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Although I have numerous other more important things to accomplish. The Lounge has continued to search Packer nation this week for the elusive dumbass. Luckily, it was easy this time, the dumbass came to us.

Jim, a regular reader of the Packers Lounge sent me this little tid-bit from somewhere in the Packers blogoshphere. There is so much to say I'll just have to take it line-by-line.


The writer of this editorial says the following:


Here is a breakdown of how I think the season would have went if Brett was here and all summaries I did were after the fact of each game.

Kind of hard to summarize before the fact isn't it?


1. Minnesota was a win and still would have been a win.

Where can I get a flying DeLorean?

2. Detroit was a win and it still would have been.

Even Madame I smoke three packs of menthols a day while I read my tarot cards knew that.

3. Dallas was a loss and I think it stays a loss because I think it was Dallas' time to win their first ever at Lambeau.

I think you are right. My calender is clearly marked on that date "Cowboy's time to win."

3. Tampa. it was a loss and would have still been a loss being as that Brett always had tough times in Raymond James.

That is because Raymond James made a pass at Deanna once. Brett can't get over it.

4. Atlanta was a loss , but think I think would have been a win because Brett never lost to rookie quarterbacks.

Of course, that rookie had no chance going head to head against Brett. Which they do all of the time...before the ProBowl in the quarterback challenge.

5. Seattle was a win and it still would have been a win just as the win over Indy would have been.

Naturally, we would have won be at least three times as much.

6. Tennessee would have been a win because Brett did win there this year.

That makes sense too. The Jets and the Packers are exactly the same team. Good point.

7. Minnesota was a loss but this for sure would have been a win because Brett has won 4 of his last 5 in Minnesota. I still can not believe McCarthy decided to let Rodgers pass every play and abandon the running game, it even took Brett 5 tries to get his first win in that dome and he got it when Holmgren figured out to win there you have to run the ball and that is just what Dorsey Levens did in 1997.

I can't believe we let Rodgers throw every time either. Perhaps McCarthy was confused not watching interception after interception. We were a couple interceptions away from winning that one. Damn Rodgers.

8. Chicago. I am going to shock all of you and say the Packers would have lost this game and here is why, McCarthy would have never committed to the run in this game if Brett was there and would have had Brett pass 45 times in this game and that would have played right into Lovie Smith's hands and for some reason Lovie has had Brett's number.

Do you want him to pass or run? Make up your mind.

9. New Orleans, would have been a loss, just not our night.

That's one almost intelligible point.

10. Carolina would have still been a loss because the defense blew it, Rodgers could have done no more as he was red hot in that second half.

I thought this breakdown was on how much Rodgers sucked over Favre. But, he was red-hot...makes sense.

11. Houston would have been a win, Packers would have started the game better with Brett and they would have blown the Texas out.

Yeah, because Favre was always known for coming out of the gates calm and collected, never hyped up with too much juice on his throws.

12. So, I feel the Packers would have been 3 games better at 8-5 and that could have been even better if guys like Jenkins and Barnett did not get hurt.

So, it isn't all because of Favre then? Jenkins and Barnett and fifteen others got hurt? Imagine that.

13. That record would have the Packers in first place and in control of all tiebreakers.

Hey, you must watch the NFL network.

14. So this means Packers would have been 11-5 at the least because I feel none of these remaining 3 games will be losses, Jacksonville has packed it in, the Bears are not beating us with their no pass rush defense, and Detroit is awful.

How will we ever do that without Brett? You meant 0-3 I think.

Great analysis pal, keep it up. I don't know what kind of glass ball you're looking through, but it sounds more like a glass pipe to me.

That's some outstanding analysis.

Congratulations, you are officially a...


(Stay Tuned)

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Asshalo's picture

Our record would have been better with Brett, but it only would have diverted attention from our terrible defense. That defense probably would have given up another 500 yards in the first round of the playoffs. Doesn't sound like much of an alternative to me.

Don't make the mistake of blaming all this on Sanders either. TT has 5 defensive draft picks out of his last 20 with a bunch of glorified back-ups on the defensive line. 4 drafts and we still have nothing to show for it on the offensive line. He's brought in talent but there are serious holes left unattended. We've said this 75% of the time he's here.

Dale Z's picture

"Our record would have been better with Brett"

When did #4 start playing defense?

I heart Darren Sharper's picture

Dumb Ass this week

yes he threw a pick in the eagles game just like last year against the giants but he also got them to those games. Neither game should have come down to that play if the other players had played up to their ability.

Had the defense stopped the eagles on 4th and 26, game over. Had harris been ablet to cover burress, packers win. Brett may have ended both those games with an int but without him the packers don't get to the playoffs either time.

I heart Darren Sharper's picture

but he also got them to those games<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


But yet when my lover A-Rod gets them the leadbut defense blows my ass, he is demanded to do better then Brett

Zombieslayer's picture

In defense of Aaron, it's not his fault we're losing. The fault is TT has had four (4) years to build an OL and a DL and failed at both. Sure, we have one of the best WR sets in the NFL, but no lines. The painful lesson in all this - it all starts at the lines. The only guy on the lines on either side of the ball I like is Kampy (who TT didn't even pick). I think we can now officially say Harrell's a bust.

you got to be kidding me's picture

I nominate this..Pay attention to who they wanted...and recall what draft AJ was in compared to Peterson

"AJ Hawk is okay at best but is not playing up to being the 5th pick in the NFL draft.

He is slow and is not had a good year at all...c

ould be another wasted draft pick at Pick 5 in first round and to think Adrian Peterson was a couple of picks away that year"

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