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After Further Review: Packers vs. Bengals

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After Further Review: Packers vs. Bengals

Ross will provide a few observations every Monday afternoon following a Packers game based on a few viewings of the condensed version of the game on NFL GamePass.  While this might not be the All-22 camera deep dive that might be more "educational", it should provide a conversation point for the rest of the week.

Josh Jones.  God Bless.  I want to live in a world where Capers calls 10 man defenses and Jones is just allowed to do whatever he wants.  What an elite athlete.  He plays linebacker like a linebacker, blitzes like an edge rusher and proved competent in coverage.  He has a real chance to be a star, I have to believe that.  He played every snap for Green Bay on Sunday and without him they would have unquestionably lost that game.


Ross Uglem is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @RossUglem 

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Handsback's picture

What's a mystery to me is where in the World is HHCD? The Packers need to get his picture on milk cartons and maybe someone will know where he has been!

rdent's picture

I posted in First Thoughts and one was that Clinton Dix needs to step it up and I got 4 dislikes but I see I am not the only one who wonders where he has been. Thank you.

Handsback's picture

One more thing to consider....the Bengals didn't have Ross playing yesterday. To have the fastest man in the NFL and one who can catch the ball presents serious problems to teams when they have AJ Green and Sunnu as wideouts. The Pack dodged a bullet Sunday.

snowdog's picture

If you don't hear a players name , that's a good thing

rdent's picture

I heard Josh Jones name a lot Sunday and I though it was a good thing.

Finwiz's picture

I'll tell you where he's been - nowhere in the stat sheet.
For a player with all this hype, he hasn't had any impact plays, but he has made a couple of key tackles, particularly against the Bengals.

rdent's picture

Jones had an incredible game lets hope he can like MM says "stack success."

stockholder's picture

Devante Adams will get it going. Ok. I'll keep waiting at the Bus Stop.

fthisJack's picture

better off catching the earliest train out of town, dude!

carusotrap's picture

Maybe the key for Montgomery is not to try to run him up the middle like we're the 1975 Raiders.

pacman's picture

I've been thinking the same thing for 3 games!

Spud Rapids's picture

right because running behind backup tackles would be better

Dus10P's picture

Haven't seen a toss play yet besides the flea flicker. Also, I've only seen 1 rb screen, the one negated pick 6 earlier this season. Probably missed one or 2 but still.. Where's the screen game?

Bure9620's picture

I think though Bennett has been less than impressive receiving and dropped balls he needs to come up with, his presence is still being felt. He is helping block for the green tackles and also helping in the run blocking and had thrown some beautiful chips blocks. Also, he is drawing attention away from Kendricks leaving him open more often. These are important things needed to win that will not show on a stat sheet.

porupack's picture

Despite some nice performances by some individuals (Jones, Martinez, Rogers, Allison, Montgomery and Nelson), this game showed me that this is not really a playoff caliber team. That they rallied to beat the Bengals into overtime is great entertainment, but it was the Bengals afterall (and they aren't playoff caliber even though they have lots of talent).
Sure....I know packers have lots of injuries with key players...but I find inexcusable that trained subs play so poorly, not even competing in many cases.

I read above many who are content to take satisfaction that this is a 'confidence booster' game...but that is excusing bad football. What I saw yesterday was generally bad football. This team won't beat the Lions nor Vikes with this play. Seems about a 9-7 team to me.
How opponent's receivers are so wide open, that receivers and their runners alike pick up 10-12 yard beyond me.
GB was saved by a few free plays. The win was nice, but this is a 'soft' team. I alternated watching several other games at the bar, and saw much more ferocity by Lions, Vikes, Falcons, Texans, Patrots, jags and even Titans.
Judging by 3 games; 9-7 team

Ross Uglem's picture

any way you'd like to monetize that 9-7 prediction? I'd love to bet on it.

NitschkeFan's picture

Happy to take your money. How do we bet on that!!?

NitschkeFan's picture

That means the OP , I'll take the over on 9 wins easily.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

The Packers are essentially playing with their 5th and 6th string tackles at this point. Hard to fault them for not playing like all pros. I'm happy that the offensive is playing as well as it is all things considered. And while I'm not happy with the defense, and probably never will be as long as dom is around, the Bengals were better than they were playing. They have 3 running back who would start for GB, Aj Green is still Aj green, and they have a few defense stars. Add in the excitement in their locker room over their new OC, subtract all of GBs injuries to major players, and you have a game that could have easily been lost

MarkinMadison's picture

Agree with you about the Tackles.

I think the D is a work in progress and that it will be there by Thanksgiving.

I don't blame Dom - I think TT has made some unwise choices on the D side of the ball (Rollins, Randall) but that other choices will pay off this year (King, Jones, Clark, Martinez).

fthisJack's picture

i blame Dom...he's sucked it for most of ten years. if it wasn't for his prevent defense against Seattle in 2014 they would have been in the SB

jfajas's picture

Don't know about the 9-7 team, but I agree with you about the opponent's receivers beeing wide open. I don´t see any contested catches, our DBs are to slow. And you can't coach speed...
A word for CM3: invisible. Again.

egbertsouse's picture

I wonder why TT is so lackadaisical about getting quality backup OLs to protect The Franchise. I know quality tackles are hard to find but leaving AR's wellbeing up to a couple of rookies, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

Ross Uglem's picture

lackadaisical? He spent two draft picks including trading up for one IN THE SECOND ROUND two season ago with two of the league's best tackles in DBak and Bulaga. Yes, Spriggs hasn't worked out (yet), but the effort to acquire players at the position is wildly apparent.

NitschkeFan's picture

Completely agree. As if great backup OL are growing on trees!

Have you watched any other NFL games this year. OL play is terrible on at least 8 - 10 teams. Don't you think they too are looking for improvement? In a salary cap era, and with a top tier QB there is only so much money left over for backups. So there will be a steep drop off if your starters go down.

egbertsouse's picture

Just saying..... I'd be getting a vet, Spriggs don't cut it

Ross Uglem's picture

What vet?

4thand1's picture

Vets, you know vets. Guys who take care of your dog or cat.

HankScorpio's picture

Joe Thomas.

He's available, right?

MarkinMadison's picture


Oh yeah, and he'd take a back-up tackle spot for the vet minimum too.

MarkinMadison's picture

Spriggs is on IR. Tackles are getting paid a king's ransom (if they are any good). Any time you go 5-6 deep at any position any team is going to look like shit, especially this early in the season. Sheeesh. If you want to criticize TT there are plenty of other places to look besides the caliber of his 5th string tackles.

Archie's picture

Didn't Thompson let three veterans go that were all capable of playing almost anywhere on the OLine? Yes he did. We didn't have to, we could have afforded to keep all 3 as a present for #12.

Lions and Vikes invested in OL (while we were dis-investing) and look at the difference this year. Despite all of Ted's failings as a GM, there is no shortage of posters who think the guy has done a great job. Go figure. We are a one player team and have been for a long time. You have got to pony up to protect the G.O.A.T. God help us if he gets hurt because of piss-poor protection. Maybe B&B play Thursday night and save the day. Divisional games will be dog-fights for GB this year.

croatpackfan's picture

Can you give us the name of pro-bowl OT FA whom TT can sign immediately?

HankScorpio's picture

TT has drafted at least 1 OL in every single draft during his tenure. He's paid constant attention to the OL. In many drafts, he's picked multiple OL. As the end of the Cliffy-Tausch duo was in sight, he drafted OT in the first round in back to back years.

As with any other positional group, not every player acquisition has worked out. Some have taken time to develop. Some never did. Some did develop and have since moved on.

I think TT had taken to heart a regret that his mentor, Ron Wolf, once said....that he (Wolf) did not do enough to give Favre weapons. It seems clear that Wolf was referring to neglecting pass catchers, assuming Favre would cover up any shortcomings. But time in the pocket is also one heck of a weapon. TT seems like he does not want to have the same regret when he moves on. That doesn't mean the Packers will always be strong on offense around Rodgers. When a team suffers injuries to their top 3-4 guys at a position, the results will suffer. We saw it at WR a few years ago, RB last year and OT this year. But TT has not been lackadaisical by any reasonable definition of the word.

al bundy's picture

Bennet is collecting a check. Last year i saw most pats games, he was much thinner, ran down feild with purpose and abandon. Sadly this is a shell of what he was last year. Expect little and you wont be dis-appointed.
Kendrcks should be the go to guy. Put bennet on he bench, experiment over

4thand1's picture

drunk again eh al?

fthisJack's picture

ha ha!

EdsLaces's picture

Pretty sure we don't have a pick yet? I'm gonna go ahead n say first one this year is King vs da bears...

RobinsonDavis's picture

Thanks, as usual, Ross! I'm curious what you see with the different receivers getting open or not. Jordy is so clutch, but so was Allison with the first down catch late in the 4th qtr. Both plays, though, had DBs draped over them.....Rodger's just placed perfect passes.

Thebearsstillsuck's picture

I've never liked Bennett. Not with the Bears, long before the anthem crap. Really got sick of him this off-season because one of the local sports radio guys is just in love with him and finds it necessary to say how great he is every 2 seconds. And now he sucks. Bad. I can't see where you see room for improvement. He can't catch anything. He looks slower than Richard Rogers. There's a reason he's bounced around like he has.

I do think the line will turn it around. Once Bulaga and bak are back, I wouldn't be surprised if Evans gets replaced. I could see Murphy playing guard and think he'd be better in the running game than Evans, who just kinda seems done.

I get why Ty can't get the running game going right now, but I don't understand why we drafted and kept 3 running backs if they aren't going to at least give them a shot. Why subject Ty to the hits. I'm not saying put him on the bench, but I think a lighter load until the line is back and he's got an actual chance to do something would be a good idea

flackcatcher's picture

If Mays and Jones could pass pro, they would be in the line up. Edger Bennett, packers OC has said this several times over the years. You don't block. You don't play. I doubt that all three of the rookie RB, completely know the play book this early in the season. By mid season I expect to see one of the three to get far more snaps than they are getting now.

cuervo's picture

I'm sorry, but I'm tired of that excuse. Have you watched the games? Is Montgomery a great blocking back.....? no. That is simply an excuse that some writer started without any basis whatsoever. Has Williams shown how great his blocking is in the 13 snaps he's taken so far this year?

They don't have a running back on their roster that's great at pass protection, use the backs that offer the best athletic talent running and pass of those is Montgomery and the other one sure isn't Williams based on his small sample so far.

flackcatcher's picture

So what. You're tired. So am I of hearing the whining about why X player can't get into the rotation. Packers coaches are very clear on how they judge player development. Bottom line, until Mays and Jones shows enough improvement and earns the head coaches trust, they are not playing. Take it up with Mike. Not my call.

Archie's picture

They passed on Joe Mixon.

Jersey Al's picture

so did 31 other teams and 16 of them passed on him twice. so?

jfajas's picture

PFF has us ranked 30th in pass coverage after 3 games...
Samo old same old... it isn´t fixed...again!!!

Finwiz's picture

WHY wouldn't it be? It's the same basic players from the 31st ranked defense last year, with the same retirement age, stale DC running the show.

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