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Pawsitively Packers: Vikes' Trophy Case Remains Empty

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Pawsitively Packers: Vikes' Trophy Case Remains Empty

As I fired up my truck and headed to work early on Monday morning, I abandoned my usual local sports talk radio station and instead tuned into 100.3 KFAN out of the Twin Cities.  Being on the outer reaches of their 98,000 watts of power, I’ve been known to listen in once in a while under the premise of the “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer” mindset. 

This idea was just what the doctor ordered for me in a Packer-less January because when my FM dial hit 100.3, a montage of Paul Allen’s misery-filled calls of the NFC Championship Game was played over the terrible “Sounds of Silence” cover.  And as I drove, an evil yet happy grin came across my face as Viking nation was waking up on Monday morning listening to this on their flagship station.  And, as we all know, misery sure loves company.

 The grin came to me in part from the joy of hearing Paul Allen’s pain in calling the second half of that game.  Allen has a great history of losing moment calls for the Vikings on the radio, with my favorite being Nate Poole’s touchdown pass from Josh McCown in the waning seconds of a December 28, 2003 game between the Cardinals and Vikings.  This went on to be a touchdown that knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs and subsequently let the Packers sneak into the playoffs, with Allen’s final call being a long, drawn-out scream of “Nooooooo……the Cardinals have knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs!”  But the calls from Sunday were not the usual one moment in time hiccup that caused the Vikings to lose in heartbreaking fashion.  There was no Gary Anderson or Blair Walsh moment.  This was another 41-0 butt whooping by the Giants and the slow, miserable death of his calls made me joyous inside.

The second part of my grin came in knowing that somewhere deep in the halls of 401 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, MN, a trophy case that was surely built at the new US Bank Stadium will remain empty for another year.  And as Packer fans, this should make us all happy.

Now, my heart isn’t black and I would never wish hatred on the Vikings or their fans.  Seeing the videos and hearing reports of how Minnesota fans were treated at CenturyLink Field disgusted me.  How the NFL and the city of Philadelphia allowed any of that to occur for a game on such a big stage is beyond me given the long history of these occurrences at the venue.  I’ve attended four games at Lambeau Field against the Vikings and can honestly say that banter between the fan bases has been fun and good-humored and it will always remain that way.

But, let’s face the facts.  The premier rivalry in the NFC North is that between the Packers and Vikings and it has been that way for a long time.  I get the rich history that the Packers and Bears have, but except for a Super Bowl run in 2005 and the NFC Championship Game run in 2010, the Bears have been non-existent.  Since the inception of the new NFC North in 2002, the Packers or Vikings have won the NFC North 13 of the 16 years of existence.  All a fan has to do is look back at the “Moss moon” playoff game or watching Favre beat us down wearing the purple back in 2009 to know that this rivalry is the top dog in the North.  And as true fans, seeing your rival succeed should bring healthy anger and disdain.   

Last week, a co-worker, who is a Viking fan, and I were talking about the upcoming game.  She said her husband is a born and bred Packers fan and that while the Vikings were her number one team, she considered the Packers her number two team in consideration for her husband.  My head screamed in pain just thinking about that thought.  Having a second favorite team and one that is a division rival?

Well, this is America and that is not how a sports rivalry works.  I have loved ones and close friends that bleed Viking purple.  And while they remain friends and loved ones, my rivalry hat comes on when our teams take the field against one another and wishing them success in future endeavors is just not in this guy’s veins.  Does a Tar Heel wish a Blue Devil success during March Madness?  Does a Bostonian root for the Yankees from their couch in October?  I give a big, Wisconsin “Hell No” to both of those questions!

For the near foreseeable future, it appears that this rivalry will continue to shine.   After their gut-wrenching loss to the Eagles, do you think the Vikings are going away?  I sure don’t.  Their team is built around their defense, which should be formidable for years to come.  Of course, the Vikings have to find the piece to their puzzle on who is going to be their starting quarterback come week one of the upcoming season.  Added to that, it appears that they will be losing their offensive coordinator to a head coaching position.  But, they will remain a solid squad even with those decisions looming.  Pair that with the fact that with a healthy Aaron Rodgers at the helm, the Packers will always be in contention.  I only see this rivalry growing stronger in the next few years with the teams battling for both division and Super Bowl titles.  I greatly look forward, as a fan of the game, to the battles they will fight and I will watch and enjoy the games in true, red-blooded rivalry fashion with my hate shining through.

The rivalry with the Vikings will continue.

The rivalry with the Vikings will continue.

So, let’s revel in the fact that the punchline to the old Vikings trophy case joke remains intact for another year.  I believe Coach Mike McCarthy said it best back in 2016 when he mentioned that “We don’t hang division banners around here,” referencing the Vikings winning the division the prior year and unseating the Packers from four straight division titles.  We can move forward and let the self-proclaimed “Kings of the North” hang that banner proudly while their trophy case gathers dust in a lonely hallway somewhere in the bowels of US Bank Stadium.


Ryan Brunner is an avid Packers fan hailing from Chippewa Falls, WI.  He is a firm believer that punters are NFL players too!  Follow him on Twitter @brunwardo

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Nick Perry's picture

First of all i'd like to thank Ryan for such a delightful uplifting piece on a January Wednesday. I'm once again loving the FACT the Vikings have NEVER won a thing.

Now they may have their "NFC Champion Trophies in their trophy case but THOSE trophies are over 40 years old! If the absolute BEST they can do for anything remotely recent is to hang a BANNER for being Division Champs well then I say hang away.

You'll be able to hang another banner next season as 2017 NFC North Division Champs. BIG DEAL. It took a very questionable hit by Barr on Rodgers to claim it. After listening to those Vikings fans all season they got EXACTLY what they deserved. Another BANNER!!

Bearmeat's picture

lol. Awesome stuff NP!

GBPDAN1's picture

Well put, NP.

I'm still chuckling as I think back to that complete annihilation of the Viqueens Sunday. I could here the air ooze out of the inflated chests of all those boisterous Queen fans as the game progressed. And now the Eagle rudeness will invade their City to rub it in for the SB that they all thought was theirs..... Epic

Bearmeat's picture

Under only this circumstance I will allow that ugly purple flag to be flown on our beautiful green and gold blog.

Yes. The V*Kings have done it again. They've gone full V*king. Sunday night was delicious, and I feasted on a steady drop of schadenfreude laced purple tears all night. Ah yes, the V*kings: Still turning a deeper shade of purple cause they're still choking after all these years. This was their year, and they blew it. ARod back next year, new GM. New DC. The sherrif will be back in town boys. Green Bay Packers Football - Better Football for Better People. :D

Oh, and V*kings fans: Please - Boom, Boom, Clap. Boom, Boom, Clap! Still Keep On Losing!


Nick Perry's picture

Nice BM!!! I think what's especially SO satisfying about yet another Vikings loss is the level of Obnoxiousness the Vikings fans were full of this year. They were SO sure this was their year but it wasn't. The only thing that's changed from the previous 2 seasons (1998 & 2009) was they got their ass kicked the entire game this past Sunday.

Hey it took Case Keenum and the rest of those purple wienies 18 games to show up and BE Case Keenum and the purple wienies but show up they did. Just like they have since 1961!!

Rebecca's picture

"Better People" lol

Bearmeat's picture

LOL. I know some wonderful human beings who just have their heads on backwards about team loyalty in the NFL. So it's clearly sarcasm. But dangit, it's as good of a trolling line as you'll find, so I'ma gunna keep on usin it! :D

Mojo's picture

If I'm a lesser person because I don't want the Minny fan base to experience the joy of total victory like we have in the past - then so be it.

As I posted a few days ago, the first two things I hope for in any given season is GB winning the SB and Minnesota not.

Must admit I thought this was the year they would break through. Every thing was falling in place for them.

Their chief division rival left rudderless without their QB1 (an injury sustained against them no less). The VIkings lost their RB and QB early, but their replacement at QB might have been an upgrade. Hardly any substantial injuries the rest of the way. Then the number one seed losses it's possible MVP candidate near seasons end and really every thing points to them making it to the SB and playing at home no less.

If that wasn't enough they get divine intervention on a Hail-Mary play, when for all intents and purposes they were left for dead.

I thought certainly this their year. The football gods were demanding it. Yet, even with all that good fortune, the Vikings managed to get the snot kicked out of them putting a pall on everything they had done this season punting any goodwill from their fanbase to the curb.

Too bad, so sad.

Now I can watch the SB without the anxiety of hoping the AFC team would win.

I feel the same way Ryan and some others here do - you don't root for your rivals. You don't have to dwell in their misery - but in sports, if there has to be misery - better them than us.


Lphill's picture

Big time players make big time plays , the Vikings made none , the defense played worse than the Packers defense last year with 3 rd stringers at DB against the Falcons . Now they will be losing coaches and are not sure who their QB will be SKOAL

Savage57's picture

A couple of things. As much as I dislike the Vikings and am pleased by how events played out, I'm not sure a defense giving up 38 points compared to 44 qualifies as worse.

The other, most concerning point: The Packers had seven quarters of opportunity to ensure that Anthony Barr wouldn't be able to reprise his scumbag play in 2018 (on display again against the Eagles when he tried to take Foles out of the game in much the same manner as he did AR) by visiting a career-altering injury upon him.

I was extremely disappointed by the team not settling this on the field and two players deciding to test Barr's knee's ability to flex sideways.

Bearmeat's picture

No. You don't try to injure other players, regardless of the questionable-ness of their own hit.

Just be satisfied that Barr sucked in that game. Then he sulked (again - just like last year when they were losing). Dude is a front runner. He disappears when things don't go his way.

Savage57's picture

Obviously, we see this from polar opposite positions. I recall a game played by men where injustices were judged in real time and sentences passed on the field, during the game so as to effectively dissuade future occurrence.
When football wasn't played with a "Gregors, remember what we talked about it the car" mindset.

With that said, I fully expect you to enlighten me on a more sensitive, politically correct, less dinosaurish perspective on the issue.

dobber's picture

These players all know each other. Many train together and are friends off the field. They know they're in it for a few years, and few are going to try to chop off someone else's ability to make their coin.

We're also well past bountygate, so the coaches who are going to do anything that puts them on record as sending the wolves out to maim another players are much wiser than they used to be.

Do pitchers still throw at guys in MLB after someone hits one of their guys? Yes, sometimes. But not always. In the NHL, do they turn the goon loose on the guy who flattens their top scorer? Yes, sometimes, but not always.

It's just a different era, and the public face of professional sports has moved well past retaliation, bounties, and headhunting and more toward suspensions and corporate punishments.

Bearmeat's picture


rdent's picture

Don't sink to that scum Barr's level. If you can't win fair you shouldn't win.

Pack12's picture

Wrong! Football players are professionals doing their jobs and they all have families just like everyone else and they thank God do not think the way a lot of fans do. While the game is being played they are combatants but they realize that it is just a game. They don't go out of their way to intentionally hurt another player. One of my best friends played in two Super Bowls with the Miami Dolphins and we often talk about how players and fans have a different view of the game. Players are competitive and will battle on the field but when the game is over the game is over. Fans on the other hand have fist fights with opposing team fans (Eagles fans fighting with Vikings fans) and tend to view other teams fans as enemies and don't realize that it is JUST A GAME!

dobber's picture

"Players are competitive and will battle on the field but when the game is over the game is over. "

It's like those old Loony Toons cartoons with Sam the Sheepdog and Ralph the Coyote. They show up at the pasture, greet each other, clock in and beat the crap out of each other. Lunch comes, they clock out, have lunch together, then clock back in and resume the beatings....

4thand1's picture

Forrest Gregg would have taken it out on the Vikings. This why we are labeled soft.

Nick Perry's picture

I saw the play you're talking about Savage57 although I'm not in favor of going after a mans knees to "Get Even". What I didn't like was there wasn't even ONE EAGLE who seemed to want to pummel Barr after he did this to Foles.

This is WHY I loved players like Josh Sitton and TJ Lang so much. Had either of those two been on the field when Barr drove Rodgers into the turf, I'd imaging it would have taken about 1.3 seconds for either one of those guys to have been in Barrs face. Lang probably would have knocked him down..HARD and gotten a penalty and I wouldn't have minded a bit.
No matter what I hope the Packers O-Line has something in mind for Mr. Barr next season.

Mojo's picture

I still don't think Barr's hit was dirty. Unfortunate result, but just football.

Bearmeat's picture

I don't think he needed to run him through to the ground. But I also don't think he was trying to hurt ARod. I also don't think that Barr was sad that ARod got hurt and therefore, Minny's chances for the division went through the roof.

dobber's picture

Do I think Barr was taking what he saw was a chance to put a hit on an opposing QB? Yes.

Do I think Barr was trying to put ARod out of the game? Not necessarily.

Do I think he was sorry? No.

Do I think he had to buy himself dinner for several days after that game? No.

Chuck Farley's picture

I do. He tried to get foles out in the game by doing the same move wrapping his arms around both arms so the QB has no way to brace for the fall and then planting your body so your driving the shoulder into the turf with your full weight on the guy. This is a deliberate move to get rid of the theQB.

The other POS, Diggs when the Vikes went for the fourth down and didnt get it tried to bait an Eagle with lip and kind of a hint of head butt, hoping the eagle would retaliated and the Vikes get the ball back didnt work the eagle didnt take the bait.

The Vikes played dirty, are dirty and deserved to lose.

WKUPackFan's picture

As I settled in to watch what quickly became the latest chapter in the Vikings long history of utter futility, my friend asked me if I could be for either team against the Patriots. I quickly replied that there are no circumstances that would compel me to cheer for the Vikings. If world survival depended on the Vikings winning a championship game I would prefer that we be obliterated in a cosmic catastrophe.

Fortunately, that will never happen. If the Vikings ever get to another championship game, the game should not even be played. The result is inevitable, why even bother?

dobber's picture

" I quickly replied that there are no circumstances that would compel me to cheer for the Vikings. "

This is where I am, too. I even grudgingly root for Dallas over the Vikings whenever they play (unless, of course, a Dallas win hurts the Packers in some way, in which case I just would hope for a meteor strike)...and I would easily be a Patriots fan if the two played in the SuperBowl. To be honest, I really don't dislike the Patriots. I don't like them, either, but that apathy is for another thread...

Tundraboy's picture

Watching a game like Dallas/ Vikings, assuming I would be able to stomach more than a few minutes, is for me much like the Mets /Red Sox 86 World Series. As a Yankee fan it was the Them vs Them Series, so it was not tolerable. The ultimate dilemma. If Boston won they were only beating the Mets. And if the Mets won it was no big deal because beating the Red Sox was not that big of an accomplishment, like kissing your sister.

dobber's picture

My sister has asked to be left out of this...

Tundraboy's picture


RCPackerFan's picture

First I want to acknowledge that my hate for the Vikings grows deep. They are our biggest rival and I can't stand them. Most fans I know are arrogant and quite honestly think their crap don't stink.

That being said, I do want to say this though. Hearing some of the crap that these Eagles fans do is complete BS. Grabbing guys hats and throwing them in the urinal to piss on them. Sorry but NFL gear is not cheap. And to have some D-bag piss all over it, is complete BS. Also hearing Eagles fans, punching and knocking out Vikings fans because they are wearing a jersey. Really? This is acceptable? I guess its acceptable because they are Eagles fans? Eagles should be ashamed of themselves, and the NFL needs to come down hard on this type of crap.
I don't care if its Vikings, Seahawks, or Cowboys fans, that crap needs to end.

The funny part is I heard a lot of Vikings fans are planning on becoming Uber drivers, and plan to have fun with Eagles fans. Driving them to the middle of nowhere and dumping them off. I guess payback can be a bitch.

Now that being said, I think it is hilarious that the Vikings are hosting the Super Bowl. They made it to the NFC Championship game, and many fans thought they had the game won before they played. Then they blow it. And now have to welcome the team that just destroyed them to their house, and watch them play in their home. For a diehard Packers fan, I think that part couldn't have gone any better.

dobber's picture

"Now that being said, I think it is hilarious that the Vikings are hosting the Super Bowl. "

Yet another reason I'm glad they got beat: for many years, the league labored under the pretense that it wanted its spectacle game played in specific cities and other conditions, including weather-neutral conditions (domes or warm-weather sites). In a sport where you play a one-off for the title, no team should have that kind of advantage in the championship. Every other major sport has a home-field advantage in its championship, but in those cases, they play (almost excruciatingly) long seasons and they're playing best-of-seven series...which often means the better team earns home-field and the better team still wins (except for MLB which has the crappiest determiner for home-field ever conceived).

RCPackerFan's picture

I agree. No team should have that kind of advantage in the most meaningful game of the year. The Vikings came one game away from having that advantage. How many teams in the past have came that close? I don't think many.

mrtundra's picture

It's not just that the Super Bowl is in Minnesota this year. It's the fact that they get every advantage they can to help them. From hometown refs in the replay booth, to former vikings players in the broadcast booth and on the network pre game shows, to all the hype in the days leading up to the game that is skewed to go their way, too. It's pretty pathetic and so typically viking.

Bearmeat's picture

I don't think Minny has gotten ref bias. I mean, I hate that team, but they've gotten screwed plenty of times....

dobber's picture

...not enough.

murphy's picture

"The funny part is I heard a lot of Vikings fans are planning on becoming Uber drivers, and plan to have fun with Eagles fans. Driving them to the middle of nowhere and dumping them off. I guess payback can be a bitch. "

Kidnapping charges are pretty funny, too.

RCPackerFan's picture

To be honest, I think its a dbag move if anyone actually does it. I just think its funny that they are talking about doing it.

Kind of reminds me of the movie Rat Race, when the cab driver dumps the Ref off in the middle of nowhere because he cost him lots of money.

EdsLaces's picture

I hate the vikes as much as anybody , but the way these Eags fans are who could blame am? These Eagles fans are disgusting. I was rooting for them till all these videos surfaced of how absolutely pathetic their fans are.....go Pats.

snowdog's picture

use the " I got lost " defense .

Tundraboy's picture

There are Philly fans that are almost subhuman. Similar to Jets fans. Must be all the losing.

Jersey Al's picture

I can attest that Philly fans are on a different level. Jets fans are idiots, but can be managed - Philly fans are dangerous idiots with no regard for themselves or anyone else.

Mojo's picture

I wonder how much of the Philly fan bad-behavior is spurred on by the long running narrative of what jerks they are. Like a self-perpetuating cycle.

EdsLaces's picture

I went to Philly also, when Clay knocked out Kobb. Great game...never going back.

Curry Rambeau's picture

First I do have to say that you hear. Well, I do declare you have an opinion about everything. That being said, I do want to say this though, it is hilarious now that it is being said. I have to say I do agree with you on everything, though, except how is the NOFunLeague going to come down “hard” on the Eagles fans?

Mojo's picture

To RC's point about having to host a team in the that just trashed your season, must really really suck.

And to think of all those Minny fans getting caught up late in the fever who probably paid a boat-load for tickets and then having to dump them at less than purchase price. Double whammy.

the real russ letlow's picture

remember this is the same fan base that booed Santa Claus and threw snow balls at him. I believe it was Joe Garagiola that said Philadelphia fans would boo a cure for cancer. I only live 4 1/2 hours away and I would never go to a game there as a fan of a visiting team. Why would you want to go and have a miserable time?

EdsLaces's picture

Ok am I late to the party cause I'm just now watching this Sutton Smith tape and dude is a freak! We need him coming off the edge.

croatpackfan's picture

Packers announced coaching team:


Joe Philbin, Offensive Coordinator

James Campen, Offense – Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line

Jim Hostler, Offense – Pass Game Coordinator

Brian Angelichio, Tight Ends

Frank Cignetti Jr., Quarterbacks

Ben Sirmans, Running Backs

David Raih, Wide Receivers

Jeff Blasko, Assistant Offensive Line


Mike Pettine, Defensive Coordinator

Winston Moss, Associate Head Coach/Linebackers

Patrick Graham, Defense – Run Game Coordinator/Inside Linebackers

Joe Whitt Jr., Defense – Pass Game Coordinator

Jason Simmons, Secondary

Jerry Montgomery, Defensive Line

Scott McCurley, Defensive Assistant

Ryan Downard, Defensive Quality Control


Ron Zook, Special Teams Coordinator

Maurice Drayton, Assistant Special Teams


Mark Lovat, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator

Chris Gizzi, Strength & Conditioning Assistant

Thadeus Jackson, Strength & Conditioning Assistant

Grant Thorne, Strength & Conditioning Assistant

Spock's picture

Croat, Thanks for posting this list; I know the Packers never post this stuff until all the contracts are done and, in the case with players, physicals have been passed. Looks like an interesting new (mostly) staff. I'm nor sold on keeping Zook for ST, but let's see how next season goes. Lots of people wanted major change: now we've got it. I'm stoked!
Go, Pack, Go!

dobber's picture

This is had previously been reported that Montgomery had accepted a DL/Asst. HC position with Texas A&M. I guess that report was a little...premature.

croatpackfan's picture

Well, maybe Packers gave him better contract...

Mojo's picture

Damn, that's a lot of coaches.

Doug Niemczynski's picture


I did not see Darren Perry's name did the Packers get rid of him?

dobber's picture

He's still interviewing for other jobs...

Spock's picture

Ryan Brunner, finally an article on the Vikings that belongs on the Packers site. Only thing I disagree with is the "Sounds of Silence" cover is "terrible"; I actually kind of like it (and I'm old enough to have all the original Simon and Garfunkel vinyl. I thought the other cover with the deep, strong lyrics for the "written on the subway wall" song was better than the original, but everyone has different musical tastes, LOL. Agree on the (some) Eagles fans despicable behavior; much as I hate the arrogant Vikings fans that is just wrong.

Spock's picture

Ryan Brunner, finally an article on the Vikings that belongs on the Packers site. Only thing I disagree with is the "Sounds of Silence" cover is "terrible"; I actually kind of like it (and I'm old enough to have all the original Simon and Garfunkel vinyl. I thought the other cover with the deep, strong lyrics for the "written on the subway wall" song was better than the original, but everyone has different musical tastes, LOL. Agree on the (some) Eagles fans despicable behavior; much as I hate the arrogant Vikings fans that is just wrong.

4thand1's picture

The whole anyone but the viqueens came to a head with me when they signed Favre. They did everything they could to disrupt the Packers at every turn. The int by Favre against the Saints was priceless. They rubbed Favre in our faces and it backfired in the biggest moment. They seem to target players on the Packer's draft board, taking them before we pick. skol this, GOPACKGO!

Irish_Cheesehead's picture

NFC championship was the most fun I had watching a game all season!

Allison Sanchez's picture

I am in love with this article. Thanks Ryan!

Ustabeayooper's picture

The. Best part of this is the chant of "Skol" joining " Purple Pride" and "We're going to Miami " in the dust bin of Vikings lore. While Packer fans stick to a simple "Go Pack Go" cheer, Viking fans seem to glom on to cute and stupid phrases whenever they have a modicum of success. They are true bandwagon jumpers. They will overhype their team until next year when they will sink to mediocrity as teams offenses will copy NO and Philly's game plans. Their once in a decade chance is gone. The upside is they have many years to think of a new and improved chant.

Chuck Farley's picture

You guys want funny. The other day on the local news here in Minny, a female fan was being interviewed and she was pissed ' to paraphrase her ' we spent a lot of hard earned money to make the trip here to Philly and our team didn't show up'.
The other funny is Vike fans are trying to unload their super bowl tickets, they don't want to attend the game if the Vikes aren't in it.
Kind of stupid as in when the hell do you think the SB will be back in your lifetime considering they favor the warm states and this one is a favor to the new stadium. Dumb asses.
We've been here 41 years and never became a fan. These fans are the biggest cry babies in foot ball. The thing is though, because of it they dont keep coaches long if the fans are unhappy, they move fast here to change the scenery.

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