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Hawk Hogan?

Hawk Hogan?

Personally, I hate all forms of All-Star Wrestling. But, from the sounds of it anyway, members of our Green Bay Packers, from the coaches down to the players, seem to think it's great. The latest victim? A.J. Hawk.

I found this little blurb courtesy of

"In the latest Sporting News magazine. They do a profile every issue and this one has A.J. Hawk (Linebacker of the Packers). He states his #1 thing on his bucket list is to wrestle in the WWE."

One would figure that A.J.'s bucket list might include a superbowl ring or an MVP, right? Nope, in this instance anyway fake sports seem to take the priority.

Now, there is no one to blame here but Kevin Greene. We all know his story as an All-Star Wrestler. But now, we have Aaron Rodgers doing the Title-Belt and A.J. priming himself to upstage Kevin. What's next? Will Blackmon doing the 450 Splash into the endzone?

Seriously, the WWE sucks, but if I have to play along, if the Packers were to all become All-Star Fake Wrestlers tomorrow, what would their names be?

I'll expect to be entertained by this all day.

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AaronInSTL's picture

Jarrett Bushwhacker

IronMan's picture

Jennings = Greg the impaler. (that's what the ladies call him)

Asshalo's picture

Ted Thompson = Night of the Living Tead

PackersRS's picture

Well, if at least some of Greene's talent and mean streak rubs off on A.J. as well, I'd be okay with it.

Maybe practicing MMA teaches him not to just wait to get blocked and then to nothing... Maybe you see some fire under his behind...

But after 3 years, wouldn't expect it...

FITZCORE1252's picture

Do you follow MMA down there? So many studs from Brazil, hell, the Gracie's put the damn thing on the map.

PackersRS's picture

Did more, when Pride was a big thing. Mad Dog Vanderlei Silva and Rodrigo Minotauro were practically unbeatable.

Now, I don't know how things are...

In here there are A LOT of followers... It's still the #10 sport.

Here's the ranking, in case you wanna know:

1) Soccer
2) Soccer
3) Soccer
4) Soccer
5) Soccer
6) Volleyball
7) Basketball
8 ) Surf
9) Football
10) MMA

And, no, I'm not trying to be funny. Soccer is the 1st sport of 90% of the population that likes sports, and it's the ONLY sport of 50% of that list. On the sports media, 90% is about soccer...

Here's so you understand. Imagine if in the US there was no Baseball, Basketball or Hockey. Only football, and the other sports...

But as Franklin Hillside once said, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, 14% of all people know that.

FITZCORE1252's picture

American football is ahead of MMA in Brazil. huh? Wouldn't have guessed that. Most MMA begins with either a wrestling base or a BJJ base, granted there are exceptions, but that is the norm (and where does BJJ come from?)

Dude, me and my boyz never missed a PPV, it's kinda like church for some... "gotta do it".

I don't know if it's a cultural thing or what, but I know Wanderlei as "the axe murderer" never heard him called "mad dog" (never missed a UFC, didn't catch a lot of live pride though, always saw the replays on-line or on DVD), absolutely LOVE the guy. WTF is not to love?

Nothing but respect for Nogueria, B-U-T, I haven't seen an ass-whoopin' like that in quite some time. Cain Velasquez OWNED Minotauro (still got that on my DVR, haven't seen that crisp of striking in the Heavy Weight Division in years). Keep an eye out for Cain. Dudez legit (83% of on-line voters agree). Good Timezzzz.



PackersRS's picture

As far as television view, MMA is behind, I believe. As far as practice, American Football is behind Rugby... The equipment is just too expensive, and there aren't playing fields...

Jiu-Jitsu might not be ahead, but Martial Arts as a whole is (Karate, Judo, Muay Thai). Not MMA, but the individual fights...

As far as Vanderlei, it's "cachorro louco", "mad dog" in english...

FITZCORE1252's picture

I can hear it now...

"now entering the squared circle... Justin 'waste-of-space' Harrel"

Stan's picture

Jolly Green Giant (for johnny jolly.... obviously)
The Mighty Quinn Johnson
Justin 'backbreaker' Harrell

PackersRS's picture

LMAO at "backbreaker"!

Asshalo's picture

I think it's time to develop a wrestling game.

Globalpack's picture

Daryn 'the crybaby' colledge
bj 'rhastaman' raji
clay 'claymore' Matthews
Chad Clifton would simply referred to as false start, and he would get the jump on his opponent by going after them before the opening bell.

Every Kid Boo's's picture

Allen "The Babre" Beefcake.

I'll admit I need to drink more raise the level of creativity.

Jordy "love and affection" Nelson

*turns and walks away

FITZCORE1252's picture

"Jordy “love and affection” Nelson"

I bet that's lost on most (I've still got their poster on my wall, lol), well done.

Tyler Bohms's picture

Nick "The Shart" Barnett

Joe Kruger's picture

This is kinda fun. Some are ok, others not so much.

Dr. Quinn the Medicine Man. -Quinn Johnson
Muffasa (self given) or Danger for Nick Barnett
Sly- A-Rod
Clay Mauler- Clay Matthews III
Ouch- Nick Collins, I swear he gets hurt twice a game.
Nintendo- Atari Bigby
Loogie- Jason Spitz
The Professor- Mark Tausher
The Flying Bostonian- Will Blackmon
Raging Ragi- BJ Ragi
The Chauffeur - DD
The Sit-in -Sitton

Joe Kruger's picture

A couple more...

Mr. Irrelevant - Justin Harrel
The Swan- Brett Swain
Big Mac Daddy -Coach

PackerHQ's picture

Bryan Bulaga - White Whale
Morgan"bad street" Burnett
Mike ' THE HAMMER " Neal
BJ Raji - Big Daddy
Justin Harrell - Invisible Man
Breno Giacomini - The Godfather
Brandon Chillar- Iceman

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