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A Peek into a Pro Football Scouting Report on New Packers LB Rashan Gary

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A Peek into a Pro Football Scouting Report on New Packers LB Rashan Gary

Rashan Gary Scouting report from Scouting Services Inc. 

NOTE: Scouting Services Inc has worked with NFL teams for decades, supplementing teams' own scouting departments with additional research and evaluations on college prosects. What follows is a "summary report - actual reports are often close to 100 pages long and only for NFL scouting departments to see.



Rashan Gary - #3

University of Michigan Wolverines


Agility Tests...4.58 in the 40-yard dash…1.61 10-yard dash…2.67 20-yard dash…4.29 20-yard shuttle…7.26 three-cone drill…38-inch vertical jump…10'-00" broad jump…Bench pressed 225 pounds 26 times…34 1/8-inch arm length…9 5/8-inch hands…81 7/8--inch wingspan.


College Career...Gary has appeared in 35 games for the Wolverines, lining up at a variety of positions on the front wall. He delivered 137 tackles (84 solos) with 10.5 sacks for minus 70 yards, 24.0 stops for losses of 105 yards and nineteen quarterback pressures. He also caused one fumble.

Background...Coming out of Paramus Catholic High School, Gary was the consensus best recruit in the country and was twice named New Jersey Defensive Player of the Year. The 2015 USA Today Player of the Year was teammates with current New York Giants safety, Jabrill Peppers. He joined Peppers and another teammate, lineman Juwann Bushell-Beatty in becoming a Wolverine in 2016 after he recorded 110 tackles that included 27.5 sacks his last two years in the prep ranks.

A reserve as a freshman, he was limited to 27 tackles in 2016, but five were accounted for behind the line of scrimmage. As a sophomore, Gary received All-Big Ten Conference honors. Often playing more of a run-stuffing role, he posted 66 tackles, adding six sacks among his twelve stops-for-loss as a full-time starter.

Gary was one of several high-profile Wolverines that decided to bypass the team's bowl season in 2018, a pattern that more and more collegians seem to be following. In the industry, that becomes a "bad mark" until fully explaining their decision at the Combine. In twelve games as a senior, he collected 44 tackles, seeing his sack numbers dip to 3.5 and his tackle-for-loss figures close at seven. The notable drop was more due to a position responsibility, as U-M down linemen usually clear the gaps for their linebackers to blitz. With Gary doing the "grunt work," it freed up fellow end, Chase Winovich, who made fifteen stops-for-loss. Later in the season, Gary played more of an interior position in order for the staff to get Kwity Paye opportunities to come off the edge and get to the opposing passer.

The Scouting Report

Athletic Ability... Gary has a well built, thick frame with impressive muscle tone in his shoulders, chest, arms and back. He has a good bubble with thick thighs and calves, along with good arm length to stave off blockers and big hands to wrap and secure as a tackler. He looks to have room to add at least another 15 pounds of bulk without it affecting his overall quickness and timed speed.

Gary has above average timed speed for a player his size. He fires off the snap at a low pad level, keeping his hands inside his frame to prevent blockers from getting into his chest. He is a combative type that hits with a thud and displays more than enough hand strength to dislodge the ball from the running backs. He is genetically gifted, as he flashes excellent acceleration closing from the backside and the powerful burst to be quite effective splitting double teams and impacting pocket pressure when working towards the inside gaps. He has that short, sudden burst off the line to surprise a lethargic offensive lineman and has shown decent leaping ability (prep basketball player with a verified 38-inch vertical jump), along with the long reach to knock down passes at the line of scrimmage. His suddenness off the snap allows him to consistently gain penetration.

Pursuit Skills...Gary has an impressive blend of quickness and power, especially as a pass rusher. He has that initial explosion to fly past slower offensive linemen and simply beats most blockers coming off the edge. He has the balance and change of direction agility to slant and shoot the gaps, staying low in his pads while using his reach to keep blockers away from his legs. When he moves laterally, you can see the way he easily blows past the gaps. He has the same burst whether standing up or in a two-point stance and consistency gains advantage with his ability to pin the offensive tackle’s ears back. He has that low center of gravity to quickly crash inside coming off the snap and very good balance when bending back inside. With his hand usage, upper body strength and punch, more often than not, he can walk any offensive tackle back into the quarterback.

Strength at the Point of Attack... This is where Gary is greatly underrated. With a 400-pound bench press, big hands and long arms (81 7/8-inch wing span), he is a nightmare for offensive tackles in one-on-one confrontations. He might get too caught up in the battle at times, but utilizes his quickness and explosion off the ball, along with active hands to consistently gain block separation. He shows much quicker counter moves as a senior than in previous seasons and shows the lower body strength and leg drive to get opponents off-balance when shooting the gaps. He uses his hands well to discard blocks and even when double teamed, he’s not blocked for long, as he uses his strength well to lock out and shed. He also uses his hands with force when attempting to rip through holds.

Hand Usage... Gary has outstanding ability to swipe at and knock down offensive linemen coming off blocks, as his hand quickness is very beneficial when executing pass rush moves. He uses his length like a weapon – constantly stabbing in attempts to gain separation. He is also very effective when trying to pull and jerk on offensive tackles to break free coming off the edge.

Tackling Ability...Gary is a solid wrap-up tackler with good range, especially when making plays from the backside. He hits with a good thud and knows how to bring his arms to wrap and secure. He is not the type that will take a side, which results in a few runners getting away. He shows good vision working at the X’s and comes to balance quickly to stave off low blocks and make plays when clogging the inside run lanes. He has more than enough strength to discard blockers and makes plays because of his hunger to do so (will never throttle on a play).

Some teams might consider Gary linebacker material due to his pursuit quickness and ability to work down the line. He is more effective locating the ball on the move. He takes very good angles to the ball and flashes the short area burst needed to maintain acceleration while pressuring and chasing the quarterback (see 2018 Nebraska, Indiana  games). The thing you notice on film is his outstanding eyes, as he always seems to be able to locate the ball through a crowd and give chase.

Run Defense...Understand, this is a player that constantly saw multiple blockers attack him. Gary is a beast when giving chase in the backfield. He has that instinctive ability to know when to shoot his hands in attempts to hit and shed. He plays much bigger than his size indicates in run force and has the lower body strength to hold ground firmly at the point of attack. He runs and chases the ball down all over the field and is very consistent in finding the football when on the move.

Pass Rush Ability...Gary has that sudden initial step to gain advantage coming off the edge. His balance is evident by his ability to easily bend back inside. He has the leg drive to get under offensive tackles and push his man back into the pocket. He flashes the short area burst needed to shoot the gaps and very good ability to dip and rip while turning the corner. He bends and flattens with good body control and speed, but he also knows that he has to keep his hands active and not allow himself to get tied up at the X’s to have the success he has had pressuring and collapsing the pocket.

While he has just average sack numbers, Gary shows valid initial explosion off the snap to gain penetration. He shows good urgency and effort in his chase and has the speed in the backfield to regularly disrupt the pocket. With his ability to come off the edge, using him at 277 pounds, standing up in a 3-4 alignment, could see him wreak havoc vs. the passing game.

Compares To...Richard Seymour-ex-New England Patriots...Yes, a lofty comparison for a player with average statistics, but Gary often played out of position at Michigan. He has the potential for being a top-north inside-outside rusher, much like Seymour was. Gary has that innate ability to quickly spot blocking schemes, making plays before they can even develop. He has patience while playing in run containment and the balance to change direction to shut down the reverse. He shows very good eyes to locate the ball on the move. He knows how to use his arm length to get block separation while he locates the football and consistently shows the ability to make plays when working down the line.




"Jersey Al" Bracco is the Editor-In-Chief, part owner and wearer of many hats for and He is also a recovering Mason Crosby truther.  

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Old School's picture

Yes, but the self-appointed cognoscenti hated this guy. I’d like to know why?

Jersey Al's picture

I will admit to being swayed by all the reports of his not giving max effort - that's a huge no-no in my book. Gutey says that's simply not the case. I'm glad to hear that.

Coldworld's picture

The report above also states the opposite as being the truth. Good to hear because I agree that max effort should be a strict requirement for anyone drafted so highly.

GBPDAN1's picture

Not only have I heard that he gives effort and loves football, I heard that he's a high character guy

Rak47's picture

Excellent work Al. Maybe this will quite the skeptics for a bit. On another note I'm not sure where or who said Gary didn't give max effort only because I kept hearing the exact opposite that effort was not a problem for this guy and that he had a high motor.

Since '61's picture

Because they don’t know what they are watching.
Thanks, Since ‘61

splitpea1's picture

I've never heard that word before--outstanding!!

BamaPackFan's picture

This is helpful analysis. I hope to see more of this sort of breakdown. This paints the picture of one hell of a football player. I hope it is accurate.

Jersey Al's picture

more coming...

Since '61's picture

Al - Great job getting this for us. Look forward to seeing more.

As a consultant myself I enjoy seeing good work by other consultants. Would love to see the full report but I know that is not possible. Thanks, Since ‘61

Jersey Al's picture

I've been lucky enough to see a few from time to time and it's really incredible the amount of detail included.

Since '61's picture

Tons of detail. I’ve written a bunch and read even more but in a different industry and for different reasons. In any case I hope you get to see more of them and are able to share the summaries. Thanks, Since ‘61

Qoojo's picture

Happened to read this today in an article written by Dougherty on

"Gary had a shoulder subluxation last year at Michigan, and though he did 26 bench reps at the scouting combine, the shoulder is an issue. A scout I spoke with late last week said his team’s doctors determined that Gary’s shoulder will wear out and require surgery, probably next year. That’s in line with what Gutekunst suggested Thursday when he said he expects Gary to play this season, and that the shoulder didn’t need addressing “initially.” That seemed to mean no surgery this year but possibly next."

He went on to mention that DeMarcus Lawrence had the same thing, and cowboys weren't too concerned about it either. Sounds like surgery is in his future within the next year or two.

SJ EC's picture

The report in the article definitely places my mind a bit more at ease, but the one you’ve mentioned is a bit more concerning - perhaps they’re looking to get a good year out of him in 2019, and then do the surgery as soon as we finish the year in February (get it?? :D)?

Hopefully Gute will be asked straightforwardly about the shoulder issue in the coming weeks, but I don’t see a forthright answer coming from him about this specifically

albert999's picture

1st Round, No. 12 overall | Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan

Analysis: Gary has potential and size, but not the tape or the health. His pre-draft medical screening revealed a torn labrum, but he will opt to not undergo shoulder surgery until after the season. That has not worked for guys in the past (see: Shaq Lawson).

Instant Grade: C-minus

zeroluv's picture

Health? He isn't a health issue. He played through injury and did 26 reps at the combine. Stop reading the fake news reports about his “health”. Let me watch CNN too.

porupack's picture

I guess zeroluv meant Foxnews; the notable partisan sight of inferences and conspiracy theories.

draftnut59's picture

I doubt they know for sure. Medicine isn’t as cut and dried as most people think. That said, professional athletes require much higher maintenance than most people.

Hawg Hanner's picture

Why does that bother you so much? Why don't you see a forthright answer? Are you just totally negative or actually paranoid?

albert999's picture

i wrote about this 2 days ago

Coldworld's picture

It seems the player and the notoriously cavalier Packers medical staff disagree with your diagnosis. Of course they could be wrong.

That said, is it not more likely you are simply unhelpfully regurgitating an uninformed opinion that seems since to have been, if not totally discredited, at least strongly called into question?

If so why?

albert999's picture

just puking up facts

Hawg Hanner's picture

Where did this crap about the notoriously cavalier medical staff come about? You ought to take that chip on your shoulder and shove it

Coldworld's picture

If you don’t agree that the Packers medical staff is well known as cautious in the extreme then you are either Jermichael Finley, confused or don’t recognize sarcasm.

fthisJack's picture

right after the SB!

jack8524138's picture

I’ve had multiple shoulder subluxations - a dislocation that pops back in without the need to be manipulated - and eventually had to have a full reconstruction as it would happen more and more frequently and the shoulder joint was destroyed. In my experience this did not have an impact on an exercise such as a bench press and I didn’t lose any strength. Where it was an issue was in quick, explosive movements where my arm was raised above shoulder level as it was unstable and would continue to pop out regardless of the rehab due to the soft tissue around the joint being loosened. I would think if it’s happened once and hasn’t been repaired it’s probably going to happen again, especially at a position where you are exploding up and punching an OT out in front of you.

He said it wasn’t a torn labrum - tear of the tissue in the joint capsule due to the dislocation. This may be the case however even without a tear the initial subluxation causes an ongoing instability due to the stretching of soft tissue holding the joint in place. I hope I’m wrong but playing that position, and from my experience with the injury, I think it would be incredibly fortunate if he was able to get through a full season without re-injuring it.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

If that is true the shoulder cannot be bothering him too much having done 26 reps on bench. If a serious injury he would not risk benching 225 lbs for 26 reps nor would he be able to do 26 reps.

Spock's picture

Wow, Not really seeing any negatives and one heck of a lot of positives in this scouting report! We will know this season, but this is an impressive report summary for this young (isn't he something like 21 years old?) man.

Spock's picture

My favorite line in this report,"He has more than enough strength to discard blockers and makes plays because of his hunger to do so (will never throttle on a play)." Sure doesn't sound like a guy who takes plays off.

Bure9620's picture

Turn on the Wisconsin game last year. When Gute says Gary "affected the game, and sometimes wrecked it" he was rushing north/south in this game. There was no pocket, Wisconsin had like 30 passing yards until the last drive. Gary wrecked this game, he eliminated a pocket to step up into, he was a nightmare for Dieter and Biadisz. Just dominant. Insane get off. Pains me to say as a Badger fan.

Gman1976's picture

When he was first drafted, I wasn’t too happy; but the more I read about the young man, the more I think he could be a great player. I know there will only be one Reggie White, but the strength, skills, drive, and size of the man as described above had me asking if he could have a Reggie White like impact. It will be fun to watch how this pick turns out.

Since '61's picture

Gman. Apparently we were posting at the same time. Great minds thinking alike and together. Hope to see more from you. Thanks, Since ‘61

HankScorpio's picture

Julius Peppers would be the guy that comes to my mind. Both White & Peppers were genetic freaks that could do things other humans could not. In both cases, the Packers didn't acquire them until their athletic ability was starting to wane. They'll get Gary from the start. I'm really warming up to the pick.

Patrick's picture

Hank man, I hope that you are correct! GO PACK!!

Since '61's picture

Remember, Gary has come out as a Junior. Similar to Kenny Clark. I could be wrong, but I expect the Packers to work him in slowly but consistently increasing his snaps as the season progresses (as they did with Clark and we know how he has turned out).

Once the Packers know what they have they will do what is necessary for his shoulder and have him ready for his coming out season in 2020, which would have been his rookie season if he remained at Michigan for his Senior year.

It’s still premature but Gary could become the game wrecker that the Packers defense has not had since Reggie White played in Green Bay. Thanks, Since ‘61

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Since 61,
Wont even recognize the D this year. Really crazy with all the new faces and bodies. Sure seems this D has a lot of potential.

I even say the same for the O. With all the new OL, RB, TE, and with three 2nd year WR's coming back the new O scheme everything will look very different as well.

Excited about their 2019 season.

Since '61's picture

Agree! Thanks, Since ‘61

Patrick's picture

Wouldn't it be Great if the Pack took the division this year, because most people are thinking the Bears will take over where they left off.

PeteK's picture

I love his versatility because of the athletic ability and strength. He will also not have the pressure of producing immediately since we have talent at the position already. I don't think we ever had an athlete of this caliber on our D line ( Tim Harris ?), a combo of Biamila and Kampman.

holmesmd's picture


PeteK's picture

Yes Lol

packergal's picture

Note to Jersey Al:

Hello Al,

I was shocked when PACK selected Rashan Gary--especially after reading your FUBAR list commentary.

So today's question is this: Will you remove Rashan Gary from your FUBAR List or is it much too early for that?

Since you published it, I suspect the Scouting Services analysis give you hope? It definitely gives me hope!

For those who don't recall Al's FUBAR entry:
Jersey Al Bracco
Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan - It's painful for me to have to put the FUBAR tag on a Jersey boy, but if there's one thing that scares me, it a guy with all the talent in the world that just doesn't seem to care. Gary has been vilified by Wolverine fans for playing small at the most crucial moments, while his less talented counterpart at DE, Chase WInovich came up big. Gary was a man amongst boys at Paramus High School, never having to try too hard to be dominant. The "not trying too hard" approach continued in college, but needless to say, there's a big difference in competition level at a place like Michigan. It's possible Gary figures it out, but I'm not holding my breath. Gary has significant BUST potential in my book, and that makes him my choice for the FUBAR board


Since '61's picture

A good point packergal but In fairness to Jersey Al he did not have this report prior to the draft when he was working on his FUBAR article. As always Al and his staff were trying to deliver to us the best information he has in as timely a manner as possible. Thanks, Since ‘61

packergal's picture

Thank you, Since!


Timing is everything.

Coldworld's picture

Opinions based upon partial information are an inherent part of draft commentary since the information used by teams is not available to lay commentators. When the professionals make a surprise selection this risk is particularly exacerbated. That said, we demand a quick fix of information so commentators have to use what they have or have seen.

Al has posted this, and above has stated he was influenced by others who presumably saw a physical phenom without phenomenal stats and made the easy assumption that the phenom must simply be lazy. Ironically such assumptions are typically lazy while it seems this player is the opposite and has been willing to play roles that help the team rather than which would optimize his prospects.

Thank you Al for your coverage and for being willing to cast doubt on your initial view and the resulting emergent accepted truth. Obviously no analytical source is always right, but one certainly hopes the Packers personnel would have confirmed the general conclusions excerpted above before picking him. What this information does is give us a real insight into why they picked him. Proof comes through actual performance, but I am excited for what this pick may unlock.

Barazinho's picture

Great comment.

Jersey Al's picture

Thanks ColdWorld.

Jersey Al's picture

Packergal. I used to like you - why did you have to do this???

But seriously, I've been thrilled to find out what I have since Gary was drafted and will happily say I was totally wrong if Gary plays to his potential.

Go Pack!

Dzehren's picture

mixture of Richard Seymour & Cullen Jenkins. Low pad level, low center of gravity, able to take on double teams, lateral quickness. He’s been the unselfish player plugging gaps and holes taking on multiple blockers so Devin Bush & Chase Winovitch to make plays.
Now I understand why Devin Bush on draft night said Gary was the best player on defense. Taking on double teams allowed the second level make plays.

More importantly, Gary has the same burst whether standing up or in a two-point stance or a down lineman.

Spock's picture

You had me at "Low pad level..." :)

packerbackerjim's picture

RG’s availability at 12 was the surprise. Many thought he’d be a hometown pick by The Lions at 8. A very few had the Giants getting him at 6. I’m confident Gute and Co. Did their homework.

Slim11's picture

I'm relieved to see this report. I was inclined to think this was a Justin Harrell moment. This summary makes me feel better about his selection.

Now, can anybody explain the difference between a "shoulder subluxation" and a dislocated shoulder? Seems to me these could be the same.

packergal's picture

Hello Slim,

Your orthopedic definitions...

When one uses the term "subluxation", that refers to a partial dislocation of the bone....
When one uses the term "dislocation", that refers to a complete displacement of the bone from its position in the joint.

Hope this helps!

fthisJack's picture

thanks for the info on subluxation. so if it moves within the joint it seems it will eventually dislocate? or is a sling a device that could keep it from moving much? hate to see him having an impact during the season and then at some point be sidelined and put on IR.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

That hurts either way.

Slim11's picture

Thank you, packergal. That does help.

holmesmd's picture

A subluxation just means a recurring shit in the anatomy of the joint. Usually occurs intermittently but the joint structure subtlety shifts. A dislocation usually means that the joint is more dramatically mis-aligned and stuck there. It requires Emergency reduction to return the humeral head to its normal scapular position. The labrum is like a bushing that keeps the humeral head “in its cup” leading to subluxation and posterior pain. A shoulder dislocation usually is caused by a significant disruption of the rotator cuff( the muscular sleeve around the humeral head) Hope that helps!

Coldworld's picture

So, in general terms, would you think surgery is likely at some point to enable a player to perform to his potential, or to keep doing so long term, after incurring a subluxation or is the shift a symptom that may self correct or stabilize over time?

Jersey Al's picture

Thanks for the info, Doc!

porupack's picture

Holmesmd; reference to your comment above;
….a recurring WHAT in the anatomy of the joint? Oh my, this is clearly bad. I hate when this happens. and have no idea how it gets there.

Dzehren's picture

Gary has a similar situation that Demarcus Lawrence had in light of his 100M new contract.
Minor tweak surgery next year per GB press Pete Daugherty

PatrickGB's picture

I am coming around. The first reports were not good. But now we read more and I am beginning to get excited. It looks more and more like he can be a DE in a 4-3 defense. Pettine likes to have that flexibility.

Nick Perry's picture

After initially freaking out and reading a LOT more info on Mr. Gary (Especially this piece...Thanks Al) I'm starting to like the Gary pick A LOT.

One thing I'm excited about since the Packers DID introduce him as a LB is are the new LB coaches the Packers now have. Both Olivadotti and Mike Smith are new and excellent coaches. Not only will Gary benefit from excellent coaching but so will Frackrell and the Smiths.

IF this offense can start humming by say week 8, this defense can definitely carry them. Gary is in GOOD hands, something I couldn't ever say when Winston Moss was here.

Bert's picture

I was a naysayer about Gary at #12 on draft night mainly based on the negative reviews from the amateur scouts and mock drafters. But the more I read from sources such as Scouting Services Inc and a few others the more I like Gary. He could be the difference maker we have been looking for. I'm already confident about Savage Jr. making a difference and growing more confident about Gary.

Jack Vainisi's picture

Jersey Al shares enlightening info that supports the Packer's expressed reasons for drafting him rather than "draft analyst" snippets.

Holecrap's picture

Sorry but I cringed with the pick. My reasoning not discussed in the flowing report - I follow m and read my old det news sports section during college season.
1. I did the math one analyst and based on the games he could have played in, he missed 30%.
2. Last season he took multiple games off for a shoulder injury. Apparently he was cleared to play but I read his statement that HE would decide when he is ready to play no one else. Now the tie in and it was a RUMUR, he was thinking to do a Boss and just take rest of season off and prepare for the combine.
3. The two big games msu and osu, he went missing in action. I kept thinking, wow he was supposed to be the new coming and not even sure he is on the field.

I read a lot of analyst basically saying they were disappointed in his numbers considering the expectations. To them he seriously under performed.
Scary but the guy reminds me of Nick Perry. Let's hope I'm wrong. I cringed when Ted t took him in the first too. Analyst weren't high on perry for the first round.

Bear's picture

It’s pretty hard to get “numbers” when your job is to eat blockers so your linebackers can penetrate and make tackles.

If you look at the linebackers numbers it looks like he did a great job.

Dzehren's picture

Exactly Bear

IceBowl's picture

D Ernie,

This is exactly why I prefer "performance" based contracts. And why rookies get limited contracts.

At least the 'take the money and run" rookies don't kill the franchise.

Unless they are resigned. (Perry) And that is on the team.

But the CBA gives them guaranteed $$. I would like to see them earn it on the pro level, but it has been bargained, for now.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Wouldn't performance based contracts be the way to go, however ain't happening particularly with a first contract and current CBA.

Be nice to have performance based contracts for front office too! Can we collect retroactively?

Handsback's picture

I've known Jersey Al a long time. He is not going to waste our time with fluff pieces on players. He gave his opinion, as did many others, and he came back with a report that contradicts his original thoughts. He's not a paid scout, but has stayed at a Holiday Inn Express a time or two so he provide valuable opinions.
Like us, he only wants our team to win the Lombardi trophy. Gary will be a key player to bring that trophy home! I've mentioned I saw him in person. I have seen lots of pro football players, just none like him. It's his thickness and general size that makes me wonder how many men did God make like that?
BTW...the bench press probably wasn't affected by his shoulder condition. I have the same thing and one of the few exercises that aren't impacted.

Jersey Al's picture

I've never actually stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, but the rest is accurate. Thanks!

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

Guess it is going to depend on the actual injury. I have had many injuries to my shoulders and with some you cannot even lift your arm. Regardless, if an injury to shoulder and to lift and max out makes zero sense because of potential severe injury.

ReaganRulz's picture

I kinda get why many people freaked out after this pick. When you look at the other “highly profiled” players available at #12, it would be ez to wonder WTH. For me, I liked Sweat and Burns but they are one trick ponies. They are lean, athletic and play with a ton of speed coming off the edge. But I would rather have someone that is bulkier and can play multiple positions. Gary does not run a 4.4, but he still has great speed for his size with additional strength that the other guys don’t have. Time will tell, but I’m glad to hear that many of you are a little more open minded than Friday night.

fthisJack's picture

i almost choked on my beer. after following the mock drafts for months and seeing him fall from a top 5 pick to the late teens, i just kind of went with the consensus of talking heads that were saying bad things about him. i was hoping for Oliver or Bush and when both were gone, i was thinking trade down. like last years passing on James, i am warming up to this pick as time goes on.

Lare's picture

Would be a good addition to a 4-3 defense. Decent motor, another Datone Jones or Nick Perry. Already inJured, will probably need surgery in another year.

Samson's picture

Dr. Lare... I presume.

Coldworld's picture

Datone Jones was my initial concern. He was always being cited for disruption if not actual stats. The more I read though, the less the past play comparative stands up.

Firstly, I am optimistic that that comparative is just my initial leap of ignorance. This guy is physically on a different plain and played a role that didn’t favor big numbers while drawing a lot of attention.

Secondly, It will be interesting what fronts we end up using. Based on current personnel, it looks like we could be using 4 something fronts a lot and shifting to and from that regularly.

I don’t profess to know the likely outcome of his injury, so whether future surgery will be needed and the likely impact of such treatment if it is necessary are questions I defer to others on. As I noted earlier, the Packers’ medical team is known for caution. That gives me some confidence that his condition is unlikely to have a significant impact on his potential.

fthisJack's picture

Datone Jones was never as physically gifted as Gary....big difference.

KnockTheSnotOutOfYou's picture

So unlike you Lare!


Samson's picture

It may take a season or two but GB will ultimately realize the gem Gute found at #12.
Even in season 2019, love the potential of all the pass rush demons now on the 53 man.
Can anyone imagine heading into season 2019 with CM3 & Perry?

Archie's picture

"......Even in season 2019, love the potential of all the pass rush demons now on the 53 man."

I count none. The Smith brothers are not that and Gary certainly wasn't that in his college career.

What we actually have is three new guys who are equally adept playing the run and pass. But none are regarded as hellacious pass rushers.

Was Gary worth pick 30 in R1, a R2 pick and two R4 picks? Because that is what GB effectively gave up for him.

So think about this draft instead:

1 - Pack trades down from 12 to 21, takes Savage and picks up #2 pick;
2 - GB keeps pick 30 and its two R4 picks;

So our 12th pick ends up netting 4 picks; including, pick 30 (R1), one R2 pick and two R4 picks. We end up with all the same guys we actually drafted except for Gary plus we get 4 more fairly premium picks. Is Gary worth a low 1, a 2 and two 4s? We shall see over the next few years.

Assuming Gary's shoulder doesn't lead to surgery sooner rather than later, how he fits in his new role in a new defense is very hard to project. We will have a much better idea of whether he's just another Nick Perry after watching him play a few games. One thing I am sure of at this time is that he is not a dog. Anyone who has watched his tape would recognize that.

Did he shut it down in 2019? Probably. He took 3 games off despite being cleared to play and he had little impact in the big games vs msu & osu. He also considered, as someone else has said, doing a total Bosa and taking the whole year off to focus on the draft. He comes from a poor family and he desperately wanted his payday. Well, he has it now and the question remains, what will GB get in return?

Other factoid I don't see mentioned much is his limited mental capability. He scored a 9 on wonderlic. Could be reason for his lack of productivity at m. They could have simplified his role to avoid complex decision-making. For example, he described his role as:

if this then that, else this.

Much more is required of OLB in the NFL. So we shall see in good time whether Gary can be an impact player or just a freak athlete. Until then, we can all hope for the best but be prepared for the worst - not what most would prefer in the 12th overall pick. It's a roll of the dice swing at greatness. For me, the four near premium picks he cost us would have been more tempting. But the choice has been made and now its heads we win, tails we lose.

Slim11's picture

A 9 Wonderlic score? Ouch!

I posted on another thread as to whether he should have stayed at Michigan another year. That score tells me “yes!”

I questioned the Jermichael Finley choice when he was drafted. He was also 20 and could have benefited from another season at Texas. I have similar concerns about Rashan Gary.

I don’t have the concerns I had earlier regarding his physical health and skills. Now, I’m more concerned with his attitude, especially his thoughts about taking the rest of the 2018 season off as Nick Bosa did. Still not completely sold but open to his possibilities.

Barazinho's picture

Your trade down scenario is unrealistic. Seattle had pick 21 (and only 4 total picks), and was looking to trade back to get more picks, not up. The only realistic trade back scenario was with Carolina, who might have been willing to go up to get Burns, but maybe not - if that would have happened the Packers would have gotten an extra third. If they were locked in on Gary, they probably were not willing to trade back anyways - too much risk of someone else picking him.

porupack's picture

That's one way of thinking about things, but its really retroactive reconstruction. In realtime, the trade up for Savage cost the 2 fourth rounders. Not Gary. Gute let the draft fall to him, taking advantage of the unique opportunity to pick in the top half of the draft. Really can't fault him for that.

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"Can anyone imagine heading into season 2019 with CM3 & Perry?"
Good grief, I shudder to think of 28 million spent on a combined 19 games played and a combined 7 sacks.

PeteK's picture

Absolutely, hard to imagine the Pack not having an outstanding and deep defensive front that can morph from a 3/4 to a 4/3 . As of now the strength of the team.

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