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Christopher Rohe commented on Packers 27 Browns 21 (OT): Game Balls & Lame Calls

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Join Corey and Aaron as they take in the Packers showdown with the Texans.

On today's show, Jenelle Mackie, Jacob Westendorf, and Gage Bridgford get you all set for Packers/Texans with a full gameday preview. Make sure to check out their analysis and predictions on today's all new Pack-A-Day Podcast!

Good Morning Packer Nation! Join me for today's Sunday Morning Gameday Preview for all things Packers!

On today's show, Mark, Jason, and Paul get you all set for Packers/Texans with an updated look at the injury reports, and how the Packers will respond with multiple big name players missing Sunday's game. Don't miss it!