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Bashaud Breeland Will Prove to be a Steal for Packers

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Bashaud Breeland Will Prove to be a Steal for Packers

In terms of fixing the situation at cornerback, Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst made some significant moves this offseason, both through free agency and the NFL Draft to address it. 

So far, it has worked out pretty well. Tramon Williams, one of the veteran free agents added, has proven to be a stabilizing presence. Rookies Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson, Green Bay's first and second-round picks, have both been positive additions as well.

However, injuries have struck the defensive backfield again in Green Bay, leaving the Packers without Kevin King for parts of the last two games, as well as causing Davon House to be put on IR.

Of course, few Packers fans were saddened to see House go to IR. Especially not after he surrendered that long touchdown pass to Stefon Diggs, the play that really got the Vikings back into the game in Week 2.

Another reason fans may look back favorably at House's injury is the fact that is allowed the Packers to bring aboard Bashaud Breeland, a street free agent that could prove to be a significant signing for Green Bay.

Needing a corner at this point in the season isn't ideal and normally, the options aren't going to be great. However, Breeland, who signed a three-year $24 million deal with Carolina before it was voided because of a freak injury, was just waiting for the right opportunity. 

And now that he's healthy, that opportunity has come in Green Bay, a team that was interested in Breeland before he signed with the Panthers. Yet, instead of paying him nearly $10 million a year, the Packers are paying him around $700,000 for the rest of this season. 

For a guy with 57 career starts, 60 career appearances, 60 pass breakups and eight interceptions, that's not just a bargain, it's a steal. Breeland can play in man or zone and is comfortable both on the outside and in the slot. Essentially, he's the ideal guy to team with Williams, King, Jackson and Alexander. Green Bay now has multiple guys who can play inside, as well as in the slot. Down the road, that will be valuable in terms of the Packers ability to match up, particularly if the team keeps putting Jackson on opposing tight ends.

Breeland's injury was on his foot and it's not something that is going to hinder him now. Obviously, it was a tough break for him, but Green Bay is the beneficiary, at least for now as it gets a starting-caliber corner off the street for basically nothing. It was a bold and aggressive move by Gutekunst, yet one that makes sense and one that Ted Thompson probably would have failed to make. Instead, Thompson would have promoted a rookie free agent from the practice squad. 

The bottom line is that in today's NFL, you can never have enough good cover corners and in Breeland, the Packers added another, which made the deal not only a steal but a no-brainer. 






Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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GB Jacker's picture

Genuinely psyched about our cornerback room now - House was a liability and for the same price we've got Breeland, a superior, younger player who will want to ball out and have another shot at the big contract he lost out on with Carolina this free agency.

King back practicing so hopefully he can remain healthy and the rookies continue to progress. We might finally have a room that is a top 5-10 unit in the league.

I think every Green Bay fan was glad to see House has gone after that all-world hold/wrestling move last weekend.

Now for 3-0 before the bye!

GB Jacker's picture

Also delighted to see Eric Reid get a deal with the Panthers. He could have been a decent addition for GB but just happy for the guy - (hopefully Kap is next).

It's a worry that our safety play has been so poor, HHCD looks scared of contact and KB looks scared of the ball. Would love to know what's going on with Josh Jones but he's on the same worrying trajectory as Rollins.

Kenny Vaccaro balling out for Titans on 1.5 million one year deal. Maybe he could have done a job for GB.

flackcatcher's picture

House was far better than you give him credit for. That bomb to Diggs was all on Brice, you would know if you had been paying attention to the game. Did the same stupid thing last week in D.C. It's one of the main reason the Packers signed Breeland, so Williams so slide into the slot and cover the backend. Reid has lost a step and a half at best he is a box SS, as others have commented more a hybrid player in today's NFL. Age and injuries caught up to him. House was a good player, Packers value players who are accountable. He was there when they needed him. Otherwise they would have done an out right cut. I wish him well.

croatpackfan's picture

Chris, I said it first that Bashaud Breeland signing is steal!

Tundraboy's picture

Yes if he's healthy and in shape. Certainly better than our previous in season bargain-bin pickups.

sardog's picture

I interrupt this message for breaking news on what is the Roughing (aka Fluffing) the Passer rule.
Statement from NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations
Troy Vin​cent
The NFL Competition Committee met last night by conference call to discuss the enforcement of roughing the passer rules with a specific emphasis on the use of body weight by the defender. The committee reviewed video of roughing the passer fouls from both this season to date and 2017.
In reiterating its position on quarterback protection, the committee determined there would be no changes to the point of emphasis approved this spring or to the rule, of which the body weight provision has been in place since 1995.
To ensure consistency in officiating the rule, the committee clarified techniques that constitute a foul.
Video feedback will continue to be provided throughout the season to coaches, players and officials illustrating clear examples of permissible and impermissible contact on the quarterback.
Video link:
Main link:

sardog's picture

My apologies for posting the above item regarding the erroneous flags on Clay and others. I know it is slightly off topic, but I received the email blast at 1100am (9/27/2018) and thought others might want to see it immediately instead of waiting.
BTW Clay will not be fined this decide who is covering who's arse....

NJMagic's picture

Great signing by Gute. I wanted BB since he failed his physical. Only piece I regret is that this is a one year deal. Would be shocked of he doesn't play well and earn a much higher contract at year's end (like the Eagles DB). I would guess that GB tried but that he held out to bet on himself on the free market.

dobber's picture

"I wanted BB since he failed his physical. "

Now THAT'S not something you read every day... ;)

NJMagic's picture

So true dobber! I was equally shocked they didn't hold on to him for a superficial injury. Perhaps I am higher on this guy than the teams are :-)

Lare's picture

I like King, but if he continues to be constantly injured, hopefully the Packers can re-sign Breeland after the season to replace him or Williams.

stockholder's picture

Too slow. Hyde 2.0.? Safety chance? 8 mil and he failed his physical? They won't ever pay that. Another 1 year guy that will move on. If I'm a rookie =. Put me in coach.

Oppy's picture

He failed his physical because of a massive infection in a foot wound that was acquired in a golf cart accident of some sort during the off season.

It wasn't due to being out of shape or otherwise unmotivated/unprofessional.

Minniman's picture

Add to that Oppy that GB's medical staff are reportedly notoriously conservative, so there's limited chance that he passes his medical if he's not ready to play.

.... Although, House had a miraculous undisclosed injury that put him on IR that supposedly he'd been carrying for weeks and perhaps affected his performance against Washington....... it's here that I'd insert the head-scratching emoji!

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot - I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks but this reeks of a low cost dice rolled to me - " 6 or 8. 6 or 8. please 6 or 8."

Lare's picture

I'm guessing House got an offer he couldn't refuse. Either be (supposedly) injured and get paid while on IR, or get cut and paid nothing. It appears he chose the first option.

jallenpowell17's picture

This is a very interesting point

sardog's picture

Oppy, the golf cart incident in the Dominican Republic opened up an old skin graft from a childhood bicycle accident. The old skin graft was not properly done and the infection in his heel expanded. Source USA today...

So everyone let's be positive. I hope the kids with their bikes and the coaches on golf carts at practice don't scare him off. (Tongue in cheek)

NicGee's picture

I look forward to seeing what he can do!!!

PackfanNY's picture

Anyone hear anything about how we plan to replace defensive line depth? With Wilkerson done, Lowry in, who besides Montravious Adams is the back-up? Just wondering are we looking for someone or what the plan is for the depth at this position. Thanks.

sardog's picture

Packers tried for Browns practice Squad DL Brian Price. Browns thwarted it by giving him a raise from $7K a week to $37K a week to stay on the practice squad. Yes, a $30K a week raise...Cowboys also tried getting him twice. The Raiders had him on waivers earlier but cut him early last week. Hence he re-signed with the Browns. Story from Tom Pelissero of NFL Media.

IMO sounds like Dorsey and Wolf didn't want their old team to have him. So they are paying him equal to a low end player ($500k a season)

Oppy's picture

I loved what I saw from Brian Price at training camp a few years ago when he was originally with the Packers.

I had no idea who he was, but he jumped out from the competition on Nitsche Field as a stand out. He was put on PS and I was pulling for him to make the 53 last season (or was it 2016?), but he was a final cut casualty and went to Dallas.

He's a capable DT and it takes a lot of effort to block him. I'm happy the Browns upped his pay, it means he's got the talent I saw back then. Just wish the Packers could have acquired him again.

Oppy's picture

Looney did well in camp, and if I'm not mistaken, won a good deal of his one-on-ones in camp.

TGR would know for sure.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

I do remember Looney winning one on ones, but IIRC they were always against OL who did not make the 53 man roster. I specifically remember Looney winning (and I think the beat writer wrote "easily") multiple times against Amichia. One can deduce what one cares to from that. I mean it is way better than being stalemated by Amichia. I don't think there he got a chance against Bahk or Taylor, for example, or at least it wasn't reported. The tweets had him 4-0, but when Demovsky tweeted the full list of results for the one on one battles, and IIRC Looney lost a few as well. I think he went 4-4, but I've no idea to whom he lost.

Otherwise, just kind of a positive vibe from TC on Looney and a couple of flashes in the preseason games that we all watched. I had Looney as a darkhorse to make the 53 and a good bet for the PS.

Okay, found Demovsky's tweet. Looney went 4-4.

Oppy's picture

All I really know about Looney is he's a great personality. I have not seen him play much if any.

Thanks for your diligent chronicling of all things TC this offseason.

Rshero34's picture

This is going to be a boost for the team! Please remember on Sunday the dude has been in the locker room for less than a week. He will need a lot of help from our Leaders on D to make sure he understands where he needs to be for our plays.

Lare's picture

Breeland just needs to know if he's in zone coverage or man coverage. The bigger concern is the lack of talent behind him (safeties).

dobber's picture

Who knows...maybe Breeland transitions to become the FS of the future...

flackcatcher's picture

That's a real possibility. Packers want DB who can play at least two positions in their scheme. Jackson was drafted for that reason, Williams can and most likely will play slot and SS for this team at some point in this season. Just a great signing by GUTE overall.

packerbackerjim's picture

Safety is the weakest link. If the opposing QB is accurate at medium-to-deep throws, it will helpful to have corners and cover until turning the receiver over to the safety.

Tundraboy's picture

Is he fully recovered? If so great.

Packer Dave's picture

I think we'll see a wash between House and Breeland. Mo going down kind of sucks, but I just didn't see anything more that a Dial-type would bring in. Our TE group needs to get it going. If we lose to the bills this season could start sliding fast.

Coldworld's picture

A Dial type bolsters run D while giving Daniels and Clarke a break. Looney is more of a DE type. Can’t wear the big guys down with 80% of snaps all the time. Wilkerson was good against the run. Shame about Price choosing to take the pay to stay on the Brown’s PS.

PAPackerbacker's picture

I wish Breeland nothing but success. Maybe his presence on the field and his skills will set a precedence that will inspire others to do better. Competition does tend to do just that. Only 3 games into the season and injuries are already becoming an issue. Hopefully they are minor and Breeland can avoid any that cause him to miss any games. I hope Breeland is destined to be a big contributor in the Packers defense. Go! Pack! Go!

Roadking's picture

If he is such a steal how come no other teams wanted him. Don't like the move, hope it doesn't take playing time away from the rookies.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

I bet Atl and Car wish they had a chance at him. They both lost CBs over the weekend.

cheesehead1's picture

Need King to stay on the field. So far disappointed in his availability and with our D in general. I know it’s still fairly early, but I thought Pettine would have lit a fire under these guys.

Tundraboy's picture

Have a feeling he is as we speak. Let's hope so.

dobber's picture

New system. Clear deficiencies in personnel. Pettine's gotta try to figure these things out every bit as much as the players do. The hope is that if the lineup stays relatively healthy, it should get better as the year goes by.

If we're saying the same things in November and December?

Curt's picture

House is a high effort player who was adequate in the short zones and man-to-man with deep help. Brice has not proven he can be that guy to provide the deep support. Out of position on a regular basis. Hoping Josh Jones can replace him when finally healthy and stay in position!

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

"Another reason fans may look back favorably at House's injury is the fact that is allowed the Packers to bring aboard Bashaud Breeland...."

I hate this line of thinking. If Breeland is cheap and noticeably better than House, then the GM should sign Breeland regardless of House's health. The choice is whether to keep House or simply cut a healthy House.

Allowed is the word that bothers me. House is a vested vet who was on the roster for game one. His base salary is guaranteed. We were going to pay him whether he got cut or went on IR. Going on IR made the optics better, but a good (IMO) GM would have signed Breeland regardless of House's health, IF the GM thinks Breeland is a steal like fans do.

J0hn Denver's Gavel's picture

^this. 3 paragraphs dedicated to happiness caused by a Packers vet landing on the IR?

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Just please win on Sunday against the Bills. Thank you. Go Pack Go !!

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Just win baby !!!

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