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Quick Hits Bears

Quick Hits Bears

As my fantasy team goes down in the playoffs, my real life team didn't look too bad. I'm not going to win 350 dollars, but the quick hits are always free.

Packers 21 Bears 14

Watch game highlights HERE.

Watch Aaron Rodgers highlights HERE.

Watch Ryan Grant finally make a long run HERE.

Quick Hits

Mason Crosby has to go now doesn't he? Seriously, they need to bring someone in this week. The kid doesn't have it anymore.

Nick Barnett played lights out.

So did A.J. Hawk.

Jarrett Bush didn't totally suck. There you go Greg C. you predicted I would say it once this season.

Jermichael Finley is a drop or two away from being a superstar.

I still think Jordy Nelson is overrated.

Where the hell was Driver today?

I am happy Ryan Grant got his obligatory once-a-year huge run. He's on my fantasy team. I'm still going to lose.

Sub par game for Rodgers.

Same could be said for Woodson.

Raji held his own until he got hurt.

I never hear them call Brad Jones' name. I suppose that is good.

Much better day for the special teams.

We need to quit getting soft in the second and third quarters. Good teams will eat that up.

The announcers had no clue about the Packers.

Coming away healthy is about as good as it gets.


Offense: B

Defense: A-

Special Teams: B


Ryan Grant

Pretty decent albeit sloppy showing again by the Packers. This game should have been a non-contest, but a win is a win. Also, taking the Bears twice makes it even sweeter. I think it is safe to say that one more win and you're in. Too bad it's not going to be at home.

We'll need a perfect game next week.

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Asshalo's picture

They called Jenkins, Cullen jennings at the beginning of the game.

Woodson had a pick, a tackle for a loss and a couple batted passes, but yes some dropped picks (that were still good plays), and a couple TDs that got by him. Those were good throws too tho. He's leading the league in INTs.

Grant is now over 1000 yards and McCarthy is .500 against the bears. That was getting really annoying for a while there. in 2007 and 2008 we lost games that we completely dominated on the stat sheets. glad it didn't happen again.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

<blockquote cite="comment-7141">

<strong><a href="#comment-7141" rel="nofollow">Asshalo</a></strong>: They called Jenkins, Cullen Jennings at the beginning of the game.

Ha. That's exactly why I wrote that. They also said something dumb about the Packers never being in second and long.

Asshalo's picture

Yeah, Grant never gets them in a second and 8 or 9 situation. To which I replied, "Jackass"

Wamzlee's picture

*ring ring* Hello?! Is this David Rayner? I found that new opportunity you've been looking for...

Mr. Bacon's picture

I think a topic you missed, Tramon Williams played a decent game, and no Def Int.

Manitowish Waters's picture

What's more annoying than the announcers today was my jackass uncle in Madison during our early xmas get together. He kept saying that he agreed with everything "Aikman" was saying during the broadcast. I offered that it was Brian Billick and not Aikman and he had the idocracy to call bullcrap. Then he wrote off the entire season during the third quarter breakdown.

Is Nick Barnett thriving in this defense or what? I know it's made up to help the linebackers get the glory, but I recall many who said Barnett and Hawk weren't tough enough to make it work. Barnett is back to his fringe Pro Bowl self and it's nice to see.

Two weeks in a row that a touchdown inside the 10 gets washed away on a slant pass that gets batted down. Can Rodgers pump fake or double clutch that thing, or wait another second for a passing lane to open up?

Jersey Al's picture

When did Crosby ever have it?

Mason Crosby was 27th in the league last year in field goal percentage (79%). His rookie season he was 24th in the league (80%).

As I wrote in August: "Field goal kicking is something that hasn’t been talked about much, but I feel it’s an area that needs to be improved on in training camp. I feel Crosby is being given an undeserved pass and there should be another kicker in camp to push him, if nothing else."

Maybe now he'll see some competition.

Stan's picture

This was an odd game. The Packers seemed to want to waste the clock running the ball, but in doing so left themselves open to the Bears rebounding. Rodgers was having an up-and-down game as well, didn't seem as sharp (not that he was used an awful lot). You got the impression McCarthy wanted a quick win, no injuries, and move on to Pittsburgh.

ah Mason Crosby - Honestly we need him to get good or what exactly is his purpose on this team. There will come a game where we need him to win it for us.... is there a Packers fan out there that would be confident in that?.... I doubt it. We need to Draft/F.A some competition, his job's been far too secure.

Asshalo's picture

"This was an odd game. The Packers seemed to want to waste the clock running the ball, but in doing so left themselves open to the Bears rebounding"

Couldn't have said it better myself. Meanwhile it's like they got out of their rythem calling more conservative plays after being up 13-0.

Erik's picture

This game had the biggest hallmark of the past seven or so games by our heroes: coming out flat in the second half.

Everyone after the Ravens game was complaining about penalties, "ugliness" and what not, but I said then too: McCarthy cannot get this team to keep their foot on the gas in games and they almost always have the worst third quarter in all of football every week. Does anyone know where we could find stats by quarter of teams? I'd be willing to bet that the third quarter is always the Packers worst quarter in every facet of the game.

How many more games do the Packers need to come out an lay an egg after the half before it starts setting off alarms?

Greg C.'s picture

Yes, Jarrett Bush's performance was downright passable, and he had to defend Greg Olsen on a lot of plays. If they keep him on the TE and near the line of scrimmage, maybe we can get by with him.

I agree with Al that Crosby never had it. But for some reason the coaching staff seems to think he is a great kicker. Unfortunately, it's probably too late in the season to make a move now. But they need to at least bring in some competition next year in training camp.

It's encouraging that the Packers won in spite of subpar performances by their two most consistent players on offense, Rodgers and Driver.

Damn, I gotta go back to work now. Lunch break is over.

Stan's picture

Anyone else scared of a pissed off Steelers team that will have longer to prepare and is more than familliar with our defensive style? Cause I am.

Erik's picture

It definitely worries me, Stan. The game also is a lot more meaningful for the Steelers than the Packers. And after five wins in a row, two in a row against physical teams, the Steelers game really worries me.

Mr. Bacon's picture

The defense is nothing without Polamalu, he is the person who tells where each person goes, without him the Steelers suck.

Just ask the Browns.

Greg C.'s picture

I'm not at all worried about the Steelers game because the Packers can easily afford to lose it. All they have to do is win one more game to make the playoffs, most likely, and the last two games should both be very winnable--at home against an awful Seattle team and on the road against an Arizona team that will have nothing to play for.

Asshalo's picture

it would be nice to go into AZ with nothing to play for tho, especially since we may play them in the wildcard round. 2 more wins and we're definitely in. at 10-6 we could be subject to a tiebreaker.

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