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Piss off MM

Piss off MM

I am sick of listening to Mike McCarthy act like nothing is wrong with the discipline of this team. Every week we go through the same penalties, the same lack of discipline, and the get the same answer.

"We'll fix it."

Why would this week be any different? Well, it wasn't.

Once again, all Mike McCarthy can do is sugarcoat the mistakes, and completely ignore accountability.

Some of the quotes:

"I thought our special teams, outside of the actual punting, played very well." Frost punted "great" before the game; doesn't know why it didn't carry over, but have to figure that out."

Great Mike, how about admitting you and Ted screwed the pooch on this one and "figure out" a way to get rid of this loser.

"Need to clean up and move on."

How many weeks in a row are you going to use that one Mike?

"We're always going to err on the side of being more aggressive. I don't think focus and discipline are the problem. I won't apologize for the penalties."

If your not going to apologize for the penalties, then perhaps this isn't the job for you. This has been going on all season, and all the coach has to say is well - not a frickin' thing.

Is it time to find someone who will?

(Stay Tuned)

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Packnic's picture

are you seriously suggesting its time to find another coach???

Alex Tallitsch's picture

I'm seriously suggesting it is time for some answers.

Dave's picture

It is in no way constructive to call a player out for penalties and mistakes when you are talking to the media. McCarthy seems like the kind of coach that takes care of that kind of thing in the locker room and behind closed doors. A tirade to the media would just make us feel better and not make the team any more cohesive.

Packnic's picture

that i can get behind... but answers can only come in the Chicago game next week. and you are right something isn't right and losing sucks. I just don't think firing a good coach that has gone 5-1 against a team that got the win barely is a good idea. so if he goes 1-5 against the bears next week are we gonna give MM a contract extension???

two tough road games and we made some mistakes.

I guess im just gonna shut up till next week for fear that I give MM too much slack.

Packnic's picture

and I think its ridiculous that some other wise sane people are taking so much stock in what MM says in a press conference. Like Dave said... berating players and knee jerk firing people doesn't ever work. All it does is get you a good Coors Light commercial. MM doesn't give anything away, and I can pretty much guarantee that the players get a different message than what he says in a freakin presser.

On to Chicago.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Your argument is a valid one (both Dave and Packnic) however, if he is the kind of guy who takes a different approach in the locker room, isn't it then obvious that this approach is not getting it done? I'm not suggesting we go ahead and fire the guy, but the problems aren't getting taken care of behind the scenes, or in front of the camera.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Which brings up a point of leadership. I have trouble making this statement, but I made it yesterday as well.

Perhaps our team leadership in the locker room came from somewhere else last year. Or, more specifically, someone else.

Packnic's picture

you're right... regardless of what he says and where he says it... all that matters is results. and right now we don't have any.

but as far as Favre being the leader last year. I mean all the evidence really points to him being distant to everyone and I can't see that as being good leadership. and also Favre was the same leader in the 8-8 season with the same coaches and much of the same team.

I tend to chalk most of this up to being a very young team with a first year QB. I have faith that it will get fixed... just like I did when we went 8-8.

Dale Z's picture

A new coach? That's crazy talk.

Just because he comes out and says calm things doesn't mean he's not tearing guys heads off behind closed doors(see:WIll Blackmon punt return).

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Whatever he is doing in the locker room is not working. Time for plan B.

That Guy's picture

i think MM is a softy ,, no different than sherman ,,, i also believe MM and TT lost the respect of the vetern players ... call me crazy ,, but there is too much talant on this packers team for our record ... i feel this green bay packers team has more talant than the jets team ,, yet number 4 heads over there and they now are number 1 ... in fact it seems number 4 has not missed a beat since last season ... i just wish the packers were worried about playoffs not draft picks .... ohh well there is always next season ... i geuss the train has left the station ,,, MM and TT should have thought about that statment ,,, long and hard ... the train did leave the station and its headed for suckville ... and just think at the end of the day our genus gm TT and coach MM should get the credit ,,, but some will just balme everything else .... its too bad ,, the proof is in the puddin ...

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