send in the clowns, don't bother they're here." Thanks, Since '61

Lare's picture

Nicely said 61, I'm guessing we'll be losing some of the Negative Nancy's this offseason as they jump off the Packers bandwagon and onto that of another "successful" team like the Rams or the Chiefs.

Bottom line, nobody here has any idea about what really goes on behind the scenes and plays on the field. If they say or act like they do they are lying. We all have our opinions and everyone is welcome to express theirs, but nothing posted here will have any effect whatsoever on what happens in the future of the Green Bay organization.

Professional sports is entertainment, people that are not entertained need to find something else to spend their time on.

Since '61's picture

Thanks Lare. No doubt many of the front runner fans will jump on the Rams, Chiefs and Saints bandwagons. I saw it happen with the Steelers, Cowboys and Raiders during the 70s and then with the 49ers in the 80s.
Of course more recently the Cheatalots bandwagon.

In addition to the front runner bandwagons as a long distance fan from NYC I've dealt with the Jets, Giants, and Eagles fans as well. For better or worse I'll be here. Let the faithless and the clueless move on.
Thanks, Since '61

croatpackfan's picture

"I'm guessing we'll be losing some of the Negative Nancy's this offseason as they jump off the Packers bandwagon and onto that of another "successful" team like the Rams or the Chiefs."

If you counting me in the described group, you made big, big mistake. I love Packers no matter what, but that means I hold opinion and I will not change the opinion that NOBODY IS BIGGER THAN FRANCHISE! Not even Aaron Rodgers...

I might be wrong (and I was more than several times), but I will write what I see and how I understand events. Even if you call me Negative Nancy. I think I have all the rights to do that.

Regarding SInce '61, he knows that I respect him and his opinion. That does not mean that I always agree with his thoughts. And I disagree with him on his position to defend Aaron Rodgers from critics. That is that. With nothing against Since '61. Still very respectful to his knowledge and in general his view of football.

Thank you!

fastmoving's picture

so no Lame calls for AR?

no its not his fault that he missed the wide open WR who dont get any separation. Even he had some time on these plays. no, not his fault. Its only on him when we winning. then he carried this terrible team because he is the goat……

WIN...….only because of AR

L...….he could not overcome all the bad players, even if he plays lights out...but the o line was bad, the D broke down, the WRs did not had his trust (takes about 4 years and a lot of luck) because of the route running, the RB did not find any holes, the TE was not there and drops the perfekt pass

Dont get me wrong, I like him, but thats just what I see.

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I think the 2019 version of the Packers needs a FA safety, and 4-5 impact players in the first 100 taken. I am thinking another safety, 2 EDGE, a RT and maybe a game breaking TE or WR. OL can be had in the middle rounds, 4-5, at least one guard and maybe two.

dobber's picture

"I think the 2019 version of the Packers needs a FA safety, and 4-5 impact players in the first 100 taken."

Oh...that's all? ;)

CAG123's picture

If I’m Gute nothing is off the table I’m looking around the league and thinking about who’s going nowhere fast? I’m looking at the Jets they’re in the bottom half in every statistical on OFF and DEF I’m calling them up about a potential trade for Jamal Adams since we can’t always rely on picks toss them a few a 1st and 4th this year and a 2nd next year then sure up the position by bringing in Earl Thomas or Landon Collins both coming off IR so they have a little less leverage. In the draft I’d be going for either Sweat or Allen and trying to stay away from those DE/OLB tweeners the whole “jack of all trades” but master of none thing has gotten stale to me in GB.

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Sit Rodgers for the rest of the year. he's done enough damage. let him heal and get a QB coach that will get him back to where he was the GOAT...not some 3rd rate QB off the bench.

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PACK could have a double draft in rounds 1-4:

We already have two 1s and two 4s. We could trade down with our two 1s and pick up a 2 and a 3. Of course that would mean only one 1. Even so, a mid 1 and two 2s, 3s and 4s = 7 potential starters. Add to that 3 good FAs and there's 10 possible starters. That could fill a lot of holes.

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It seems the new head coach has to make an all-out effort to rejuvenate Aaron Rodgers mentally.
First of all, we have a lot of great history with Rodgers and have invested a lot of ourselves in him. We want him to succeed as a Packer for our sake and his.
So let's give our QB every opportunity to thrive as a Packer. Let's support him and build him up and energize him for a great 2019.
Then the key is whether Rodgers is agreeable and coachable with the Packers. If he's not, we are forced to go with another QB, or he will poison the whole team going forward. If he is humble enough to be a team guy first, then we'll back him all the way.
Rodgers doesn't have to be perfect, but he has to have the right mindset even as he works to bring his game up to past performances.
That pass to Graham that was intercepted late against the Bears was just a little bit off the mark, a tad behind -- which is an emblem of the whole season for the Packers. Accordingly, we may not be that far off from getting back to the playoffs and contention for the Super Bowl.
The first step to returning to prominence is letting Rodgers know that he's highly appreciated for his greatness in the past, and that we're highly excited about him moving into the future.
If Rodgers is willing to make the sacrifices to be a true leader -- including a willingness to make the shorter and less spectacular passes when they are more effective for the team -- then we will meet him at least half way, and embrace him into a new era of Packers' greatness.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Oh, how this team backupd as and holes everywhere and just an average QB and No Pass rush...ugh.

Lare's picture

Yes, the sky is falling.

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