Asante Samuel Jr. Draft Prospect Profile and Scouting Report

Florida State Cornerback Asante Samuel Jr. is profiled in advance of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Name: Asante Samuel Jr. 

School: Florida State 

Year:  Junior 

Position: Cornerback 

Measurements:  5’10"  184 lbs.





General Info:

Son of former pro bowler Asante Samuel.  Four-star recruit out of high school. Attended famous Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in Florida. He held over 30 offers coming out of high school. Played in all 12 games as a Freshman at FSU and started 3 of the final four games. He started all 12 games as a Sophomore. He had 14 pass breakups. Samuel started all 8 games as a Junior.  


Positional Skills:


Asante is a good run defender and a decent tackler, he reminds you a little of Jaire in his playing style. He loves to line up in press man coverage. Samuel shows quick feet on film and good speed. He compliments that with a good smooth back pedal and smooth hips. His movements seen effortless on the field. Asante has a lot of ball production, meaning he gets his hands on a lot of balls. Weather that is passes defensed or interceptions. Samuel does a good job of reading the quarterbacks eyes when he is in zone coverage. Samuel has experience lining up on both sides on the outside and in the slot. Once he picks off a ball he almost becomes like a punt returner. He gets up the field and accelerates fast. The FSU product shows good click and close on film, because when he figures out what route the receiver is running stops and explodes to try and get the pick or at least knock it down. 


Samuel is a little undersized at 5’10 184 and he can have some trouble getting off blocks. Bigger physical receivers will give him some trouble. The son of the former pro bowler will miss some tackles when he flies in out of control. Asante still needs work on his zone coverage, mostly using his eyes, reading the play, and not hesitating. He needs to do a better job of not looking back for the ball at times or he looks too late. When Samuel gets beat it is usually because he has lost leverage against the wide receiver. Sometimes when Samuel leaves a cushion he leaves too big of a cushion and the receiver is left with too much space to work with so he has a lot of routes that he could run possibly leaving Samuel in no mans land. 


Fit with the Packers:

Asante Samuel would fit next to Alexander really well. He is a smooth cover corner who is not afraid to tackle receivers or running backs. As was said before watching his film he has a lot of Jaire in him. Jaire is faster and bigger/stronger but, Asante probably has a better vertical. He’s not as good of a hitter or tackler, but who is? He is still young and has a lot of growth potential. Samuel not as polished as Jaire was coming out as well. He also reads and attacks receiver screens similar to Alexander. If he can put on some weight and get stronger. Improve his eye discipline and improve his zone skills. Asante could become close to as good as his dad. It’s hard to say if he will ever be a pro bowler like his father, but the potential is there for him to be a very good corner. At the very least he should become a decent #2 corner. Because he has already shown on film to have great cover skills. Smooth transitions, and he flips his hips with ease. He could start as a rookie opposite Alexander. 

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MarkinMadison's picture

March 10, 2021 at 07:02 pm

I still feel like starting two smallish corners is asking for trouble. I think you need one guy with a little more size for matchups.

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Droski's picture

March 10, 2021 at 08:14 pm

Exactly, Savage is a little undersized as well we definitely do not need to add another smaller db and get bullyed by receivers with size and physicality.

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CoachDino's picture

March 11, 2021 at 01:36 am

I would normally agree but have been educated somewhat about how playing more zone lessens the issue. In Zone it's not abouting winning off the line of scrimmage as much where the little guys can get picked on. Still have the jump ball type issues and over all physicality.

I do like what seems to be a press man - zone fit for AS. Still playing zone (eyes forward) but not 10 yards back ala Kevin King)

What Barry is looking for are guys who can play both Slot and outside. Allows you to have your #1 CB follow their #1WR as well as disguise defenses a bit more. Another short guy who fits that mold is Tre Brown. Sullivan is a depth piece not a starter now that that position has become so much more important.

Slot CB is also a FA friendly possibility for the pack. Usually much less expensive.

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MarkinMadison's picture

March 11, 2021 at 05:52 am

I hear what you are saying. I still have visions of receivers with 5" height advantages and tag on 5" in arm length advantages, and then your 5'10" DB can be stride for stride and can still get beat by a quality NFL QB who can place the ball. Leaping ability can offset it to a degree but that is a lot of inches to make up for. And having all your DBs have a similar physical profile I would think would just allow the opposing offense the luxury of knowing that certain adjustments will work regardless of coverage and pass-offs.

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CoachDino's picture

March 12, 2021 at 05:47 pm

Can't disagree, would definitely be ideal to have height/length/physicality. Unfortunately Those total packages (Horn,Surtain,Farley) won't be available. But there will be some taller guys available as well.

I just remember T-Buck being taken advantage of. Shields was short but still good. Just think about playing the packers and having all short DBs,

IMO taller/Longer/faster on the outside shorter/quicker/agile in the slot.

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