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Jarrett Bush Made Me Cry

Jarrett Bush Made Me Cry

Just got done watching the Jarrett Bush interview on the Packers website and must say I got a slight tear in my eye. If you missed it, Jarrett Bush once again showed us what we are dealing with here.


He looked wide eyed and overtaken on the podium, and it was fantastic.

Earlier, Desmond Bishop had talked about the criticism the Bush had gotten from Packer fans.

" got to him... you could see the fire in his eyes."

When he got to the podium, you couldn't help but notice the weight off his shoulders. He couldn't help but see the whole thing in his face.

I've spent a lot of my life not living up to the expectations of others, so I can understand how he feels. It really brought back some hard and tough memories.

Jarrett Bush has taken a lot in his career, probably more than any Packer player next to Ahmad Carroll.

Unlike Carroll however, he chose to use that criticism to his advantage and become a better player, and automatically a better person.

I admire that.

We often wonder if our words ever get to a player, and obviously they do. I sometimes forget that fact, and perhaps of all the people in the world, Jarrett Bush was the one to remind me of that.

Jarrett Bush deserves a standing ovation right now. I'll be happy to lead.

I'm sure Packer fans will have no problem. As Bush says:

"Packers fans are the greatest in the world."


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Doug's picture

Bravo! Great post!

Jarrett Bush fan.'s picture

I'm guilty. I haven't spoke out about him in public at all but I yelled a lot at my television. Boy has become quite the asset and a true baller.

djbonney138's picture

Couldn't agree more. His humility was inspiring and his play in the NFC Championship Game was remarkable. He showed a lot on that field Sunday and showed more today at the podium. I will raise my glass to new beginnings!

daude963's picture

I'm standing! Amazing how many really good people are in the Packer Locker Room.

Steve Scaffidi's picture

Well said...another example of T.T. Putting great people on the team...

PackersThad's picture

I will readily admit that I have been a Bush hater for years. I never thought I could forgive him for the '07 NFC Championship. But he has grown sooo much!! Good work Jarrett! Keep playing your heart out!! GO! PACK! GO!

Anita's picture

Rock on, Jarrett! You have to love a good comeback story, and his is it.

Thomas from Germany's picture

do you have a link to that interview, cant find it... thanks

Thomas from Germany's picture

thanks man.

can't wait for the super bowl.
been harsh on TT and especially jarrett bush... but both are real men with high character. Love My Packers

bleedsgreen's picture

Three things to learn from this:
1) the shit that gets said on blogs can actually make a team better!
2) the shit that gets said on blogs can actually make a player feel like shit!
3) We should strive, as fans, to also be "Packer people" - accomplishing 1) without resorting to 2).

Jarret Bush - I've called you out your name so many damn times. You showed us, big time. Congrats on your remarkable hard work and improvement. Best of luck in the Super Bowl.

FITZCORE1252's picture

I like Jarrett. As a gunner. As long as he's not fucking up assignments in the D-backfield it's all good. Just re-watched the Pitt game from last season, 2 players really stood out as being the main culprits for Ben's 500+ yards, Bigby and Bush (Martin gets an HM). He's proven time and again that he's not a DB in this league, the tape doesn't lie. With that said, he can stay around and continue to be a key contributor for years to come on ST's, but if I never see Jarret take another defensive snap it will be too soon.


Brando's picture

"Gratified but not yet satisfied."

That's good to hear from him. It's good when you can take criticism and use it to fuel you rather than beat you down. I'm glad that he realizes that there is still much more for him to achieve yet though.

Packerwest's picture

Remember last year when Tramon Williams was looking helpless with tons of interference penalties? Players work and study hard to become better. Bush has worked his tail off and has played great. he certainly still has some deficiencies in coverage but markedly improved since last year.

SVA's picture

Thanks for sharing that link.

Seems like a solid dude, seems like he gets it. He also has an awesome beard.

ThePretzelhead on twitter's picture

He's 27

DAN's picture

I watched that interview and it moved me also . So much that 2 days later I googled his name and found your website well played sir!!!

400metres's picture

Bush's story is kind of like a microcosm of Aaron Rodgers' in the sense that most of us recoiled with "wtf?!" when the Pack matched the Titan's generous RFA offer to Bush a couple of years ago much in the same way many of us reacted negatively to Thompson and McCarthy committing to Rodgers and showing Favre the door.

We just didn't understand what the management knew about the heart and talent of these two players. Thank god they're the guys in charge and not us.

greenbowlpacker's picture

Yet another great move by Ted....He kept him around and people wondered what the heck was he took a little while to finally pay off....but it has.

Edward's picture

Bush has been magnificent the past few weeks on special teams, and I'm pleased for his success, both as a fan of the Packers and for him as a person.

I do think Bush is a bit overpaid, to be a special teams gunner for $1.1 million. I don't believe he'll ever be a serviceable DB for the Packers.

If the Packers had unlimited resources and there was no salary cap, then sure, why not? But the Packers have a nucleus of young talent who are less easily replaced than Bush. My guess is that they'll not keep him beyond the end of his contract in 2011-2012.

The Packers are going to need $$ to pay CM3, Raji, etc. etc.

Frankin Hillside's picture

You don't go cheap on Special Teams. Tracy White taught me (and Ted) that.

Tommer's picture

For the record, it's not 'crying'. It's man-weep.

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