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The Six Pack

The Six Pack




Unfortunately, the last Packer player has left the NFL playing field for the season. It's always a sad day when that happens best combated with a fresh six-pack.





I am going to preface this six-pack with the following observation and explanation to people who think this should be a better "news" site. Just for the record I did a google search on the Packers for the last week and as usual the same thing always happens. Your strict Packer news always originates in four spots. The Green Bay Press-Gazette, The Milwaukee Journal, Bill Huber, and Jason Wilde. That's it folks.


And people wonder why I get pissed when they ask me to give them more news. Here's some news for you, there isn't any.


It's all about opinion now.


The Six Pack

Tone: Slightly bitter for some reason.


1. When I get like this it always seems to come back to Nagler. He wrote a piece on the best quarterback in NFL history. Nagler came to the decision that Johnny Unitas should hold that distinction. Now he may be right, but he has no business making that call especially when the victor is a guy who he never saw play a game in real time.


If you weren't there to experience both the play and the vibe of the times, you can't make that judgement. Besides, everyone knows that Joe Montana is the greatest quarterback of all time, period.


2. Packer Ranter has been doing this whole G-Men series equating Packer players to super-type heroes. It's pretty funny, but I wish they would put them all in one place so I could choose my favorite.


3. If you don't read Green Bay Packer Nation, you should start. Brady Augustine knows his shit. He usually takes an analytical approach that you almost never see here. This Aaron Rodger's analysis in right on the money.


4. Where the hell is Jersey Al and Greg C.? If anyone actually misses these guys, let them know in the comment section. For what I pay them, we should be getting some quality articles and analysis here.


5. I picked this one up from the dudes at the x4 forum, one of personal favorites. If you use Hulu, they now have an awesome section of Green Bay Packers video.


6. I will practice a little bit of what I preach here, sort of. Anyway, Packer Chatters has an article about Kurt Warner not really being a hall-of-famer. This could ultimately be true, however I don't agree with their reasoning. Brett Favre had plenty of bad seasons too. When the Packers decided that Favre should be benched for Rodgers, he cried and went somewhere else. Kurt Warner never said a word.

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PackersRS's picture

C'mon, Greg C and Jersey Al! Write something! I'd content myself with a cooking recipe...

RonLC's picture

Greg and Al,

The Chief Ambulance Chaser for the NFLPA is scheduled to lay out his plan Thursday. We need insight. I hear it is going to be nothing but bad news. Tell me I'm wrong!

Dear Packer Chatters's picture

You completely ignored Warner's playoff stats. 3 Super Bowls with two different teams (name another QB to do that). Look at his playoff record and QB stats. One more thing, Warner has more passing yards than any QB in superbowl history (every other QB in the top five has played at least 4 Super Bowls. Warner has played 3). Warner is a first ballot Hall of Famer

Aaron Nagler's picture

There is plenty of footage of Unitas available, if you'd like me to send you some...

Alex's picture

Agree to disagree. I don't think film can be used for anything more than hypotheticals.

If you weren't there to feel the pulse of the nation and the excitement of moment, you can't accurately gauge "greatest".

You are limited to greatest of your time.

FITZCORE1252's picture


When he decides to hang 'em up, it WILL be Peyton, couple rings (not this year though), ALL the "GOOD" #'s. Writing's on the wall.

Robert Greenfield's picture

It may take a solid decade before I can assemble the entire G-Men team. It's good to have goals.

Jersey Al's picture

Hey, everyone needs a little time off, right? Anyway, I've been busy auditioning for year two of Jersey Shore. They might actually want someone that's from Jersey on that show...

FITZCORE1252's picture

You da man AL, get you a nice "Guidette" on the side. I think Snooky's lookin'?!?!

Greg C.'s picture

1. My grandpa always said that Unitas was the best, but by the time Montana was done playing, he said that he couldn't decide between the two. So I tend to think of them as equal, and hard to compare because the eras were so different. After that, probably Elway, then Favre and Marino. Peyton Manning may already be up to #3, but I'm going to wait and see how his career ends.

2. Very funny. I especially enjoyed the walrus picture.

3. Very good article. Short and to the point. I especially liked the non-statistical section.

4. When the Packers lost to the Cardinals, I was too depressed about it to write an article, and I had nothing original to say about it anyway. Since then I've been consumed with other projects. Maybe things will clear out in a week or so. Thanks to Alex for keeping things going almost single-handedly.

5. Looks good, but I seldom watch videos on my computer. I still think of computers mostly as reading and writing machines.

6. Warner is an unusual case, and I am open to further discussion, but I lean toward having him inducted into the Hall. It might be good to wait awhile after he becomes eligible so people can put his career more into perspective. I think this writer undersells Warner because he glosses over the fact that Warner's down years were the result of a nagging hand injury. When the hand finally healed fully, Warner was just as good as he had been before. I don't think Warner should be penalized too much for the down years.

RonLC's picture

Johnny Unitas has a secret weapon. His name was Raymond Berry. The guy never let a ball get by him. He was responsible for a whole lot of Johnny U's yardage.'s picture

"And people wonder why I get pissed when they ask me to give them more news. Here’s some news for you, there isn’t any."

Amen !

Aaron's picture

"If you weren’t there to feel the pulse of the nation and the excitement of moment, you can’t accurately gauge “greatest”."

Oh come on. Then I suppose all those people who think Abe Lincoln was our greatest President are just whistling Dixie?

Aaron's picture

As for Ron and Raymond Berry - of course Montana didn't have Jerry Rice.... (rollseyes)

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