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Out of Here in 2010

Out of Here in 2010




Since there is not a whole lot going on right now in 2009, let's take a look at 2010.





If you thought this free agent period was a frustrating one, prepare to take your Valium early for 2010. With 13 unrestricted free agents, there are bound to be some even tougher decisions looming for management next season.

I understand it is hard to come to any firm conclusions without factoring in the play in 2009, but barring Hall of Fame performances, I think we can already take a good shot at a guessing game of who stays and who goes.

This is how a see it:



Will Blackmon: Provided he stays healthy and continues to improve, I think it is safe that the Packers will make a run at keeping Will around for the long term.

Daryn Colledge: The guy has done everything the Packers have asked him. The versatile lineman is rewarded with a new deal during the off-season.

Jason Spitz: Spitz has continued to improve, and barring a complete meltdown, Spitz will be a Packer in 2010.

Atari Bigby: If he returns to the player he was in 2008, expect Atari to remain a Packer. If he fails to get healthy, the dread locked defensive back will be hitting the streets. Not to mention that fact that he gets tons of hoes.

Tony Moll: Like it or not, the Packers keep Moll just in case. With uncertainty higher than ever on Rodger's blindside, Moll makes the cut as a warm body. Great.

Ruvell Martin: Every year I say it's time for Ruvell Martin to break out. Ever year I keep waiting. However, even with an average season, I think you see Ruvell sticking around. A good friend of Rodgers, an aging Donald Driver, and plenty of opportunity, leave Ruvell knocking out a friendly Ferguson type contract but actually playing his worth.

Out of Here

Chad Clifton: It's been a great run for Clifton. His days as a Packer end in 2010. He is just too much money for too many questions. Like many great players, his body is going to finally let him down.

Nick Collins: Too much dough for too much show. I suppose there is a possibility that Collins gets re-signed this off-season. If not, so ends the

Charlie Peprah: Sorry Charlie, you can be replaced much cheaper by someone much better.

Ryan Pickett: The big grease gets greased from Green Bay. The converted 4-3 nose tackle will leave the Bay for one more payday in a more comfortable scheme.

Johnny Jolly: After sitting out a likely suspension in 2009. The Packers part ways with what could turn out to be a public relations nightmare. No way Jolly gets any kind of big payday from the Green and Gold.

Tory Humphrey: Finley will start to come into his own this season. If Tory makes the team in 2009, he becomes disposable in 2010.

Aaron Kampman: Here comes the arguments. Aaron Kampman will not be a Packer in 2010. The guy has one nice payday left, and he isn't going to get it from the Packers regardless. He will be lauded as Packer people and replaced with a more reasonable option. I love Aaron Kampman, but the Packers will never pony up what the pro-bowler is going to ask.


Here ends my predictions for the 2010 off-season. I expect it to be profanity filled and twice as heated as usual. I think the Packers are left with four big holes at NT, OLB, T, and safety. Hopefully, someone steps up to fill those empty shoes this season, if not, expect Ted to dip deeper into free-agency than he ever has in the past.

That is if Ted is still running the show.

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longtimefan's picture

I dont think those are to far fetched...

The one I would have an issue with would be Kamp...I think he will shut everyone up and show how good and versatile he is and will get a nice chunk

Asshalo's picture

I hope MM is right about Kampann, but then again he might want to leave for a 4-3. I really hope Jeremy Thompson, CM3 can have break-out years. I really don't see us keeping those three plus Brady Poppinga next season. He would be an overpaid back-up

Asshalo's picture

I have a hard time believing...(1)... they're going to keep MOLL when they've selected 4 o-linemen in the past 2 drafts. Then again if it's a short-term contract I'm all for it. Otherwise, he's missed his shot to stay for the long haul (2)...we will get rid of both JOLLY and PICKETT on a d-line that already has depth issues. Unless we plan on dipping into free agency, I don't see this happening.

I have to agree on KAMPMANN and COLLINS. However, both are pretty contingent on their performance in the 3-4. Collins underestimated the commitment it takes to learn the 3-4 and his play will probably suffer for that. He should have recognized he has to prove his worth in a new scheme to get rewarded.

I really worry about the safety position. If you look at the best 3-4 programs they all have some BAMF safety that is the leader of the defense. Sorry BIgby just doesn't have the intelligence. I like
-Taylor Mays (USC),
-Eric Berry (TEN),
-Darrell Stucky (KAN) in 2010.

While I am at here are some DE i want:
-Gerald McCoy (OKIE)
-Ndamukong Suh (NEB)
-and possibly the next richard seymour, Corey Wootton.

-Brandon Spikes would be a good replacement for either Barnett or Hawk (both have kinda sucked).

andy's picture

I like the way you think, asshalo. Hope no one I know sees me type that.

Asshalo's picture

on the draft picks or in general? thanks

MrBacon's picture

Will Blackmon - Stays
Daryn Colledge - Stays
Jason Spitz- Stays
Atari Bigby - Stays
Tony Moll - Stays
Ruvell Martin - Stays
Chad Clifton - Cut this year.
Nick Collins - Toss Up
Charlie Peprah - Cut this year.
Ryan Pickett - Stays
Johnny Jolly - Stays
Tory Humphrey - Cut this year.
Aaron Kampman - Stays

Also some other predictions:
Ted Thompson - Stays
Mike McCarthy - Stays
Ronald Regan - Still dead
Abe Vigoda - Still alive
Bubbles the Chimp - In rehab

Asshalo's picture

right about humphrey. I have a hard time believing we'll cut clifton who maintains the most important position on the filed: AR's blindside. He may be getting old but we do not have anyone to replace him

MrBacon's picture

I just have a feeling, at his position, those knees are just blown.

Alex Tallitsch's picture


PackersRS's picture

Aaron Kampman has been the 3rd best pass rusher in the league since 2005 with 43,5 sacks, only behind Jared Allen (48,5) and DeMarcus Ware (53,5). I think it's pretty safe to say that, barring career ending injuries, Aaron Kampman will be a packer at least for 2011. And any other move from the Packers part would be TERRIBLE. And I think Nick Collins will stay, too. The rest I agree with you, Alex. Clifton is the safest bet. He won't be here. He may not be here as soon as this season if he can't regain his form and someone steps up.

Asshalo's picture

What makes you think Kampmann will want to remain an OLB as opposed to a DE in 4-3 somewhere else?

PackersRS's picture

He may not want it. The worst possible scenario is a Peppers x Panthers one. But he cares about the organization much more than Peppers do. He cares about his teammates much more than Peppers do. He was a 5th round pick. We gave him a chance. Unlike Peppers. And I believe in Capers' ability in making him a playmaker at OLB, and if he plays well he'll want to stay. So the chances of him acting like Peppers are slim IMO.
BUT considering he does, we can just act like they did. Bottom line if the money's right, he'll stay. And considering what he has done, we MUST keep him no matter what. And I think TT's not stupid. He won't be cheap with the best defensive player on his roster (along with Woodson). And he'll be 30. He'll have at least 2 more highly productive years ahead of him.

Jersey Al's picture

I am convinced TT is already planning on letting Clifton walk. I also think Kampman is a good bet to leave for his last big payday.

Jon's picture

Bubbles the Chimp is in rehab??? who would have thunk it...

Greg C.'s picture

The only one I have a major issue with is Moll. I wouldn't bet on him being kept on the team this year, let alone next year. Ted Thompson does not keep mediocre players beyond their third or fourth years. He replaces them with younger guys who may have some upside. By that token, I don't expect Ruvell Martin to stick around either, unless he has a really good year in '09.

I agree that Kampman and Collins could very well be gone. If they have bad seasons, they will want to leave, and if they have good seasons, they will demand huge money, so it's sort of a catch 22. I hope Ted can find the money to keep Kampman.

Graham's picture

I think you mean the 2007 Bigby, cuz the 2008 Bigby wont be resigned....

Graham's picture

A-K 74 is ending his carrer in Green and Gold and will be in the Packer Hall of Fame some day....

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