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After Further Review: Packers vs. Washington

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After Further Review: Packers vs. Washington

Ross will provide a few observations every Monday afternoon following a Packers game based on a few viewings of the condensed version of the game on NFL GamePass.  While this might not be the All-22 camera deep dive that might be more "educational", it should provide a conversation point for the rest of the week.

Relax.  They weren't going to win every game.

They've gotta hope Bulaga isn't out for very long.  Spriggs is a more natural fit on the left hand side of the line and he played poorly at right tackle.

It's Josh Jones time.  Brice just can't do anything but hit.  That's the deal.  Jones might be viewed in the same light, but we don't actually know that.  He's made comments this offseason about being used more as a true safety and that's what his NC State tape looks like.  He might bust, he might not but he's a top 60 pick they have to let him play because Brice is killing the team.

If I'm going to criticize Pettine, the number one criticism is that he thinks he can run his stuff no matter who is out there.  It doesn't appear to me that when a guy goes down he makes the adjustment to help a player that doesn't have a similar talent level.  When Kevin King, who can guard Stefon Diggs, went down, they threw Davon House out there and expected him to do the exact same things.  Brice can't cover the deep middle, they can't figure that out.  House can't cover one on one.  They can't figure that out.  Morrison shouldn't cover the pass, they can't figure that out.  The scheme defensively needs to match the personnel they have, not the personnel they'd have if there weren't any injuries.

Not Randall's best day


Ross Uglem is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @RossUglem 

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Thebearsstillsuck's picture

The only side spriggs is any good at is being on his backside. I don't fault TT as much as most of his early busts, since spriggs wasn't hurt in college, wasn't overdrafted, and is basically playing the same position he did in college. But he sucks so bad its not possible that there isn't 75 guys on other practice squads, guys were just cut this off-season or people who have never played football but are good at standing around and getting in the way to take his place.

Lare's picture

I think someone needs to sit Mark Murphy down and tell him that whatever changes he made last offseason, they aren't working. He needs to fix that.

I think someone needs to sit Gutekunst down and tell him that the safeties LBs and OL he brought in this year aren't working, he needs to fix that.

Think someone needs to sit McCarthy down and tell him that the coaches and coordinators he brought in during the offseason aren't working. Neither are players like Brice, Spriggs, Kendricks, Matthews, Perry & House and his plays that exclude Adams, Jones, Graham, Lewis and MVS. He needs to fix that.

You fix problems from the top down, the Packers have problems and they need to do that otherwise there's no accountability and nothing gets done.

Spud Rapids's picture

Don't you think you are jumping to conclusions here? 3 games only

Lare's picture

No I don't. These are the same problems the Packers have had for a few years now. Ignoring them isn't going to make them go away.

Spud Rapids's picture

Well Gutekunst didn't bring in any safeties... the guy can't address every need in a single year

Tarynfor12's picture

Did you send a copy of these suggestions to Murphy himself?

White _tornado's picture

We wouldnt want to upset team chemistry now would we? God forbid you might hurt someones feelings.

What you are suggesting is someone be held accountable. We dont do that in Green Bay.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

Gute didn't bring in any safeties, LBs (other than stop-gap Morrison) or OL (other than a flyer on Madison). So, this issue isn't that Gute chose the wrong safeties, OL and LBs, he just chose to bring in personnel at different positions via the draft and FA.

I discount Jahri Evans: everyone needs OL and no team enticed him to play. Maybe he just is done, doesn't want to play, or has another agenda. Boston and Reid would have been cheap flyers at safety, so I do put a small minus next to Gute's name.

HoLeCrap's picture

Here's the problemo: Rodgers salary is kicking the ass of the cheapskate packers.
Last week Mike Zimmer and the GM cut three young players and replaced them within two days, max with older experienced guys, Zimmer said, "were not interested in development were interested only in winning"'

The point, is they want to win and have a raft of players they know are out there ready to come in and help if needed.
The packers are status quo. No help coming in, just re load with back ups and hope for the best.

This team has a tie and a lose due to pass defense, same problem that has plagued this team for 5 years now. They suck to be kind.

PackerBacker's picture

Rodgers' contract is kicking their ass. It's actually very well structured for an elite level talent player. With a rising cap, it'll be viewed as him being underpaid within two years.
If Zimmer wants old talent that'll be useless in a year or two, great. More than happy for him. They can be a terrible team with no cap room in a year or two. Veterans cost more and have less upside. Not a great way to build a perennial contender.

GBPDAN1's picture

Can't wait until this roster is purged of Ted Thompson failures.

Perry, Brice, HHCD, House, Spriggs, McCray , etc. (And although not failures initially, CM3 & Bulaga. Time to move on).

Needs to be obtained in the off season FA and the draft;

1) Pro Bowl OLB, 1) Starter quality OLB, 1) adequate back up OLB to go with Gilbert. 2) starting caliber safeties. 1) Quality starting O- Tackle that can stay healthy, 2) decent backup tackle/O-lineman. Can this be done in one off season?

And, if one of the Rookie WRs don't pan out, a burner WR that can separate and catch.

Rak47's picture

Didn't take long for Perry to hit the injury report. Green Bays frail 5 will all be out by week six and possibly on IR. The frail five consists of Bulaga, Perry, Mathews,King, and Montgomery. I expect all 5 as usual to miss significant chunks of the season. What bothers me the most about the frail 5 is that with the exception of Montgomery the others all man extremely important roles on the team which can't be counted on over a 16 game season. Hopefully Gute will draft quality players who can replace each of them. Hopefully King can get it together but the rest have shown year after year the team can depend on them to get hurt and miss significant time. I'm really not worried about Pettine's scheme, he needs time to see exactly what each of his players is capable of under game conditions. Remember this is his first year and he does not have the experience with this roster Capers has. What I do love about Pettine is that the defense has been able to shut teams down in the second half of the Bears, and Skins games showing his ability to adjust his defense. Last year the Skins woulda put up 48-49 points against Capers with Alex Smith playing like he did. They also played the Queens well in the first half until King went down. Pettine had to see if House could cover and what he can and can't do as he does with all his players, once Pettine is completely familiar with his players I feel this defense will blossom.

Jonathan Spader's picture

I imagine your Frail 5 standing next to one another on crutches holding paychecks when I read your comment lol.

Wilson Maywick's picture

That's a t shirt waiting to happen. Lol.

Nick Perry's picture

Did Pettines defenses shut down the Bears and Redskins or did the Bears and Redskins take their foot off the peddle? Perhaps halftime killed the momentum they had built in the first half?

As much as I'd like to believe they shut them down and it's actually a possibility, there's also the chance they just took the foot off the gas. I mean how many times over the years have we watched the Packers build a HUGE first half lead only to watch McCarthy take his foot off the gas and let a team back in?

BUT...For the purposes of this lets assume he made adjustments. Then IMO this TEAM came into these game totally unprepared. Not just defensively but offensively as well. As HC THAT'S on McCarthy.

Brice has been LIVING off his ONE hit on Cole Beasley in 2016. Just like Thompson and McCarthy have LIVED off Rodgers.

ShanghaiKid's picture

There's a few things I just don't understand. I don't know if it's Rodgers, McCarthy, or both. But someone forgets the run game exists inside the 15 yard line. After an entire drive of moving the ball on the ground, they just abandon the thought of it. Spriggs is awful and McCarthy refuses to adjust. Where is Lewis to help chip and/or double team on Spriggs side? There were a handful of plays that blew up drives single-handed thanks to Spriggs.

Finally, after all the draft capital invested. How in the world do we still have the same problems on defense? Pettine is leaps and bounds ahead of Capers in terms of adjustments. But my god, having the same problems on defense for a decade is maddening.

JRome Coaxum's picture

I swear I seen the same thing. I think it is Rodgers possibly being greedy for a TD pass. They need to run with Jones in the red zone. His speed makes him a threat.

Thegreatreynoldo's picture

AR is statistically the best QB in the Red Zone over the last 10 years or so. Letting him pass it does have some supporting evidence.

ShanghaiKid's picture

@Reynaldo. He’s also older now and playing on one leg with the worst O-Line in his career protecting him. Throw historical context and data out the window because it’s not at the same.

croatpackfan's picture

You are watching Packers for 3 years only. Is that right?

You call this OL the weakest in Packers history? You forget 2015? Or, should we talk about 2011, 2012, 2013?

ShanghaiKid's picture

@croat. You have no idea what you're talking about. Did you forget in 2015 that the line had 4 all-pros playing on it? The only game that got bad in 2015 was week 16 in AZ. And that's because Lang, Bulaga, and Linsley left the game. Of course you're going to have issues filling 3 line spots when guys leave mid-game. You're really going to bring up 2011? The year they had Newhouse/Lang/Wells/Sitton/Bulaga and went 15-1 behind that line. Yeah that group was really bad...

Let's talk about 2013. The line that had Bakh/Sitton/EDS/Lang suit up for 16 games each. The only issue that line had was Barclay suiting up for 14 games at RT for Newhouse. 2012 was almost as bad as this group. Opposing strengths, The tackles were up and down but the interior of the line still had Lang/Sitton/EDS as opposed to this year where the tackles are outstanding but the interior is questionable. But yeah I've only watched for 3 years bro.

HoLeCrap's picture

Are you seriously watching this defense? Clinton Dix sucks and a new defensive coach would have seen that and said, gotta go. House, not good enough, way to slow, ditto T Williams and a few others got to make big changes and get help. He thinks he is going to win with these guys or was told, this is what you are getting to work with handle it. Just like they did to Capers. He did what he could with the talent available.

zoellner25's picture

Great analysis Ross. Safety play is my #1 concern, it has looked awful

ShanghaiKid's picture

I agree. In my view it's because they have a bunch of guys who do the same thing. Brice, Dix, Jones, Whitehead all play well in the box going downhill. The problem is they don't have a guy back there with instincts to make reads based on route concepts and make plays. Dix was supposed to be that guy but it really hasn't panned out that way. Maybe Jones can do it, but we just haven't seen it.

Lare's picture

Maybe they should try House back there, he certainly can't play any worse there than he does at CB.

Oppy's picture

Josh jones was pretty darn poor on coveragee last year, thats about all we know.

Razer's picture

I am not sure who Ross has in mind when he talks about Pettine adjusting to the guys that we have and Davon House can't cover Diggs. This is the talent that is available, week-in week-out for this defense. Kevin King is promising but not usually healthy. Brice doesn't know how to play safety - but then again - neither do the other guys on this team. Our D-line is thin on depth and hasn't controlled the LOS yet this year. Now take Wilkerson out for the year, our D-line is down to 4 guys (2 good and 2 very average).

Unless this offense gets cranked up and out-runs the opponent, you are fooling yourself about our prospects for this year. The defense is 3 guys away from being good and maybe a couple of O-linemen away from getting Rodgers killed.

Spud Rapids's picture

I can't believe how terrible Haha Clinton-Dix is vs. his expectations... every interception he has had in the last 2-3 seasons has fell right into his lap. Outside of those he doesn't show up in the run game. Brice is a coverage liability. I don't think anyone expected the safety play to be this bad... We knew OLB would be trouble some but didn't expect this.

I do agree this isn't game to freak out about. As I said in earlier article posts: at least we didn't completely forgot to show up at home like the Vikes

Lare's picture

HHCD and Brice should have been released during the offseason. There were/are better options out there.

Rak47's picture

Isn't that the same crap you said about Allison and Gilbert all summer?

Spud Rapids's picture

What are you talking about? you don't just release guys... even if you brought in a Kenny Vacaro or Eric Reid you don't release Haha. That's foolish talk

Samson's picture

Some good ideas but... NFL teams usually make very few changes (except for injury) once the season starts. --- Somehow obtain Reid or Thomas? ... It's too late. (Although Gute may somehow, TT wouldn't even consider it)

Royalty Free GM's picture

#38 Tramon Williams. Why do we even have him(35)!? With more guts we would have Trumaine Johnson(28) and Calvin Ridley... and win tough games in many years to come!

Tick tock... and Rodgers is one more year older...

It is heart breaking to see opportunities to be wasted.

Lare's picture

The more things change.............

Coldworld's picture

Now I’ve banged my head against the wall a bit, this comment seems to make sense.

Bearmeat's picture

This matched my take on the game while watching it too. Thanks!

Lphill's picture

MM did not have the team ready for this game it's on him , maybe practice was not sharp , l think he over estimated the Skins but still something was not right with the preparation plus what happened to Aaron Jones after a few nice runs? When is Nick Perry going to get some snaps?

sonomaca's picture

Listen, they played 5 quarters against a very tough opponent last week. Minnesota got slammed at home by Buffalo. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that both teams looked bad.

I didn’t expect the Pack to win on the road against a good defense after last week’s 5 round bout.

Rebecca's picture

Boohoo they had to play 5 quarters. They get paid to be tough guys. Such buttercups!

Rebecca's picture

Both teams.

Lphill's picture

Sonomaca thats no excuse , every team gets hyped up to play Aaron Rodgers so the Packers need to be ahead of the curve in their preparation , this was a winnable game from the start , less drops , less penalties it's a win , the team that makes less mistakes wins.

White _tornado's picture

Maybe they should try practicing this week?

sonomaca's picture

These are human beings. They don’t recover overnight from an all-out effort over 75 minutes. Sometimes you’ve got to pick your battles and give people a bit of a break.

White _tornado's picture

Doesnt sound like the Lackers are getting their moneys worth with that attitude.

Gort's picture

They are professional athletes. They play essentially 1/2 game a week because nobody plays both sides of the ball any more. If the OT game were a Monday night game and the next game were a noon game on a Thursday, then they might have a semi, maybe, sort of, almost legit excuse for being tired. Beyond that, boohoo. Send me one of your game checks and I will cry all the way to the bank for you.
Suck it up buttercup!

Oppy's picture

I doubt you (or the majority of us) would make it through 3 weeks of an NFL season, buttercup.

Gort's picture

I am not a professional athlete and have no expectations to perform like one or get paid like one.

Tarynfor12's picture

I assume you didn't get the memo...
Packer fans,
You are not allowed to have expectations of our professional athletes since you are not. You must accept with happy smiles that which we allow to you to view. Make no critique, no opinion of derogatory nature and always,always be overly optimistic no matter how bad and ugly we look on the field of play. After all, who are you to question our abilities being mere everyday people and we the players of the NFL who grace you with our performance....when we wish.

Oppy's picture


When the original poster says, " Send me one of your game checks and I will cry all the way to the bank for you.", that implies that if he/she were getting paid that kind of money, he/she would have zero issues with getting over fatigue and/or injury by the following Sunday. Yet, Gort basically retracts his statement as soon as I mention the obvious.

Gort, your ability to back pedal is impressive.
Taryn, your ability to straw man the heck out of a post is staggering.

4thand1's picture

It's early in the season and this team needs a win. The last 2 weeks were frustrating to watch. Buffalo looks like it can bring pressure, it's A Jones time DAMMIT!

JDK52's picture

Love all the new posters after a bad loss.

Never change, Packer fans. <3

Donster's picture

Doesn't help much when your starting QB hasn't practiced in two weeks. Timing is affected. The ball comes to the receiver differently when thrown by someone else for the past two weeks. No matter how great Rodgers is, he still needs to have the timing right with his receivers. Remember, last year how our receivers couldn't get separation? Well we are still using the same guys, just switch out Jordy for Jimmy Graham. Two of the three drafted rookies has played in a game. MVS in two games, one catch for three yards. Marcedes Lewis zero times thrown to, and how about getting Robert Tonyan on the field? Let Kendricks go. Tonyan looked great in pre-season, earned a spot on the roster, so play him other than special teams. Lewis should be out there before Kendricks. Plus Lewis can block! He will need to be out there Sunday to help the hapless Spriggs survive, or should I say help Rodgers survive?

But more than anything they have to run the damn football more!

Lare's picture

Sounds good, but it all makes way too much sense for McCarthy to do any of it.

Oppy's picture

WRs WERE getting separation.

Kubyskins12's picture

The receivers do get open but seems Rodgers holds it cause he scared to throw in tight windows or he’s holding it looking for something more downfield. I’ve been watching Brees and Big Ben and they pull the trigger in tight windows to playmakers and tight ends. They just need to send Graham down the seem and throw up high we’re he can use big body, long arms and good hands and let him be playmaker and make a play. Brady throws these to Gronk all time. He needs to start taking what d gives him and when we get Adams or jimmy with one on one throw it to them and let them make a play, I like there odds. Also would like to see Rodgers throw guys open a little more. Throw Adams an out route but throw it before he makes cut so when he turns and the ball is on him, nothing cb’s can do with those timing type routes. I just don’t see them doing this stuff any more. It’s hold the ball and sandlot football to much. I’m not sure if it’s rodgers or mm play calls, I think combo of both. Also would love see this new playbook cause looks like the same crap to me. Can we please get some creativity. Can we see some stack and bunch formations, maybe use some motion, maybe some 2 te’s, something to help get guys open and can please use mvs and send him deep and actually throw it and maybe hit long one or get pi. It at least makes d respect the deep ball and give them something to think about so they can’t just sit on short routes. Just take a couple shots downfield when get one on one. You never see packers doing this like other teams.

Oppy's picture


I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing the same things from Rodgers.
For as great as he is (and he IS great), he does less with the talent he's given than any of the other top flight QBs in the league in terms of "throwing guys open" and he certainly is the most reserved when it comes to throwing into tight windows, even though he is arguably the most precise passer in the league. We haven't seen the that type of consistently aggressive, tight-window throwing Rodgers for a number of years.

Tundraboy's picture

Because MM is always stuck in first gear, he could be driving a Ferrari......

nostradanus's picture

The Packers are a joke and should be 0 & 3.
Start the rebuild!

4zone's picture

I am wondering how many run plays are being called that AR changes to a pass play at the line. I am wondering if his ego may been damaging whatever play calling the coaches are trying to call.

We talk about ARs ability to make plays on the run but the fact that he has to do so, so often, is a dark spot on our receivers if they fail to get anyone open until AR starts scrambling.

Colin_C's picture

Week 3 people. Patriots lost to a Lions team that got the pants beat off them by the Jets, Jags dropped one against a team led by Gabbert, and the Vikings got annihilated at home by probably the worst team in the league. Outside of the Chiefs, Rams, and maybe Tampa, nobody looks like world beaters out of the gate. Most contenders don't hit their stride until week 5 or 6. Not saying there's no reason reason for concern, as OLB, O-line, and S are all major issues. Can't fix all of them, but as long as 12 stays upright, and Gute can fix at least one of those groups, we'll be okay.

Bert's picture

I kinda agree with you Colin. It's too early to get too down or too up on any team right now. I still think this team can gel and become a solid contender come December. Granted there are lingering and carryover personnel issues from previous years but also remember this team has finished strong before. My biggest concern right now is MM himself. I'm just starting to think that maybe his effectiveness with this team has run its course.

Royalty Free GM's picture

Really? Our solution is that we demand more miracles from injured Rodgers?

How about we start demanding more from our mediocre coaches and gutless GM!
Demand more from Packers president Murphy!
Demand more from our mediocre multi millionaire players!

MM is a dumb! The biggest weakness of this team.
Gute has no guts! He plays ttoo safe.
Rodgers is the only thing that keeps us afloat...

Make Rodgers the first QB&HC in the history of the league.

Jonathan Spader's picture

How on earth is Gute gutless? He tried trading for Mack something TT would never have done. Rodgers has said players play and coaches coach. The person who is gutless and dumb is the guy posting this kind of crap in a blog.

4thand1's picture

The NFCN may be won with 9 wins this year. The Pack or queens could be 9-6-1 and win the div. Thebearsstillsuck DON'T have a QB. The lolions are going to go 7-9 maybe 8-8. The queens are overrated and the Packers will hit their offensive stride after the buy.

Christopher Gennaro's picture

Look I get it the lions and the bears in most gb fans, are still the jokes they have been for 10 years. One question thou take out all the qbs from all three teams, what team would you rather have? I'm a gb fan but the talent levels are so much closer than we give credit for.

Gort's picture

Based on performance, the Packers are overrated too.

Since &#039;61's picture

The Packers have issues at OLB, safety and on the OL.
Surprise, surprise but we knew this before the season began.

Many of the problems that we watched in the Redskin loss (dropped passes, penalties, poor safety play) are fixable problems. We 're only 3 games in and there is no reason for knee jerk, fire everybody, give up on the team comments that so many here are quick to post.

First the Packers need to get Josh Jones at safety and they need to start Josh Jackson on the boundary first to replace King and then when King returns to start King and Jackson on the boundaries. Move Tramon to safety with Jones and use Dix and Brice as backups if necessary. They should just chuck House.

Get Burks next to Martinez at ILB and maybe move CM3 inside in certain situations and give more snaps to Gilbert at OLB. I don 't know what we can do about Perry since no one is behind him. But every team has weaknesses and we just need to live with the ones we have until Gute can make some more changes.

On offense we need to play Aaron Jones and get back to the passing game that won the Bears game.

As for MM and the other coach haters try to remember that MM and the other coaches can't catch passes or even throw the passes or make tackles or play safety. A week ago we had a ton of posters commenting to sit Rodgers, it's OK if we lose to the Vikings it's only one game. Now it's one week later and we lost to the Skins and the sky is falling. Get A Grip. We'll be fine, especially when we get our players back. Thanks, Since '61

stockholder's picture

Congratulations for not jumping the gun.

Tarynfor12's picture

Since 61'
The Packers are a 3-4 scheme regardless of packages etc, and who is at safety, perimeters and slot matters, but this defense could have been and should be better. If the failure to recognize and or accept the deep failings of the two highest paid guys on defense, Matthews and Perry, wasn't so obviously ignored, Matthews could have been traded and Perry released. Keeping both by not trading one and over paying for the other via a new and recent mind boggling deal, we'd likely have a better OLB pair that just may have included Mack,since money would have been available. No pass rush means slow but sure toasting of the secondary.
Games will be won and more lost but what ever comes from this season,these two wastes of time and money need to go Cap hit ,to bad, cannot pay for nothing and expect anything but nothing. When something does come, it's garbage time crap of no meaning.

Many call for McCarthy being fired, I could see him stepping down because of the constant lack of players being brought in. I'm sure another GM would love to give more than the Packers have the last 7 seasons. Lame duck season may be just what the doctor ordered for both HC and team.

The TKstinator's picture

You had me at “via”.

(I’m a sucker for “via” as well as “mantra”.)

The TKstinator's picture

“Garbage time crap of no meaning” isn’t bad either!

Since &#039;61's picture

Taryn - TT made a bad mistake by overpaying Perry. We knew it at the time. For all we know, Gute may have tried to trade CM3 and did not get any takers. Which GM would want to take on TT's mistake, especially the cap hits that come with it.

As for acquiring Mack, the Raiders turned down the Packers offer. The picks from the Bears will still likely be better than from the Packers and other teams that made offers for Mack.

We knew we had weak players at OLB going back to last season at least. It's not going to get better by harping on it every week. Gute will fix it when he has more cap space and draft picks in 2019. In spite of everything he has made a number of good moves so far.

I agree that no matter who we put at Safety and CB it won't necessarily help the pass rush but I think that putting King (when healthy) and Jackson on the boundary with Jones and Williams at safety puts our best players on the field. Maybe it's better maybe it's not, but I am believer in trying something rather than keeping the same.

Let's focus on what we can do with what we have rather than complain and lament about what we don't have.

On offense let's get Aaron Jones and Lewis more involved. Maybe we'll see more of Jones next week. As for Lewis who knows.

I understand yours and others frustrations about the Skins game, but sometimes you just get beat and sometimes you beat yourselves. I think that the Packers managed both against Washington. Everyone falls, it's how you get up that matters. Let's see what happens against the Bills. If we lose to the Bills at home then we have serious troubles for this team. Thanks, Since '61

flackcatcher's picture

Nice post '61. What IAMGUTE is trying to do, is the most difficult of all tasks for a GM. This is nothing less than a rebuild on the fly. For all the whining about TT, he left a massive amount of Cap space and the bottom half of the roster pretty much open for GUTE. If any commenters say they didn't know that there would holes at LB and DB, then they are kidding themselves. As for the on the field issues, we are seeing the effects of the OTA (no time to change the personal packages) and cut down training camps (physically not football ready). Packers, like most of the NFL will not know what they have player wise until mid season. (Like everything else Goodell touches, this is turning to dust right before our very eyes. I am really beginning to hate this man....)

Since &#039;61's picture

flak - Needless to say that I am no fan of Goodell and I haven't been since 2008. Thanks, Since '61

Kubyskins12's picture

Since 61. Great post. Dead on. I agree 100%

Since &#039;61's picture

Appreciate your generous comment. Since '61

stockholder's picture

I think all you guys are jumping on the Fire MM ban wagon to quick. Take a look at the depth chart. We talked about what to do with CMIII in the pre-season. Cory and others want him @ ILB. Under Capers; the middle was to soft. It still is. The guy to replace Wilkerson; is Daniels. Let Adams play in Daniels spot. Donnerson should be back on this roster. The guy behind Cobb is Moore. How do you stop playing any WR? The problem is RT. Spriggs went in over Bell. Open your eyes. The roster is being changed. The packers are changing for the better. You can't turn anyone loose after just 1 loss. You have to have people replace the injured. Quit trying to run MM out of town. He's not guilty of anything.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Open your eyes stockholder Bell was standing literally right next to Spriggs filling in at RG. The guy who replaced Wilkerson was Lowry not Adams. We'll see of that changes bit so far Adam's has had next to no snaps.

I agree that Donnerson should be given a chance over Fackrel. The guy behind Cobb could also be Montgomery with the return of Jones. For all the crying of fire everyone like always they never offer a replacement.

stockholder's picture

That was later. {Announcers made the comment before Bell came in. } Lowry played there before Wilkerson. In college he was on the other side. His NFL player of the week were from that side. Daniels has spot started there with Adams. So If Raji moved/ see if Daniels can do it.

Pierre's picture

The way I see it Aaron Jones needs to be given the ball a whole lot more against Buffalo as he can break runs for more than 10 yards. If they do not commit to the run with him it’ll be the same old passing game with Rodgers holding the ball too long and getting sacked or the OL getting holding penalties because they cannot block for 5-7 seconds each pass play. When Rodgers throws he has to do so with some quick passes to Graham and other receivers and stop holding the ball so long. He’s gotta let Adams make a play on the ball and stop throwing it away so much.

Guam's picture

I do not understand the venom being directed at Gute. This roster had significant holes driven by TT's poor drafting from 2013 through 2015, near total disinterest in free agency and signing average players to large contracts. No one could fix all of that in one off season. Gute has made a number of good moves including securing two first round draft choices next year. I continue to believe that 2018 will be a good year if we make the playoffs and 2019 will give us a much better shot at a Super Bowl.

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"I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious."
"The Bears still suck!"
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall. "