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Quick Hits Titans

Quick Hits Titans




It was about as uneventful as they come. There was a heavy dose of scrub city all night long, and for the most part is showed. I don't know if anything is any clearer than it was this morning.




Packers Titans

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The Water Cooler

Not a thing to note from the first stringers.

Nick Barnett looked a little bit hesitant. I would think they ease him in a little slower than he might want.

Brian Brohm was a little sharper, but seriously, he won’t win us anything. There are better options out there.

Wynn was nothing special, he made a couple okay runs. Certainly not a lock at this point.

Raji hurt his foot or ankle. He had a pretty noticeable limp. Let's hope it's not too bad.

The middle of the field will be a weakness against the run.

Mason finally makes a couple, but still misses one.

Matthews showed hustle but did not have a grasp of the defense yet. I think Poppinga starts against the Bears.

Sutton seems more explosive than Wynn, he is the only guy who made a solid case at running back tonight.

Lumpkin looked like he was a goner, then he turned it on. It’s anyone’s call between him and Wynn.

Jordy Nelson looked good all night.

Brett Swain probably made the practice squad at the least.

Pat Lee was back, but outside of one hustle play didn’t show me anything. Then he got hurt, again.

Desmond Bishop continues to play solid.

Trevor Ford sucks, he’s gone.

Tony Moll sucks, let's hope he's gone.

Jarrett Bush didn’t suck as much as usual.

Looking at Dave “unibomber” Redding still freaks me out.

There is still no answer in the return game beyond Will Blackmon.



Looked Bad: Raji

Not as Much: Smith, Underwood, Lee



Offense: C-

Defense: D


I don't think anyone but Sutton made a statement to make this squad. Let this buzz kill bring out the critics for the next ten says. I say bring on the Bears, this team is so ready.

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MrBacon's picture

Alex, the critics will now say "This is only preseason, this doesn't mean the Packers will be bad."

After 3 weeks of the opposite.

Paul's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-5233">

<strong><a href="#comment-5233" rel="nofollow">MrBacon</a></strong>: Alex, the critics will now say “This is only preseason, this doesn’t mean the Packers will be bad.”After 3 weeks of the opposite.


The diffrence here is that the first string only played one series, Yes we looked bad, but it was our back ups that looked bad not our starters so why should we be overly worried?

MrBacon's picture

I agree Pauil the only thing I take away is that we have poor depth from the starters to the backups after a certain point.

For example

Quinn Johnson has decent teammates at FB

However. Who is the 4th CB ?

PackersRS's picture

The 4th CB is Antonhy Smith. Capers plays with 3 cbs and 3 safeties in dime. Believe me, unless something happens to more than 5 players, counting out Barnett and Matthews, or something happens to Rodgers, we're fine.

Lace's picture

Yeah that's my question. The Titans starting offense started at midfield, and the defense held them to a fieldgoal. The starting offense went three and out, and the third play of that series was basically a "go for broke" play to get the offense off of the field healthy.

I'm more worried about the Raji injury. Hope he's alright.

IronMan's picture

Good call by the coaches to sit Jennings. No sense in risking Titans players getting injured in a meaningless game.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


Manitowish Waters's picture

Thanks for the hits, Alex, I missed the game tonight sadly although it sounds like it was an ok one to miss. But I wanted to see the roster battles.

Anyone's guess is as good as mine on the running backs, although I think we need a solid blocker and I think Wynn is that.

One question though. You say there are better options out there than Brohm.... so who are they? Let's not forget, he's the third guy. If it gets down to that, what will it matter? I'll take the guy who's been in the system for two years and is coming on, sort of, over another unknown. I've yet to see a preseason game where he's had even close to decent protection, and it sounds like it was even worse tonight. Yet he put up good numbers tonight and last week.

I've just got to think that between the two second year guys, one of the two would would at least have a chance if they even get thrown into the situation. But if you think they won't, then who would? There isn't even 32 starting quality quarterbacks in the league right now.

Appreciate the coverage as always.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

You're welcome Manitowish. It's not that I can name anyone better, but the fact is you have your third stringers in hopes that one of them turns out to be a diamond in the rough. I think it is safe to assume that Brohm isn't that guy. Let's start looking for the next one.

PackersRS's picture

Alex, like I've said over at Cat Killer's site, they'll keep Brohm based on that he progressed every single preseason game, and based on his college play. One aspect TT considered when bringing Charles Woodson was what he did at college. He said it himself. They'll take that into account when keeping Brohm.

Asshalo's picture

I should have posted this at RBC, but did you see swain played corner? What a wtf moment. I probably would have enjoyed that little factoid if it hadn't been for the injuries. I guess it takes a WR playing as a DB for Young to get his confidence back.

Good to see Nelson had to be pushed out of bounds on the screen. That db hit him and he just kinda looked at him like, "Shoo fly."

MrBacon's picture

Asshalo, playing a DB is just like playing a WR. It's old school ironman football. Swain can be our emergency backup WR-DB, and Havner TE-LB.

Anonymous's picture

Isn't the old joke, they put WRs that can't catch as a DB? I understand, but we don't want to get to that state on the depth chart.

Max's picture


Now will all reporters please stop hyping us up. It's ridiculous how much we're supposedly "on top" of the NFC North already. My God! it was 4 preseason games!! It means absolutely squat! Our starters still have a lot to prove. especially against a team like the Vikings who will just be lapping up all the hype, ready and waiting to tear it down. Not that I'm pessimistic about our chances I just think it's a tough division this season and teams like the Bears and the Vikings deserve a little respect (though not that Favre jerk, he can go hang, BOOOOO!!!).

I was happy when we were flying under the radar but it seemed that 1 preseason game was enough to convince most we were already division champions.

P.S - Dear God we've got depth issues at CB. Blackmon is not a good corner (plus he's injured), Pat Lee can't stay on the field long enough to show anything and Brandon Underwood is currently residing in Sucksville (population him).

Greg C.'s picture

The fourth preseason game is usually a pretty dreary affair, and this one was worse than most. What was there to learn from watching our second and third stringers chase Vince Young around? And what's the point of watching guys like Trevor Ford play? He never had a chance to make the team. I'm glad it's over. The punter was the only player who really stood out, but Jordy Nelson and Ruvell Martin made some nice plays as well.

As for Brian Brohm, at least he can throw slants. It's too bad he can't throw anything else, though. When he tried throwing the ball more than ten yards downfield, he was off target every time. So even after his good start, I ended up being unimpressed with him. I think he showed just enough to hang onto a roster spot, though.

Lace's picture

Worse, quick slants. Not even a 5 step drop pass.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Right on there.

Max's picture

You know Brohm's not meant for the NFL when it takes him till he's virtually cut to show the bare minimum of QB ability.

Anyway let's give him another season, and hell, one more after that, then a courtesy season of course. Basically the same treatment as we give Bustin Harrell.

I think it's called, "when all else fails a blind refusal to look facts straight in the face will see us through!"..... hmmmm.

Bob's picture

I like horse cock.

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