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5 Positives the Packers Can Offer Head Coaching Candidates

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5 Positives the Packers Can Offer Head Coaching Candidates

As of right now, it's hard to keep track of how many head coaching candidates the Green Bay Packers have decided to interview.

Heck, before the season was even over, the Packers had interviewed a couple of guys. Like when they hired Mike McCarthy, the Packers want to leave no stone unturned.

Also like 2006, there was a number of vacancies and this time around, some 25 percent of the league is hiring a new head coach. 

So what will make the Packers stand out above the rest? What makes Green Bay an attractive job, outside of Lambeau Field and the best fans in the NFL? 

I got to thinking about it and the truth is when you look at the Packers, it's an attractive job for quite a few reasons and I broke it down into five. 

Aaron Rodgers --

I won't spend much time on this because, duh. Of course, Rodgers is a reason why this job is going to be attractive. Having a great quarterback is half the battle in the NFL and with Rodgers, it basically means the team has a shot at the playoffs every year. When you have a franchise quarterback, there really is no rebuilding. There may be a year or two to reload at times, but even then, the team can compete. That's what Rodgers brings to the table, as well as about five good years left to chase a championship.

Elite offensive talent -- 

When you think about what you need to build a great offense you obviously start with a quarterback. The Packers have that. But then you think of an elite, No. 1 wide receiver, a left tackle and a good running back. That's been the formula for a lot of great offenses and the Packers have those pieces in place already.

Green Bay has Rodgers, a former All-Pro quarterback and two-time MVP. The team also has a guy that's All-Pro caliber at receiver in Davante Adams, as well as David Bakhtiari, who just earned First Team All-Pro. Add Aaron Jones in the backfield and some of the young receiving talent and there is a lot to work with offensively. 

Yes, the Packers need some help along the offensive line. The team desperately needs a legitimate starting guard and at the very least, a capable swing tackle, as well as someone to develop behind Bryan Bulaga. But again, already having elite players at quarterback, wide receiver and left tackle means the Packers are way ahead of the game in terms of building a championship level offense.

Underrated defensive talent --

The Packers defense didn't necessarily perform the way we all wanted it to this past season, but there were a lot of injuries. It's not an excuse, just a fact. 

There will need to be some big changes and guys like Clay Matthews and Nick Perry may be off the roster, only time will tell. But even without those two guys, the Packers actually have a decent group of players to build around. At least one that is better than you might think.

Inside at defensive tackle, Kenny Clark is one of the best in the business. Clark is a former first-round pick and over the last two years, he has racked up 10.5 sacks. He's also very good against the run and is another guy capable of making the All-Pro team one day. Additionally, the Packers have building blocks like Black Martinez, Jaire Alexander, Josh Jackson and Kevin King, as well as other solid pieces like Mike Daniels, Kyler Fackrell and Tyler Lancaster.

King needs to avoid injuries and Fackrell has to prove he can be consistent. On top of that, Daniels now has to prove he can stay on the field. However, the biggest thing the Packers are missing is a couple of impact players. Overall, they have a lot of guys that can do some good things, they just don't have very many that can take over the game. They don't have any guys like Khalil Mack. 

Certainly, finding those guys is a lot harder than saying they are needed, but if Green Bay could add an impact player or two to the defense, it could elevate the game of many others on that side of the ball, which could be the ticket to a competent defense for the first time in years. 

Cap Room 

The Packers are projected to have $31 million in cap space this offseason and the Packers could possibly push that number even higher by releasing guys like Perry or Jimmy Graham but especially in Perry's case, it would have a lot of dead cap space to absorb.

But at any rate, the Packers will have plenty of cap space to chase free agents and they should. In my opinion, they should try to work out deals with Randall Cobb and Clay Matthews too. Cobb especially still has some juice and if the Packers can get him at the right price, he can still bring a lot to this offense.

Matthews is also still a good football player. He doesn't have great pass-rushing skills anymore, but has good instincts and is still a pretty good athlete. He can blitz, play some on the edge, play some at inside linebacker and if he was willing to take a fair but modest deal, he could be worth bringing back.

Beyond that, the Packers need to sign a safety. Unless you consider Josh Jones a starter and I don't, they have zero starting caliber safeties. Green Bay may find one in the draft, but they probably need to sign at least two veterans. They should also sign a veteran pass rusher and a starting caliber corner even if it costs more than $10 million per year. This team has messed around in the secondary too much. It's time to spend some money and really try to fix the issue. 

Overall though, the ability for a new coach to come to the team with flexibility in free agency, on top of the current roster, is a pretty sweet deal.

Two first-round picks

Head coaches aren't going to decide solely based on draft picks, but it definitely isn't going to hurt Green Bay's cause at all. Part of the reason it's such a big deal for the Packers is that they don't need a quarterback.

Having an early pick is much harder if you need a quarterback. But the Packers don't have to worry about that. They can pick a pass rusher or any kind of defensive playmaker or an offensive lineman or whatever the best player may be -- the point is, the Packers can pick someone that can help the team right away. The coach doesn't have to play with a quarterback that just got drafted and hope he matures within 2-3 years because if it takes any longer,  that same head coach would be fired.

Green Bay has three of the top 45 picks in the draft and that is some serious ammunition for Brian Gutekunst. That along with a pretty solid roster, one that includes a franchise quarterback and some other cornerstone pieces, is why the Green Bay job is so highly sought.

It's one of the few places where you know if the coach does a good job, the team can compete for a Super Bowl in short order especially with a few key draft picks and free-agent signings. It will be interesting to see how it plays out, just don't forget that Green Bay shouldn't settle because in terms of NFL head-coaching jobs, it has as much to offer as any of the current openings. 






Chris is a sports journalist from Montana and has been blogging about the Packers since 2011. Chris has been a staff writer for CheeseheadTV since 2017 and looks forward to the day when Aaron Rodgers wins his second Super Bowl. Follow him @thepackersguru

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GBPDAN1's picture

You have Rodgers as the number one reason why the Packers job is attractive. I used to agree with this, but now I wonder if there maybe some hesitation within the candidates due to Rodgers Ego and riffs with MM. Rodgers was basically the number one reason MM was Canned. That seems like it might work against Rodgers being the number one reason to make the Packers job attractive.

And what about all those missed throws to wide open receivers this year by Rodgers? Holding the ball to long and unwillingness to take some chances to fit the ball into tight coverage as he's afraid of a possible interception ? Rodgers needs to listen to a QB guru and accept some coaching. I wonder if he will totally give himself over to a new HC. I hope I'm wrong about all of this.

We need the old Rodgers back if we are to have a chance at a deep playoff run next year. He needs to play like a 133 million dollar QB

dobber's picture

"due to Rodgers Ego and riffs with MM"

Yeah, they did OK on 'In-a-gadda-davida' but 'Smoke on the Water'? Train wreck!

Houndog's picture

Some great music references there dobber!
Did you know Deep Purple once played the gymnasium at Chilton High School? I can't tell you exactly what year that was, but it was a time when their biggest hit was "Hush"!
I was there, and probably stoned.

LeotisHarris's picture

That is a brush with greatness, Houndog. Circa 1968, I'd guess, maybe early '69. I'll bet it was loud.

Spock's picture

As one dog said to the other, "Riff, Riff."

stockholder's picture

Hopefully when they get their new coach, everyone will be dancing in the streets. Seatle is in the need for a kicker. It's time to trade Crosby.

jeepingmakooi's picture

Know if any cold weather reliable kickers? Cause I'm not sure I do... Yeah he had a few misses this season but so did alot of other kickers in this keauge.

TheVOR's picture

Hey Dob, its "In A Garden Of Eden", just thought I'd share. Can't help it if the guy was so stoned he couldn't say it, so they went with it. Hey, it's art right! Go with it..

dobber's picture

I learned something today!

...better quit while I'm ahead. ;)

HankScorpio's picture

An all-time Simpons classic..Bart Sells His Soul. Bart switched out the hymn sheets at church and got the congregation to sing. Helen Feesch put so much into playing the organ she passed out. That's top notch entertainment.

"And now, please rise for our opening hymn, uhhh, "In the Garden of Eden" by I. Ron Butterfly."-Reverend Lovejoy

"Hey, Marge, remember when we used to make out to this hymn?"--Homer Simpson

Gort's picture

Coaches have egos too and they surely believe that they have a solution. They probably would consider it as a challenge - bring it on!

kevgk's picture

MM lost his job for failing to win a superbowl in 7 consecutive playoff appearances. Then missing the playoffs twice in a row. Team chemistry is a symptom. People get along if theyre winning.
That being said, there are maybe 5 teams that wouldnt consider Rodgers an upgrade over their QB. He has all the tools and experience, he doesnt turn the ball over, and he can make the best plays in the world. Who would rather try their hand at developing a new QB, hoping their GM can build a team for them, or even get stuck with a meddling journeyman, instead of having a proven quantity to compete and put their name on the map? The Packers could only hire a former HC looking to revitalize his career or promote a coach looking to build a career. There is not a better opportunity for a coach to market themselves than this one.

Chris Peterson's picture

Whether it's Rodgers or not any QB is stature would be a huge asset although I didn't really mean to place them in order. Rodgers was just obvious.

Gman1976's picture

25 TDs, 2 interceptions, & 4,400+ yards is a very good reason. Despite the "off year," injuries, some very off throws, missing wide open players at times, and reported ego and conflict with the coach, most any team would love to have the man. Next year will really tell us a lot about Rodgers.

Lare's picture

I agree with you Chris, there's a lot of positives with the Packers that will be attractive to coaching & coordinator candidates. I'd bet that 98% of the people in the NFL would agree with you.

But I'd be willing to bet that 3/4 of the posters responding to this article will be complaining, criticizing, blaming and negative about the team, the players, management, coaching candidates and the organization.

Funny that being sad makes some people happy.

GBPDAN1's picture

Hi Lare. It doesn't make me happy to mention shortcomings regarding our team. I'm just making observations.

I do agree there are positives to the GB H C position, obviously. What about the whole Packers history and tradition? That's a big positive alone. And there are some good players to work with, but, we definitely have issues. 6 wins with Rodgers this year was troubling

Handsback's picture

Watched some of the Dallas and Seattle game last night and over the past three years Dallas has really rebuilt their defense into a very solid unit. Seattle has rebuilt their defense over the past two years.
Green Bay hasn't rebuilt any of their segments in the past three years. (Offense, Defense, or ST)
A new coach will look at the structure and players available and see if the promise for improvement is there waiting for the right coach or system in place to bring the players into the fold. Unfortunately TT had a horrible draft record his last three years and avoided FA. Maybe the system with Gutsy is in place to bring in better talent.

It's not to say the talent is bare in Green Bay, but compared to say Cleveland, its older and more beat up. Like comparing a new sports car to one that has 50k miles on it and with a few dents and scratches. If Green Bay had the three Oline guys, Bak, Bulaga, and Linsley at 80% every game the offense could be special. When they aren't which was often, the offense struggles.
So a prospective coach with multiple offers will view the Packers as a rebuilding project and also look at the financial and social situations as well. If Wisconsin is a high tax state, weather, and family friendly environment will also play into the decision.

The new HC will likely have multiple offers. A lot of factors will determine his decision, not just who the current players are on the roster.

GBPDAN1's picture

As far as elite Offensive talent, we still need a good TE , another proven WR and 2 O-linemen. I also don't think Cobb is the asset anymore that you think he is .

And as far as the D goes,.we have 2 Elite players; Clark and Alexander. Daniel's is good, but he didn't seem elite this year. King has talent, but that talent is on the bench every year. Martinez is good, but has shortcomings covering.

As a matter of fact, this whole roster has plenty of holes which is evident by our record the last 2 years. We most certainly need a way better backup QB. This current roster has around 12 -14 players that are keepers out of the 53 and the rest could easily be jettisoned. Those are the simple facts.

fastmoving's picture

your "facts"…...I would say this team has way more keepers than 14, maybe 40, just like most NFL teams. Everyones roster has holes…….or weaker areas. just the better teams cover them better.
It would help if AR plays like a top ten QB. Most of the other guys will look better in a second. Like keepers…..

GBPDAN1's picture

Bak, Lindsey, Bulaga, Aaron Jones, Rodgers, Adam's, Alison on offense. Daniel's, Clark, Martinez, Alexander, Breeland, Williams, King on D. That's 14. Alison is replaceable and Bulaga is getting old and injured, so 12?? 12-14 players.

Please name another player that is absolutely a necessity to our team and could not be replaced? I would keep St Brown and Scantling Obviously due to potential. But they are not elite number 2 WRs and contributing greatly at this point.

Did you watch the Lions game? We need better depth.

johnnyd17's picture

center Corey Linsley a keeper, Josh Jackson DB, safety may be better spot are 2 more "keepers"

Nick Perry's picture

I think your being a little harsh Dan...

I think you could do that with several teams and come up with just 14 players or so. Josh Jackson for example I'd LOVE to see at safety or at the very least have another season playing CB. That was just his 2nd season playing CB after starting just one season at Iowa. I'd also say I'm excited to see what Oren Burks might bring after a full season in the NFL. We all knew those 2 could take a little time but there's no denying Burks athleticism or Jacksons ball skills. Burks was a safety and needed to get stronger to play ILB. Lets give these guys a chance.

Go look at the Packers 53 man roster and check out the number of returning players from the 2017 roster...It's not as many as you think. Lets give Gute time to shape his own roster. The Packers are already bigger and more athletic. Lets see what happens this offseason brings and perhaps a better coaching staff to get MORE out of who we do have.

GBPDAN1's picture

Hi, Nick. Happy new years. Ya, I'm probably being somewhat skeptical regarding some of the back up players on our roster. I just can't shake off the performance at Home against a somewhat equally banged up Lions team. They had injuries too. They did have their starting QB for the full game, but still, we looked terrible. The Lions are 6-10 . We lost 31-O at Lambeau....... ouch

Better talent would help our team. We need better depth

Jonathan Spader's picture

There is only a 53 man roster. If you lose 2-5 players stacked at 1 position what are you supposed to do?

dobber's picture

Were they stacked end-to-end or on their sides?

Nick Perry's picture

Happy New Years... That Lions game was the first Packers game in years and years I turned off before the halfway point of the 2nd quarter and didn't go back to watch. I agree 100% with you, THAT bunch didn't offer much hope at all for the future.

BUT (and I'm getting tired of making excuses) the Packers were missing their entire starting D-Line, OLB, and starting CB's PLUS what happened at Safety this season.

I'd like to see Pettine back just so the defense isn't starting over too but I've maintained for years McCarthy's staff is the who's who of who the hell is he? It seemed every time McCarthy replaced a coach it was with someone that seemed to have no business coaching that position. The WR coach the past few seasons is a PERFECT example. Kevin Greene was never replaced IIRC, at least with another even close to Greene. Plus Winston Moss stayed 13 seasons to long IMO. He was a TERRIBLE coach. Like Slocum and Zook, Moss stayed on WAY to long which was a huge shortcoming of McCarthy's.

daveh's picture

Cross off McDaniels as coach, read here in the Cleveland Plain Dealer his number one choice, is the Browns . Rerremember what he did to the Colts. Packer don't need him. Wouldn't get along with Rodgers both have ego problems

GBPDAN1's picture

You touched on my earlier point on this blog, daveh. I fear that some Top/elite HC candidates will be turned off by Rodgers huge Ego and the way he interacted with MM lately. I agree MM was getting stale and I'm OK with his release, as 13 years is a long time with one team in the NFL.

But there still has to be some hesitation with some of these candidates due to the situation Rodgers put MM in. Rodgers can't even get along with his family. He definitely has issues.

Houndog's picture

I agree with you and GBPDAN1, but i believe there's other factors as well.
The obvious is that Cleaveland's 'Franchise QB' is young and just getting started.
Secondly, and another obvious fact is that Cleveland has spent the past year+ putting together a strong front office while Murphy (the guy who's claim to fame is a "Tubing hill" in a park called "Titletown") has turned GB's structure upside down with 'who's the boss' question marks.
To some it might look like Cleveland is more interested in "Titles" than GB is!

kevgk's picture

Cleveland will fall back into their old ways like the Jags in a year or two. The team is very young already think theyve arrived; as soon as they hit tough times, their lockerroom will look around and remember theyre the Cleveland browns. Everyone in that organization has a chip on their shoulder and won't know how to handle success. There is a reason they have been a dumpster fire for decades.

flackcatcher's picture

I agree with the players. Cleveland is a very young group, but this is a very veteran group in the front office, who has been winning with either the Packers or Chiefs for a while now. They know what it takes. The question in Browns land is will the owner let his front office do their job. Or will he get antsy and start overriding their decisions for short term gain. I mean, your asking a guy who is the majority stake holder of a multi million dollar entertainment organization to take the long view toward success. That is hard. But this team could win, and win big for a very long time if he does so. Personally, it"s Cleveland, so it could go either way. Flip a coin.........

Houndog's picture

sorry for the dbl post

Packers0808's picture

I agree my lack of trust of McDaniels, no matter how long the list, puts that guy at the bottom of the list!

Nick Perry's picture

You have a link? The only thing I'm finding is from 2012 when he "Would jump at the chance" to coach the Browns....2012.

I just checked out the Cleveland Plains Dealer on an article 5 hours ago and they haven't even requested to talk to Gase OR McDaniels yet.

flackcatcher's picture

With the tamper rule in the NFL, their is a lot winking going on between teams. Most of these guys mentioned are with playoff teams and won't be able to talk until after their team is out I sure there is a great deal of talking between coaches agents, and whomever is repping the teams on outline of duties and responsibility already. I wouldn't be surprised if someone like McDaniels, or McCarthy shows up the day after the season ends in Cleveland with contract in hand. It's just the way today's NFL works.

flackcatcher's picture

By the way, the same could be said about the Packers too.

Nick Perry's picture

But McCarthy IS going to interview with the Browns. In the piece I read which was in todays paper went over the candidates and no McDaniels. The ONLY reference to McDaniels was in 2012.

dobber's picture

There's been, to my knowledge, no official word on McDaniels and the Browns talking or scheduling an interview. I wonder if this isn't agent-work trying to drum up more salary or some other concession from the Packers.

Lare's picture

I'm not able to find the article you're referring to daveh, do you have a link? The only thing I could find was an article saying they interviewed Flores but never requested an interview with McDaniels. There's one other article on the internet that says McDaniels is "enthusiastically interested" in the Cleveland job but it was uncorroborated.

Meanwhile, Adam Schefter reported on McDaniels that “Cleveland has not put in a slip. He has not expressed any interest in the Cleveland job, so Cleveland is just kind of out there," Schefter said. "Who knows if anything will ever happen there, but there has been nothing from his end and nothing from the Browns end at this time to make you think something is going to happen there."

dobber's picture

It could very well be that McDaniel found he couldn't get the roster control (or some other factor) he wanted from the Packers. His interest didn't spike until after he met with the Packers.

dobber's picture

You forget free rides down Titletown's sledding hill!

Gman1976's picture

Another attraction for a coaching candidate: The incredible, loyal fans. A filled stadium for home games and enough fans in away games that you can still hear “Go Pack Go!”

Jonathan Spader's picture

Gman/Chris Peterson,

It goes beyond just the fans. Many coaches and players have said that Lambeau itself is iconic. It's an opportunity to be part of a historic franchise. The CEO is a former football player not a billionaire owner. The team is owned instead by the fans and small city. There's some great traditions and atmosphere and a winning culture.

The fact that GB is a cold small city is also a deterrent to coaching candidates/FAs. Lambeau has world renounded physicians employed. A state of the art facility built on top of a classic stadium. At all times of the year WI is filled with fans wearing Packer apparel. I've been all over the US and you don't see football tshirts/hats/jackets etc. on everyone year round the way you see it in WI.

dobber's picture

As I talk to friends who have relocated to WI from other states, the Packers and Packer Sundays are something they haven't experienced before.

Jonathan Spader's picture


I've told people who want to take a trip for a weekend not to travel on Packer Sunday because of how backed up traffic gets. It's pretty funny when the ignore me and then complain on the following Monday. What the hell was that? "Packer traffic" lol. Also took me awhile to get used to everything in WI being closed on Monday because the whole state is/was hungover.

dobber's picture

There's nothing quite like driving up US-41 on a Sunday morning or evening through cornfields and pastures at 15 mph.

Grandfathered's picture

"World rebounded physicians" ? They must be rebounding from something because the Packers seem to have the highest number of injuries and players ruled out on game days. I am hoping the medical staff and trainers get a close look for possible upgrade this offseason.

Jonathan Spader's picture


GB is ranked 17th out of 32 teams in injuries putting us 1 below the middle of the pack. Maybe you should rebound from your worthless "contribution" to the discussion. Those who can't do criticize.

Gort's picture

Riddle me this Batman, why do loyal fans get thumbs down?

Jonathan Spader's picture


Trolls in purple jerseys, not a pretty sight.

Community Guy's picture

1. no meddling ownership
2. despite what the fanbase often communicates, a good, supportive management team, including contract expert Russ Ball.
3. less distractions from players.. players tend to be more focused on football in small city Green Bay.
4. a history of greater than average coaching longevity.. Mike McCarthy's 13 year tenure is the most recent example.
5. GB is a good place to raise a family.
6. beat reporters, media producers who generally really care about the team.
7. the main team building blocks are under contract this year and next.. no looming difficult player contract negotiations.
8. only one diva, a smart and responsible QB, as opposed to several teams with divas who aren't as smart or responsible.

Lare's picture

9. Excellent team facilities.
10. A stable financial base and good revenue stream.
11. A very good coaching staff budget.
12. A new GM with promising talent evaluation skills.
13. No butt-ugly purple uniforms or stupid horns blowing during games.

splitpea1's picture

Denver gets the award for the most annoying sound with that horse whinnying every time the home team does something good. I'm glad someone finally gave me the opportunity to get this out.

Spock's picture

Community Guy. I hadn't considered this before but your point 4: "4. a history of greater than average coaching longevity.. Mike McCarthy's 13 year tenure is the most recent example." is one thing that hasn't been mentioned before as a plus. Interesting thought (doesn't mean the new hire couldn't be out fast aka Ray Rhodes, but the history of lengthy trust is unusual compared to the owner teams). I think I saw somewhere yesterday (maybe here on CHTV) that GB has only had 15 head coaches in it's 100 year history! Nice list.

MarkinMadison's picture

I can't see the Packers spending money on a "top-tier" cornerback this year because I don't think one is out there. The top CB on the lists I could find was Ronald Darby, who has six interceptions in his five-year career. Apparently he is the "top" guy because he has a lot of starts and is on a decent defense. There are simply no shut-down corner available. There are a number of serviceable safeties though, and GB will want to grab at least one to help stabilize the back end.

Whatever we think of the Packers' HC job, the proof is in the pudding: there are a lot of guys interviewing for the job, and no one has turned them down except for one guy who wants to stay in college.

Coach JV's picture

I think we already have a top-tier cornerback in Breeland. We need to make sure Gute locks him up as soon as possible.

MarkinMadison's picture

I think that is about right. The truth is there are a number of good corners there. Breeland, King, and Alexander are all starting caliber guys. Brown and Jackson have some potential - although I agree that maybe Jackson could help the Packers more at safety. To me, you get the safety position stabilized and the the corners will all look better.

packerbackerjim's picture

Great a strong DE and EDGE and the whole secondary looks better.

Lare's picture

I would love to have Breeland back, the question is what is he willing to sign for?

Coach JV's picture

He did say a few weeks back - just after the season ended - that he gives the Pack the 1st shot since he's already here. I say we need to make a move on him. And I bet Gute will do so just as soon as we get the coaching situation straight.

Fortunately, nobody can come in and snake him from us until FA starts... I think he's worth the $8M per year he was gonna get before injury derailed it. I would say pay the man.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Coach JV,

There's a back and forth in another thread estimating Breeland's value at 6-7 mil. I mentioned the 24 mil for 3 years Carolina contract as well. It'll be interesting to see what he gets. Regardless, I hope it's with the Packers.

Coach JV's picture

I think Breeland is smart enough to take $7M... but I don't think we should low-ball him. I hope Gute/Ball give up the $8M. He's worth it IMO.

Imagine him and Jaire on the boundary w/ Brown in the slot! (I don't have a lot of hope for the talented King staying healthy, but that might change with a new Strength and Conditioning staff)

Jonathan Spader's picture

The strength and conditioning staff won't give King a bigger frame. King is tall, skinny, and fast Kevin White was like that for the Bears. People constantly blame the strength and conditioning staff thinking that it will magically keep players happy. It's the NFL players are playing a violent game, people get hurt, that's part of the reason they are paid so much.

The Packers are right in the middle of the NFL for injuries. There's a great article on it. The problem has been our I juries tend to stack up on the same position which really tests our depth. Be it CB, DE, RB, etc. The Packers have some of the best staff in the world in GB. Firing them would just be dumb.

As for Jaire don't limit him to the boundary or slot pair him with their best WR. Use him the way Hayward should have been used in GB.

Coach JV's picture

Injuries are part of the game, sure... but if you pay attention to the specific injuries i.e. hamstrings and ankles, over the last several years, there is something just not right. I believe it is in the way the S&C staff are training the players in regards to that.

I wholeheartedly agree that we don't just limit any of our CB's to either the boundary or the slot... I was filling in the positions laymen style. However, with Alexander's speed, the boundary is a great place for him to be unless the opposing team's #1 receiver is in the slot. That guy can mirror better than any rookie I've ever seen.

Savage57's picture

The 'meddling ownership' thing always makes me shake my head. If it's my asset worth billions, I'm paying real close attention to the state of things.

For a lot of black players, Green Bay is NOT a great place to raise a family.

kevgk's picture

how did you come to that conclusion?

Tundraboy's picture


4thand1's picture

Lots of speculation in here as usual. We don't know who will be the next HC, apparently the Packer's brass doesn't either. MM and Gute are under a ton of pressure, they have to get it right. McCarthy lost the team, moreso he lost Rodgers and that he couldn't survive. The team goes as AR goes, so the new HC is going to have to work with AR and get him on board right away.

Spock's picture

For those wondering why Murphy didn't go with the search firms he's used for other things -this is from his "Murphy takes five" monthly column at yesterday, "We have used executive search firms in the past to fill front office positions. They can be very helpful, as you mentioned, in identifying and screening potential candidates. They also can bring a structure to the search. For this search, though, we decided not to use a search firm. The pool of potential candidates is relatively small and the NFL has resources available to teams to assist in the search process, including recommendations regarding candidates from an advisory panel of former NFL executives and video interviews with candidates."

Interesting, as I had never heard about the NFL video interview library of candidates.

flackcatcher's picture

In most NFL teams, it is one person who (usually the majority share owner or 'managing director') who makes the call. With the NFL being a fairly small and somewhat closed organization with specialize jobs, the number of consult a owner would do would be equally small. That's one of the main reasons for the equal access rule inside the league. Owners get locked into their comfort zone, and don't look out their box at the best overall candidates. The league office set up their video library mostly to give owners and their staff a visual idea of what they were looking for. A teaching tool mostly. But like most specialize organizations, it expanded to a background search center. '61 probably could give a better idea of how it's use than I can, But when I was in NY NFL offices, the folks I talked to were very proud of their setup, and the impact it had already had on HC job searches and hires.

Spock's picture

flackcatcher, Thanks for the additional information about the library setup.

dobber's picture

My experience with search firms, especially in executive positions, is that they don't get you the best candidates available. They get you the best candidates that they work with.

Spock's picture

dobber, I agree. That's been my experience in my previous work life as well. I'm actually glad that Murphy and Gute aren't using a search firm. Headhunters usually have their own agenda/needs in mind more so than their clients.

stockholder's picture

31 million? , Sign = Dee Ford,10 mil. Preston Smith, 7 mil Collins 10 mil, Breeland 6 mil, Trade Perry, Crosby, Kizer, Graham. Spriggs. Cut Cobb, Allison,Davis, Lewis, Kendricks. You then should have money for Thomas 10mil. Gute then can Fill the backups/ holes with draft picks.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Stockholder you always have a lot of ideas on who the packers should sogn/cut but your organization structure is choppy and unorganized. I would love it if you would flush out your reasoning behind all of your suggestions please.

31 mil is what Chris Peterson says we have in cap space for the offseason in 2019 I've seen the # float around between 31 and 44 I haven't bothered looking into it.

Why sign Dee Ford, Smith, Collins?

Breeland is an obvious resign to me but not to all fans. I thought he got better the longer he played for the Packers and regardless of the DC you can never have too many quality CBs in a passing league.

Who/Why would you trade Perry, Crosby, Kizer, Graham, Spriggs?

For Perry he's been injured but last time he was healthyish he had double digit sacks. I don't think his contract will allow the Packers to trade or cut him too much dead $ and not enough depth at OLB.

For Crosby I think the Packers bring in competition the way they did the last time he had a down year. Why would another team trade for a kicker? He has value in a cold weather climate but kickers get cut all the time like Dan Bailey when the Cowgirls cut him due to his contract. No one traded for Bailey and he has more talent than Crosby.

Kizer is on a rookie contract, is really young, and could maybe develop into a decent backup. He hasn't shown enough to warrant a trade. Continue to groom him and Boyle and hope that one of them can develop into a starter/backup/trade bait.

Graham's contract was structured in a way that allows GB to move on with minimal dead cap space. I really doubt another team will trade for him but if 1 team would it's the Saints. See what they offer for Graham and do it right away!

Spriggs is still on a rookie contract and OL can take years before the lightbulb turns on. Fans are too impatient. Give Spiggs another year and hope it finally clicks if it doesn't then don't extend his contract. If we traded him we'd be lucky to get a 7th rounder for him in 2021 like the TY Montgomery trade.

You don't cut Cobb you just don't offer him a new contract. I want to see Cobb on a $5 mil 1 year prove it deal. He showed in the 1st game of the season he can still be an explosive weapon and he provides veteran experience while the rookies develop. He hasn't been healthy since 2014 and a big part of that is he tries hard and is a little guy by football standards.

Allison proved he has reliable hands and has a talent for finding holes in the defense. For the right price he is a quality depth WR with a good floor and low ceiling. He's a more attractive trade piece if we had him under a contract instead of restricted.

Trevor Davis has a ton of speed and is a great return specialist/gunner. Sign him for as cheap as you can to play STs for the Packers and try to use him similar to how NE used Patterson in a RB role.

Lewis is an elite blocking TE that MM never utilized until we shore up the right side of our OL he could prove very valuable if he actually sees the field. I'm hoping a new HC/OC recognizes how to use a TE for all of his talk MM sure as hell couldn't.

Kendricks is on a cheap deal and has shown versatility. My hope is that Tonyan can make Lance obsolete but I still see value if he spends time on the jugg machine and learns how to not drop the ball.

Gotta be more specific on Thimas buddy that's like saying Smith or Johnson you lost me there.

This reply sort of turned into an article lol. GO PACK GO

stockholder's picture

Dee Ford & Smith OLBs Replace/ help start. They make Perry tradable. You still could keep Mathews to move around by dumping Perry. Collins is a SS. Jones and Brice don't work and can learn from Collins. Breeland: Never let a good CB leave. The injuries to CBs is high. Rotate. Kizer, Perry , Graham and Spriggs still are tradable. - Draft stocking. Dumping contracts. Crosby missed a lot, and I don't want to make the play-offs like Seattle, and have a old man that can't kick it through, or out of the end zone. Your last Players, Cobb, Allison ,Davis, Lewis, Kendricks, Spriggs ,Kizer. A new coach has New ideas, and schemes. You can't have players that are slow, fumble, drop passes ,can't block. are one dimensional. He'll want his own game changers. These guys are not game changers. Their Rodgers Friends and we must move on. They were the reason MMs offense was problematic. They have a history of injuries now. The packers must move on. The money freed up, brings the new coach his wants, needs, and a new comfort zone.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Stockholder thanks for flushing out your ideas. Please do me a favor and break up your block text at least once into 2 or 3 paragraphs. I follow CHTV on my phone and it makes it really difficult to follow.

I'm excited to see what the new Packers FO looks like. If it's Philbin/Pettine as OS suggests I think we retain more of MM's players. If it's a new FO I think we'll see about half the names you list let go and the other half used in new ways. No matter what happens I can't help but feel nervous and excited at the same time.

jeremyjjbrown's picture

The only off season scenario in which I don't want Perry cut is if they bring in a 4-3 DC and Perry is going to play DE. Otherwise, just take the one time hit and get rid of him.

MarkinMadison's picture

Perry has wanted to be a 4-3 DE since day 1. There is a lot of hybridization going on right now though, so I think the labels have gotten a little bit meaningless.

Doug Niemczynski's picture

Aaron Rodgers has lost his eliteness. Now, he is just a good QB.

He needs to stop focusing on women and his diva issue and start focusing on his skills.

Stop throwing the ball out of bounds.

I have never seen a QB throw the ball out of bounds this year at least minimum of 50 times.

There is 2-3 losses just right there.

Guitar dan's picture

Stop focusing on women?
Come on man, that's just unnatural.
Diva yes, woman problem no. But it's hard not to be a Diva i'm sure when you are making more than the whole City of Green Bay!
So I say, Danika yes!
The Rodger will be fine at least he's not hanging & bangin in the Green Bay Bars all night.
He just needs a coach and system that he will be challenged by and that fits what he does well. Thats on Murphy & Gute to find that guy!

dobber's picture

"Aaron Rodgers has lost his eliteness."

I think Dr. Evil had Fat Bastard steal it from him while he was in cryosleep.

Pierre's picture

Rodgers threw the ball out of bounds the most of any NFL QB and twenty times more than the next highest QB. Totally unacceptable from a player who is getting paid about 2 mil per game!

He played afraid of making throws to lead receivers or just missed seeing open receivers in his progressions. This resulted in not converting 3rd downs and punting the ball away time and time again. Not much different that throwing a downfield interception.

Who ever gets hired as the Packers coach needs to have Rodgers practice throwing with a 2-3 second clock and stop holding the ball so long. He puts way too much pressure on the Oline to try to block for so long. Rodgers needs to bounce back and pass with a lot more accuracy and confidence next season or the Packers will continue to be in the second tier of the NFC North....and watching the playoffs from their homes.

JohnnyLogan's picture

Rodgers was very simply a bad QB last year. Couldn’t make easy throws, wouldn’t throw to open receivers to move the chains. And his ego, which we used to interpret as confidence suddenly looked more like arrogance. He wasn’t a leader and tried to portray himself as one at the end with his “I need to play” stance in the final game but it was too late by then for him to get any credit. A new head coach, no matter all the other positives, won’t necessarily think he’s getting the great Rodgers but instead a petulant coach killer with diminished skills. All the other positives about the Packer job are worth very little if the new coach gets last year’s Rodgers. If I was interviewing I’d be asking the question “ what happened to Rodgers last year?” I’d love to hear Murphy and Gutekunst answer that one. Of course asking that might cost me the job.

Guitar dan's picture

Rodgers is still a great Quarterback, he has had some rough injuries with the shoulder surgery and the knee this year.
We are going to all be very unhappy when he's gone one day and the dark years return!
With the right coach and a few key additions in free agency and the draft Rodgers will return to form and the Packers will be right back in it, so lighten up, two time MVP Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks be Diva's man, R-E-L-A-X

packerbackerjim's picture

Damn right!

flackcatcher's picture

Good overview Chris. More I look back, more I realize what a strange season the Packers had. Three plays and this team would be in the playoffs, and McCarthy would still be HC. We all knew that the roster was thin, we didn't know how thin until injuries hit. Once that happened, the season was as good as done, and so was McCarthy. As for next years roster, until we know who is the next HC, we fans will not know what direction the Gute or his front office is going. One thing we do know. That this Packer team has enough talent right now to contend for a playoff berth and Superbowl. We saw that last year before injuries and the McCarthy Rodgers dysfunction took over. Outside that, we will have to wait for the Packers to name their new HC before we will know anything more.

Jonathan Spader's picture

Great minds flak, I said something very similar at almost the same time up above. 2018 was a rough year the most frustrating part for me wasn't the injuries but the reffing that cost us multiple games. More penalty flags throw in 2018 than ever before in the NFL. More throwaways by Rodgers than by anyone ever before.

Packers0808's picture

What is your thoughts on he play of Tramon Williams this pas season!

Jonathan Spader's picture

I thought Tramon Williams was a great prescense for our young players who tried hard but had lost some speed. His instincts looked great in the preseason but he didn't have a ton of support in the regular season. QB's often targeted the weakest match up which was often Josh Jackson. If the WR was good enough/tall enough like Julio Jones Alexander played hard but was physically outmatched.

With a better safety like Collins paired with him I hope Williams will look better. It'd be nice if Greene took another step, Brice recovered from his injuries, or if Josh Jackson suddenly had a football IQ to match his athleticism.

HankScorpio's picture

"in Perry's case, it would have a lot of dead cap space to absorb."

Big cap acceleration buys you slack but there are limits. Perry tips from being protected by the cap to needing to earn his keep this off season, now that they can create cap space by cutting him.

If Gute keeps Perry, it will continue what is rapidly becoming an alarming trend with how Gute deals with bigger cap $$. He signed Graham, which was an obvious mistake. He kept Cobb and Matthews on numbers they simply did not justify. I won't say he was wrong to extend Rodgers but I've sure read that from others plenty of times.

Curt's picture

It may be nitpicking, but AR did not get MM fired. He did that himself by not adapting to his players ---- his stubbornness was a huge attribute when starting out and getting to the top. But instead of adapting, taking chances, making changes (ala Belicheat) he stayed just as stubborn and lost AR in the process. TT also lost his knack to bring in top tier talent through the draft which made everybody's job harder.

Curt's picture

Looks like Adam Gase (my preferred pick) and Josh McDaniels (ok choice ) are the leaders at this point.

DD's picture

Many words on comments. Two things: Rodgers taking the easy throws and moving the chains, and secondly, defensive edge pressure! That's ot.

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