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Jay Cutler Taking Lessons From Favre

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Jay Cutler Taking Lessons From Favre

This is so pathetic. Cutler is running the Brett Favre "I need to feel loved" playbook, no doubt scripted by the agent shared by both players, Bus Cook. I could almost understand it coming from Favre. (Almost) But coming from a guy who hasn't even won a playoff game? Absurd. He's a player, he has a contract and McDaniels didn't say anything that wasn't true. It IS his perogative to trade Cutler - he's the HEAD COACH!

But noooooo... that hurts little Jay Jay's feewings...

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joshywoshybigfatposhy's picture

this is unbelievable.

Cutler said: "You know, even after the meeting, I hung around town, kind of expecting him to call me and say, 'Hey, let's just me and you get away and have lunch or a cup of coffee' and mend things, but that didn't happen.

Bus + qb's with rifle arms = pitiful ex-girlfriends

Keith's picture

Obviously, I am vehemently against you on this Aaron. Yes, McDaniels is the head coach, but franchise QBs don't exactly grow on trees and McDaniels has basically alienated a very promising young QB. Please don't talk about how much Cutler has won when he has only played 3 seasons in the league. That's dumb. If he had been lucky enough to land on a team with a defense like Big Ben or Eli did, I am 100% confident he would have won a playoff game or two (and if Tennessee had drafted him instead of Vince Young like they should have, he may have a Super Bowl ring.)

And sure it's McDaniels' prerogative to trade Cutler, but why the heck would you come out and say that? All that's going to do is piss Cutler off. McDaniels is making the same mistake Mangini made when he came to NY. He's trying to be a mini-Belicheck, but the problem is that he isn't Bill Belicheck.

Let's not act like this kid is Ryan Leaf. The kid has ability and is clearly a competitor. He had some incredible games last season and I really believe he would flourish under a good coach. I really hope they trade him to Detroit, I really do. Schwartz will get his head on straight and then he and Megatron will terrorize the league for a decade.

And this has nothing to do with feelings, it's about respect. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Cutler was 5th in DYAR and 7th in DVOA. No other QB who puts up those kinds of numbers would have to deal with this BS, because GOOD head coaches realize that you can't win without a star at the QB position.

Lastly, I am always shocked when you always come down so hard on the players but give management a pass. The only reason the Packers were so bold during the Favre fiasco is because they had Rodgers in the waiting. You can bet your nest egg that if the alternative was Craig Nall that they would have thrown him a freaking parade down Lombardi Ave. Actually, he probably wouldn't have retired because Thompson's lips would have been glued to Favre's behind. Management treats these guys like thoroughbreds. They use them for all they're worth and treat them like gold while they're good, but once they find a better alternative (be it better, cheaper, younger, more durable, etc.) all of a sudden they find their courage and start playing hardball. The Red Sox did the same crap to Pedro and Manny in Boston. They give those guys carte blanche and a ton of cash for years, then they decide to pull a 180 for no reason other than they want to have a good reason to get rid of them, then they tell the fans "he's a cancer" or "he's a crybaby." That's BS. These teams set the standard from jump street and then they change the paradigm on these guys without any kind of notice... what human being wouldn't be a bit pissed off? IMO, most of these front office guys are weasels who spin these stories so the fans side with them. Teams like the Broncos and the Packers know that they have pumped up guys like Favre and Cutler so that when they pull the rug under them, when they start whining to the press they'll look like big jerks to the average Joe reading their quotes on a blog somewhere.

Now I'm not saying guys like Favre, Pedro, Manny, or Cutler are the victims here. They're not. But if this is going to be treated as a business and the front office is going to show a lack of respect, well, then it's their prerogative to go to an organization that will show them the respect they believe they deserve. To sit there and wave a condescending finger at the player when the owners, GMs, and coaches are just as culpable, if not more culpable, for these situations is a bit obnoxious.

buckslayernyc's picture


But Cutler is a big pussy with Diabetes right? I mean if given the choice wouldn't you rather have someone with the right genitalia and without an internal insulin pump that could be knocked out his backside?

He looks like a big fricken' Mary in this situation just like Favre did....that's the Bronco's fault? Players get paid and can get traded, period. Once you start listening to the press' opinion about who deserves special treatment (or agents) then you lose perspective...players get paid and can get traded, period. That's business.

packeraaron's picture

"I am always shocked when you always come down so hard on the players but give management a pass."

Funnily enough, when we were at Fan Fest, I had no interest in meeting any ofthe players - but the coaches and front office staff were like Gods. Guess I just think the work they do, usually in anonymity, in offices and dark film rooms, is not given anywhere near the respect and attention that the players exploits on the field are. Yes, it's more exciting, but for me the staff never gets the credit it deserves...

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