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Start Being a Packer Fan

Start Being a Packer Fan

I'm sick of everybody I guess. I'm sick of Twitter, I'm sick of Packers fans, and I'm sick of Packers news. Fifteen years ago I didn't have any of this crap. I didn't have complete and total fan meltdowns all around me. I didn't have eight thousand people on Twitter asking me if, or wondering when, the Packers are going to sign a running back. People didn't analyze, people didn't scrutinize, and people didn't throw themselves into the fire pit of despair at every wrong turn.

Back then, on game day, you got up, watched some highlights and then got together with whomever for the broadcast. If you wanted your news, you picked up a newspaper, read a little bit, perhaps bitched some with your fellow friends and co-workers and accepted the state of the team as just that, the state of the team. Well, guess what? Things haven't changed and its about time everyone got that through their heads.

What you saw Monday night were your  2010 Packers, and barring injury will be the 2010 Packers for the rest of the season. If you don't like it, well that's tough luck because I guarantee nothing is going to change. So, in case you forget next week about what I said this week, you can get used the following, and please get used to it in a hurry.

Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher are going to be the starting tackles unless they get too injured to play. There is not a chance in hell that you see Bryan Bulaga take over Clifton's spot on a team with Superbowl potential. The same goes for Mark Tauscher. These guys are seasoned Packers who have seen everything an NFL game may throw at them. No doubt they have lost a step here and there, but for every time you see a speedy end beat them on the corner, there are three plays in which their experience and pre-snap recognition made a play before the ball was even snapped. You cannot replace that, and the Packers won't. Get used to it and shut up. It's Clifton and Tauscher for god sakes.

The Packers are going to get penalties. They will not get 18 a game, but you will see a flag or two in the next 13 games. McCarthy will have little to say about these flags, as history has shown he really sees them as a given in the game. There is no magic formula or speech that is going to change that. We have seen Clifton, Colledge, Woodson, and many others get flagged repeatedly for the same things for years. We will see the same thing this year. If Mike McCarthy is ok with it, then it's on him. He has to know, as well as anyone, that if the Packers don't ride deep into the post-season, that his time is Green Bay is most certainly over.

The Packers are not going to get a running back. Quit asking about Marshawn Lynch. Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn are our starting running backs from here on out. Now, it's possible that Nance, or a healthy Starks emerges late as a weapon, but the Packers are not going to trade for anybody. Not to mention people, this is Cheesehead TV. If anything goes on with the running back situation it stands to reason that you might hear something about it from one of our eight million articles or Twitter feeds everyday. Seriously, quit asking me, it's not going to happen. If it does, someone will tell you right away, I promise.

The special teams are only going to be average at best. Did you not know this going in? They may be slightly better overall, but if you are expecting to top the league in that area just get off the drugs now. We are going to be average, and there isn't a whole lot us or the Packers can do about it. The Packers feel they are strong enough to overcome potential poor play on special teams. I tend to agree.

What does this all equate to? If you ask me the answer is for everyone to shut up. Yeah, we lost a game, but look what it took to lose:

Injury riddled defensive line

Injury riddled secondary

Shaky O-Line

Team Record in Penalties

Turnover in scoring position.

Poor special teams play

Poor coaching decisions

Poor clock management

Poor field position

In the end, the Packers only lose by three to what is now one of the top teams in the NFL. It was a perfect storm people, a complete disaster of epic proportion. What's funny (and amazingly annoying) to me this season is how the residents of this storm ridden team react. Usually, in the face of adversity, a community rallies together to lift each other up. In Packer country, we'd rather just get a whole new set of residents who might do a better job of living there. This is our team people, like it or not.

Start being a Packer fan.

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David's picture

I have high standards. Don't like it? I really don't care.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

We like that around the Lounge.

Packnic's picture

Hell yes Alex. just hell yes.

The Packers are good. It was like you said "was a perfect storm, a disaster of epic proportion" and we still only lost by 3 on the road to a division rival.

I actually think it was our best game this season. Everything that could have gone wrong happened at the exact time it didnt need to happen. And we still looked like the best team.

but I'm sure all these Armchair GM's and Hindsight Head Coaches could have done a much better job and would have beaten a good bears team by upwards of 50 points.

RockinRodgers's picture

Much anger in him - Yoda

adamczech's picture
Shawn's picture

Spot on, Alex!

Everyone should have high expectations based on the buzz surrounding this team. What happened Monday was an aberration, and not what is generally going to happen.

No one thought this team was going 16-0 and losing to a rival on their field is what I like to put in the "acceptable loss" column. I don't like it, but it tends to happen to every team...even the elite ones. This wasn't like Tampa last year, folks.

Everyone either fan-up, or get off the bandwagon. I could use the leg room.

David's picture

I don't see what the big deal is. OMG, fans are upset because the Packers lost!! Oh the humanity!

The Packers took a shit on national tv and I'm supposed to be happy about it? If you watched that game, and you're NOT pissed off, then I have to question how much you really care about the Packers.

Its one thing to lose, its quite another to have a complete meltdown. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with fans venting after a game like this. These guys get paid millions of $, and they can't go two plays without a penalty?

I see fans tweeting stuff like, "Its ok, go get em next week Nick!" Eff that. I'm not going to kiss their ass after they show that kind of effort. Want me to cheer? Then by God give me a reason.

Packnic's picture

"Want me to cheer? Then by God give me a reason."

Tampa Bay Rays fan Motto.

David's picture

How many games are you going to attend this year Packnic?

foundinidaho's picture

Grumpy much Alex? ;)

I like being so plugged in. I take the W and L column seriously, the other is just information, but I've learned a great deal about the technical aspects of football from all of the sources available in this day and age.

I admit, I don't get peppered with questions like you or Nagler or the beat writers do, but I follow a lot of the people that follow all of you and I'm not seeing all the drama. You must be getting it though - maybe I just follow non-dramatic people (and the non-dramatic people follow me) so I'm not seeing all the bitching. Once in a while, yes, but not hysteria.

That said, I did see some of it on the live blog Monday night from people I had never seen on it before. Which why I called into Carriveau and said everybody needs to take a deep breath. I don't notice a schism in my own smaller merry band of Packer backers.

As a wise man keeps saying - "We Will Be Fine."

bryce's picture

Mostly agree Alex, slightly disagree. I disagree because, as a loyal fan, I think I have a right to complain.

But, mostly I agree with you, from a few angles. First of all, TT, MM and all the rest of the Packers organization are professionals. We are not. As much as we may read and watch about football, they know better than we do. Even the stupidest front office guy in the NFL knows football better than the most knowledgeable fan. If you guys came into my classroom and started telling me how to teach, but had never done a day of it in your life, I'd tell you to get lost. Want further proof? I thought letting Ahman Green go was a bad idea. Wrong. I thought the same about Javon Walker. Wrong. I thought the Packers should draft Sinorce Moss instead of Greg Jennings. Wrong. I thought drafting Justin Harrell and Ahmad Carroll were good ideas. Wrong. I thought the Packers should keep Favre and trade Rodgers. Wrong. I thought Clay Matthews wasn't gonna be all that good, now I have his jersey. All that to say, TT knows better than I do, know matter how much I want him to sign/trade for a real RB.

Additionally, who cares if the Packers lost to the Bears, honestly? Yeah, I'm a fan, but as I went to bed on Monday night, I realized something. I have a bed. I have a family. I have a job. I have a car. I have food. I have a normally functioning body and mind. I have friends and family and a church that I love. I have my freedom. These are all things that most people throughout the world do not have. My wife teaches, and one of her students loves the Bears, because we live in Illinois. But, he didn't get to watch the game. Because he's blind. He'll never get to watch football again because of his disease. So, yeah, it sucked having to wear an Urlacher jersey because I lost a bet, but who cares? If you really let yourself get that dejected and upset over a game then really, your life needs a bigger purpose and you need a reminder of how much better you have it than most of the world. The Packers and the NFL are for fun and's not the point of your existence and your hope for meaning in life.

GBnvfan's picture

Bravo! and well stated Alex.

As a fan, I was disappointed, not pissed. To equate not being pissed with not caring about the Packers is silly. I would bet that no one is more disappointed than the players themselves. Who am I, sitting on my couch watching to judge these guys. The team had a really bad night. At the same time, every one looked like they were giving it their all. Who can ask for more?

Hopefully the Bear game will be the equivalent to last years Tampa Bay game. This is a talented team and most have been getting ready since March with one goal in mind. Better to have that "perfect storm" in game 3 than game 10. This is our team, win or lose.

CSS's picture

Hey Alex, just dropping by. Love the sentiment in this article. Win or lose, there are always components of the game that should be scrutinized and reviewed.

That being said, I needed to step away from the comments section in the CheeseheadTV homepage. I swear the average commentor IQ drops 50 points after a divisional loss.

The stupid, it burns.....

End of CSS being a prick :)

PackersRS's picture

"Usually, in the face of adversity, a community rallies together to lift each other up."

This is the thing, Alex. The team is not in the face of adversity. If the team was in the brink of playoffs, then fans would.

But, with this much potential, we expect them to fulfill it. When the season is on the line, then I'll not analyze and simply cheer.

Until then, you damn right I'm gonna bitch about this incredibly talented but even more incredibly stupid team.

CSS's picture

I agree with the bitching component, plenty to bitch about in this game. That being said, half of the comments section content is painfully stupid and without merit.

Is there plenty to criticzie, absolutely. Are some posters pissing in the wind on half their statements, yes.

PackersRS's picture

We're "fans" CSS. We will overreact and say dumb things.

I'm sorry if I offended yours, or anyone's intelligence, but I figure it's a pretty standard occurence for half-drunk* fans to rant after a heartbreaking loss...

Doesn't make you less right. Just think it's a two-way street. Fans will post shit after losses, and those "more sofisticated" have to understand that the circumstances...

*sober enough to be able to log onto a computer and type while making some sense.

CSS's picture

I'm not elevating myself above anybody, PackersRS. I have no inherent need to be 'right' either. Actually, I find dissent to be great as I usually learn something.

That being said, read through some of the half-baked shit that people are posting while totally's aweful.

FITZCORE1252's picture

"That being said, read through some of the half-baked shit that people are posting while totally sober….it’s aweful."

That's why I make sure I'm always half in the bag when I post. Built in excuse!

Wiscokid's picture

I knew it! :)

FITZCORE1252's picture


FITZCORE1252's picture

See them Badgers yesterday Kid? Hmmm. Coach is from Prophetstown which is 15 minutes from where I'm from, the old man used to golf with one of his brothers. I guess I'm saying I'm pulling for him, but I can't imagine Barry's thrilled with his conference play as of late... More Austin Peay!!!!

David's picture

Still waiting Packnic. How many Packers games are you going to attend this year? How about last year, or the year before that?

I've spent about $6,000 over the last 4 years traveling to Packers games. One of those games was week 17 in 2008, when the Packers were 5-10. Would a fair weather fan travel from MO to WI in the dead of winter to cheer for a 5-10 team?

You want to challenge my fanhood? Then put your money where you big mouth is.

FITZCORE1252's picture

Isn't that just enough to piss you off?

Packnic's picture

Because how much you spend and how many games you go to is the true measure of a fan. If thats the case then you arent half the fan that the CEO of SC Johnson is because he takes clients to every game. He doesnt even know who starts at QB but because he spends more money he must be the biggest fan. Great logic. The diehard fans that cant afford games are just casual fans and trolls i guess.

Look dude, if you wanna bridge jump every time the Packers have a stumble. Go right ahead. What I dont get is how someone who thinks hes the best fan in the world can spend so much damn time being miserable about his team?

David's picture

"What I dont get is how someone who thinks hes the best fan in the world can spend so much damn time being miserable about his team?"

Yeah, I'm going to be really miserable when I'm in Green Bay later this month. Tailgaiting, drinking at Packers bars, Lambeau...Yeah, thats not going to be fun at all.

Look, when the Packers play like shit, I'm going to be pissed. When they play well, I'm happy. Thats really not too hard to understand.

You think McCarthy can do no wrong. Thats fine. I praise him when he deserves it, and I criticize him when he deserves it. Mike McCarthy could punch a little girl in the face, and you would say, "Hey, you don't know the whole story. Get off his ass."

Ok, I'm exaggerrating a bit, but god damn. I still think the Packers are going to make the playoffs. I'm not pissed because we lost 1 game. I'm pissed because of HOW we lost. Thats another thing that you can't seem to understand.

PWC's picture

I'm afraid I'll have to disagree on some points.

First of all, if you dislike what's going on with the blogs and Twitter, no one's making you be a part of them. You can go back to the good old days of reading newspapers anytime you want.

As for everything else, well, I agreed with about half of what you said about the Pack, but not with the statement "start being a fan."

I run a Packers site myself. It's nothing special, just a simple Blogger-hosted site. My main philosophy is to call things the way I see them. If good things happen, I will write a positive post. If bad things happen, I will write a negative post. I can't think of a reason anyone would want to read biased analysis that only shows the team in the best, often false, light.

Basically, it seems to me that you believe that if someone does not agree with your opinions on the Pack, then they are not a true fan. I for one would much better enjoy honest debate between opposing view points than only one side of the story. Believe it or not, people do exist who have different opinions about the Packers, and they are just as much Packer fans as anyone else.

PackerHQ's picture

Let's see how to put this in perspective correctly:
Lounge Motto : By the Fans. For The Fans

Some Quotes from the above :
"I’m sick of everybody I guess. I’m sick of Twitter, I’m sick of Packers fans, and I’m sick of Packers news."
"If you ask me the answer is for everyone to shut up. "

So let me guess ? Fans have figured out that maybe all the green and yellow smoke certain people where blowing up there backside was basically wishful thinking.
Guess what though this is part of the wonderful world of sports writing and in this case the highs and lows of being involved in the Packer blog world.

Telling your readers to shut up? Telling fans that spend serious money on games or many of us out of state that spend big money on Sunday ticket etc to not be passionate ???

By the Fans. For The Fans ...... Guess we all have a different definition of the word fan ?

To borrow from Packnic...Hell no Alex Hell no !

MLecl0001's picture

I can definitely see where Alex is coming from. Honestly before this season I was not big into the blogging stuff or even the press stuff. I live in MN, have almost my entire life so all I get around here is Vikings crap. Although I have to say love listening to KFAN after a Vikings loss, love hearing the Vikings fans cry.

I love this site, and did love finding actual info about Packers. However recently its beginning to be a bit much. It seems as if its less and less criticism and just more and more bitching and moaning and whining. Criticism is fine, its ok to criticize. But seriously all the bitching and moaning is just childish, about the only defense you have is if your drunk.

Also just because you spend money on the Packers doesn't give you a right to jack squat. Spending more money than another fan on going to Packers fans doesn't make you a better Packer fan. I am going to my first Packers game in Green Bay. Does that make me less of a Packers fan? Because I was just never able to make it there due to real life obligations, like you know jobs or family that I am less of a fan? So just because instead of spending thousands of dollars every year to see a couple of Packers games in GB, and put it into retirement funds so I can retire when i'm 40 yrs old that I am less of a Packers fan? Just because I refuse to let a football game, especially a week 3 football game, dictate my mood I am less of a Packers fan? I always am leery of any one who uses money for a reason for anything, whether it be used to determine status, value of a person, determing how big of a fan you are, etc...

I used to get angry everytime the Packers lost, I used to buy all the Packers stuff I could, I used to drive my parents nuts about going to Packers games there or here (btw the dome sucks). But then I grew up, I got older and just a tiny bit wiser and realised that in the end its just a game. It is something to be enjoyed, contrary to what the NFL wants you to think if how the Packers do on gameday dictates your mood and attitude it is not OK, and if it affects your daily life you need to seek help.

I love the Packers, I want them to win a Super Bowl. However if the negativity from all the naysayers gets to be too much I will just plug my ears and walk away. Telling them to shut up may feel good temporarily, but in the end its just whining and bitching about people who are whining and bitching, so its just more whining and bitching.

David's picture

"I am going to my first Packers game in Green Bay. Does that make me less of a Packers fan?"

Absolutely not. As long as you don't call me a fair weather fan, I am not going to judge you either.

I really shouldn't worry about guys like Packnic though. He's a casual fan at best, and a troll at that.

PackersRS's picture

I agree with this. It's not about who's the biggest fan, until someone makes it to be.

bryce's picture

Dead on.

FITZCORE1252's picture

As far as Monday night goes... It took every one of those penalties for duh bares to EEEK out a W. We are the better team and the division will be ours, not a doubt in my mind. I'm over Monday night.

bogmon's picture

The Two plays that REALLY bothered me and should never EVER happen again.

1) Nick Collins's excessive use of force on Matt Forte

2) Jermichael Finley celebrated a first down..when in FACT he obviously went out of bounds a yard short...we all noticed, yet he didn't seem to mind......terrible play.

brad's picture

There were 3 penalties on Rodgers and Sitton alone, that's just the kind of game that was being played. It was a crappy game against a division rival on the road. The Packers are going to lose anywhere from 4-6 games this year, and they'll probably, to take a quote from Nick Barnett, "shit down their leg" in all of them they don't win. Doesn't mean this team can't reach the top. Too many brainwashed fans have the dolted impression that to win the Super Bowl you have to win 14-16 games and finish first in every statistical catergory imaginable. It just doesn't work that way.

Cuphound's picture

Being a real fan doesn't mean unquestioning deference to the coaching staff, Alex. But you are right. This Packers team looks just the way Mike McCarthy wants it to look and he isn't about to change it.

For me, realizing that means pulling back on criticism a little. The coaching staff isn't going to fix anything, because they don't really think that anything is broken. I couldn't disagree more, but I don't think there's anything new to say. The genuine critiques of this team were all developed last year. Very little is different. There's not much new to say until we see a change of head coach.

We're locked into McCarthy's brand of mediocrity for the year. We've got to hope to get lucky in the course of the year.

I actually like the blogosphere. A diversity of opinions is healthy.

JimmySmith's picture

The only point I disagree with is regarding the starting tackles. If Clifton and Tauscher continue to suck, the coaches will have no choice but to play the young guns. One bad game does not equal a benching but if the trend continues, then the coaches will have the justification for making a move.

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