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Packer Chatters Sucks

Packer Chatters Sucks




I think it was Dickens that said, "a smattering of everything, and a knowledge of nothing."  That would describe Packer Chatters perfectly.




No offense Charles, but sucks works just as well, not to mention the great search results it will yield in a couple of weeks (see Aaron Nagler).


Anyway, if you aren't familiar with this blog (most of the world) you already know I despise the folks over at Packer Chatters. I've written about it, Cheesehead TV has written about it, and this afternoon the topic was once again revisited at Railbird Central.


For those not up on the blog bashing scene, Packer Chatters is essentially an RSS feed of Packer information. It isn't a very good one either and one could equate it to a pitiable attempt at a poor man's Packer World.


Essentially, they try and find Packer bloggers to share their material and then post it on their site trying carefully to disguise it as their own. When, in reality, it is nothing more than simultaneously regurgitated material from original Packer writers.


They in turn keep all the advertising money and then label themselves as the most popular Packer site on the internet. The problem is it really isn't a Packer fan site; it's just a collection of Packer blogs from around the internet.


I totally understand why people submit their material to Packer Chatters. It is the same reason I submit my site to google. That reason being the hope of increasing readership for something I take great pride in doing on a daily basis. There are some great names posted at Packer Chatters. In fact, our own Jersey Al has had an independent article or two featured in the past. The problem is when you read a story on google it gives credit to all parties involved in the story. Packer Chatters, quite simply, refuses to do so.


A great point in case once again poked its head out of trash heap at Packer Chatters today. This week we were delighted to be joined by Tundra Vision's C.D. Angeli on "Around The Lounge." C.D. is a brilliant Packer analyst, and has oft given Packer Chatters his permission to use material. We had a great time on the show, and I was pleased to see that C.D. did too when he wrote this. Pretty kind words from a pretty good guy huh?


I got an email this afternoon pointing out a very interesting article on Packer Chatters. It was similar to the piece by Angeli, but something was missing. What could it be? Take a look for yourself.


I also took a screenshot just in case they edit it by morning, something PC is notorious for doing in a shady manner when presented with conflict.


Granted, I don't go to Packer Chatters (no decent Packer fan should) because when I need an RSS feed I'll check Twitter and other more reliable services before using the archaic outpost that they call the most popular Packer site in the world. I mean seriously, the place is one big giant Facebook feed of the Packer's blogosphere. In fact, I don't really know if they publish any original material outside of their podcast.


(EDIT: The producers of the podcast "Packer's Therapy" are also independent. So, that makes no original material.)


They do have a comedy writer named Patty who has a funny article from time to time, the latest suggesting we replace Atari Bigby with Jarrett Bush, but that hardly counts as Packer's news especially from an anonymous source.


The bottom line is simple Packer Chatters. You once again took an article inspired by a concept I developed, and tried to write it off as your own. Not to mention, screwing Angeli out of a key and relevant component of his piece.


I will add this to a long string of disservices thrown to unknowing Packer fans compliments of the great spue machine known as Packer Chatters.


Packer Chatters... bending over Packer's fans and ramming them since 1999.


Hey, that has slogan potential.

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Chris's picture

During the piece you suggested that the podcast on (and by that I assumed you meant Packers Therapy) was produced by the site. Actually, Dave and I produce it independently and PC hosts the program. I suppose it is a nuance, but I thought it might be worth noting.

We started the show in 2005 and hosted it via a vendor for 1.5 years until Wally and Larry approached us about hooking up with them. It worked for us because we no longer had to pay hosting fees and it also exposed the show to a wider audience. In return PC got more content--it has been a good arrangement for us.

I can't comment on the rest of the site content as I have no involvement with that aspect of the operation. All I do is produce Packers Therapy with Dave and allow PC to host it (and occasionally grab some things off of Zugzwang, my blog). Bottom line: doesn't "own" or even produce the Packers Therapy podcast, it just hosts it to add to its content offerings.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Thanks for clarifying that Chris. I have never been a podcast listening guy (just got my first iphone) but I respect anyone who makes one. They take a GREAT deal of time and dedication. If I had a dollar for every swear word during the editing process I would be a rich man.

Good to know the relationship though.

Jonathan's picture

I've quietly enjoy visiting all three PC, PL and CHTV sites, for the record. Pick from each as you wish. Here's my irrelevent opinion on this.

Who cares? Any dumb schmuck can see where PC gets their stories, no one is being fooled and I don't presume PC is trying to fool anyone.

Not that I know inside baseball to anything, but those authors, and Packers Therapy, willingly give PC their stuff for whatever reasons. We all (Packers fans) realize PC didn't write them themselves. We are aware those authors have their own sites. If you're this worried about Google searches and traffic counts, I'd recommend stopping and doing your own thing and making your own site stand out.

For heavens sake Alex you're acting like CD should have given you co-author credit for the story he wrote. News flash- any old fan could have had that conversation, and I'd bet my CM3 jersey we all have three or four times. How was that your concept? Just wow.

It's been gettin' real childish around here lately I've noticed. When will we grow out of the frat boy lure and realize we're all just puttering around on the Internet because we're obsessed witht the Packers, and stop obsessing over ourselves. I realize you don't take your site serious and don't care if anyone else does either, but it's just lame and stupid to cry foul over this garbage. I like Packers Lounge, it's a gem I think, but this stuff is immature and retarded. You're the douche today, Alex.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

See, you obviously missed the entire point of this. I think I clearly addressed why people submit things to Packer chatters.

The fact that remains that they intentionally remove all Packer links not directly related to their site. I don't expect CD to do anything much less mention my site. I do expect Packer chatters to re-print his work in its entirety, not purposely omit the original intent of the article.

CD's article was about the time spent here at Packers Lounge, and how that time caused him to reflect on a bigger picture. What's immature and retarded is Packer Chatters taking credit and not delivering the entire package.

But, like you said... I could give a rat's ass what you think.

Max's picture

It's fast becoming a hate filled site.

Alex Tallitsch's picture

Dear Max,

I hate you.



PackersRS's picture

Hate makes the world spin. That, and Charles Woodson.

Asshalo's picture

Haha, did you start visiting this blog yestarday?

Max's picture

Are you guys devoid of humour!? lighten up!

FITZCORE1252's picture



Mark's picture

How can you bash Packerchatters when your site does the exact same thing you acuse them of doing? I'd much rather read regurgitated information sprinkled with a little bit of opinion than the off kilter rants and raves of this site.

This is the last place I come for packers news because there is no news. It's you guys complaining about Ted Thompson, making fun of Mike McCarthy's weight, and asking God to set Jarret Bush on fire (can't say I disagree with that last one). So instead of complaining about packerchatters, why not make your site better?

How about a consistent Mock Draft database, with weekly updates? This is the poorman's packers news site. Upgrade with some actual news, some actual information, and maybe then you can have an angle to bash packerchatters. Till then get off your pedastal, stop complaining about a website just trying to attract readers the same way you are, and realize your best and most consistent writer finds it manageable to work with packerchatters, maybe you should too. Or wait, did they steal his articles?

Alex's picture

Wow, dissecting this rant will be a tough one.

1. Why would you come here for news, or for that matter expect any news to be here? People get their news from the news guys. If you are going to blogs looking for news, save yourself some time and get a Twitter account. This will never be a news site. Sorry.

2. Of course we complain about Ted Thompson. That's what people do. As far as McCarthy is concerned I GUARANTEE you 100 percent that I never have mentioned his weight in any kind of derogatory manner. Find where I have and I will give you this blog. As far as setting Jarrett Bush on fire, sounds like a good idea but it didn't come from these hands.

3. Mock Drafts are stupid. They are nothing more than some random guesses by mostly unqualified individuals. The draft is a crap shoot. If you're into it fine, Jersey Al helps some guys out and I am sure would be more than happy to point you to his site. This is a fan site, not a newspaper. I think the Packers are going to take the best available player on the board... happy?

4. If I am trying to attract readers the same way as Packer Chatters then please shoot me now. My entire goal is to have something completely different than any other Packer's blog. Al and Greg post here because they like to write about the Packers and deserve to be heard. They do so for no compensation whatsoever. Our mission statement has always been that if you are a Packer fan, and want to publish your opinion, you are free to do here anytime and subsequently promote anything you wish. That stands for anyone. The problem is, guys like you are too lazy, or too stupid to get off your ass and write something so you choose to complain about mine instead.

Finally, I'm not the only guy hating on Packer Chatters. I can direct you to four or five other places saying the same thing right now. The only thing us bloggers have to hang on to is the credit for what we write and what we create. When that information is intentionally omitted for the well being of its publisher, I cry foul.

Mark's picture

Very fair response. I'm here so obviously I don't hate your blog. I just don't agree with your criticism of a website you're now saying exists for a completly different purpose than yours does.

What harm is packerchatters doing you? A feature article condeming it just seems undeserved. Also, 1) I am definatly not too lazy to write articles, just don't see the point in saturating the internet with one more half-ass, under-informed, over-opinionated story. 2) Why bring my intelligence into this? You're the one blogging about how a 3rd or 4th rate news outlet, which one of your associates has written for, is figurativley raping readers...I guarantee we have the same intellectual skills, or else we wouldn't be able to have this little discussion. And 3) Every article I look at on their website gives credit to the author...isn't that by definition the credit a blogger would hang on to? Whoops sorry I mean, "hang on to" (Alex).

I am not personally attacking you, just your stance on I understand where your argument is coming from, I just don't completley see it's validity. You do have a unique blog, one you have clearly put alot of time, effort and energy into, and that is not my issue, I apologize for my unwarranted criticisms earlier. This site is funny, entertaining, and laid back, my only issue is why a blogger like yourself would go after packerchatters, when a casual reader, and packer's fan like myself, can not see the issue with this site even after your article and comment response. But then again maybe I am just stupid.

Alex's picture

Fair enough too.

My bottom line, (until the next time) is this...

If Jersey Al posted an article tonight that started with...

"I was at Packer Chatters last night and had a great time. It got me to thinking that..."

I would most certainly publish it as is, period.

Mark's picture

Avoiding media bias within packers news/opinion coverage, what more could a reader ask for???

The example you provided is a great one, and I applaud the fact you stood up to your argument, and came down to the level of a commentor such as myself to justify it.

A marketplace of opinions and ideas all on one site? Is this a utopian blog?

Thanks for the debate, good talk, see you out there. Hope to agree or disagree on something soon.

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