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PRESS: Thursday Q & A: Corey from Cheesehead TV

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PRESS: Thursday Q & A: Corey from Cheesehead TV

Originally written by Wally Pingel for Pocket Doppler on May 06, 2010

The first entry in our new Thursday Q & A feature (still looking for a catchy name here for this, suggestions welcome) is with Corey Behnke from . I am sure most of you have been to CHTV and are familiar with the work/postings of Corey’s partner, Aaron Nagler. Rather than ask Aaron, I thought it would be fun to talk to Corey, technical guru and engineer, and get his perspective on operating CHTV, the Packers and more.

So you are originally from Green Bay, if memory serves correctly, how did you end up in The Big Apple?

I was born in Green Bay and most of my family lives in Brown, Calumet and Manitowoc Counties. It’s a long story but basically I grew up in Los Angeles & North Carolina. I went to college in NC and after I graduated from Arts school, New York was the place to be.

What’s the toughest part about being a Packers fan in the land of Giants & Jets?

Well on the one hand you do get some begrudging respect from die-hard fans. Especially Jets fans. I guess the toughest part is having to watch the Jets fan that wears the green Fireman’s helmet every football Sunday. He’s annoying. Oh and also losing the NFC Championship to them in ‘07 (a game I was at) was really tough.

Wally: I was also at the ‘07 Championship game as well, froze my ass off for nothing but still nice to say I was there.

As the ‘man behind the curtain’ at CHTV, without giving away any trade secrets of course, what do you find is the most difficult part of maintaining and keeping the site going?

We now have a top-notch development company helping me maintain the site. Before we got them I would say the most difficult part was when I would accidentally break the site knowing that over a 1,000 Packer fans couldn’t get on Cheesehead TV.

Wally: Corey, I can hear you there as I am in the same position for the sites I help manage, much in the role you have with CHTV. Nothing like a 504 error to get the blood pumping!

We’ve all seen the Packers Transplant studio and in a word, it is impressive with all the various Packers paraphernalia you have in there. What took longer, putting all of the Packer gear up or wiring the studio?

Thanks Wally. I am about to add a new piece that I received for Christmas from my grandmother. It’s a banner that my Great-Grandfather, Great-Grandmother, Grandfather and Grandmother made for a trip they took to Yankee Stadium for the NFL Championship game in 1962 against the Giants. (Packers won 16-7). I have 8mm film from the game and a picture of them holding the banner- which says Brillion, WI- it’s one of my new signature pieces for the studio and I hope to get it up soon. To answer your question: The wiring.

What’s the best thing about working with your partner, Aaron Nagler?

We speak the exact same language and we understand each other very well. That cuts like 90% of the personality obstacle garbage out and helps the site have one unified direction. I personally love the way we disagree. I think it is productive and helps give fans multiple perspectives.

What’s the worst thing about working with Aaron?

The fact that he has a Full-Time job. That whole having to feed your family thing cuts into our Cheesehead TV time.

Wally: yeah, that whole family and kids thing gets in the way sometimes, I can attest to that. Be a lot easier if they didn’t insist on getting fed and having clothes.



Back to Packers Transplants, on the average how much prep work do you and Aaron put into each broadcast?

I spend about 8-10 hours prep for a show. Most of my prep is getting that week’s intro, on the phone animations, credits, slideshows and videos ready for the Live show. I can’t exactly speak for Aaron but it’s probably close to that.

I’ve been very impressed with the guests you have had on Packers Transplants. Up until now, who has been your favorite ‘get’ when it comes to the people you’ve had on the show.

Thanks. I can’t take credit for that aspect of the show. I am still in shock that Leroy Butler came on our show. That’s gotta be my favorite guest so far. Plus he said that Packer Transplants was his favorite Packer show. That was a top 5 moments in my life as a Packer fan. Even if he was just being nice.

Now that CHTV is one of the more established & respected Packers blogs out there, I’m sure you’ve learned some good lessons as it pertains to doing things right & doing things wrong. What advice would you give to new bloggers out there when it comes to setting up their own sites?

Wow. I’m giving bloggers advice? That’s a scary thought in and of itself. I would say focus on what you feel is missing in the Packer Blogosphere (or whatever genre you are representing) and try to fill that void with your content. Also- the Internet is paved with the remains of good blogs gone dead. Consistency and discipline are what separates the well trafficked sites with the not.

Wally: You hit head the nail on the head right there as it relates to a consistent flow of content. came close to falling into that very trap not too long ago and I see it every day as I look for links for the Daybreak Doppler piece. Kids, listen to your Uncle Corey on this one, if you want to start a blog make sure you have the commitment to keep the content coming, whether its relevant or not at times. Worst thing you can do is build a following and then just ditch them.

…and now for the lighting round.

Your all-time favorite Packers player is:

Gilbert Brown (just thinking of him doing the grave-digger move gives me chills of joy)

Your favorite Packers blog to read that is not named CheeseheadTV is:

Railbird Central.

If there were no Packers, you would be rooting for:

You’re hurting me with that question.

If you were a pro football player, your position would be:


Should I ever run into you at a bar, I should buy you a PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) for taking the time to answer these questions.

I would like to thank Corey for answering our questions and being our inaugural interview & guest. Make sure to check out , give Aaron hell in the comments section and also tune into Packers Transplants – you won’t be disappointed!

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