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7 Sacks and 3 Turnovers Help Bring the Buffalo Bills Back Down to Earth

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7 Sacks and 3 Turnovers Help Bring the Buffalo Bills Back Down to Earth

The defense's first shutout since 2010 fuels a 22-0 Packers victory at Lambeau Field.  Although Sunday Afternoon's victory was far from perfect there is still so much to celebrate and admire instead of taking the extra time to criticize the offense, third down play calling, or Aaron Jones lack of touches.  We all know that Sunday's performance will not be on Aaron Rodgers hall of fame tape when he is enshrined into Canton five years after he retires.  In fact, he'll probably want to burn much of this tape after watching, although it was still a great team victory for the Packers.  

As expected, the Packers capitalized on a subpar Bills team and exploited their weaknesses on both offense and defense.  On defense, the Packers were able to take advantage of the Bills porous offensive line and make them into a one-dimensional offensive unit by forcing Josh Allen into many hurried and forced throws.  Going into Sunday's contest, the Bills offensive line had given up 14 sacks in just three games which set the tone for what was in store for Sunday Afternoon's contest.  When Allen's timing wasn't being upset, he was busy being sacked or throwing an interception.  All in all, the Packers defense stifled any and every opportunity that Allen had on Sunday afternoon as they had 7 sacks, 3 turnovers and gave up their least amount of yards on defense since the 2014 season.

On offense, things were not as smooth as the Packers missed opportunities and left points on the board throughout the game.  Aaron Rodgers missed throws and admitted after the game that the defense played at a championship caliber while the offense played at a level that was not even good enough to make the playoffs.  When it was all said and done Rodgers believed that the Packers should have scored 45 points and had over 600 yards of total offense.  Instead of focusing on all of the near misses, let us focus for a second on what the Packers did right, which was, obliterating the Bills by a score of 22-0.

Far too many times in the NFL, teams do not take care of business and let bad teams hang in the game which sets them up for disastrous outcomes.  The Packers in years past were no strangers to this practice as they would often play down to the level of their competition and make games against inferior competition, interesting.  In Sunday's matchup against the Bills, the Packers played like they were the better team from the start of the game, and did not leave the Bills any hope of making this a competition from the start.  On the contrary, the Packers did what any superior team should do, take it to their competition and play smash mouth football and set the tone for what the rest of the game will look like.

The Packers defense wasted little time by attacking the Bills offensive line and hitting them in the mouth.  Before you knew it, the Bills were abandoning the run and turning Josh Allen into their primary option on offense which played right into the hands of the Packers defense.  The game began by multiple three and outs which gave the Packers offense consistent good starting field position which allowed them to jump out to an early 6-0 lead which they never looked back from.  

All in all, the Packers did what you would expect from a good team and took care of business despite not playing their best offensive game.  They started the game on defense with two straight three and outs which included a third and one stand on their first defensive possession and used that momentum to catapult them towards a scoring drive on their second and third offensive possessions.  The games final challenge came at the end of the first half when the Bills were driving toward their first score.  Mike Pettine dialed up some pressure and forced Josh Allen to throw across his body which played right into the hands of Jaire Alexander who was waiting with his arms wide open to intercept Josh Allen's poor pass.  

From that point on, the Packers had the game in hand.  They capitalized on that Josh Allen interception and turned it into a last-second field goal as time expired in the first half to give the Packers a commanding 16-0 lead at intermission as they cruised to an easy 22-0 victory.  

The biggest takeaway from this game should not be that Aaron Rodgers and the offense struggled throughout because as time goes on the offensive struggles will all be ironed out and all will be right with the world again.  What should be taken from this game is the fact that the Packers came into Lambeau Field and beat an inferior Bills team by three scores as they should have; instead of letting them hang around for three and a half quarters like they used to do.  




David Michalski is a staff writer for Cheesehead TV. He can be found on Twitter @kilbas27dave 

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Since '61's picture

David - good article and I agree. I posted after the Redskins game that I didn't think the Packers had played aggressively so far this season. That changed at least for the Bills game.

I hope this aggressive/confident play carries over to the Lions game and beyond. Hopefully we see more of Aaron Jones as well. Thanks, Since '61

ILPackerBacker's picture

Good article and summary, not in depth. No hysteria and it seems you watched the game. are you posting in the correct blog?

Kb999's picture

Mr David. Good summary , but I would disagree about not making too much of the offense. The offense plain sucked. They should be ashamed of that performance. At this point in the season I don't think they could beat a first rate team. They are lucky they played the Bills. But a W is a W. I'll take it

PAPackerbacker's picture

The defense played exceptionally well but as you stated the offense was not playing well. The Packers abandon the run to quickly, as usual, and then are faced with a passing situation again and again, when they could have gotten first downs on the ground. What happened to running backs by committee? Where was the offense in the second half? Sitting on a 16 point lead at halftime is not good game management by any means. Doesn't matter who the opponent should happen to be. The offense needs to play championship caliber ball for 60 minutes not 30 minutes. Next up is the Lions and Stafford. Do not take the Lions lightly. And play 60 minutes of football. Anything less than a 60 minute commitment could spell disaster against Stafford and the Lions.

JohnnyLogan's picture

We played a really bad team with a rookie QB. Don't know how they ever beat Minnesota, they were 17 point underdogs. A fluke. Detroit game will tell us more but I think Rodgers will have some heated discussions with McCarthy about the offense. And if Jones continues to be 3rd string McCarthy should be fired immediately after the game.

henry113's picture

Detroit is a game we should win. So were the Redskins. Lets see what team shows up. Stafford is no rookie and he has real receivers. This will be a litmus test.

4thand1's picture

MM watching game film, geez look at that 30 yard run.OOO nice catch and run by Jones. OOO another nice run, hey Joe, maybe we should give him the ball a little more, whadda think? WTF! GOPACKGO

PatrickGB's picture

The official stance from the team and its supporters is that it’s a long season, Jones got hurt last season, different guys bring something different and we are not going to change. There is some truth to that. But what ever happened to MM saying that they like to stay with the hot hand? But as you said we won in a shutout. And it’s better to criticize performance after a win then after a loss. We can get better and Aaron didn’t shy away from saying so. The lions are a different animal;-) so we will have to draw up a better game plan for the offense. Our defense will not be able to confuse Stafford like we did Allan and Detroit has MUCH better WRs than the Bills. So our offense needs to learn from this game and step up in case we need to out score the Lions.

Skip greenBayless's picture

What concerns me a little is I noticed this is the second time Aaron Rodgers has talked about going home and drinking "scotch" to celebrate the victory even though he wasn't happy with the offensive performance. First of all who drinks scotch in WI? WI is a beer drinking state hence Milwaukee Brewers who by the way I want to congratulate on your great victory today. Rodgers is drinking scotch? He's never referred to alcohol before that I know of and suddenly he's mentioned it twice now the past two weeks. Just wondering if this is something new that has cropped up in his life and if so, is his drinking of scotch affecting his play or even his mood etc.

Just throwing it out there as I found the "scotch" reference extremely odd for a man with such a clean cut Richie Cunningham image.. For the record I have no problem with scotch drinkers. I am a beer drinker myself (PBR, Schlitz, Blatz etc) so I know a thing or two about great Milwaukee beers.

PAPackerbacker's picture

I don't understand the reasoning for "saving" Jones from getting hurt when the flip side of that is Rodgers having to throw the ball. Doesn't make any sense.

Kb999's picture

There saving Jones and Lewis. For what?? Typical MM. I hope he wakes up some day.

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